5 Things Every Kei Truck Owner Needs to Know

The terms Kei truck are interchangeable with mini truck. You may as well come across people referring to them as micro trucks. These light trucks were intended for use in the Japanese market. Now they are popular worldwide. These small trucks are suitable for running small businesses and errands due to their efficiency in terms of fuel consumption, reliability, and less maintenance cost. This guide will unearth some facts about this fancy little truck you did not know. Onto our guide on 5 things every kei truck owner needs to know.

5 Things Every Kei Truck Owner Needs to Know

As a Kei mini truck owner, you should know these 5 realities about the vehicle.

Good Fuel Economy

Kei Trucks are economical in terms of fuel consumption. As an owner of a Kei truck, you need to know that your mini truck consumes very little fuel over a long distance. Kei trucks come with two engine versions, the diesel, and petrol engine. The diesel engine consumes less fuel as compared to the petrol engine.

Agile & Flexible

Kei trucks can give the best services if used as mobile business vehicles. Mini trucks are efficient for delivery businesses such as food and postal. These vehicles have more expansive space for carriage, and they are economical. A full fuel tank can take you several miles before going dry.

Insuring The Mini Truck

The procedure of insuring a mini truck is complex. Obtaining insurance cover for a Kei truck is a little bit complex because of its varied uses. Insurance companies fear insuring vehicles with unspecific usage because, in the case of a claim, it becomes difficult to assess and determine the reason for the claim. To quickly obtain an insurance cover for your mini truck, specify to the insurance firm what you will do with your mini truck.

Powerful & Efficient

The mini trucks are suitable for daily towing. These trucks can pull a load of up to 1000 pounds. Compared to regular pickups, which mostly run on a 2.0 – liter engine, mini trucks are cheap to acquire and maintain. Therefore, they are the best options for towing loads of 1000 pounds and below. Using a 3.2-liter turbo diesel pickup to tow 800 pounds will be less economical, and the torque of the pickup will be underutilized.

The Kei trucks are very popular among the Japanese. In Japan, Kei trucks are very common on the roads. Statistics revealed that only in 2020, there was a new record high for Kei trucks that were registered. The Japanese community loves this vehicle because its engine produces adequate power for tackling rugged terrain. Besides the engine capabilities, the Kei trucks also has adequate space for carriage, and the general cost of maintaining it is low.


Kei trucks are among some of the best lightweight trucks in the market. They are small and compact and are suitable for several uses such as deliveries, towing light equipment, and light vehicles. These vehicles are cheap to acquire and maintain. They serve the same purpose as standard pickup trucks. It is somehow complex to insure in some US States and would be good to always check with your local state laws whether they are allowed before getting one. Otherwise, they have stood the test of time and will surely deliver.

What Makes Japanese Mini Trucks So Cheap?

If you live in the United States and have interest in Japanese mini trucks, then you know how popular they are. There is a rising trend with the use of these kei trucks. These vehicles were first intended to be used in the Japanese market. But with their success that is buoyed by good performance and reliability, they have crossed the border. Among some of the things that attracts many people to these kei trucks is their affordability. They are very affordable as compared to any other lightweight truck. So, what makes Japanese mini trucks so cheap? Let us go through what makes these mini trucks good and why they come at a lower cost than other lightweight trucks.

Are Japanese Mini Trucks Good?

Japanese mini trucks have been around for many years. They have demonstrated good performance and reliability over the years. Here are some of the things that makes the so good.

Good Performance

The Japanese mini trucks have a good reputation when it comes to performance. They can deliver good service, thanks to the high level of engineering that they have undergone.

Excellent Fuel Economy

The kei trucks come with small engines. This means that they consume less fuel. But despite that, the vehicle squeezes a lot of power and torque making them very fuel efficient.

Low Operation & Maintenance Costs

The Japanese mini trucks have a good reputation for their low cost of operation as well as in maintenance.

What Makes Japanese Mini Trucks So Cheap?

Here are some of the things that makes the Japanese mini trucks so affordable.

Most Kei Trucks To The US Are Old

If you have realized, the Japanese mini trucks in the US are old. This is mostly due to a 25 year import rule that is set by the state. Because they are old, they will for obvious reasons come at a cheap price tag. However, they are still good in terms of performance and reliability.

Japanese Legal Restrictions

There are restrictions in Japan which leans towards insuring older vehicles. The older the vehicle, the higher the insurance rates they attract. This forces owners of these vehicles to dispose them and get newer ones that are have cheaper insurance. This in turn has created flooding in the market for these vehicles forcing dealers to sell them cheaper.

Japan Has An Oversupply Of Kei Trucks

Japan is traditionally a place where millions of vehicles are made every year. Accelerated by some of the things like insurance policies has made them have an oversupply of vehicles, kei trucks included. This has in turn made the vehicles to be sold cheaply.

To conclude, Japanese kei trucks will continue getting attention for many reasons including affordability. Shared above are some of the things that makes them affordable.

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Daihatsu Hijet For Sale In Alabama

Do you live in Alabama and want to have a mini truck to use for running your daily errands? Well, there are many vehicles that one can think of. But if you are looking within the lightweight trucks, then Daihatsu Hijet is a good option to keep in mind. This is because it will give you good performance, reliability and good service overall. In this guide, we will go through some of the things worth learning about the mini truck and how to find a Daihatsu Hijet for sale in Alabama.

