Diesel Truck Odors And What They Mean

Truck problems usually appear in various signs, such as reduced performance and increased fuel consumption. Apart from this, there are several signs that your truck will show. Never take for granted the odors that come from your truck. Some of the odors result from food spillage or dirt.

Sometimes, strange smells can persist even after detailing your truck. The odor might signal a serious issue worth paying attention to. Here are some common odors and what they mean if you feel them in your truck.

Moldy Smells

Mold can form in your truck. Mostly the moldy smell comes out after turning on the AC or the heating system of your truck. The odor signals the presence of mold in the air system. In such an instance, you need to consult a professional mechanic to clean and remove mold from the air system.

Rotten Eggs

The smell of rotten eggs annoys and makes the cabin an uncomfortable place to be. You will start feeling the odor as soon as you start your engine. It is an indication that your catalytic converter is faulty. 

The catalytic converter neutralizes all harmful gases before the exhaust pipe emits them into the environment. Engine or exhaust system problems are common causes of overhitting catalytic converters. As the catalytic converter is overheating or faulty, you will feel the rotten eggs smell.

Burning Smell

There are three categories of burning smells you should know. 

Burning Toast – such a smell signals an overheating insulation or short circuit. The smell indicates a problem with the electrical system of your truck.

Burning Paper – sometimes, you might experience the smell of burning paper when driving your truck. If you feel this smell when changing your gears, the clutch could be burning, and friction produces the smell of burning paper.

Burning Rubber – Rubber is the primary raw material in the manufacture of tires, and when they wear out, they will produce this smell. Apart from tires, the pulleys have rubber belts that might be rubbing against the pulleys or slipping. When this happens, you will feel the smell of burning Rubber.

Gas Fumes

When you fill-up the gas tank of your truck, it is normal to feel the smell of gas fumes in the cabin of your truck. But the smell gradually. Reduces as your truck burns fuel. But if the smell is not decreasing, but you feel it, something might be wrong with your truck. The diesel might be leaking, and in such a situation, you need to check the fuel tank it might be leaking diesel. 

Check if the fuel line has cracks that might leak fuel. Check the condition of your fuel injectors that might spill fuel in the engine.


Truck odors are unbearable and can make your trip very dull. Sometimes the odors might be normal, but if it persists and is weird, you must take your truck for a professional check-up to troubleshoot the issue. The above are some common causes of the odor within your truck.

What Makes Japanese Mini Trucks So Cheap?

If you live in the United States and have interest in Japanese mini trucks, then you know how popular they are. There is a rising trend with the use of these kei trucks. These vehicles were first intended to be used in the Japanese market. But with their success that is buoyed by good performance and reliability, they have crossed the border. Among some of the things that attracts many people to these kei trucks is their affordability. They are very affordable as compared to any other lightweight truck. So, what makes Japanese mini trucks so cheap? Let us go through what makes these mini trucks good and why they come at a lower cost than other lightweight trucks.

Are Japanese Mini Trucks Good?

Japanese mini trucks have been around for many years. They have demonstrated good performance and reliability over the years. Here are some of the things that makes the so good.

Good Performance

The Japanese mini trucks have a good reputation when it comes to performance. They can deliver good service, thanks to the high level of engineering that they have undergone.

Excellent Fuel Economy

The kei trucks come with small engines. This means that they consume less fuel. But despite that, the vehicle squeezes a lot of power and torque making them very fuel efficient.

Low Operation & Maintenance Costs

The Japanese mini trucks have a good reputation for their low cost of operation as well as in maintenance.

What Makes Japanese Mini Trucks So Cheap?

Here are some of the things that makes the Japanese mini trucks so affordable.

Most Kei Trucks To The US Are Old

If you have realized, the Japanese mini trucks in the US are old. This is mostly due to a 25 year import rule that is set by the state. Because they are old, they will for obvious reasons come at a cheap price tag. However, they are still good in terms of performance and reliability.

Japanese Legal Restrictions

There are restrictions in Japan which leans towards insuring older vehicles. The older the vehicle, the higher the insurance rates they attract. This forces owners of these vehicles to dispose them and get newer ones that are have cheaper insurance. This in turn has created flooding in the market for these vehicles forcing dealers to sell them cheaper.

Japan Has An Oversupply Of Kei Trucks

Japan is traditionally a place where millions of vehicles are made every year. Accelerated by some of the things like insurance policies has made them have an oversupply of vehicles, kei trucks included. This has in turn made the vehicles to be sold cheaply.

To conclude, Japanese kei trucks will continue getting attention for many reasons including affordability. Shared above are some of the things that makes them affordable.

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Mitsubishi Minicab For Sale In Delaware

Mitsubishi has been a major player in the auto industry for many years. They make pretty much any type of vehicle. From sedans to huge trucks, they have a significant market share in the global auto industry. Among the markets where they are popular is the lightweight class of vehicles which they make the Mitsubishi Minicabs. These are kei trucks which are compact and significantly small in size. However, they are among the best vehicles in terms of performance and efficiency. They are designed to look like small trucks and much like pick up trucks, though smaller. They are very useful in many areas. With the challenge of finding these mini trucks, we have created this guide to help people finding Mitsubishi minicab for sale in Delaware.

Why Mitsubishi Minicab?

Here are some of the things that makes the Mitsubishi Minicab a good vehicle worth going for.

Affordable & Good Value

Want a vehicle that offers good value for the investment? Well, the Mitsubishi Mini cab could be that vehicle. They come at a low cost and maintaining them is also cheap. IT even gets better when you are getting a used minicab because it will cost less. Many people are loving the fact that you can spend less and still get good performance and dependability.

Good Fuel Economy

With the fuel prices going up all the time, it is becoming expensive for many vehicle owners. Having a pick up truck that guzzles up a lot of fuel might not be the ideal choice for many people out there. And if that is the case, then perhaps it is time to consider getting a Japanese mini truck. The Mitsubishi Minicab has a small engine which is advantageous in that it consumes less fuel. Besides that, it offers good performance.

Sturdy & Durable

One other thing that could make you fall in love with the Mitsubishi minicab is that they re well built to last long. The body and the structure of the mini truck will even endure usage off roads. As compared to many vehicles, they are durable and will definitely offer good value for the investment.

Finding Mitsubishi Minicab For Sale In Delaware

When you are considering getting a Mitsubishi minicab, you can either buy it locally or import it.

When one decides to shop locally and get the mini truck, then they need to check out the local dealerships. This is usually the first place where used cars are sold. You may have to check out many of these dealerships before you find the vehicle you are looking for. Of course when you find one, then you can drive it right away.

However, if you are looking for a specific vehicle and care much about the condition of a vehicle, then you need plenty to compare. This is only possible when you are considering importing the mini truck. When you import the Mitsubishi minicab, you also compare different price options which is great since you get to spend within your budget.

Subaru Sambar For Sale In Maryland

How much do you know about Subaru besides them being a carmaker? Well, there is a lot to this automaker. First, they are among the first automakers from Japan. They enjoy a good market share in the global auto market where they make and sell millions of vehicles. Among some of the categories where they have been dominating for long is the lightweight truck class. Under this class, they make the Subaru Sambar kei truck. Subaru Sambar is a high performance mini truck that is designed with a mall and compact body. It was meant to be used locally in Japan, but with their success, they have gone global. Today you can find these vehicles in the street and farms in the United States being used for many different purposes. In this guide, we will look into ways in which one can find Subaru Sambar for sale in Maryland. This should also be applicable elsewhere.

Why Choose Subaru Sambar

Before we go deep into finding Subaru Sambar for sale in Maryland, let us first look into why these vehicles are so good and loved by many.

Good Performance

Performance is everything in any vehicle and this defines the vehicle. If a particular vehicle has poor performance, then that vehicle is now worth investing in. The good thing with the

Subaru Sambar is that it is well engineered for performance. You can be sure that the vehicle will deliver despite the fat that it is smaller than other lightweight trucks. The engine being smaller is also not an issue as the mini truck squeezes all the performance out of the small engine.


Another thing worth noting with the Subaru Sambar is that they come at cost that are hard to beat. Rarely will you come across a vehicle that is both affordable and gets you goo performance. This is something that the engineers of Subaru have been able to achieve with this kei truck.

Good Fuel Efficiency

The prices of fuel keeps rising and there is no sign of that ever slowing. This means that one needs to rethink the vehicle that they are investing in. The Subaru Sambar mini truck is a good vehicle when it comes to fuel economy. You can count on it to go a long way on just very little fuel.

Finding Subaru Sambar For Sale In Maryland

Here are the two ways in which you can find a Subaru Sambar for sale in Maryland state.

Buy From Locale Dealerships

The first place that one thinks of when they want to sell their vehicle is the local dealerships. That said, you need to check out as many dealerships around you as you can. This is to increase the chances of finding the mini truck.

Import The Mini Truck

The other option is to consider importing the mini truck. This is by far the best option and one you should b thinking of. It lets you choose form a ide range of options and also lets you compare the costs on the mini trucks

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Suzuki Carry For Sale In Missouri

Do you live in Missouri and have been thinking of getting a Japanese mini truck? Whatever the reason or purpose that you want the Suzuki Carry mini truck for, you can rest assured that it will deliver. Made by Suzuki, one of the leading automakers across the globe, the Carry mini truck has demonstrated excellent performance and reliability. You can always count on the mini truck to get you good results. In this guide, we will go through how one can get Suzuki Carry for sale in Missouri. It should also be possible to use the approach elsewhere.

Why Suzuki Carry

Before going into how to find a Suzuki Carry for sale in Missouri, let us first have an overview of the mini truck. These are the reasons and factors that show why they are loved by many people.


The first thing worth mentioning with the Suzuki Carry is that they come at costs that are hard to beat. This is led by a number of factors including the fact that the vehicle itself is small and has an equally small engine as compared to other trucks.

Good Performance

Despite the Suzuki Carry coming with a small engine, the mini truck has a good reputation in performance. They can do pretty much anything and you can always count on them to do just that. The engine is engineered to squeeze out the best output from the vehicle.

Good Fuel Economy

In a world where fuel prices are unpredictable, you need a vehicle that consumes less. The Suzuki Carry, like other mini trucks, are designed with a significantly smaller engine. This in turn ensures less consumption of fuel. But it doesn’t end there. The Japanese mini truck squeezes out maximum power and torque hence getting users good fuel efficiency from the vehicle.

Low Maintenance & Operating Cost

Do you want a vehicle that demands less attention of a mechanic? Well, that is hard to find and one of the good reasons why you should not ignore the Suzuki Carry. This mini truck will give you the best in terms of maintenance and operation costs.

Finding Suzuki Carry For Sale In Missouri

Here are the two main ways that one can use to get the right mini truck on Missouri.

Buy From Local Dealerships

The first place that should come to mind in anyone selling a vehicle is at the used car dealership. With that n mind, you should also consider driving down the street to check out the options available. Visit as many of these dealerships as you can to increase the chances of finding the mini truck.

Consider Importing The Mini Truck

Importing the mini truck is yet another thing that should be in your mind. It is a simple process, unlike what many people think. Considering that there are going to be a lot of vehicles that one can find when importing, this is good because one can compare different options and pick the best.

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Mini Trucks With Snow Plows

Anyone who has always been watchful on the auto industry in general at least knows a thing or two about the Japanese mini trucks. These vehicles are considerably smaller as compared to other vehicles. They are so compact that it is sure to raise attention from anybody who sees it. Besides that, they are very lovable and are popular away from Japan where they were first introduced. So, what makes them so popular? These vehicle are useful in many ways and besides that they are very cost effective. In this guide, we will look into mini trucks with snow plows and whether they are effective when used as such.

