The Importance of Regular Fluid Checks and Maintenance

How regularly do you do fluid checks in your truck? A truck is an assembly of mechanical systems that work hand in hand to create motion. As this mechanical system works, they generate heat and rub against each other. They thus need various types of fluids for them to function effectively.  The absence of fluids can prevent the system from working effectively. 

Fluids play vital roles, such as lubricating the moving parts, cooling the system, and generating hydraulic pressure. It is, therefore, necessary to regularly inspect the nature and quantity of these fluids. Here is the importance of doing so.

Engine Oil

You have come across engine oil not once or twice. It is a very vital fluid that supports the life of your engine. Consider doing fluid checks often and top it up whenever its level goes down. You should check it more often when you realize your truck is burning oil. 

Engine oil lubricates the entire system and also cools it. When it’s level drops, the chances that your engine will get damaged are high. 

Transmission Fluid

The transmission, also known as the gearbox, comprises several gears. The gears ensure the right power is transmitted from the engine to the wheels.  The gearbox relies on the transmission fluid that lubricates and cools it. When the transmission fluid level goes down, it turns brown, or you feel a burning smell while driving, it is an indication that you need to replace or top up your transmission fluid.

Engine Coolant

The engine fluid enables your engine to run long without heating up. The cooling process takes place in the radiator. The coolant’s role is to absorb the heat from the engine and take it to the radiator. At the radiator, the cold coolant is dispensed to the engine. 

When the coolant level is down, chances are high that your engine might overheat and even burn the gaskets or destroy the cylinder head. It is essential to check and top up this fluid more often.

Power Steering Fluid

It keeps the steering wheel running smoothly. If its levels drop, it is an indication of leakage. Consult a professional for diagnosis.

Brake Fluid

Your brake fluid should be at the correct level and remain clean. If it is brown, it is a sign of contamination, and you should replace it. Contaminated brake fluid can lead to the failure of the braking system, which poses safety issues. When its level reduces, your brake pedal will be spongy whenever you press it. Whenever you change brake pads, or repair the braking system, consider topping up the brake fluid and bleeding the system. In case of leakages, consult a professional to fix it immediately.


Regular fluid checks is very important. All fluids play a vital role in your truck. Most of them wear out or leak, it is essential to check the quantity and nature of these fluids more often. If you note that the level of a specific fluid drops drastically and there are signs of leakages in your garage, take your truck to an auto repair shop for a check-up. Hopefully, you now know why it is important to do regular fluid checks on your truck.

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