Why Choose Daihatsu Hijet

Here are some of the reasons one may want to consider investing in a Daihatsu Hijet mini truck.

High Performance

When you are looking for a vehicle to buy, it is always important to make sure that its performance is at its best. Fortunately, when it comes to the Daihatsu Hijet, it offers incredible performance. The vehicle has undergone high level of engineering and ensures good efficiency and quality service.

Good Fuel Economy

Having a vehicle that consumes less yet gives you quality service is something that is hard to come by. However, if you opt to go with the Daihatsu Hijet, you will not be disappointed. The vehicle comes with a small engine which means that it consumes less. However, it still packs a punch when it comes to the service it brings hence making it very fuel efficient.

Sturdy and Durable

If you have always wanted a vehicle that can last long, then you surely will not go wrong with the Daihatsu Hijet. It is made with a hard body and is known to last long. Take for instance the many 25 year or older mini trucks in the US which aren’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Best Value For The Money

Japanese mini trucks in general comes with affordable pricing as compared to other lightweight trucks. This makes them the perfect vehicle for people who want good service from the vehicle and still don’t have much to spend.

Finding Daihatsu Hijet For Sale In Alabama

There are two major options that one can use to get a Daihatsu Hijet. One can buy it locally or opt to import it. There are upsides and downsides to both of these.

Buying Locally

When you opt to buy the mini truck locally, you can easily buy it and drive it home. So, you will have to check out as many sales dealerships as you can. It is worth noting that these vehicles are scarce and not easy to find. So, there aren’t many to compare with when you buy locally.

Importing The Mini Truck

When you decide to import it, you can check websites of Japanese mini truck sellers. There are usually plenty of vehicles to choose from, so you will have a good angle to compare them. You will also get one within your budget and this is the main advantage over buying locally.

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How To Get Affordable Japanese Mini Trucks

How do you buy vehicles? Do you just go to the internet and scroll through an online motor bazaar and transact? Or do you do a research on the vehicle that you are getting first and then do a test ride on the vehicle before buying? In this guide, we will be focusing our attention on the Japanese mini tucks, otherwise known as the kei trucks locally in Japan. These vehicles have stood the test of time and are very reliable in different scenarios. They could be used for anything ranging from construction to carrying farm produce. These vehicles are relatively affordable as compared to the standard pick up trucks. But you will not always get the vehicle cheaply. Some sell them for a premium. In this guide, we will look at how to get affordable Japanese mini trucks.

This guide should help you save tons of money in the process of getting the vehicle. You will also realize that many people have been losing a lot of money in the process of getting vehicles. So, you can use these tricks and strategies to save more and get a good vehicle in the process.

Have a Budget In Mind

One of the big mistakes that many people make when they are buying a vehicle is to fail to make a budget. You do not just walk into a showroom or a sales yard and start shopping for a vehicle. When you want to buy a used Japanese mini truck, you first have to make a budget. Know how much you want to spend on the vehicle. This will avoid you from overspending. This is the first way to get an affordable Japanese mini truck.

Always Bargain

In the United States, only second hand Japanese mini trucks are allowed to be used. This is as per the Federal laws against imported vehicles of this class. The used cars come with an advantage over brand new vehicles. This is because you have the chance to bargain and negotiate the price to suit your budget. Even if you are importing the vehicle, you can always use applications such as Skype to negotiate.

Consider Importing

Importation of a used vehicle is easy nowadays. IT is not how it used to be a decade ago. With technology and internet, you can have the vehicle that you want in no time. One of the reasons why importation will get affordable Japanese mini trucks to you is simply because you are cutting off the middleman. You get the vehicle you want from a Japanese yard and that is the best way to do it.

You may have to do a little paperwork, but that is normal and will take no time. We however, recommend that you see the legal requirements of your state or country before deciding on this option. This is to avoid any shortcomings such as having the vehicle impounded.

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How To Buy And Import Mini Truck From Japan

The Japanese mini trucks have been lauded for their performance and dependability. They are among the best vehicle models that have been around for many years. They have elevated the Japanese auto industry and these kei trucks are now well known all over the globe. Kei trucks have established great dominance and are even considered an equal to the traditional pickup trucks. But many people still wonder how they can buy and import mini truck from Japan. This post has been created to help explain how to go about that.

This post will go through crucial steps that one can easily follow to get themselves a good Japanese mini truck they can rely on. The Japanese mini trucks in general have always received lots of love from many truck enthusiasts all over. Not only are the Japanese mini trucks cheap to acquire, but they also has lots of capabilities that makes them stand out. They have long been considered to be the perfect alternative to the pickup trucks and it is easy to justify that.

Before buying yourself a mini truck, there are some things that you need to have in mind. Below are some important ones.

Working with the Right Dealer before You Import Mini /truck From Japan

The first thing that you should consider before buying and considering to import mini truck from Japan is to know who the right dealer is. OF course you are not just going to shop like you do on Amazon. Knowing more about the seller you are working with is more important than anything else. Otherwise, you could easily be scammed. It is also crucial because there are many sellers always out there to scam and do the unexpected. So, to avoid the sellers who are out for the quick buck, it is best to dig up more information on the car seller. You should also gather information on their physical address and know when they started the business and the information on their company. Japanese car sellers who are authentic will also work with their customer to ensure the vehicle is shipped to the agreed location seamlessly.

