Maintaining Your Truck Interior The Easy Way

Maintaining your truck interior and keeping it showroom clean brings a sense of satisfaction and pride. You can achieve this by washing and waxing your truck to protect the paint. But inside matters more, since it’s where you spend more time.

Your truck’s interior becomes dirty and wears out quickly if you do not pay attention. Therefore, spending some quality time every month cleaning it is essential. This guide has a breakdown of how you can clean and go about maintaining your truck interior depending on the material it is made of.

How to Clean Leather Interior

Leather has become a common interior in most trucks, and this is because it is resistant to stains and last longer. It is one of the best ways to maintaining your truck interior details. If not well cleaned, it will not retain its natural oil, become stiff and eventually wear out.

When cleaning a leather interior, use the vacuum cleaner to flush out debris. Apply pH-neutral leather cleaner to a cloth, then rub it in a circular motion on the leather surfaces.  Wipe it dry using a clean cloth.

Use a soft sponge to apply a thin layer of conditioner on the seats and leather surfaces. Before applying it, apply a small portion on a hidden leather to affirm that it will not react with your seats. Give it two hours to absorb, then buff it with a microfiber cloth.

How To Clean Cloth Interior

Older trucks have a cloth interior, but you can choose a cloth option if you are not a leather fan. All in all, a cloth interior also requires regular cleaning to last long and offer a conducive environment.

Using a vacuum cleaner, you can remove the loose debris on the cloth’s surface. Slightly spray the surface of the seat, then use a stiff brush to remove tough stains. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe all the dirt. Repeat the procedure until all the surfaces become clean.

How To Clean Alcantara Interior

Another way to ensure that you are well maintaining your truck interior is to use Alcantara. Alcantara’s interior looks flashy and is available in some trim levels. Its texture resembles suede, but maintaining it is relatively stressful. Like leather or cloth interior, the Alcantara traps dirt and gets matted down. You can regularly use a soft brush to clean it, but if it has tough stains, consider using Alcantara cleaner, which removes all sorts of dirt. 

After removing the loose dirt using a soft brush, apply the cleaner on a sponge, then use it to rub the interior surface. When satisfied that all dirt has been removed, use a damp cloth to wipe it and give it time to dry. After this procedure, brush the Alcantara to activate the fiber and protect them from getting down. 

How To Clean the Floor

The floor is another part that becomes dirty quickly because shoes trap all sorts of dirt that settle on the floor. Having your floor covered with mats that you can easily remove and clean is essential. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor, and leave all the doors open for air circulation.


If you have time, you can spend it cleaning and maintaining your truck interior. Having a vacuum cleaner and other cleaning agents will greatly benefit you. The above tips will help you maintain your truck’s interior for a longer time. 

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