Mini Trucks With Snow Plows

Anyone who lives where it snows often usually has to face the challenge of clearing snow. Sometimes it is really hard to do it if you do not have a backhoe loader or a bulldozer. But among some of the rising trends is where people use mini trucks with plows mounted on them. They have shown excellent performance and usability in such situations.

It makes the work easier and the fact that these mini truck are affordable to acquire is even better. This makes it one of the best option for many people. And this further explains why they are becoming a common site where the weather is snowy. They are also useful in other areas like hauling. So, you are sure to get good value for the money.

Where To Get A Mini Truck With Snow Plow

Now that we have seen how a mini truck with snow plow is crucial, how does one get their hands on one of these kei trucks? Well, if you look around shopping for a mini truck which has a snow plow, then you are not going to find any out there. That is because there is none that has been made with such a plow. The mini trucks that have a snow plow are custom made and custom fitted with them.

That simply means that you have to customize yours. Or at least have an expert welder to help you do that. First, you need to realize the cost which includes buying all the necessary parts. Some of the parts that one would need includes a hydraulic lifting system and the tough and durable metallic material (preferably steel). They you can confidently start the project. It is important to involve an expert in the whole process because it is a complex project.

Other than that, a mini truck with a snow plough would make a good vehicle to clear snow from your driveway or elsewhere.


Japanese mini trucks with snow plow is becoming a common site in areas where it is snowy. They have proven to be useful in clearing snow with ease.

They offer a good cost effective approach to clearing now from the driveway. You can check out some of the best Japanese mini trucks on sale through our listing page. We can help you with the shipment process.

What Makes Japanese Mini Trucks Unique

Japanese mini trucks have come a long way. They are were first introduced in Japan in the 1950s and have since been improving and seeing better days. They come with a compact design and appear smaller as compared to other light trucks. But despite this, the vehicles are very capable and in many instances they have been used to haul different loads among other types of work. They simply fit in any situation that one can think of. There are a number of things that makes Japanese mini trucks unique from the rest out there. We have shared them in this comprehensive guide to help you better understand them.

Things That Makes Japanese Mini Trucks Unique

Let us go through some of the unique characteristics of the Japanese mini trucks which makes them stand out from the rest.

Compact & Small

The Japanese mini trucks, otherwise known as the Kei trucks are small and compact in design. The fact that these vehicles are this small means that they are also flexible and agile. These vehicles can literally go anywhere you would want them to go. For instance, it would easily go and maneuver in areas where a standard pick up trucks will not. So, if you would want a vehicle that offers good flexibility, then you should consider the Japanese mini trucks.

Highly Customizable

If you have had the chance to observe some of the Japanese mini trucks in the US, then you will realize that most of them are customized to suit the needs of the user. Some of the customized mini trucks that you are likely to come across includes those fitted with snow plows for clearing snow on the driveway. Others are customized with raised suspension and big wheels to suit the outdoor usage for activities like hunting and fishing. There are practically endless options that one could use the mini trucks for.

4-Wheel Drive

To find a vehicle as small as these kei trucks and have them equipped with a 4-wheel drive transmission is rare. It means that these vehicles can traverse any terrain and move with ease ensuring that one can do pretty much anything with them. Therefore, if you want a vehicle that is capable of handling rough terrain and do not want to spend an arm and leg acquiring it, then this is the best option to consider.


Japanese mini trucks are among the best lightweight trucks that one can get in the market. Their unmatched capabilities and performance, despite their size is on another level. Many people have even compared these vehicles to the standard pick up trucks which tells you how good they really are. Shared above are some of the things that makes Japanese mini trucks unique and loved by many people.

Be sure to check some of the Japanese mini trucks that are on sale in our sales page. These are among some that we have handpicked and sell them to people all over the globe.

Basic Maintenance of Daihatsu Hijet

Japanese mini trucks have always stood out. They have been compared to the standard pick up trucks simply because of their amazing performance, build quality and dependability. Considering that most of these vehicles have a 4X4 variant, you can expect them to be used anywhere. Even where most lightweight vehicles cannot be used. Some of the leading Japanese mini trucks includes the Daiahatsu Hijet. In this guide, we will go through the basic maintenance of Daihatsu Hijet. This should also be helpful to people using other mini tucks and vehicles.

Without proper maintenance and regular servicing of a vehicle, there are things that could go wrong. Among them is the fact that you will not be able to enjoy long term service.

Basic Maintenance of Daihatsu Hijet

Below are crucial things you need to do to keep your Daihatsu Hijet running smoothly and also give you long term service.

Wiring Maintenance

Wiring of a vehicle may seem like it is not that important and can do without it. However, the reality of the matter is not as one may think. Having faulty wiring on the lights and other parts could be disastrous and could even cause accidents. There are many other things that could go wrong with bad wiring. That said, be sure that you have the wiring system checked by an expert before things go south.

Regular Lubrication

Every moving part in a vehicle or any other machine wears out with time. However, it even gets worse and wears out faster when it is not lubricated. From the wheel parts to the engine, lubrication is important. You can save a lot when you opt to lubricate the vehicle parts since it will go a long way and save the costs of acquiring other spare parts. Something like oiling requires regular changing. This is because even oil wears out and could lower its efficiency.

Tire Replacement

Tire replacement is one of the most important thing as far as the maintenance of Daihatsu Hijet or any other vehicle is concerned. Imagine having to drive with a tire that has worn out threads. It will be very slippery especially in wet seasons or under bad terrains. This can also cause accidents. With that in mind, you need to regularly maintain your tires. Experts recommend doing that after every 6 months, but that could be sooner depending on how you use the vehicle.


These are some of the most basic maintenance of Daihatsu Hijet things that one should keep in mind. These maintenance guides could also be replicated to other vehicles to get better results and service. They are all equally important and you shouldn’t ignore any of them.

Daihatsu Hijet is among the best kei trucks that one can find in the market. Their overall performance and dependability puts it on a whole new level. If you settle for this kei truck, then you are probably wondering where to get a good one. Worry not, we’ve got your back. Check out some of the top kei mini trucks we are selling on our listing page.

Comparing 4 speed To 5 Speed Japanese Mini Trucks

The evolution of vehicle transmissions has been going on for many decades. Literally, since the first vehicle was made. The auto industry has seen tremendous improvements into what we have today as the automatic transmission. However, it is also important to note that with most manual transmissions, you will find what is called 4 speed transmission as well as 5 speed transmission. Assuming that these two options do not have any overdrive, then there is some significant difference that is noticeable with performance and dependability of the Japanese mini trucks. Here, we will be comparing 4 speed to 5 speed Japanese mini trucks.

Like any other vehicle out there, the Japanese mini trucks too have both 4 speed models and 5 speed models. But what is it really with the 4 or 5 speed.Is the additional gear necessary and does it give the vehicle a performance advantage? This is what we aim to uncover in this guide.

Comparing 4 speed To 5 Speed Transmissison

The Overdrive Function

Does the extra gear mean just another increased option for rpm? Or is there more than just the additional gear. The reason why the common speed gear transmission without overdrive differs is that an overdrive acts as an extra gear. So, in such an instance where there is an overdrive, a 4-speed transmission will be considered as having 5 forward gears. Similarly, 5-speed transmission is considered to have 6 forward gears.

When it comes to the transmissions that have an overdrive function, especially when it is an automatic vehicle, then there is little difference between the 4-speed and 5-speed transmission. To bring it into perspective a 4-speed transmission with overdrive has 3 lower output gears, a gear that runs the same speed as the engine (1:1) and another one that runs faster. But in the case of a 5-speed transmission with overdrive, 4 are lower output gears while the other two are made up of one running with speeds as that of the engine and another higher one.

Automatic or Manual?

Both manual and automatic can have 4 and 5 speed transmissions. There is a difference in how these vehicles handle the 4 speed and 5 speed transmissions. You will realize that the gear ratios are different. And this is simply because of how smooth they handle the 1st gear ratio. An expert will tell you that an automatic will handle it pretty smoothly, while for the manual, it may cause some wearing out of the clutch sooner. This can however vary from one Japanese mini truck to the other.

Basically, the advantage that an additional gear offers is the chance to increase the rpm of the engine. You will be having more options to switch to and be able to move at faster speeds rather than just being limited to one. That said, a 5-speed transmission has an advantage over the 4-speed transmission system.

Dependability & Reliability

We all want to have a vehicle that is reliable and dependable in every situation. However, not every vehicle will meet those qualities. Most of them will be very poor and will not serve you according to your expectations. Fortunately, most of the Japanese mini truck that you will come across will offer you great service. This is simply because they have been well designed with performance and durability in mind. This means that you can use the Japanese mini truck for even the most extreme jobs, as long as it is within the carrying capacity, you will not be disappointed. Whether you choose a Suzuki carry, Daihatsu Hijet, Honda Acty or Mazda Scrum, there is proof that thee vehicles will deliver.

But what happens when these Japanese mini trucks have different speed transmissions? For instance if there is a 4-speed and a 5-speed Japanese mini truck, how would it fair in terms of performance? A higher torque is always the best way to know that you are getting better performance. And since the 5 speed transmission offers more torque due to increased rpm options, it is justified to say that a Japanese mini truck with 5 speed is better than 4 speed mini truck.

The Japanese Mini Trucks Transmissions

In the kei truck world, you will find both automatic and manual vehicles. You will also find some that are 4-speed and other that are on 5-speed transmission. The most common vehicles that are on sale are those that are older though. These are also the ones that are street legal in many countries like the United States and Canada. So, besides just going for the better option which could be automatic, it should be within the year allowable in your country or state. Usually, different states have their own regulations and laws concerning the vehicles that are fully street legal and those that are not.

Anytime you find a good deal on a Japanese mini truck that offers 5-speed, then you should consider it over a 4-speed. You will get better performance with that in the end. However, if you are considering other factors such as costs, then it will all come down to your budget. A 5 speed Japanese mini truck could cost more than a 4 speed with other similar features.

Final Word

Now that we have a better understanding of the Japanese mini trucks of different transmission types and speeds, you should know what to go with. We hope our quest to comparing 4 speed to 5 speed transmission helps you. 5 speed transmission will in most cases be the better option to go with. However, that doesn’t mean that a 4 speed is bad. It can work for you if you are not really in the need of spending more to get extra torque. Otherwise, it can deliver pretty much the same service.

And with regular servicing, your Japanese mini truck will always be top of the game. Wondering where to buy a Japanese mini truck? Look no further. We have been dealing with these kei trucks for many years and we can help you. Just head over to our listing page and check out the right one for you. We can even help you with the shipping process. We have served customers from across the globe from as far as United States, Canada, UK among others.

How Useful Are Japanese Mini Trucks?

Japanese mini trucks are among the best lightweight vehicles that are designed to carry loads. They are designed to look like Lorries, but smaller. They would be in the class of pickup trucks though they are designed with a little different. Nevertheless, these vehicles have won accolades for the performance and outstanding reliability. They are made in Japan, by some of the leading automakers. Some of the popular mini trucks includes Daihatsu Hijet, Subaru Sambar, Mazda Scrum and Suzuki Carry. There are others, but these are the most popular ones. This article has been prepared to help you better understand how useful are Japanese mini trucks and list down some of the use cases where they are used in real life situations. Quite frankly, they are very useful and there are many owners out there who can attest to that fact.