Know Everything About The Chose Vehicle

As aforementioned, buying a vehicle isn’t the same as buying groceries or household items that are standardized. Used vehicles could have a bad surprise if you are not keen when buying them online. This is especially if you are working with a new seller. Before negotiating or spending money on the Japanese mini truck, you need to first get a glimpse and understand the vehicle inside out. When you are dealing with used mini trucks as with other vehicles, it is always important to understand that they have been used differently by their last owners. Some have been subjected to hard work and may have been compromised on some parts. Therefore they could be of lower quality than as advertised. Having a closer look at the vehicle should include looking at things such as the mileage, body condition, engine performance, tires and many other things.

Sometimes it gets a bit tricky if you are still new and it could call for an extra hand, hence if you have a mechanical expert nearby, you could request their help in assessing the vehicle’s credibility and advise on whether you should be buying it. By taking this kind of precaution, you avoid many shortcomings.

Knowing The Kind Of Mini Truck You Want

What kind of work do you expect to use the kei truck for? When it comes to mini trucks, car makers produce different models and types meant to be used for different purposes. The models and style designs are plenty and this is meant to handle different types of work. You will for instance come across the dump bed mini tuck, flat bed mini truck, caravan and other designs. You should therefore decide which one you should be getting based on your line of work. Dump bed mini trucks are excellent when it comes to special tasks. Tasks such as carrying different loads from one point to the other and need them to be unloaded by dumping. The unique hydraulic functionality helps to easily offload the cargo in the bed.

If you need a vehicle that you can use to offload by dumping, you should go for the Japanese dump bed mini trucks. The flat bed kei truck is used for hauling less fragile cargo. The cargo can sometimes abnormally sized while the caravan mini truck can be used for goods that needs covering.

Know the Cost Of Acquisition

Above all, you need to make sure you know the price of the vehicle you are getting. The price tag can be very tricky on these vehicles. Although they vary from on vehicle to the other depending on model, condition and other things, you need to know you are getting value for the money. You should always negotiate. In most instances, these Japanese mini trucks are priced higher than the buyer’s budget. Negotiating will always give you a chance to save some extra money that you can use to service and improve the vehicle to your desires.

Final Word:

Having looked at things you need to know to import mini truck from Japan, you should make your move. After all this is what many people do every time. Japanese mini trucks stand out among the rest in their lightweight class. They are very reliable, high performance vehicles and you can always count on them to deliver. It is simply the best in its class.

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Should You Buy Used Kei Trucks?

If you know a thing or two about the trending Japanese mini trucks, then you know that they are excellent vehicles that stands out. They have been around quite long enough. But should you buy used kei trucks? The kei trucks or Keitora as they are locally called in Japan are lightweight in nature and have stood the test of time. They are made with quality and performance in mind. For long, they have been souring in popularity and today, they enjoy a lot of use across the globe.

So, if you have always wanted a second hand Japanese mini truck, you can get one with confidence. If you have been watchful about the automobile industry for a while then you know that getting a second hand Japanese mini truck has its advantages and disadvantages. However, what you should be looking at is the performance, quality and dependability of the vehicle in general.

Below, we will go through some of the best things that best defines the Japanese mini trucks. It should also help you decide whether you should get the kei truck or not. But before that, let us first go through an overview of the vehicle.

Overview Of Japanese Mini Trucks

Japanese mini trucks have been conceived through a lot of experience and engineering. The Japanese mini trucks have changed the game as far as light trucks are concerned. With these vehicles, it is much easier to handle different types of cargos. This is something that can be a problem with other different vehicles. Some of the most popular carmakers that lead the pack in Japanese engineering and in the making of the Japanese mini trucks include the Mazda, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Honda and Hyundai. These are just a few automakers of the kei truck. They are all great performance, given that these are top automakers in the industry.

Why are the Japanese mini trucks loved by many people? And should you buy Used Kei trucks? They resemble the standard pickup trucks and are known to be their perfect alternative. The performance, quality and dependability that they offer is something that these kei trucks have been lauded for. Regardless of whether you work and intend to use the vehicle on an off-road, marshy environment, a steep road or a rough road, the Japanese mini trucks is very dependable.

Affordability & Value For Money

Buying Japanese mini trucks is considered among the most affordable options that one can get. Everyone loves to spend less and get something that is of good value. The Japanese mini trucks are the perfect vehicles that come with that great value. Comparing the Japanese mini trucks to other brand new vehicles such as the pickup trucks which can be used for pretty much the same line of tasks, they tend to be much better in terms of affordability and cost of running them. This has mostly been attributed to the difference in their engine capacities and the horsepower that comes with these vehicles. Their low engine capacity means that they also consume less fuel. Therefore, the cost of running them is lowered and makes them the perfect choice for everyone who is frugal out there.

Reliability And Performance 

Reliability of a vehicle is something that you shouldn’t compromise. If the vehicle that you get doesn’t get you the expected performance and dependability, then it is now worth the investment. The Japanese mini trucks cannot disappoint you when it comes to both dependability and performance. Under excellent craftsmanship and Japanese engineering that has been around for many years these vehicles are the ultimate mini truck that stands out from the rest. They also come in different designs and models that are geared for use for specialized and in handling some handy tasks of hauling goods from one point to another. There are many types of Japanese mini trucks including dump bed mini trucks, flat bed mini tucks, scissor lift trucks, caravan mini trucks and other models.

