Off-Roading Essentials: Must-Have Accessories for Pickup Trucks

Off-roading is one of the trucks’ capabilities, and that is why their popularity is growing. Off-roading entails driving on some of the roughest and toughest terrains to tackle.  When going off-road, be ready to face challenges such as puncture, getting stuck and mechanical brake-downs. A perfect off-roading experience is marked with adventure and thrill. It has not to be risky and unsafe. 

Having the right off-roading accessories will prepare you to deal with any unexpected situation that might come along your way. Here are some of the off-roading accessories you must have for your pickup. 

Traction Mats

Traction mats are usually overlooked but essential off-roading accessories. The mat will take your pickup truck from mud, deep sand, and snowbank. Traction mats are very durable since they are made of fiber-reinforced nylon. When stuck, put the mat under your front tires and gently press the gas pedal, and eventually, your pickup truck will come out.

First Aid Kit

Adventure lovers must have a medical kit in their truck before going off-roading. In case of any injury, the kit will save your life before rushing to the hospital. The first aid kit should have surgical gloves, pain-killer, and drugs that help stop bleeding.

Automatic Tire Deflators

Setting the correct tire pressure will give your truck more traction. You can increase off-road traction by reducing your tire pressure. To attain 250% traction, reduce tire pressure by 25-30%, and your truck will float on sand, snow, rocks, and mud.

Deflating tires can be cumbersome and time-consuming. To do it efficiently, consider having an automatic tire deflator with a pre-set 18 psi. 

Recovery Kit

A recovery kit is an essential accessory you must always have in your pickup truck, especially when off-roading. It has all the necessary tools to save in case of eventuality. Basic tools that should always be included in the kit are a winch kit, shovel, bow shackles, and recovery strap.  You can strap such tools on another pickup and pull them out of the sand, mud, or snow. 


Unijacks are another essential tool during off-roading. They come in handy when changing or repairing tires. The unijack has a jack stand and bottle jack that can lift your pickup truck to let you work under it until you are through. 

Jump Starter

A multipurpose jump starter will let you jump-start your truck without the help of another truck. Apart from jump-starting your truck, you can also use it to charge your smartphone or camera and as a flashlight. 

Mechanics Tool Set

When driving off-road, it is necessary to have the socket set. Sometimes the desert might be tougher than your pickup truck, and mechanical issues might be inevitable. In such a situation, having a mechanics tool set will give ample time to reach home or drive to the nearest auto repair shop. 


Off-roading involves driving in hostile terrains that can harm you and your truck. Before off-roading, ensure your truck is well-serviced and has the above essentials. Apart from these essentials, ensure you are in good health because sometimes the jungle might be stressful.

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