Understanding Japanese Mini Trucks

As aforementioned, the Japanese mini trucks are made in Japan. They were introduced many years ago and have been evolving and improving ever since. They have proven to be very useful vehicles that are relied on to move goods around. Just like pickup trucks, these vehicles have a bed designed to easily and conveniently carry the cargo. These mini trucks are also called kei trucks and keitora locally in Japan. There are however different types of kei trucks. Below, we will look at these Japanese mini trucks types.

The mini trucks have been a success in Japan, and with their surging popularity, you can find these vehicles anywhere from the farms of Asia to construction sites of America. This is enough proof that they are dependable and reliable. How useful are Japanese mini trucks? They are basically customized differently to make them function differently based on the nature of the goods been carried. Here they are;

Dump Bed mini Truck

The most popular among the Japanese mini trucks is called the dump bed mini truck. These mini trucks have been specifically designed for carrying loads from one point to the other with their dump truck. The bed is equipped with hydraulic system that enables them to easily dump the load. This is the most common type of Japanese mini truck that one can find. The reliability and usability of this mini truck is high and will be used in many instances due to its design versatility.  

Flat Bed Mini Truck

What we can say is perhaps the second most popular form of kei truck is the Flat bed mini truck. When talking of the flat bed mini truck, many would recall the huge trucks used to carry vehicles on the road. Yes, they share some similarities.  Whether it abnormally sized cargo or those that for obvious reasons can’t be carried on dump beds, this mini truck will mostly do. If your daily job revolves around carrying loads that are abnormal in size and aren’t necessarily fragile or delicate, then you may want to consider the flat bed mini truck. As its name suggests, it is flat on the bed and is not enclosed so the goods an load being carried need to hold up well and not tip over. The use of straps to keep the cargo in position is something that is common with the use of flat beds.

Scissor Lift Mini Truck

Yet another great option in the mini truck family is the scissor lift truck. This is a vehicle that is useful when you are looking to raise a particular load to a certain level.

It isn’t the most popular of the mini trucks, but it surely is definitely worth investing in if you are working in such situations frequently. The mini truck is basically like any other, only that it is designed with a central hydraulic system that is designed to resemble a scissor. The hydraulic system lifts the bed uniformly upwards and can be easily lowered depending on the needs.

Caravan Mini Truck

Closing down our list is the Caravan mini tucks. These are built differently and are characterized by their covering caravan bed. This unique covered design makes it perfect in carrying loads that needs to be covered. This could be due to bad outdoor weather or when you need to be discreet with your loads. The performance are usually closely matched from whichever brand you get the vehicle from. One can use this vehicle to also start a different line of business. Usually a good example would be a something like food trucking business, carrying cargo or use it as an RV for camping.

There are many others that we have not mentioned and it is also worth mentioning that they can be customized. People customize them to suit their needs. With that said, you shouldn’t be surprised to see the mini trucks with snow plows mounted on them. In fact this is something that is becoming very common.

So, How Useful Are Japanese Mini Trucks

It is evident from our post above that these kei trucks will not only help you with anything but also do it perfectly. They have stood the test of time. And is this post doesn’t convince you, then let the millions of mini truck owners across the globe be your testament. These vehicles work for many years. And this is the same reason you will find old mini trucks working and being used across the globe for different purposes.

Final Word:

Now that we have proved that these vehicles are truly helpful, where do you get a mini tuck, and what is the process involved? Well, the process is simple, and there are multiple places to consider when you want to buy a Japanese mini truck. You can try classified websites, local car dealership among other places. However those might not be the best. The best way to get a kei truck is to import it yourself.

As we have been doing here over the years, we can help you to have your kei truck shipped in no time. Be sure to check out our listing page for some that we have. You can get in touch with us to get more details on one you like.

Choosing The Best Mini Truck To Buy – Comprehensive Guide

The Japanese mini truck market is soaring year after year and this is mainly because of the competitive nature of these vehicles. They are designed with performance and delivery in mind. For long, some have compared them to pickup trucks and seen them as their perfect alternative. They are designed differently and will surely guarantee users easy carrying, thanks to their versatile bed and versatility. In this guide, we will be looking at some of the things that guarantees you choose the best mini truck to buy that suits your needs.

Anybody who understands vehicles and knows a thing or two about Japanese mini trucks knows they are very reliable. These kei trucks (Keitora) are changing the auto industry game. They are lauded for being one of the best vehicles in the market and there is no doubt about how they perform or how they deliver the services.

The Types Of Japanese Mini Trucks In The Market

Before delving into There are various model designs of the Japanese kei trucks one can find in the market. They have been designed differently so as to be used in different fields. Below are some of the most common mini truck types that one can get.

Dump Bed Mini Trucks

This is perhaps one of the best known mini trucks that one can get. They are popular because of their traditionally styled bed which resembles that of a pickup truck. The only additional function is the dumping functionality it comes with. They can be used in instances where one needs to haul cargo from one point to the other. If the cargo isn’t delicate, then the hydraulic dump function comes in handy. They are engineered with a well-designed dump which links to a hydraulic system that lifts the dump so that it easily get off the cargo. There are many used that such a vehicle will come in handy. From carrying building materials to farm manure and other use cases.

Scissor Lift Japanese Mini Truck

Ever found yourself in a situation where you have to raise some load to a certain level? Well, to succeed in that, you need a Japanese scissor lift mini truck. Dump bed mini trucks and flat bed mini tucks are very usable, but not for every task out there. A Japanese scissor lift truck is designed with a hydraulic system with structures that flexibly fold and open to form a scissor shaped system that raises the bed. This is what makes it capable of lifting loads to a certain level. Despite these vehicles not been very common, they are still there and their uses are always available. Some people opt to customize these mini trucks to make a scissor lift truck which is incredible.

Flat Bed Mini Truck

Flat bed mini trucks, as the name suggests are made with a bed that is flat. They are different from dump bed mini trucks, caravan mini trucks and Scissor lift mini truck due to their bed design. Made with the intention of handling abnormally sized load. Things like a large but light water tank might not fit into a normal bed, so a flat bed would be ideal. Such a vehicle with a flat bed also come in handy in many instances such as when carrying large sized glassware and other things such as motorcycles which might not easily fit or become difficult to carry in other types of bed. It is an incredible and very useful mini truck.

Japanese Caravan mini Truck

Ever came across a mini truck that resembles an RV? Well, that could be the Caravan mini truck that you came across. Japanese mini trucks have the option of Caravan mini truck which is designed with a bed that is covered completely. It is mainly meant to be used to haul cargo that is delicate and needs to be covered. Carrying any cargo inside it is however not limited and hence its versatility and flexibility of handling different types of cargo.

There are other types of Japanese mini truck models, but these 4 are the most common ones that you are likely to come across.

Why Used Japanese Mini Trucks Stand Out

There are countless number of reasons why the Japanese mini trucks stand out and are among the most sorted vehicles out there. Below are some of the reasons why these Japanese mini trucks are lovable across the globe.

Very Reliability And Dependable

The reliability of a vehicle and its performance are the first things that define that vehicle. If it is poor in performance and fails to deliver, then you are better without it because it costs you to run it. You can’t claim to have a good vehicle if its performance is subpar. Lucky enough, the case of Japanese mini trucks is a good one. You will not be disappointed by this vehicle.

Good Value For The Money

If you are looking for an affordable vehicle then the kei trucks will surely impress you. They are well made and guaranteed to offer you value for the money.

So, if you are looking to spend less, but still get good quality and performance, you should go ahead and get the Japanese mini truck. It is a fraction of the cost when compared to other vehicles that resembles it. Some people compare it to pickup trucks which are way pricier than these Japanese mini trucks.

Final word On Choosing The Best Mini Truck To Buy

Having gone through the ins and our of choosing the best mini truck to buy, we hope you will make a wise and informed decision. There are many options for you to choose out there depending on what exactly you want as far as kei trucks are concerned. We are also here to help in case you have any questions. It is our job anyway.

On our car listing page, we have lots of Japanese mini trucks designed under different models. Browse through the many that we have and get in touch with us for more details on a particular vehicle. We will then help you ship it to your country or state.

Choosing the Best Japanese Mini Truck

If you ask anyone who has been in the auto industry and more focused on trucks about the Japanese mini tucks, they will tell you endless reasons why they are excellent choices of vehicles. From their incredible performance, unmatched quality and affordability, there is every reason to invest in them. In this guide, we will go through some of the reasons why you may want to get Japanese mini trucks and which one you should be getting as well as also explaining why that is a good choice. But before delving into that, here are some of the reasons why they stand out from many out there in the market.

They Are Very Affordable

As compared to what you will find in the market, the Japanese mini trucks are considered to be among the most affordable vehicles that one can find. And you should not be fooled to think that they are cheaply built just because they come at such an affordable price. There are several reasons why thy come cheap and among them is the fact that most of the pre-owners either want to get a newer vehicle to keep the insurance costs lower or maybe want to switch their nature of work. The fact that there are lots of these vehicles in the market also lowers demand making them more affordable.

High Performance

When it comes to performance, these vehicles are not any shy to beat some of the high horsepower vehicles such as pick up trucks, which most of us really love. Despite the fact that these vehicles have a lower engine cc, as compared to others, the performance that one gets is phenomenal. The engine size also ensures that less fuel is consumed per mile coverage while giving the user the best output per distance covered. All these is thanks to the high technology and engineering in place. Also depending on the kind of terrain and nature of the roads that you expect to be using the vehicle on,you may opt to get either a 4X4 vehicle or one that is just 2 Wheel Drive for common roads.

Incredible Quality

The body of a vehicle means a lot in terms of performance and how long that vehicle will last while giving you the best performance that you need. When it comes down to that, the Japanese mini trucks is among the vehicles that you will love and this is simply because they are solidly built with a hard-body structure and chassis which means that they will go a long way.

Choosing the Right Mini Truck To Invest In

Here are some of the things that one should be looking for when they want to buy a second hand Japanese mini truck.

The Intended Use

The first thing when you are looking for a vehicle should always be to ask yourself everything that you want to be using the vehicle for. The Japanese mini trucks are also designed in different models, each meant to be used differently. For instance, there are dump bed mini trucks, flat bed mini trucks, caravan mini trucks, scissor lift mini trucks among other specialty designs. All these vehicle modelling will be excellent in some type of work than others and to get the best, you need to understand the nature of tasks you will be handling. For instance, if you expect to be doing a lot of construction work, you may want to get a dump bed mini truck which makes carrying and unloading loads a seamless process.

The Condition Of the Vehicle

Second hand vehicles have been handled differently by their previous owners, and this is a major concern that one needs to know about. When picking a vehicle, you need to know its current condition and whether it is going to deliver or will it just be a waste of money and investment. You need to check inside and outside the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle you are getting is not another case of bait and switch which has become more common in the past. This should be the engine, gear box, body of the vehicle, chassis, tires among other things. Each and everyone of these things are crucial and any compromise could mean that you have to spend more in repairs.

Watch Out For Scams

We all know that scams are all over, and when it comes to importing a vehicle overseas, you have to be extra cautious as well. Be sure to inspect the seller and do your due diligence on the vehicle to ensure that you are getting a real vehicle and that you are not being conned. Another way of avoiding this is by ensuring that all transactions are done in a safe way and using some of the best platforms like PayPal to avoid frauds.

Your Budget

blankLastly, you’d want to make sure that you are spending to buy a vehicle within your budget. Without setting up a budget on hat you are ready to spend, you could find yourself on a shopping spree where you will buy a vehicle that is too expensive hence you end up messing your spending. however, that doesn’t mean that you go for the cheapest vehicle that you can find in the market. You should be looking out for value which means that you have to make sure that the vehicle you are getting offers you the service and performance that you need.