Quality And Durability

A vehicle that has not been built well will definitely not last long. However, the Japanese mini trucks stand out as they have been built with heavy duty materials and it provides quality. Even getting a second hand Japanese mini truck, you shouldn’t worry about its age. This is because it has a stable construction that you can always count on to last a lifetime. Besides the paint job, chassis, mechanical work and anything else on the Kei trucks have been proven by time that it works to perfection.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance and repair is yet another thing that you’d want to be so keen on. When it comes to Japanese mini trucks, they are well known to be excellent and easy to work with. When it comes to the spares, they are also available and comes affordable and do not cost a lot. Maintenance and repair costs can sometimes pile up and become too expensive. But with the right kind of vehicle, there is little to worry about. You can always try to learn how to repair your own vehicle to save these costs. After all it is fun learning and will be helpful in the long run.

Final Word: Should You Buy Used Kei Trucks?

After going through much details about these vehicles, will you buy used Kei trucks now? They have become very popular than ever before, all of this is due to the high performance, quality and their affordable nature. They are also versatile and can be used pretty much anywhere regardless of the road condition.

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How Useful Are Japanese Mini Trucks?

Japanese mini trucks are among the best lightweight vehicles that are designed to carry loads. They are designed to look like Lorries, but smaller. They would be in the class of pickup trucks though they are designed with a little different. Nevertheless, these vehicles have won accolades for the performance and outstanding reliability. They are made in Japan, by some of the leading automakers. Some of the popular mini trucks includes Daihatsu Hijet, Subaru Sambar, Mazda Scrum and Suzuki Carry. There are others, but these are the most popular ones. This article has been prepared to help you better understand how useful are Japanese mini trucks and list down some of the use cases where they are used in real life situations. Quite frankly, they are very useful and there are many owners out there who can attest to that fact.

Understanding Japanese Mini Trucks

As aforementioned, the Japanese mini trucks are made in Japan. They were introduced many years ago and have been evolving and improving ever since. They have proven to be very useful vehicles that are relied on to move goods around. Just like pickup trucks, these vehicles have a bed designed to easily and conveniently carry the cargo. These mini trucks are also called kei trucks and keitora locally in Japan. There are however different types of kei trucks. Below, we will look at these Japanese mini trucks types.

The mini trucks have been a success in Japan, and with their surging popularity, you can find these vehicles anywhere from the farms of Asia to construction sites of America. This is enough proof that they are dependable and reliable. How useful are Japanese mini trucks? They are basically customized differently to make them function differently based on the nature of the goods been carried. Here they are;

Dump Bed mini Truck

The most popular among the Japanese mini trucks is called the dump bed mini truck. These mini trucks have been specifically designed for carrying loads from one point to the other with their dump truck. The bed is equipped with hydraulic system that enables them to easily dump the load. This is the most common type of Japanese mini truck that one can find. The reliability and usability of this mini truck is high and will be used in many instances due to its design versatility.  

Flat Bed Mini Truck

What we can say is perhaps the second most popular form of kei truck is the Flat bed mini truck. When talking of the flat bed mini truck, many would recall the huge trucks used to carry vehicles on the road. Yes, they share some similarities.  Whether it abnormally sized cargo or those that for obvious reasons can’t be carried on dump beds, this mini truck will mostly do. If your daily job revolves around carrying loads that are abnormal in size and aren’t necessarily fragile or delicate, then you may want to consider the flat bed mini truck. As its name suggests, it is flat on the bed and is not enclosed so the goods an load being carried need to hold up well and not tip over. The use of straps to keep the cargo in position is something that is common with the use of flat beds.

Scissor Lift Mini Truck

Yet another great option in the mini truck family is the scissor lift truck. This is a vehicle that is useful when you are looking to raise a particular load to a certain level.

It isn’t the most popular of the mini trucks, but it surely is definitely worth investing in if you are working in such situations frequently. The mini truck is basically like any other, only that it is designed with a central hydraulic system that is designed to resemble a scissor. The hydraulic system lifts the bed uniformly upwards and can be easily lowered depending on the needs.

Caravan Mini Truck

Closing down our list is the Caravan mini tucks. These are built differently and are characterized by their covering caravan bed. This unique covered design makes it perfect in carrying loads that needs to be covered. This could be due to bad outdoor weather or when you need to be discreet with your loads. The performance are usually closely matched from whichever brand you get the vehicle from. One can use this vehicle to also start a different line of business. Usually a good example would be a something like food trucking business, carrying cargo or use it as an RV for camping.

There are many others that we have not mentioned and it is also worth mentioning that they can be customized. People customize them to suit their needs. With that said, you shouldn’t be surprised to see the mini trucks with snow plows mounted on them. In fact this is something that is becoming very common.

So, How Useful Are Japanese Mini Trucks

It is evident from our post above that these kei trucks will not only help you with anything but also do it perfectly. They have stood the test of time. And is this post doesn’t convince you, then let the millions of mini truck owners across the globe be your testament. These vehicles work for many years. And this is the same reason you will find old mini trucks working and being used across the globe for different purposes.

