How To Properly Store Your Pickup for the Winter

During winter, the temperatures go down to the negative mark. Snow and ice are inevitable. Such weather is not friendly to living things, but also our precious possessions such as pickup trucks.  For your truck to be in shape during spring, there are some steps you have to take. Some of these steps are hassle-free but are worth taking. This guide highlights how you can store your truck properly during winter

Add Fuel Stabilizer

Once you add fuel to your tank, it will only last for 30 days before going bad. If you wish to store your truck with some fuel in the tank, consider adding a fuel stabilizer to preserve it longer.

Change Oil

Oil plays the role of lubricating the entire engine. The extent to which it does its role depends on age. For the best fire-up after the winter, consider draining your oil and keeping it clean and untouched for proper lubrication.

Lubricate the Chassis Parts

When you keep your truck longer, the moving parts become brittle and may crack when cold. Lubrication keeps these parts fresh until the next time you drive your pickup.

Check the Coolant Protection Level

In case your garage is not climate-controlled, it is essential to check the coolant-to-water mixture in your pickup. If this mixture is not proportional, water can freeze and expand, which can be disastrous to the cooling system and your engine.

Prepare the Battery

During winter weather, the battery can quickly get spoilt if not well-stored. You can disconnect it, install battery tenders, or leave it connected. Doing any of these will help preserve the battery’s lifespan, and starting your pickup truck after winter will be smooth.

Block the Exhaust & Intake

Rodents and other small creatures love the exhaust and other inlets, especially when your pickup is stored for a longer time. These little ones can cause serious damage to your pickup if they get in through the exhaust or other inlets. Consider sealing all these openings to keep your pickup safe in the garage.

Wash, Buff, and Wax Your Pickup

There is no mediocre idea as storing your pickup longer with all the dirt. Dirt can easily accelerate rusting that can damage it. Apart from rust, dirt can also damage the paint of your pick-up. It is, therefore, essential to thoroughly wash, buff, and wax it before storage.

Chock the Wheels

The parking brake sometimes fails after wearing out. Chocking the wheels will secure your truck if the parking brakes fail. Apart from chocking the wheels, you can jack them so that they become suspended in the air. This will prevent your pickup truck from moving even if the parking brake gives up.


Winter weather is usually hostile, protecting your pickup from it is the best thing you can do for your investment. Sometimes, storing your pickup can be problematic, leaving you with a regret finding your truck in the worst condition. Practicing these tips will protect it and give you an easy time when you want to use your pickup after the winter season.