Final Word:

Japanese mini trucks have become popular in the recent, and with the century old experience in making high quality vehicles that are reliable and dependable, Japan has become home to the leading automakers. If you are serious about getting yourself one, then you should follow the guide above on some of the things that you need to do to get the right vehicle that meets the nature of your work.

Be sure to check out some of the best Japanese mini tucks that we have in our listing page. We pride ourselves in providing high performance and tested second hand mini trucks.

Buy Second Hand Subaru Sambar Mini Trucks

Ever heard or come across Subaru Sambar? If you have been keen on Japanese autos, moistly the mini trucks, then you must have come across one of these on the streets. They are not very popular, but they have proven to be outstanding in performance, quality and reliability. In a nutshell, it complements the brand name and lives up to the Japanese auto standards, which means that it is a vehicle that you can always count on to deliver. As you can tell from the name, it is a Subaru brand and this vehicle is designed to look like a pick up truck and do anything that a pick up truck will do. It just takes the shape of a lorry and tends to be more spacious than a pick up.

In this guide, we will go through the steps of importing yourself a second hand Subaru Sambar the easy way. But first, here are some of the things that you need to understand and how wit differs from the pick up trucks.

Subaru Sambar Vs. Pick Up Truck

There are many similarities between the Subaru Sambar mini truck and the pick up truck, but here are some of the differences that you may want to know much about to help you decide and see why it could be much better.

More Spacious

The bed of a dump bed mini truck is much bigger when compares to a bed of a pick up truck. Of course there are those huge pick up trucks which may be larger than the dump bed mini truck, but you will find that most of the Japanese mini trucks are larger. This means that you can enjoy larger space where you can haul more cargo than you would get from a pick up truck.

Cheaper To Buy

The prices of vehicles keep going up every day and with this being a big problem to most of us, it is advisable to get a good vehicle that comes at a lower cost. Getting a second hand vehicle is definitely the first step, but that doesn’t mean that all the pre-owned vehicles are good. You need to get one that is very reliable as well and in this case, the Subaru Sambar is a good one to pick since it has stood the test of time.

Easy And Low Cost Of Maintenance

Getting yourself a Subaru Sambar or any other Japanese mini truck is not only cheap to acquire, but running it is also pretty easy which makes it a lovable vehicle. With such kind of vehicle, you can forget about regular breakdowns and having to go through a lot of mechanical expenses. It is a factor that has made this vehicle one of the best pickup truck alternatives to go for.

Importing Subaru Sambar From Japan

Anyone can get a vehicle even at the local dealership, but there are more advantages when one opts to get it directly from Japan. First off, you will have a lot of options to choose from which is something you might not get with your local dealership. Secondly, there is nothing better than getting the Japanese mini truck than getting it from the where it is manufactured. Many Japanese car owners are pushing out older vehicles to avoid paying higher insurance rates.

Shop And Compare From Many Dealers

If there is one thing that every car buyer must do to get a good deal from their purchase is to compare and shop around many dealerships. With today’s power of the internet, it couldn’t be easier to peruse and skim through online classified and car sales portals. The advantage and good thing that comes with comparing is that you can get a vehicle at a good deal and you will also get a chance to pick one that is flawless.

Understand The Dealer You Choose To Word With

blankThere is an alarming increase in online scams and issues of bait and switch. Falling victim to any of that will deny you the chance to have the vehicle that you have always wanted. The good news however is that with utmost care and understanding of how the market works, you will be able to avoid all these and still get your vehicle the easy way. To achieve that, you need to work with a reputable and real Japanese car dealer. Understanding the dealer means digging up enough information and details about them. This includes checking up their physical location and even getting information about them on local directories. You should also ask them any questions to clear your doubts and this is how you get to understand and know whether yo are dealing with a real company or a crooked online scammer.

Another advantage that comes with getting a good vehicle dealer is that they can help you get a good deal on shipping which is usually another hard thing that most new importers have had to deal with.

Final Word:

Getting yourself the vehicle of your dream is very important. One that comes at a good cost, doesn’t guzzle a lot of fuel and is good when it comes to maintenance and service provision. In the case of the Subaru Sambar, getting it from Japan is not as hard as one would think. The importation process is pretty much the same if you have every imported one before. You just have to be watchful and be more concerned about the scams and some other things to ensure that the vehicle arrives at your place in one piece.

You can check out some of the best Subaru Sambar mini trucks that we have in our car listing page. We are certain that you will love them. We have been selling second hand Japanese mini trucks for a long time and you can always trust us to give you good service.

What They Don’t Tell You About Importing Second Hand Japanese Cars

Anyone who has been in the auto industry doe a while will tell you a lot of good things about the Japanese auto industry. At the moment, there are lots of second hand vehicles that are sourced from the Japanese auto arena. This is not only because they are the largest auto producer in the world, but their vehicles have also stood the test of time and proven to be worth every single penny that is invested.

There are however a lot of things that one should learn about these vehicles and this is all what we are going to be looking at in this article. We will be answering the question, whether they are worth investing on and how to get them easily, even if you are still a beginner and have little knowledge about importing vehicles abroad. Here are the things you need to know about these second hand Japanese cars;

There Are Close to A Dozen Auto Makers In Japan

Japan is the home to the largest automakers in the world and not only are they excellent in what they do, but there are close to a dozen of these companies that work around the clock to compete with each other for the market share. The fact that there are such number of automakers means that there is a good chance of getting a good price on a vehicle. It even gets better for anyone looking for a second hand vehicle as they will obviously come at a cheaper price. Cut down the middle man as this will help you to reduce the costs incurred and make the vehicle purchase a much more affordable one. In fact, the Japanese second hand cars are loved more because they are affordable. And their affordability doesn’t compromise on the quality and performance that one gets as they are excellent and lovable in every way.

Importing them Is Easier Than You Think

If you have always wondered what it takes to import a vehicle from another country, and in this case, from Japan, then you will actually be surprised at how easy it is to import it and have it delivered to your doorstep, regardless of the country you are based in. When you go to a local car dealer, you will only be limited to the number of options. You should also have the understanding that the car dealer is out to make a killing and sometimes this can be a very huge profit. To cut down on the middleman, you can opt to import the vehicle yourself and this is a much easier process than you think. The importation process takes a few weeks and this is after you have shopped and ensured that the vehicle you are getting is what you really want without compromising on anything.

Importing Second Hand From Japan Gives You More Options

An easy way to get a second hand Japanese vehicle is to buy it from your local dealer, Right? While this is the case for many people in many countries, it is high time that you consider getting it shipped or you. With the understanding of how easy it is to ship and the many options that you will get shopping through many vehicles in Japanese car yards, you will actually get a better deal and a vehicle that you have always wanted. This is contrary to getting the vehicle from your local dealer who limits you with only a few options that you may not like. some people end up buying the vehicle they find, even with flaws and regardless of the condition that they are in, simply because there is no other better option that they have. so, why not import the vehicle yourself? Although there are a number of paper-work and probably a few weeks wait, it is actually worth it because you will have the vehicle hat you have always wanted and one that meets all your preferences.

Always Watch Out For Scams

4 x 4 mini truckPerhaps if there is something that must be clearly highlighted is the rise of internet scammers who are also in the auto industry and when one is not so careful, they could fall prey to these scams ending up losing their hard earned money. Being watchful and more vigilant is however something that one can easily take care of and smoothly get the vehicle that they want without much worries. Here is how to avoid the common scams that are on the rise when buying second hand from Japan.
-Always investigate and dig up as much information as you can from the auto dealer that is selling to you.
-Avoid using flawed transaction methods and mediums such as Western Union which can be a big pain.
-Work with trustworthy sellers who have a good recommendation and track record in the industry.
-Avoid anything that looks fishy as it probably is a scam and will end up scamming you of your money. After all, there are lots of other companies out there, so why risk it all in one fishy one?
-Always watch out for bait and switch scammers who can sell you a vehicle that you did no want or wasn’t presented to you.

Final Word:

It turns out that getting a second hand cars from Japan is pretty much easier than what most of us have always perceived to be a tedious and a lengthy process that is only for professionals and import agencies. There are also a lot of goodies that come with importing a second hand vehicle by yourself since you get more options to choose from at a bargain.

If you are looking for a second hand Japanese vehicle to buy, then the bets place to start with would be our car listing page where we have a lot of them waiting for you. From Japanese mini trucks, mini vans and other vehicles, you will find them all in there. and we are pretty sure that you will love the service you get from us.

Steps To Buy A Suzuki Carry Mini Truck From Japan

Suzuki is among the best auto brands that have been in existence for many decades. It is among the flagship autos that lead the Japanese industry and is well known all over the globe or their dominance that results in high quality and performance. There is really a lot that comes in the praises of the Suzuki Carry, which is among the most popular Japanese mini truck that you will ever come across.

In this guide, we will go through some of the steps that you can easily follow to get yourself hands on the Suzuki mini truck which has always received lots of love from many truck enthusiasts across the globe. Not only is the Suzuki Carry more affordable to acquire, but it also has lots of functionalities that makes it stand out and become an ideal alternative to the pick up trucks and other vehicles of the same caliber.

Understand The Kind Of Suzuki Carry Type To Get

When it comes to Japanese mini trucks, the various car makers have different models and types that are meant to be used for different purposes. For instance when it comes to the Suzuki Carry, you will find several designs such as the dump bed mini tuck, flat bed mini truck, caravan mini trucks among others. So, this is where you decide which one you should be getting based on the kind of work that you will be using the vehicle for. Dump bed mini trucks are excellent when it comes to handling various tasks such as carrying different loads from one point to the other and need them to be unloaded by dumping. Dumping functionality helps to easily offload the load being carried. so if you need a vehicle that you can use to offload by dumping, then you should be going for the Suzuki Carry dump bed mini truck. The other mini trucks, flat bed mini truck is used for transporting less fragile cargo that are sometimes abnormally sized while the caravan mini truck can be used to haul cargo and stuff that need protection from outside weather and are more fragile hence needing to be covered.

Find The Right Japanese Seller

The next thing that you’d want to do after you establish the type and model of Suzuki Carry you are getting is to know who is in the business and where you will get the best deal. Understanding more about the dealer you are working with is very crucial, especially with the rise of online scams which you could find yourself into if not cautious enough. It is also an important step because some crocked sellers are always out there to sell a vehicle, regardless of the situation an condition of the vehicle. So, to avoid the sellers who are out for the quick buck, it is best to dig up more information on the car seller. You should also gather information on their physical address and know when they started the business and the information on their company. A good Japanese car dealer will also help their customer have it shipped and if the one you are dealing with doesn’t offer to help you with this, then you should find pone that does, because you could find yourself in the middle of a tight spot and could spend a lot of money in the process of getting the vehicle.

Always Ask for More Details On The Vehicle

Before the thought of negotiating or spending money on the vehicle, you need to first get a glimpse and try understanding the vehicle inside out. When you are dealing with second hand vehicles, it is always important to understand the fact that they have been used differently by their previous owners. Some have been subjected to hard work and may have been compromised on some parts hence could be of lower quality that advertised. Having a closer look at the vehicle should include looking at things such as the mileage, body condition, engine performance, tires and many other things. Sometimes it gets a bit tricky if you are still new and it could call for an extra hand, hence if you have a mechanical expert nearby, you could request their help in assessing the vehicle’s credibility and advise on whether you should be buying it. doing this will help you to avoid many shortcomings such as spending money on a vehicle that will not deliver to your expectations.