Final Word:

Now that we have proved that these vehicles are truly helpful, where do you get a mini tuck, and what is the process involved? Well, the process is simple, and there are multiple places to consider when you want to buy a Japanese mini truck. You can try classified websites, local car dealership among other places. However those might not be the best. The best way to get a kei truck is to import it yourself.

As we have been doing here over the years, we can help you to have your kei truck shipped in no time. Be sure to check out our listing page for some that we have. You can get in touch with us to get more details on one you like.

Why Buying Second Hand Mini Trucks Is A good Choice

When it comes to buying a vehicle, do you always go for a second hand or a brand new car? If you have been in the auto industry or driven a lot of cars, then you already know that getting a second hand vehicles has its advantages, while on the other end of the line, getting a brand new one has its ups and downs as well. The choice however, always come down to performance and cost.

In this guide, we will go through some of the things that makes second hand vehicles, particularly the Japanese mini trucks, one of the best choices that one can have. but first, here is an overview of the Japanese mini trucks and why they are becoming very popular.

Overview Of Japanese Mini Trucks

Japanese mini trucks were conceived as the modern incarnation of the Japanese car makers who are among the best in the world. With engineering that dates back to almost a decade, there is a lot that has been going on under the Japanese skies. First off, there are over a dozen car makers, and among the most popular ones are Mazda, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Honda and Hyundai. All these brands also make Japanese mini trucks which resemble each other in one way or the other.

But why are the Japanese mini trucks causing an uproar ion the auto world? These vehicles take the design of pick up trucks and have demonstrated excellent performance, quality and reliability in many conditions which makes them more loved than most pick up trucks that you will find in the market. Be it a marshy environment, a hilly slope or a rugged road, these vehicles have shown tremendous performance and reliability and the fact that they cost less makes them even more lovable.

Below are some of the reasons why you would want to get yourself a second hand Japanese mini truck.


If you are among the many frugal people that love to save tons of cash when buying something then you need to highly consider getting a second hand Japanese mini truck. As compared to many options of brand new vehicles such as the pick up trucks which can be used for pretty much the same line of tasks, these Japanese mini trucks tend to be better in terms of affordability and running them on a daily basis. First off, this is because of the difference in their engine capacities. For Japanese mini trucks, they have a low engine capacity which means that they consume less in terms of fuel. Consuming less however doesn’t mean that they are lower when it comes to executing normal performance as they have shown to do almost any task out there.

Reliability And Performance

Want a reliable vehicle that you can count on to deliver on your tasks easily without any complications? The Japanese mini trucks cannot disappoint when it comes to this. They are well built under years of engineering experience which puts them on top of many other wannabe competitors to these kind of model vehicles. On the other hand, they come in different types of designs that are geared for use ion different specialized and general operations. In the market, you will find flat bed mini tucks, dump bed mini trucks, scissor lift trucks, among other kind of specialized designs. This is is yet another reason why people find these vehicles to be usable in many instances where pick up trucks cannot be used.

Condition And Quality Of The Vehicle

Want a vehicle hat has been solidly built and will take you a long way in terms of durability and quality of service. It is every car buyer’s responsibility and concern to find and buy a good second hand vehicle that is fit for the tasks that they are looking for. A good vehicle should have a good appearance and the body works should be in excellent conditions. This includes everything from the paint job to the chassis of the vehicle. Other parts like tires should also be in perfect conditions. Some people might consider that they’d rather get a compromised vehicles to do the maintenance later on, but it could end up being a costly decision in the long run since a vehicle that has physical flaws could have a lot under the hood as well.

Low Maintenance And Repairs

4X4 Japanese Mini TrucksJapanese mini trucks are well know to be very good when it comes to maintenance and repairing them. their spare parts are readily available and affordable while they also do not need a lot of attention from the mechanic more often like other vehicles do. To further cut down on expenses and maintenance costs, you can learn how to make basic repairs and maintenance such as making part replacements, changing oil and such. It could take you some time to master them all, but learning bit by bit is the best way to go. If you are looking for a vehicle that you can count on to deliver without needing a lot of maintenance, then getting yourself a Japanese mini truck could be one of your best investment decisions.

Final Word:

The popularity of Japanese vehicles are undoubtedly high and among the best vehicles that you can find in the market. Whether you are looking for a vehicle to help you carry light load to and from your workplace o one that you can use to carry construction and building materials with a lot of ease, then these are among the best hassle free vehicles that you can get. They are affordable, reliable and of good performance.

We have been selling and dealing with Japanese mini trucks for many years and we can help you find the right one that suits your line of work. You can visit our listing page and get in touch with us if you need a vehicle that you cannot find in our listing page. We will also help you with the shipping process to ensure you get you vehicle delivered fast and safely.

Are Second Hand Japanese Mini Trucks Worth Buying?

If you have been in the auto industry for quite some time, then you already know or heard about Japanese mini trucks and the reputation that they have. Today, you can find these Japanese mini tucks being used in every corner of the earth and whether they are old or new, you will find them to be functional and useful as compare to many other vehicles in its class. Many people have considered them to be the best alternative to many pick up trucks. And while the pick up trucks tend to have more horsepower, the big question that one should ask themselves if they are getting their money’s worth.


In this guide, we will take an overview of the second hand Japanese mini trucks and find out if they are worth investing on.

