The Pros and Cons of Lift Kits for Pickup Trucks

As a truck owner, you have thought of or already installed the lift kits for your truck. A great debate has emerged worldwide among truck enthusiasts about whether lift kits suit trucks. This guide will aid you in making up your mind.

What are Lift Kits?

A lift kit refers to specific parts you can buy and install on your truck to increase its height. These parts are called a kit because they work jointly to achieve a common goal. A lift kit’s primary role is to increase your truck’s ground clearance. 

Lift kits can either be body or suspension, but they perform a common role of increasing the height of your truck. 

The Pros of Lift Kits

Improves the Ground Clearance

Truck enthusiasts install a lift kit to increase ground clearance. Higher ground clearance is vital for off-road enthusiasts as it enables them to move freely over obstacles without destroying the bottom of their trucks. 

Improved Towing Capacity

When doing a lot of hauling, think of installing the kits to give your truck more towing capacity.

Improved Looks

Lifted trucks look more appealing and beautiful than the ones in stock height. If you like a show-off ride, consider lifting your truck.

Your Truck can Accommodate More wheel Options

A lifted truck has various options of wheel sizes that fit them. This allows you to choose wheels and tires based on your driving style. 

Cons of Lift Kits

As much as a lift kit have various benefits, they must take advantage of a few or several drawbacks. Here are some of the disadvantages of installing lift kits.

Increased weight 

A lift kit increases the overall weight of your pickup truck. More weight reduces fuel economy and accelerates the engine components and suspension system’s tear and wear. 

Reduced Fuel Economy

As previously mentioned, lift kits add more weight to your pickup truck, leading to more fuel consumption even when hauling no cargo. If you love saving money at the pump, lift kit is not a better option for you.

Increased Maintenance

If you install lift kit to your pickup truck, you will spend more to maintain it. Lift kits put an additional strain on the engine that wears out its components very fast. You will realize that the frequency of scheduled basic maintenance will increase.

Safety Issues

Lifted trucks look aggressive and can temp you to press the gas pedal to the floor. The truth is that several safety risks are related to a lift kit. When the lift kits are not correctly installed, your truck can be unstable and roll over anytime. When installing lift kits, it is essential to seek a professional’s services who will consider the stability issues related to a lift kit. 


A lift kit increases the height of pickup trucks. There are body and suspension lift kit that you can both use for better results. Lifted trucks look beautiful and have more off-roading capabilities. On the other hand, installing lift kits on your truck has disadvantages too. As a pickup truck enthusiast, these pros and cons will aid you in deciding whether to install lift kits or not.