Negotiate The Price

blankLastly, before you buy the vehicle, you should not forget to always push the price to the limits. We all know that second hand vehicles don’t come with fixed prices and as such, one should always ensure that they are getting a good deal out of it. In most instances, these vehicles are priced higher than the owner’s target price since they know that one will ask to negotiate. With lots of apps such as Skype, negotiations and discussions are much easier than ever and one can get all the info they need using them. You can save a lot of money in the process of negotiating and that is a proven fact.

Final Word:

Now that you have an idea of the things to keep in mind when importing a second hand Suzuki Carry and pretty much any other vehicle that you would like imported from Japan, you can go ahead and do it. Contrary to the belief that it is a hard process and a tedious one to import a vehicle from Japan, it is an easy one that anybody can do.

You can always check out our car listings page for the best Japanese mini trucks and other kind of vehicles. There are plenty of them there to choose from and if you have any specific vehicle, you can also get in touch with us and we will help you out. And that is not enough. We will also help you to get your vehicle shipped the easy way helping you avoid the stress and hard toils of dealing with unending paperwork.

Why Are Japanese Kei Trucks So Cheap?

If there is one thing that the Kei mini trucks (Japanese mini trucks) are known for, it has to be their affordability, especially if you are getting a second hand mini truck. But have you ever asked yourself why these vehicles are so cheap as compared to others that you will find in the market? Even though second hand pick up trucks are affordable and considerably good to buy, they do not come close to the Japanese mini trucks. But what justifies the affordability of these vehicles? In this comprehensive write-up, we will go through some of the reasons why the Japanese mini trucks come cheap, yet still come top when it comes to performance and reliability. Here we go!

They Are Produced Affordably

A lot has gone into perfecting the Japanese auto industry and with the fact that there are lots of these Japanese auto makers competing against themselves is something that is good to the consumer. Each one of these companies have perfected the way they are making the vehicle to ensure that it is built at a low cost, yet still of excellent quality so a to stay at par with their competitors. This is unlike other automakers across the globe who are still yet to mate and implement ways to lower their vehicle markup price. So, even getting yourself a second hand Japanese mini truck will obviously come at a lower price.

Second Hand Vehicles Attracts More Insurance Costs

Every country have their own laws and in Japan, when you have an older vehicle, the Insurance companies do charge more as it becomes a risk to them. Furthermore, this has been increased due to the fact that older vehicles emit more carbon to the atmosphere, something that is a concern in Japan. This gives you the chance if you are abroad to get these vehicles cheaply without any issues and at a bargain than you would get with other vehicles like the pick up tucks. This also better clears the doubt that Japanese mini trucks are cheap because they are flawed and couldn’t compare with other vehicles like the pick up trucks. In fact, you will see real value and reliability from these vehicles and will be more satisfied than with any other vehicle.

There Are Lots Of Them Out There

Japanese automakers are some of the largest out there and with 6 of these automakers producing the mini trucks, the market is already flooded with these vehicles and demand is going low. And as the laws of economics dictate, the prices of these vehicles will obviously be low. So, besides the high demand from the outside world, there are still plenty of them and with many reasons that surround these vehicles reason for sale, one could easily get a second hand Japanese mini truck at a fraction of the cost. Of course there aren’t so much out there as you will find in Japan, and that is why importing from Japan is the best way to do this. And don’t shy away thinking that importing would take a lot of time. With lots of agents to help you do this and companies like ours (Substar Inc) you can easily hop for the vehicle online, do your negotiations and close a deal and as sooner as weeks, you will be having the mini truck of your dreams.

How To Get and Even Better Deal On These Vehicles?

Below are some of the ways that you can use to better increase your chances of getting a more affordable vehicle. Be careful though and do your due diligence since not all sellers can be trusted as there are some that are just interested in selling the vehicle despite the quality it comes with.


Japan has one of the largest and probably the busiest auto auction houses that you will find across the globe. Among the best selling vehicles on these auction houses includes the Japanese mini trucks which you can always get at good prices. We all know how auctions work and know that the prices there is based on what people can bring to the table. And obviously, here you will get a vehicle at a lower price than its market value simply because it is a quick sale.


To get the best deal in something, it is always advisable to negotiate and get a good price. Since there are lots of second hand mini trucks in the market with prices that are not fixed like the brand new ones, you can negotiate to get it at a price that is within your budget.

Watch Out For Scams

4X4 honda acty mini truckThere are scams all over and this includes the auto industry as well. If you are not careful then you could find yourself in the hands of scammers. Be careful on the transactions you do and only make sure that you are sending money to credible accounts that have been verified and belong to the actual vendor in Japan.

Buy Directly

At times, it also pays to buy directly from Japan and avoiding all the fees that come with the middlemen and brokers. The process of buying directly is a pretty easy one that not many people know of. With today’s technology where softwares like Skype and chat apps are available, you can negotiate a vehicle with a Japanese seller pretty much easily.

Final Word:

With the guide above, you now have an understanding of why the Japanese vehicles are affordable and really worth investing on. They have stood the test of time and are excellent in every way.

If you would like to get one of these Japanese mini trucks from Japan, then you should check out some that we have in our car listings page. We vet vehicles that we list to ensure that they are excellent and that whatever our customers are getting is up to par. You will surely be getting something of good value and that will last for a long time giving you excellent and reliable service.

The Best Japanese Mini Trucks To Buy

If you are a vehicle enthusiast who is more keen in the mini truck and trucks world in general, then you already know a thing or two about the Japanese mini trucks, which have become very popular in the recent years. These vehicles have stood the test of time and proven to have what it takes to deliver the best service to the owner. And that is not all. These vehicles come at amazingly low cost of acquisition while running them is pretty much easy and cheap. Among other things that makes this vehicle stand out includes the sturdy and reliable build, thanks to the high quality craftsmanship that has been used in its making. But which of these should you get? They have been designed differently and suited for different uses hence you can get one that best meets your line of work.

In this guide, we will go through the different Japanese mini truck models that one can get to help them run their day to day errands with a lot of ease. However, before chiming into that, here are some of the common factors that you should know about these mini trucks.

They Are Build To Last

The Japanese mini trucks comes under high engineering and experience that spans close to a century and each and every new version of these incredible vehicles have been improving year after year. To date, they are producing some of the world’s best vehicles in terms of build quality and how they can be relied on. If you have always wanted to get a vehicle that can endure all terrain roads, mushy environments and such, then you’d need one that has a good boy and structure that can last and the Japanese mini truck have the answer to that.

They Are Affordable

Want to spend less on a high quality vehicle? The sad thing about all that is that it has become harder than before to find such a vehicle and with the Japanese mini trucks, you are getting something of good value and a huge bargain. This is especially if you are looking for a second hand vehicle and do not want to spend too much getting it.

Efficiency And Performance

Want a vehicle that does everything you need in a snap without being a deg? Well, not always do you find second hand vehicles that still offer excellent performance and efficiency. However, with thousands of people who have confessed their love for the Japanese mini trucks, you can always count on it to deliver in terms of both efficiency and performance.

The Different Mini Trucks To Consider Getting

There are various mini trucks and here are some that you might find to be perfect fit for your line of work. Here are the different Japanese mini trucks that you will come across.

Dump Bed mini Truck

The Japanese dump bed mini trucks are perhaps the most common models of these mini trucks which most people are fond of. You can consider them to be multipurpose and good in handling more tasks than any other in the market. The design of the dump bed mini truck is pretty much simple and is like that you will find in a pick up truck or the common trucks. The only difference is that it has a hydraulic system in place that helps to dump load. This is an optional but effective addition that makes it more versatile and flexible to be used in handling more tasks.

Flat Bed Mini Truck

Flat bed mini truck is yet another kind of Japanese mini truck that is lovable by many people across the globe. Their design is pretty much different when compared to the dump bed mini trucks. They do not have a protective edge and the bed is literally flat with nothing else on it. This makes it the perfect vehicle if you are looking to carry abnormally shaped goods from pone point to the other. And although it is a bad choice for carrying lots of loads such as sand and gravel for building, it is an excellent option for anyone who usually carry extra-large or long loads.

Caravan Mini Truck

Caravan mini trucks are other Japanese mini trucks that you may want to consider if you are looking for a vehicle that can help you to carry loads or products that needs to be covered from either the weather or for other reasons. Things such as produce that needs to be kept fresh or grain that need to be concealed from rain are perfect things that should be used on them. Some people have also considered customizing them to be used as food trucks, which seems to work very perfectly.

Scissor Lift Mini Truck

second hand vehicleScissor lift mini trucks as you may have guessed are Japanese mini trucks that are designed just like the dump bed mini truck, only that this time, they do not have a lift functionality and instead they have a scissor shaped hydraulic system that raises the bed uniformly. This kind of vehicle is useful if you need to raise load to a higher level or need to reach a higher level to fix something. It may appeal perfectly to people in the construction industry.

Final Word:

With the detailed guide and a comprehensive guide above, you can easily know the kind of mini truck that you should be getting. Whether you run a construction business or carry loads through a rugged road regularly, you now know the kind of mini truck that you should be going for.

Anyone looking for a good quality vehicle that has been tested should check out some that we have listed on our car listing page. We have tons of vehicles that we have tested and ensured that they are in perfect condition to save our customers the hassle and worries of getting faulty vehicles. We are certain that you will love the vehicles from our car listing.

Why Buy A Used Japanese KEI Truck?

If you have always contemplated to get a second hand vehicle or a Japanese Kei truck, then this comprehensive guide is for you. Anyone who has been watching the auto world for a while already knows that getting a second hand Japanese mini truck or any other pre-owned car comes with its advantages, while on the other side, getting a new vehicle comes with some ups and downs as well. The overall determinant in that will however boil down to quality, performance and the pricing tag on the vehicle.

Here, we will go through some of the things that makes second hand Japanese vehicles, among the best choices that one can go for.

Overview Of Japanese Mini Trucks

A lot has gone into play with the Japanese mini trucks and how they have evolved through the years. They have changed the way people run their daily errands, thanks to their flexibility and versatility which offers various ways of handling various hauling tasks. Behind the Japanese engineering which has been around for a long time and many people have always loved their excellence. Among the most popular carmakers that lead the pack in Japanese engineering and in the making of the Japanese mini trucks include the Mazda, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Honda and Hyundai. These are the flagship makers of the Japanese mini trucks which look almost similar by build.

So, what makes them stand out and why are they a favorite to many people? They take the shape of a common truck and are known to do most handy jobs that pick up trucks can be used to do. Performance, quality and reliability is something that has been well maintained with these mini trucks and it is something that they have excelled at. Whether you work and intend to use the vehicle on an off-road, marshy environment, a steep road or one that is very rugged Japanese mini trucks have demonstrated good performance and reliability. They also offer good value for the money.

Low Cost Of Buying

Buying Japanese mini trucks is considered among the most affordable options that one can get. Everyone loves to spend less and get something that is of good value, and the Japanese mini trucks are the perfect vehicles that come with the perfect value. Comparing the Japanese mini trucks to other brand new vehicles such as the pick up trucks which can be used for pretty much the same line of tasks, they tend to be much better in terms of affordability and cost of running them. This has mostly been attributed to the difference in their engine capacities and the horsepower that comes with these vehicles. Their low engine capacity means that they also consume less fuel hence the cost of running them is lowered and makes them the perfect choice for everyone who is frugal out there.

Reliability And Performance

How reliable is the vehicle that you have? Does it give you the performance that you have always wanted from it? When it comes to Japanese mini trucks you cannot be disappointed when it comes to both reliability and performance. Under excellent craftsmanship and Japanese engineering that has been around for many years these vehicles are the ultimate mini truck that stands out from the rest. They also come in different designs and models that are geared for use for specialized and in handling some handy tasks of hauling goods from one point to another. The Japanese market is full of many models of mini trucks including flat bed mini tucks, dump bed mini trucks, scissor lift trucks, among others.