Overview Of The Second Hand Japanese Mini Trucks

Japanese mini trucks are made by some of the leading car makers like Suzuki, Hyundai, Daihatsu, Mazda and Subaru.

Some of the top selling Japanese mini trucks that you will find in the market that have better promises includes Subaru Sambar, Daihatsu Hijet, Hyundai and Mazda mini trucks. They are designed differently but follows a similar design model and have all proven to be very powerful and reliable in their own ways. These mini trucks also come in different models that includes the dump bed mini truck, flat bed mini truck, scissor lift trucks among other model designs.

Some people get the mini truck and do their own preferences and customization, but it can sometimes be expensive depending on the kind of customization that you are getting. Of course these customizations will depend much on the kind of work that you intend to be using the vehicle for. Some use them for hunting and a normal truck without customization will work perfect, while for people who need a truck for carrying sand and gravel could use the dump bed functionality much better.

One other thing that you have to know about second hand mini trucks is whether they are street legal in your country and state. Some states have different restrictions on the kind of vehicles that hit the streets and you’d want to know the exact details and laws of your state to make sure that you will get to drive the vehicle without any problems.

Some Questions To Ask When Choosing The Best Mini Truck

when you are getting a second hand mini truck, whichever the model it is, you need to check out some of the factors below to ensure that you are getting something that is worth every penny you spend on it.

How Reliable is It?

Reliability is something that you have to be extra keen on whenever you are getting any vehicle. Whether it is the mini truck or any other vehicle model, you have to keep in mind the fact that these vehicles have been used before by different users who used it on different occasions.

How they maintained and took care of the vehicle will also affect the reliability that the vehicle will have. This is why you have to be extra keen and cautious when buying a second hand car. You should keenly check every detail and part of the vehicle to ensure that it is still in good shape. A vehicle that has a bad condition in terms of the physical appearance and engine condition should be avoided if you expect it to give you good reliability.

How Is The Performance Of The Car?

Performance is something that you also need to be keen on and you shouldn’t compromise on it. Without a high performance vehicle, you will hardly enjoy the benefits of the vehicle and its service.

Some of the things that you need to check out to know how a vehicle performs includes the speed of the vehicle as well as the mileage it has. Mileage is a meter that gives you the total distance covered by the car. the more the mileage reading, the longer the vehicle has traveled which also means that there is a high ;likelihood that the vehicle has been used up more and of lower performance.

How Much Is Its Pricing

If you are a frugal person that loves to spend less, then the cost of a vehicle is something that you’d want to be cautious about when getting a second hand one. Does the vehicle you are getting fit within your budget? You should have a specific budget and avoid overspending and messing your financial plans.

Sometimes however, the lower costing vehicles tend to be more faulty and of lower performance and reliability. So, while trying to get one at a low cost, you should be extra keen to ensure that it also fits the bill and will give you your money’s worth.

Is It Easy To Maintain And Repair

blankSpare parts availability and how a vehicle is easy to repair and maintain is also something that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Japanese mini trucks are well known to be easy and affordable to maintain while their spare parts are readily available almost everywhere. They are also good when it comes to fuel consumption and regular maintenance.

Whenever you re looking for a vehicle that requires less maintenance and is easy to run regularly, you should think Japanese mini trucks because they are exactly what you are looking for.

Final Verdict

On the question of whether the Japanese mini trucks are worth spending money on or not, you will find them to be amazing vehicles that does almost everything that are expected of them. Buoyed by their high performance, reliability and cheap cost of maintenance, there is a high chance that you ill love every bit of them.

Be sure to check out our listing page for the best second hand Japanese mini trucks that have been tested and vetted for high performance and quality. We also have the bets deals on these kind of vehicles.

How To Choose The Right Japanese Mini Truck To Import

Japanese mini truck have become more common than ever before and there is little doubt that these state of the art vehicles are lovable. Many people are seeing them as good alternatives to the common pick up trucks and could even be used in the place of lorries and tippers.

But with the fact that they come from different companies and made differently, these vehicle aren’t the same. Some others are much better than others in terms of performance and quality. In this guide, we will go through some of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing the best Japanese mini trucks.

Why Japanese Second Hand Are Becoming Popular

Below are some of the things that makes the Japanese vehicles stand out and become some of the best market alternatives.

Outstanding Reliability

One of the best things that people love with Japanese mini trucks is their reliability and dependability. These vehicles are made by some of the leading vehicle manufacturers like Mazda, Daihatsu, Subaru and other big auto names. These mini trucks come in different models and could include flat bed mini trucks, dump bed mini trucks, scissor lift bed mini trucks among others. Each of these mini truck types are designed to be used to do different kind of work. Whether you are carrying specific land produce loads or went a vehicle that you can use for your hunting and outdoor activities, you can choose one of these mini truck types to help you do it.

Solid Body Builds

Not only is the engineering of these vehicle phenomenon, but their body build is also solid and sturdy enough making them very durable and perfect for almost any terrain. Nothing has been compromised when it comes to the body, chassis and the engineering of these mini trucks.


If you are looking for a high quality vehicle that gives you good performance, then you’d need one that its body and parts are built solidly to last. That is exactly what you get with the Japanese mini trucks. And its no wonder you can find 50 year old vehicles still actively running on the road.  With good maintenance, you can be rest assured that your mini truck will serve you over a very long time.

