What Makes Japanese Mini Trucks So Cheap?

If you live in the United States and have interest in Japanese mini trucks, then you know how popular they are. There is a rising trend with the use of these kei trucks. These vehicles were first intended to be used in the Japanese market. But with their success that is buoyed by good performance and reliability, they have crossed the border. Among some of the things that attracts many people to these kei trucks is their affordability. They are very affordable as compared to any other lightweight truck. So, what makes Japanese mini trucks so cheap? Let us go through what makes these mini trucks good and why they come at a lower cost than other lightweight trucks.

Are Japanese Mini Trucks Good?

Japanese mini trucks have been around for many years. They have demonstrated good performance and reliability over the years. Here are some of the things that makes the so good.

Good Performance

The Japanese mini trucks have a good reputation when it comes to performance. They can deliver good service, thanks to the high level of engineering that they have undergone.

Excellent Fuel Economy

The kei trucks come with small engines. This means that they consume less fuel. But despite that, the vehicle squeezes a lot of power and torque making them very fuel efficient.

Low Operation & Maintenance Costs

The Japanese mini trucks have a good reputation for their low cost of operation as well as in maintenance.

What Makes Japanese Mini Trucks So Cheap?

Here are some of the things that makes the Japanese mini trucks so affordable.

Most Kei Trucks To The US Are Old

If you have realized, the Japanese mini trucks in the US are old. This is mostly due to a 25 year import rule that is set by the state. Because they are old, they will for obvious reasons come at a cheap price tag. However, they are still good in terms of performance and reliability.

Japanese Legal Restrictions

There are restrictions in Japan which leans towards insuring older vehicles. The older the vehicle, the higher the insurance rates they attract. This forces owners of these vehicles to dispose them and get newer ones that are have cheaper insurance. This in turn has created flooding in the market for these vehicles forcing dealers to sell them cheaper.

Japan Has An Oversupply Of Kei Trucks

Japan is traditionally a place where millions of vehicles are made every year. Accelerated by some of the things like insurance policies has made them have an oversupply of vehicles, kei trucks included. This has in turn made the vehicles to be sold cheaply.

To conclude, Japanese kei trucks will continue getting attention for many reasons including affordability. Shared above are some of the things that makes them affordable.

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