Quality And Performance

Japanese mini trucks have been solidly built and will take you a long way in terms of both performance and quality. Everyone is always concerned to find and buy a good second hand vehicle that works to their expectations and guarantees good service overall. It goes and demands more than just the appearance and the body but should also be in perfect shape and working condition. Everything else besides the paint job, chassis, mechanical work and anything else on the vehicle should work to perfection. Tires  are also among the things that one might want to look into before one buys a vehicle.

Easy To Maintain And Repair

blankMaintenance and repair is yet another thing that you’d want to be so keen on. When it comes to Japanese mini trucks, they are well know to be excellent and easy to work with. When it comes to the spares, they are also available and comes affordable and do not require much attention and need a mechanic every time like you would find with other similar vehicles. Expenses and maintenance costs can sometimes pile up and become too much for us, but with the right kind of vehicle, you can expect something good out of it. For some people, it takes one a lot of time to master them all, but learning to make common and basic tasks such as changing oil and fixing punctured tires.

Final Word:

Japanese mini trucks have undoubtedly become more popular than ever before, thanks to the high performance,e quality and low cost of acquiring them. Regardless of whatever kind of vehicle you are looking for, there are a number of things that one must look into. Japanese mini trucks are perfect to help one carry load from one point to the other with less hassle. Be it carrying construction and building materials from one point to the other, they have proven to be excellent and perfect in every way.

Here at Substar inc, we have been selling and dealing with Japanese mini trucks for many years serving hundreds of customers across the globe to find the vehicles that they are looking for. If you are looking for the perfect Japanese mini truck, mini van or any other vehicle out there, then we will also help you out. We can also help you with the shipping process and all the hard work that you may come against.

How To Get the Best Deal On Second Hand Mini Trucks

Want to get a piece of the trendy and ever lovable Kei mini trucks from Japan? If so, this post is for you. These Japanese mini trucks have become very common tan ever before and folks are opting to buy them instead of the much expensive pickups and other vehicles in the same class. They have stood every test to become champs of off-road and hauling performance. If you haven’t used a mini truck in running your daily errands then there are many things that you have been leaving out.

These Japanese mini trucks (Kei trucks) have been made in  Japan and the term “kei” is simply used locally to refer to small, which makes them “small trucks“. They were conceived to offer a more reliable and dependable services for people who were not into the huge trucks which are both expensive and more demanding when it comes to maintenance and fuel consumption. Among some of the automakers that make them include Daihatsu, Mazda, Suzuki and Honda which have excelled in doing this. With the fact that these car brands are global and well know, you can understand why the kei trucks are becoming very common.

Why Buy Mini Truck?

There are plenty of things and reasons why one would need to get themselves a Japanese mini truck (Kei truck) and below are just but a few of them that you should be looking into.

Maintenance is super-easy – Every car owner who has owed a car before knows the stress of having to repair a vehicle that keeps breaking down every now and then and as such . A vehicle that needs mechanic work every time ends up being costly as bills pile up every time. These vehicles are manufactured under high quality standards by the world’s best known automakers. This clearly tells you that a lot of engineering has been invested on these trucks and you will love every bit of it. They hardly demand mechanical work and when a mechanic is needed, they are easy to repair and maintain.

They Have Incredibly high Performance – When it comes to choosing the perfect vehicle to buy, there are things to consider and keep in mind and performance is one of them. Be it a 4 or 5 gear shift manual transmission it should get the job done in terms of getting things done. Having such a vehicle makes it dependable and reliable regardless of where you intend to use it and what you intend to carry around. So, as long as the load is within the carrying capacity limit, you can always haul and carry almost anything ranging from construction materials to produce.

Cheap To Run – Besides demanding less when it comes to maintenance, running them has proven to be very economical in the long run. for anyone who has always felt the high cost of gas prices, the Kei mini trucks is an economical option to consider. These mini trucks have shown excellent fuel efficiency that goes up to 40 miles on a single gallon, you will agree that it is one of the most economical vehicles out there.

Wide Variety Range To Choose From – Something else that you are sure to fall in love when it comes to these mini trucks is that there are lots of them to choose from, which gives you a wide price margin as well. It is also advisable you import rather than buy from the local dealer to save more and get a chance to choose from man cheaper options.

Environmentally-friendly – Anyone who doesn’t care about the planet doesn’t care for humanity and the future. Japan has always been in the forefront of meeting the millennia eco-friendly goals and the Automobile industry has been restricted to how they manufacture cars. investing on these Japanese kei mini trucks is one way to help curb the carbon emission since it emits little and within the allowable limits.

Tips To Buy the Best Mini Truck

blankKnow The vehicle you Need 

Before anything else or even think of importing a vehicle, you first need to know what kind of vehicle you need. Do you need one to haul heavy cargo, a caravan mini truck, a skylift mini truck or a flatbed mini truck for carrying abnormal loads? It all depends on what you need to do, this will help you determine the perfect kind of mini truck that you should be getting.

Dig Deeper

when you already know the type of vehicle that best meets your preference, you should then start doing your research and knowing more about it. This is a very important step simply because it determines exactly what you are getting. You need to do thorough inspection on the vehicle and make sure that it adheres to your requirements. Its mechanical condition also need to be spot on and everything else working as expected and all this will happen when you take time to understand the vehicle deeply.

Know the Basic Legal Stuff

Next, you’d want to make sure that you understand all the legal stuff before you think of importing a vehicle abroad. Some vehicles are not allowed to be used in some states and countries and knowing this will help you understand that whatever you are getting will work perfectly for you.

Final Word:

With the guide and tips above, you should be able yo pick the right kind of vehicle and import it the hassle free way. So, this simply means that there is no more getting stuck in the mud or burning cash on the climbing fuel prices. You can therefore go ahead and import one for your own needs.

Anyone who wants a mini truck to import should check out some quality mini trucks that we have listed in our inventory. We have vetted these vehicles for mechanical and any other thing that is necessary to have a quality mini truck. Get in touch with us in case you have questions about any mini truck.

Mechanical Tweaks To Keep Your Japanese Mini Truck In Perfect Shape

If you have recently bought a Japanese mini truck or are planning to buy one in the near future, then there are a number of things that you need to know about it and how to get the best out of it. Maintenance and repairs is a must for every vehicle to keep it going, but we all know that there is huge difference on the kind of maintenance that a vehicle gets. Of course that depends on he model of the vehicle and the difference in engineering and technologies used in that particular vehicle. First off, the Japanese mini trucks have a good track record and reputation of being reliable and having low maintenance costs. However, to maintain that and ensure that you are getting the best, there are number of things that you need to keep in place.


In this guide, we will go through the various ways that you can use to tweak and keep the vehicle in perfect shape an have it serve you for a long time.

Learn How To Maintain And Do Repairs

Are you an expert with auto mechanics experience or have you been doing mechanical maintenance to your vehicle? If not, you’d want to start learning about your vehicle so that you can start making repairs on your own. This will not only help you to start saving money on the mechanical expenses, but it will also help you better understand the vehicle and also be able to make repairs when you cannot easily reach the mechanic. and learning the maintenance and repair is not as hard as most of us think. One can easily start by learning smaller bits and advance by learning more technical repair techniques.

Most of the Japanese mini trucks also come with manuals that helps the owners understand the vehicle, know the various parts and how to make repairs. Joining some mini truck forums will also help you understand and even learn how to make repairs and tweaks to get the best out of you vehicle.

Have A Dedicated Specialized Expert

We all find ourselves in the garage to either have a spare part replaced or a certain repair been looked into by a mechanic. But there is something that you need to understand when it comes to repairing vehicles. Not any mechanic can repair or maintain a vehicle, simply because every mechanic have their specialty and not all of them know how the vehicles are made. If you give your vehicle to a mechanic that doesn’t have understanding on it, then you could end up with an even worse situation and inefficiency which is something you wouldn’t want to see.


When you have an expert who is specialized and dedicated, you will be sure to get good results and a good service on the vehicle which will make it go a long way.

Do Regular Maintenance and Check Up

Like a human being, vehicles need regular check up and maintenance to keep going. It is an obvious fact that vehicles that have been well taken care of and well maintained demonstrates good performance and quality of service. This is the very reason why you should always maintain your vehicle and ensure that it is in perfect shape so that it continues to provide good service. Some of the most common maintenance such as changing the water regularly, checking tire pressure, cleaning the engine and other parts and oiling can have a big impact on the performance of the vehicle and what to expect from it. This will help deal with rust while also increasing the durability of the vehicle parts.


If you are serious about keeping your vehicle and getting good service and high performance form it, then you need to always maintain it and make necessary repairs on it.

Get A Vehicle With Good Record

blankIf you haven’t bought the mini truck already, then it is high time that you be keen on what you are about to get. the performance and quality of service that you will get from your vehicle will depend on the current condition of the vehicle that you are getting. A good vehicle that has a good mechanical record and proof of good maintenance should be your first priority as this can change the way the vehicle works and the frequency of the need to have it repaired and maintained. Getting these records is not as hard as many would think and it only needs one to ask the record from the seller of the vehicle.

Besides all that, you should also know the mileage of the vehicle as this can also have an impact. The higher and more the mileage, the higher the chances that the vehicle has been used so much that it can easily break down and may need a lot of maintenance. You should also try to understand the reason for sale and how many people have owned the vehicle before you. A vehicle with few number of owners will be much better than one that has been owned by multiple owners.

Final Word:

Getting a vehicle that is in perfect condition is something that everyone would want to have. However, second hand vehicles are known to be flawed in one way or the other and to get the best one has to be extra cautious. You will also have to do more than that and keep maintaining and repairing the vehicle to get the bets out of it.

With the guide and pointers shared above, you should be able to maintain your vehicle so that you can get the best service. If you are looking for a good Japanese mini trucks to buy, then why not check out our list of vehicles in our yard? We have been in business for many years and are certain that you will love the results from these vehicles

The Japanese Mini Trucks You Should Avoid

The trend of Japanese mini trucks rocking almost every street isn’t anything new or a surprise. These vehicles have stood the test of time and proven to have what it takes to  bring the best in a vehicle. Their performance is excellent and whether you are looking for a vehicle to use in hunting, carrying produce or pretty much anything that you use a pick up truck for, the Japanese mini truck are a good choice to consider.

Besides their reliability and dependability, they also come at prices that are hard to beat and resist. However, not all of them are worth going for. Some are pure junk and will not give you the performance that you expect. Such kind of vehicles should be avoided at all cost and in this guide, we will go through them and what you should be careful on when buying and importing a vehicle.

Poor Record And Transparency

A seller who has a good vehicle doesn’t always shy from letting you know every detail that you ask from them, but there are those that will try to hide something. As always, it is required that you inquire as much as possible on a vehicle to know if it is worth the quoted price tag. However, some sellers will try to bring in excuses as to why something is not clear. Such lack of transparency should trigger your red alarm and you should try to avoid them at all costs because they could end up being poor and having a bad record of maintenance or requiring repairs every time.

A good car should be accompanies by a mechanical inspection report or a maintenance report showing you how it has been maintained. Without that, you should avoid buying such kind of car.

High Mileage Vehicles

Second hand vehicles are excellent because they help you cut down on the costs that you could have incurred with new vehicles. However, not all of them will give you the performance and meet your expectations. Although there are good high mileage vehicles that are worth every penny spent, most of them will not fit the bill. To avoid the junk and flawed vehicles that you can find in the market, you should be extra keen when buying high mileage vehicles because there is a higher risk of getting ones that have been over-used with parts broken down. Such a vehicle will keep you in the garage maintaining and repairing it when you could be using it to carry some goods.

