Rust: Tips To Keep Your Truck Clean and Rust-Free

Rust is an enemy to vehicles, and the appearance of a smaller percentage of rust can cause significant damage to your truck. Rust usually spreads very fast if you do not notice it in time. Regular cleaning and parking in a safe spot are ways of preventing rust from your truck. 

When you see a small portion of rust on your truck, consider removing it before it spreads to sensitive parts that can be costly to repair. 

Causes of Rust in Pickup Trucks

Rust forms when iron and oxygen come into contact. The bad news is that almost all metals in your truck are iron. Rust develops gradually, and most pickup truck owners may only note it once they see holes. 

Cleaning Your Pickup Truck & Preventing Rust

To ensure your pickup truck is rust-free, consider practicing these precautions to save time and money.

Protect Your Truck From Elements

Regular exposure to sun, snow, and rain harms your pickup truck. Ensure your truck is protected from such elements by parking inside the garage. You can opt for a portable garage if you live in a rented house.

Leaves, dirt, and other debris can clog your truck and attract moisture which is composed of oxygen. The oxygen in moisture reacts with iron to form rust. Parking inside a garage protects your truck from such elements. 

Wax Your Truck

Waxing your truck at least twice a year will prevent it from rusting and keep it in good condition. Wax adds a layer of resistance between your paint and the moisture that causes rusting. Consider waxing your truck more often if you never keep it in the garage. 

Waxing is a simple procedure you can do yourself, but if you do not have time, seek the services of a professional. Apart from preventing rust, waxing also makes the surface of your truck slippery, letting it remain clean for a longer duration. 

Wash Your Truck

Washing sounds simple, but it plays a greater role in protecting rust. During winter, salt being used to clear roads facilitates rusting. It is essential to clean your truck daily before parking it inside the garage. 

Washing also removes debris, such as leaves that attract moisture. Moisture on the surface of the truck is harmful. Consider using a high-pressure cleaner that removes dirt from hard-to-reach areas for thorough and clean washing. 

Clean the Drain Plugs

Drain plugs are usually forgotten when cleaning most trucks. Paying attention to them prevents rust. These plugs usually become clogged with debris that can let water accumulate. Always check the condition of your drain plugs and clean them when necessary after washing your pickup truck. They are usually found under the doors, around the trunk, and on the edge of the hood. 


A pickup truck is a reliable workhorse for every household. It is a source of income and also assists in running personal errands. It can serve you, your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren if well cared for. A greater percentage of every truck is made of iron sensitive to rust. Practicing the above will keep your truck clean and rust-free. 

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