Affordable And Cost Effectiveness

One other thing that you will hear people talking and praising Japanese mini trucks is their affordability and cheap costs of running them. First up, getting a second hand Japanese vehicle is very affordable and as compared to the pick ups and other vehicles on the same class, they still remain very affordable.


And when it comes to running them, they have proven to be very cost effective and affordable. Although their engine size and carrying capacity is smaller than those you will find in modern pick up trucks, it comes as an advantage when it comes to fuel consumption. These vehicles having smaller engine capacities consume less fuel yet they have been known to be excellent performers when making them a more preferable choice.

Choosing the Right Second Hand Mini Truck

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are buying a second hand mini truck.

Do Your Homework

when it comes to choosing a vehicle, as long as it is a second hand vehicle, there are a lot of things that you need to check and learn about the vehicle. If you are physically present then you need to inspect the vehicle and do your due diligence to find out more about the vehicle. You need to check out the vehicle beyond the appearance and know how it works. Its engine, gearbox and performance should be in good condition and meet your expectations before you decide to buy it.

The Overall Condition

The next thing that you need to consider is the overall condition of the vehicle. How does the vehicle run and is it still running and operating like it used to be? These are some of the most important things that one should be careful to check out. Otherwise, they could find themselves getting poor quality vehicles that need a lot of repairs and maintenance.

For instances where you have to buy the vehicle abroad, you should dig deeper and ask for more details to determine and know much more about the vehicle. A good seller will give you a good walk-through and details that you need including video and photo details of the vehicle you want to buy.

Mileage Of The Vehicle

blankMileage is usually something that is used all over to rate the age of a vehicle and how it has been used. The higher the mileage of a vehicle, the higher it has been used or subjected to tasks. This also means there is higher chances of getting a vehicle that is of lower performance and one that has gone through many repairs. In a nutshell, a vehicle with higher mileage is deemed to be of a lower quality and performance and that is why you will find them coming at much lower price tags. so, when you come across a vehicle that comes at a very affordable price, you have to be extra cautious and do more to ensure that you are getting something of a better quality.

Final Word:

Getting a second hand mini truck from Japan is something that many people have always put into serious considerations and this is because of the many lovable reasons that these vehicles come with. Reliability, affordability and performance are just some of them. These things have made them good alternatives to other vehicle types like the pick up trucks and trailers. They can be used in doing almost everything.

The details above should help you find yourself a good vehicle that fits your bill. And you can also find them with different price tags. As long as you follow these steps and be sure to avoid the every increasing scams, you will be on your way to getting a good performing and economical vehicle that you have always wanted.

How To Spend Less When Buying And Shipping Japanese Mini Trucks

If you are frugal like most of us, then buying a vehicle is something that needs some wise planning and budgeting. It isn’t something that you just decide to buy like you would in a shopping mall. And if by chance, you’ve happened to love and envy the Japanese mini trucks, then you must already know how reliable and dependable these vehicles are. Affordability is also something hat has got the attention of many people. But to give you a glimpse of these Japanese mini trucks, here is just a brief highlight of why you can choose them over pick up trucks and other alternatives.

Reliability and Dependability

The engineering that the Japanese mini trucks go through is among he best in the world. First off, they are manufactured by some of the leading automakers such as Suzuki, Daihatsu and Honda. Evident from other vehicles by these car makers, there is little doubt that they have stood the test of time to become the best in the industry.


Whether you are looking for a vehicle that is very durable and reliable, the Japanese mini trucks do not disappoint. Their reliability and dependability is among the best you will find, thanks to the sturdy construction and performance.

Economical Factor

Another things that most of us are always concerned about is getting a vehicle that is economical and requiring low maintenance. The Japanese mini trucks are known to be very economical and to need little maintenance. They are not the kind of vehicles that need the attention of a mechanic all the time and this is something that most vehicle owners dream of having.

So, if you need an economical vehicle that doesn’t disappoint in terms of fuel consumption and mechanical maintenance, getting one of the Japanese mini trucks is one great move that you won’t regret.


Another thing that most of us would like is to get a vehicle at the lowest price possible. When it comes to Japanese mini trucks, they are among the best when it comes to balancing pricing, quality and performance. Many people have lauded Japanese mini trucks for their low price tag and also being low cost to maintain.


When choosing an affordable vehicle through, you have to be extra keen not to fall for those that are junk and not as good as they seem to be.

Bargain, Bargain, Bargain

If there is something that most second hand vehicle buyers fail to do is to bargain. In most instances, the listing price of the vehicle isn’t what they actually go for and making an offer on the vehicle is all that you need to do to get the best out of the deal.

So, how does one bargain? With today’s technology where there are tons of communication apps and gadgets, it doesn’t matter if you are miles away. Closing a deal is simple and with a video call through an application like Skype, you can communicate with the seller easily and agree on the price. This way, you will get to pay less than the listing price and save tons of money in the process.

Compare Similar Vehicles From Different Listings

Another great way that one can save tons of money is by comparing similar vehicles from different listings. There are lots of Japanese car outlets listing second hand mini trucks which gives tons of options to buyers. The most important thing about comparing different vehicles is that one gets to also compare things such as pricing, mileage and the condition of the vehicle. So, it simply gives one the chance to get the best vehicle from choosing one from the various options.

