How To Load and Secure Cargo in Your Pickup Truck

How do you secure cargo or load well in a pickup truck? A pickup truck comes in handy for hauling services. Loading a pickup truck and securing your cargo requires some skill. Upon reading this guide, you will learn how to load and secure cargo in your truck.

Loading Your Pickup Truck

Here is what to do when loading your pickup truck. 

Think of Your Pickup Accessories & Add-Ons

Depending on the cargo, you might need to add more rails or anchoring systems to offer support and protection. 

You should install bed rails and rail caps to protect your truck from dents. Doing this will preserve your pickup truck bed and maintain its resale value. 

Tie-down anchors also come in handy even though you can secure cargo on the truck rails, but tie-down anchors offer more support.

Using bed slides will let you remove cargo with much ease without having to climb inside.

Bed liners and mats help in protecting your pickup truck bed from dents and damages that might result from the cargo you are hauling.

Other accessories that come in handy are bed extenders, cargo nets& covers, toolbox & bed organizers, tarp & plastic wrap, cardboard boxes, packing tape, and moving blankets.

Weight Restrictions

Checking the payload of your truck is another vital factor worth putting into consideration. You can ignore this when hauling lighter cargo, but payload comes into consideration when the cargo is of significant weight.

The payload limit is usually a factory label on the inside door on the driver’s side or in the glove box. Consider checking the owner’s manual if you are still looking for it in these two places.

Hauling the cargo under your payload limit prevents risks of damaging the suspension system and even accidents. 

Pack Heavier Items Near the Cab

When hauling heavy items, move them near the cab for balance. If the rear axle is subjected to too much weight, the front axle might not have adequate contact with the road. 

Place Large Items on Their Side

When moving items such as furniture, and tables, turn them on their side and wrap them securely. The aim of this is to make them stable and secure. Consider loading larger items near the bed rails away from the center. 

For glass and other fragile items, protect them using packing paper, tape, and bubble wrap to secure them. You can use a telescope box, but if you don’t have it, you can create a makeshift box using cardboard.

Securing Your Cargo

Use high-quality ratchet straps to tie your cargo if you have a cargo net or cover.  Ensure to secure cargo on both sides, forming an X-shape. Always store your ratchet away from sunlight, rain, or dirt, and your cargo net should be of high quality to offer protection against rain and stormy weather and improve aerodynamics.


Knowing how to load and secure cargo in your pickup truck is essential. Doing this offers safety and security for your cargo. In several instances, cargo disappears or becomes damaged while in transit. The above tips will enable you to prevent such eventualities.