It is only safe to stay away from second hand vehicles that have an extremely high mileage. Even though they are very cheap, they could end up being very expensive in the long run.

Poorly Maintained Vehicles

Another things that most buyers will comes across are vehicles that have gone through lots of maintenance, but if there are vehicles on offer that are now well maintained, one should not buy the vehicle with the hope of making changes and necessary maintenance to restore it. Such a vehicle can be a big pain, especially since it is not very clear on how much it will cost to maintain and make the necessary repairs and spare part changes. As such, it is safer to stay out of it and just get a vehicle that is in good working condition.

So, things like tire change and repairs, body paint, non-functional door locks and such should be avoided since they could end up being very costly to repair them.

Mistakes To Avoid

Are you making blunders when buying a vehicle? Here are some of the common blunders that you should avoid if you are looking for a good vehicle that will give you good service and performance. Everyone should avoid them to get a good deal that is worth the money.

Buying Under Pressure

when buying a vehicle, you need to be relaxed so as to make a sound decision and your research with calmness. It is also very common to find car sellers and dealers putting buyers under pressure and giving all kind of promises on the vehicle in question. This is something that gets many buyers and they end up getting what they don’t want. You need to keep in mind the fact that every seller will say anything to make a sale.

Failing To Do Your Research

Something that is very important when buying a mini truck and any other second hand vehicle, whether importing or just buying from your local dealer is to do your homework and research on the vehicle that you are getting. Is the vehicle reliable and how is it performing? When you do your research, you get to understand more about the vehicle and also know what to expect when it comes to maintenance and repairs.

Ignoring Long Term Costs

blankThe long terms costs are the actual cost and price of the vehicle that you are getting. Failing to factor in how a vehicle consumes fuel and how much the repairs and maintenance can actually cost is not a wise move. You need to make sure that you have a good understanding of the vehicle that you are getting. Otherwise, you are risking any things including paying too much and experiencing a maintenance nightmare.

Final Word:

The second hand car market keeps growing by the day and this is simply because there are lots Japanese mini trucks that have promised and delivered beyond what the market competitors can. They are very reliable, dependable and highly performing making them an excellent choice for many people. they are the best alternatives to vehicles like pick up trucks and large lorries that are costly and require a lot of maintenance.

You can check out some of the latest mini trucks from our listings page. We have listed some of the best handpicked mini trucks that have been vetted and mechanically certified for their performance and quality. This means that you are getting good vehicles from us that will get you exactly what you expect.

How To Choose The Right Dump Bed Truck To Buy

Are you tired of using pick up trucks and the fact that they are bothersome when unloading stuff like sand?  If so, then you need to upgrade and start using a dump bed mini tuck. Dump bed mini trucks are designed to easily load and unload the load using the hydraulics. There are many people who are opting for the mini trucks for many reasons. Among some of the reasons why the Japanese dump bed trucks are gaining popularity includes;



As compared to many other new vehicles that people are getting, dump bed mini trucks imported from Japan have proven to be very affordable. The cost of running these vehicles is also low considering the fact that they consume less fuel yet can do a lot of work in the process. If you’ve always wanted to spend less and get an efficient vehicle, then this could be your chance with the Japanese dump bed mini trucks.


Don’t we all hate vehicles that need maintenance and repairs all the time? Such vehicles are both costly to maintain and cant be relied on for many tasks which makes them almost useless. Also depending on the nature and terrain of the place that you will be using the truck, you need to understand the different options that you can get. You could get a 4X4 if you are going to be using it on an off-road terrain or simply settle for a 2 wheel drive if you will be using it on a tarmacked road.


We all need a good performance vehicle that can do what we expect it to do. Although most of the dump beds and Japanese mini trucks have a lower carrying capacity than some pick up trucks, they have proven to be worth every penny spent since they load just about anything. Be it carrying loads uphill, produce from the farm or hunting, these vehicles are phenomenon.

Choosing A Dump Bed Mini Truck

Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when you are looking for a good quality dump bed mini truck that will do the expected tasks.

Hydraulics Are Very Important

The only thing that differentiate a dump bed mini truck from a pick up and other vehicle models is its hydraulic system which helps in the unloading process. So, for it to give you the best performance from the work you are doing, you have to make sure that the hydraulic system is on point and works as expected.


Everything on the hydraulic system should work perfect. This includes checking whether it can lift huge loads and how it lowers the bed after being lifted. Such things will help you know whether getting the dump bed truck is worthy.

Carrying Capacity

Every vehicle is designed differently and this also means that they have a different carrying capacity. If you are looking for a vehicle, then you already know what you want and that means the capacity and loads that you will be carrying. As such, you should know the carrying capacity of the vehicle that you are getting. Most people find dump bed mini trucks to fit the bill and despite normal trucks having more capacity, spending more on getting them isn’t really worth it.


The horsepower of a vehicle, torque and engineering that comes with it will determine the power and carrying capacity it can handle. Some vehicles also work best in both hard terrain and normal terrain and their carrying capacities will vary based on this.

Dump Bed Condition

The other thing that you need to be extra cautious about is the condition of the vehicle. Is the vehicle’s body still in perfect shape or has it depreciated. This is something that you need to be concerned about when you are shopping for the best dump bed truck. Besides the physical appearance and visible parts, you should also check under the hood to ensure that the engine, gearbox and parts like chassis are in excellent conditions. Otherwise you are in for a surprise.

Age & Mileage

The age and mileage of a vehicle will hint you on how much the vehicle has been used and whether it still has the potential to go a long way. In most cases, the vehicles with high mileage tend to be cheaper but you also have to keep in mind the fact that they have been used much longer than those with lower mileage. This simply means that there is a more likelihood to have a long mileage vehicle being faultier and requiring more maintenance and repair than those that have a lower mileage. So, while checking your budget, you should also not under-look the performance and expectations in the dump bed mini truck you are getting.

Work With Legit Sellers

blankLast but not least, you want to make sure that the seller that you are working with is There are many people who fall int he hands of scammers and fraudsters who will pretend to be selling a company, yet they may not even have any physical presence. Since most Japanese vehicles are bought online, you need to be extra keen on who your are dealing with and before sending the money, you need to makes sure that whoever you are transaction with has a real bank account in Japan and reflects the name of the dealer. Otherwise, you are risking a lot and could end up losing a lot of money.

Final Word:

Dump bed mini truck are among the most common vehicles these days and are also among the best alternatives to the common pick up trucks.

If you want to get a high quality dump bed mini truck without much hassles, then be sure to get in touch with us or check out our car listing page. We have picked the best performing mini trucks and mini vans which anyone across the globe can get. We will also help you with the shipping process.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Any Japanese Mini Truck

High technology, advanced engineering and excellent performance are some of the things that best describes Japanese mini trucks. These are some of the things that have made them stand out and become the kings of the road. If you go to any city anywhere in the world, then it only takes you a moment to spot a vehicle that has been made on Japan. Among some of the best functional vehicle models from Japan are the mini trucks. They are a good alternative to pick up trucks and lorries. However, when it comes to choosing a second hand vehicle, it gets a little trickier and sometimes it doesn’t end well. This is simply because second hand vehicles have gone through the hands of different people who have treated and taken care of them differently.


So, while there are lots of good ones out there, there are also some that are crappy and not worth spending a dime on. In this guide, we will go through some of the reasons why you shouldn’t just buy any Japanese mini truck that you come across.

The Condition Of The Vehicle

When talking about the condition of a vehicle, it is simply the physical appearance and also the mechanical side of it. Second hand vehicles have been used differently and maintained differently by their different owners and this can have a big impact on the condition and performance of the vehicle. Although you could be tempted with cheaper mini tucks, you should be extra cautious and dig deeper to learn more about that particular vehicle before spending money on it. Some of the vehicles that come cheaply will cost you a lot in maintaining and repairing.

When choosing a good vehicle, you need to make sure that every part of it is in good condition. From the tires, the interior, the chassis, engine and gearbox, everything should be up to your expectation. And you should ask for as much details as you can which includes photos and video walk-through of the different parts of the vehicle. Any dealer who doesn’t provide you with all the information that you need probably has something to hide and isn’t worth getting the vehicle from them.

The Mileage Matters

Ever wondered why so many people are so concerned about the mileage and the manufacturing time of the vehicle? These are the two most important things that people look for and the simple reason is that the older the vehicle, the lower their expected performance. It is obvious that the older a vehicle, the more they have been in use which will affect their condition, mostly if the owner wasn’t taking good care of it. This is also the very same reason why the mileage has an impact on the pricing of the vehicle.

While you can get a high mileage vehicle at a cheaper price, you should also be cautious to look deep and know that there are more chances of having one that is of a lower quality than those with lower mileage which are still newer. This is therefore, something that every new second hand car buyer should be keen on.

Not All Mini Trucks Work On Any Terrain

Depending on the nature of the environment that you intend to be using the mini truck, the results might not be exactly as you expect, simply because not all of them will give you the results that you expect. If you are living or expecting to be using the vehicle on an off-road environment where some parts of the road aren’t easy to bypass, then you need a powerful mini truck that is 4 wheel drive. A 2 wheel drive will only be good when the roads are clear and the terrain of the area isn’t very rugged. So, before you go ahead and start negotiating a vehicle, you need to understand whether it will be right for your nature of use. Without doing this, you could end up with a vehicle that you wouldn’t be using.

Seek The Help Of an Expert

blankIn order to stay safe and be sure that the vehicle that you are getting will give you exactly what you expect, you may need to seek the help of an expert. This is mostly if you are still new to the grind and have little experience about getting a second hand vehicle that suits your needs. when it comes to choosing the right vehicle, you should seek the help of a mechanical expert. This will help you get a vehicle that is both of good quality and high performance since they can easily analyze the mechanical and physical condition of the vehicle.

Then, you will also need the help of an import agent or expert who has been doing this for a while. This consultation might cost you, but in the long run, you will be certain of the vehicle that you are getting will serve you and give you the performance you expect from it.

Final Word:

Deciding on the right vehicle to go with is sometimes hard, and mostly considering that they are second hand makes it even harder. With the above guidance, you should be able to find the right Japanese mini truck that suits your needs. There are many good ones, but poor ones also grace the market. So, to be safe, keep these factors in mind.

We have been in the auto industry for many years and exported hundreds of vehicles overseas without any problems. We list dozens of mini trucks, mini vans and many other second hand Japanese vehicles. If you are abroad and looking for a high quality vehicle from Japan, then you may want to head over to our listing page and check some of them. We will also provide as much information as you need to give you all the needed proof of the vehicle that you need. And above all, we will help you have the vehicle shipped to your destination easily.

Buying Used Japanese Mini Trucks The Easy Way

There is no denying the fact that Japanese mini truck are phenomenon and among the most loved vehicles across the globe. And even better, they can be imported and used in almost every country. The big question that many people have to ask themselves however, is the process of getting one and whether hey are the preferable choice than their local vehicles. You can choose to get a second hand Japanese mini truck or a new one, but the truth about that is that the brand new ones are much pricier and adding the importation and duty expenses, the pricing will go over the roof.

So, which one should you opt for? To help you with that, here are some of the things that make Japanese mini trucks stand out from many in the market.

Quality And Reliability

When shopping around for a vehicle, among the most important things that everyone asks themselves is whether they can count on that vehicle to deliver and give them the service that they expect from it. Whether the Japanese mini trucks can live up to expectation is plain and simple and evident in all the mini trucks in the road. If they weren’t reliable and worth investing on, then you wouldn’t be seeing many of them around. So, to clear your doubts, Japanese mini trucks are very reliable and with a good choice of the second hand shouldn’t be any different because these vehicles are built under some of the world’s best auto craftsmanship.

Sturdy Build And Performance

Among the very first questions that new car buyers often ask is how good the performance. This all depends on how the vehicle has been built. With the fact that these vehicles are built by known brands, there is no doubting the technology that has been used. Their body, chassis and every other aspect of these vehicles are also incredible and guaranteed to blow your mind.

something else that will affect the performance of the vehicle is its condition, which you will have to do your won diligence when buying. You should know whether the vehicle you are getting can stand the kind of work that you are going to be using it for.

Readily Available Repair Parts

among some of the challenges of getting a second hand vehicle are its spare parts. And this is why you will come across some rare vehicle models lying around simply because the owner couldn’t find the spare parts or for the reasons that they are too expensive. With that in mind, you need to get a vehicle that their spare parts are readily available and easy to make the repairs. With big names like Mazda, Daihatsu, Subaru and Suzuki behind majority of these Japanese mini trucks, you can be rest assured that you are getting something solid that will take you a long way. Their spare parts are found in almost every corner of the globe and with many people having leaned their engineering, getting you mini truck fixed is very easy.

Getting Used Japanese Mini Trucks The Easy Way

Now that we know the quality and kind of vehicle that you are getting, below are some for the things that you can do to avoid paying too much for the vehicle and getting it with less hassles.

Do Good Research On The Selling Company

One of the big assignments that you have, especially if you are still a new importer and have little experience is to do a lot of research about the company selling you the mini truck. this extensive research will help you to get rid of cons that are in every corner of the auto business. There are lots of companies that you will find online selling these kind of vehicles and the doing a background research and getting previous customer reviews on the vehicle is something that you have to extra cautious about.

Ask more Details On The Vehicle

Once you have seen the kind of vehicle that you’d want to get, you shouldn’t rush in and start the transaction. Instances of bait and switch is something that many people have had to go through and you wouldn’t want that to be you. A good company that has nothing to hide about the vehicle will give you a lot of details that you will need and this includes photos of the  vehicle. Some companies will also give you a good video footage which will give you a clear and better view of the vehicle.

Be Cautious On Transaction

blankWhen it comes to doing the actual deal. After talking and agreeing on the price of the vehicle, the next step even gets more crucial because it involves sending money.  And to be sure that you are dealing with the right company and not scammers, you need to make sure that you are paying the money to the correct company. This can be safely done by ensuring that you are dealing with a real bank account that reflects the name of the company selling the vehicle. There are instances where scammers misrepresent themselves as the company only to realize that one is sending money to the wrong account. You need to dig deep and confirm more than a few times that the bank account that you are sending the money to is for the actual company.

Final Word

With these guide, you will be able to get yourself the second hand Japanese vehicle that you have always wanted. You should also consider using the service of an import agent who have had experience with the importation process. This will save you the hassles of having to go through expensive duties and complications that may arise.

You can check out our vehicle listing page to see if there is a second hand Japanese mini truck that fits the bill in our yard. We have vetted every vehicle and will provide you with as much information as you need just to make sure that you are getting what is within your expectations.

How To Negotiate A Used Japanese Vehicle And Import It

Have you been looking forward to importing a vehicle from Japan? Thousands of people across the globe close deals every single day to buy a Japanese used vehicle. There are many reasons why people are flocking to Japan to get these vehicles. Affordability, vehicle reliability and low maintenance are just but a few of the things that one can benefit from with these vehicles. However, in spite the affordable costs, one can still negotiate and acquire the vehicle at a bargain. In this post, we will go through some of the things that you can do to negotiate a Japanese used vehicle and get it at an even lower price.

The tips highlighted below are the art of the deal and some of the best ways to get your dream car without breaking the bank.  Here’s how to go about negotiating that deal;

Consider The Auctions

Japanese car auctions are among the best spots to buy a used vehicle and the good thing is that you don’t have to be physically present to bid on these vehicles. Although it may sound farfetched to get a vehicle without being present, with the help of Japanese car dealers and brokers, this is made super easy. It is not as hard as many of us consider it to be and all you need is a trustworthy partner or a Japanese car dealer who will negotiate and get you the vehicle you need for the cost that you expect it to be.

You will however have to find a good broker that is trustworthy and experienced with the auctions. We have been in the industry and helped hundreds of customers across the globe find their best vehicles and if you are seriously looking for a vehicle through the Japanese auction houses, you can get in touch with us.

Auctions are among the best kept secret when it comes to buying a used vehicle and this is something that you should consider to get affordable vehicles.

Deal With Only Reputable Companies

There are hundreds of car dealers that are in the market who sell the same vehicles. Although the vehicles might be the same, the costs will never be the same. Besides considering shopping around and checking some of the best deals, you should also be working with reputable car dealers. Reputable car dealers who have been in the industry are loved for some reasons and among some of the reasons why they have been going strong is because of their sweet deals. Researching the car dealership that you are working with is the best way to go here. The good thing about doing a background check is the fact that the information is always readily available online. A good company will always have testimonials and positive reviews from other sites.

Buying from experienced Japanese car dealers is therefore a way that you can get a good deal. You can always check out some of the vehicles that we have in our inventory and see some of the best bargain offers they come with. Get in touch with us for more details and how we can help you to ship.

Check To See If There Are Any Bonus Perks

blankJust like anything that you buy from the store, there are always ways to save when buying vehicles. It may not be in the form of coupons and discounts but things like shipping offers are common when you know where to look. Different car dealers will have various perks and taking advantage of these perks will surely save you tons of cash when acquitting the vehicle. Although they do not come as cash discounts as you would experience with other shopping stuffs, the offers from alternative after services will come in handy.

Among the bonus perks that you will get from buying and importing your vehicle with us is the fact that we ship the vehicle for you. You will not have to go through some crazy shipping protocols and expenses since we have your back on this.

Seek the Help Of An Expert

Sometimes it can get complicated especially if you are importing the vehicle from another country for your first time. Seeking the help of an expert is something that you should consider with weight. What will an expert help you with? Someone who is experienced knows the ins and out of acquiring a vehicle and will always advise on the best way to get deals. If getting an affordable vehicle is something that you have always been interested in then you need to consider consulting before you think of getting your wallet ready.

If you know of anyone who has imported a vehicle from Japan or any other country then they will be helpful in giving you the much needed advice on what to avoid and what to go for. You can also consider getting an import broker who will take care of everything from negotiating to clearing your vehicle at your destination port. Although they will charge you, you can surely save tons of cash by choosing to use them. They are knowledgeable about the importation process and always have shipping offers which can cut your import costs.

Final word:

Hopefully this guide has given you a quick head-start on how to find the best vehicle at an affordable price. With the fact that there are more people who buy used vehicles than new ones, getting a Japanese used vehicle could be a solid idea especially with the many advantages that come with the importation option.

Here at Substar Inc, we deal with used Japanese vehicles, mostly the Japanese (Kei) mini truck and minivans. Although we have dozens of other makes, these are our specialty. You can go through our vehicles in our listing page and pick one that you find perfect for you. After you find your perfect vehicle, you can get in touch with us and we will give you more details including how the vehicle starts and idles among many other things. You’ll be glad to learn that we also help you to ship your purchased vehicle to your preferred destination port.

Japanese Second Hand Cars – Tips For Getting A Clean Used Japanese Car

In today’s world, cars have a place in our lives and for many, they have become a norm. However, for some reasons such as finances most of us aren’t able to get the newer vehicles that they would like. Luckily there is the option of acquiring a used car which comes in cheaply making many people who are on a budget to hop in for the pre-owned vehicle. You should however know that finding a good vehicle to import from Japan demands some thorough research.

Here are some of the things that you should look out for;

Have your Budget In Mind

One of the biggest mistakes that one can do is to fail to create a good budget for the vehicle they need. Someone who is serious about getting a vehicle should do their own math and ensure that they are within their set budget. Shopping for a car blindly without knowing how much you are willing to spend isn’t a good idea since you could end up spending a lot than expected.

To do this, you need to shop around first and see the costs of the vehicle that you need. Besides this, you already know why you need the vehicle and what you intend to use it fir. As such, you need to check out available options locally. Ask a friend if possible on whether they have experience with the vehicle that you are looking for. This will be able to give you a clear price range among other things.

Get Some History On The Vehicle

Pre-owned vehicles have been handled differently by their past owners and you wouldn’t like to get your hands on a poorly maintained vehicle. The outside appearance of a vehicle will not tell it all, so you need to check out the past records. The seller should provide you with every detailed information on the vehicle. Whether it has been involved in an accident, technical issues of the car and such things should help you determine whether it is a vehicle that you would like to own.

If buying from some top Japanese car dealers, you will love the fact that these vehicles are thoroughly screened and anything crucial will be pointed out by the dealer. This is the way it should be and the way we do things here at Substar. We go through every vehicle and ensue that whatever our customers get is something clean and worth every penny spent.

Seek The Help Of An Expert

Sometimes doing some things such as figuring out some mechanical considerations is a task that requires assistance from an experienced vehicle expert. Buying a vehicle isn’t something that is as easy as getting a book. There are many things that you have to check and make sure are in place. With the help of an expert who can easily spot faults, you are more certain in getting a quality vehicle that won’t be a dreg. This is a step that is crucial especially if you do not have any experience with vehicles.

Do An In-depth Inquiry

Besides seeking the help of an expert, there are other basic but crucial things that one needs to look into. You can always ask the seller or the Japanese car dealer to give you information on anything that you would like to learn about the vehicle that you want to buy. To eliminate any errors or doubts, you can always be with an expert by your side to help you out.

The tires – Unless you are planning on buying the new tires on your own, you should make sure that the ties on the vehicle will make it worthwhile the investment. Check if the threads are used up and if they offer good grip.

The body condition – Dents, scratches, paint job among other things are also some of the things that you should be watching out for.

Car chassis – sometimes you can come across a vehicle that has had issues like chassis breaking. Welding marks and such things are what you should be looking out for when it comes to the chassis.

Engine leaks

Something else that is common with many second hand vehicles is engine and gear box leaks. This could be an indication that the gaskets and seals are not intact. It could as well mean that the vehicle has an issue with the engine system.

Consider The Auctions

When hunting for an affordable vehicle, you should lay in all the options that you have. One known way of finding affordable vehicles from Japan is through the auctions. Japan has some of the largest vehicle auctions which sell thousands of vehicles on a daily basis. And you don’t have to be there physically to participate in the auctions.  With the help of a broker or a Japanese car dealer, you can get your dream car easily without paying anything above your budget.

You can always get in touch with us here at Substar if you would like to get a vehicle from the auctions. We have been helping customers across the globe to find their vehicles and we are certain we can help you too. And that is not all. We understand what our customers go through when they buy a vehicle here in Japan and we understand that shipping could sometimes be hectic. As such, we deliver the vehicles to our customer’s desired port.

Final Word:

Finding a high quality vehicle especially used ones isn’t an easy thing, but with the tips highlighted above, you can easily fiend your dream car. Japan has been one of the best places to turn to for cars, whether used or new. Affordability and high performance vehicles are what makes them the preferred choice.

Do check out some of the vehicles that we have in our listings page and see if you can find yourself one. The vehicles in our inventory include mini trucks, minivans among other vehicles. We will provide you with more details on a particular vehicle before you buy. Therefore, do not hesitate getting in touch with us.