One things that you have to keen on though, is that there are lots of sites listing vehicles that cannot be trusted. Some of them could be scams and demands one to be extra cautious. It could be a tedious process, but finding something good always comes at a price.

Watch Out For Scammers

blankIf there is one big thing that can overturn your budget and turn out to be an instant loss, then it is getting scammed. The auto industry, just like any other out there has lots of scammers and people who fail to give what they promise to their customers. You need to be extra cautious when it comes to buying a vehicle or anything overseas because anything can happen including you losing all of your money through shady transactions.

the kind of scams that one is likely to fall for is a bait and switch and those that steal the money and disappear. To avoid this kind of nightmare, one should avoid using suspicious salesmen and only focus on working with legit Japanese sellers.

Final Word:

Choosing a second hand vehicle is sometimes difficult and although there are many things to consider when buying such, it is important to keep in mind that the major factor is pricing. All of us like to get something at an affordable price. However, one major challenge while trying to find the one that meets the budget, you have to counter in the performance and maybe even have to compromise on the quality and mileage of the vehicle. To help you get the best second hand Japanese mini truck for the price, the factors outlined above are considered some of the bets tricks to cut down extra spending in the process.

At Substar, we list dozens of vehicles which are sold to hundreds of customers abroad each and every year. We have been in business for many years and we are certain that we will help you find the right vehicle. You can go through our mini trucks listing and if you also need mini vans and other type of second hand Japanese vehicles, we’ve got plenty of them in store for you. We also help our customers to get their vehicles through the best means that ensures that they are getting exactly what they saw safely and sooner.

Cost Effective Tricks To Maintain Your Mini Truck

Do you have a Japanese mini truck? If so, how are you managing its maintenance? Every vehicle needs regular servicing in order to continue producing the best performance and quality of service that it is expected from it. You cannot use your vehicle to carry lots of loads and fail to do the regular mechanical and cleaning. Doing that will lead to easy mechanical breakdown and could even bring a lot of costly expenses to you in the long run.


Whether you are looking for a way to maintain and keep your mini truck in its best condition or looking to learn how to take care of one if you are still to buy it, this guide is for you. It should be pretty much similar with any other vehicle, only that there are additional parts. For instance in a dump bed mini truck, there is the hydraulic system that needs some hydraulic maintenance to ensure that you are getting the best out of the vehicle. If you are looking to get the bets pout of your vehicle, then below are some of the basic maintenance tips and tricks that you should keep in mind.

Clean The Vehicle Regularly

Mini Trucks like any other vehicle deserves to have the best look and look appealing. Unless you are okay driving in a rugged and muddy vehicle, cleaning is something that you need to do regularly. Besides being unappealing  to drive in a dirty and uncleaned vehicle, there is even more to that. Cleaning should also include things like replacing the water on your radiator and such to avoid rust and dirt.

It is not just about the outside appearance of a vehicle. Ensuring that the vehicle is clean will keep the vehicle from rusting and keep the painting intact. So, while you ensure cleanliness, you are also ensuring that the vehicle body lasts long without the need to have it repainted hence also saving you some money in the long run.

Regular Oiling and Greasing

Anything that has moving parts needs some serious attention. Any mechanic and car expert will warn you that without making the necessary oiling and greasing, you should be ready for a breakdown and also face lots of expenses on replacing the vehicle’s spare parts. you should be keen on every moving part from the wheels, to the engine and the hydraulics. you need to make sure that every part is greased and the engine and gear box gets oiled regularly and the old oil replaced. By doing this, you will ensure that the vehicle serves you better and wont have to deal with breakdowns and incur lots of expenses.

If you don’t have any experience doing this, then it wont hurt visiting a maintenance shop every month to have some things fixed. Although you will have to pay for this, it is well worth it because you will not have to pay a lot like you would have in replacing broken parts and repairs.

Stick To One Mechanic Or Specialist

Your vehicle is like a human body and it should be well taken care of for it to serve you well and for a long time. However, a big mistake that many people have always done is to use a different vehicle specialist to handle their vehicle. This is not a good idea because every specialist handles the vehicle differently and while some are good at it, others may handle it differently and in a bad way that could end up causing complications to the vehicle.

Also, besides this being a more expensive approach to repairing your vehicle, you will not get the best pout of it. so, if you are not an expert and cannot handle or maintain your vehicle on your own, avoid using many vehicle specialists and only stick to one to give it a better life.

Learn To Maintain And Repair The Vehicle Yourself

blankSomething else that many people are ignorant of is to learn how to repair and maintain the vehicle by themselves. Every vehicle have their own design and their own manual that one can study and get a good grasp of everything from the engine, to the chassis and body. With today’s technology, learning the vehicle inside out is much easier than before and all you need is the willingness.

While learning and mastering the vehicle parts and how to repair and maintain them could take a long time, once you have mastered it, you will no longer have to pay someone else to do it for you. After all, even mechanics and vehicle specialists start from somewhere and if you love going frugal, learning your own vehicle is a long term benefit.

Final Word

All vehicles need some love and this can only be done by maintaining them and keeping them in the best condition so that they can perform well and give the best services that they are expected to perform. with the above guides and pointers on how to maintain your vehicle, you not only ensure that they are in the best condition, but also get this done without spending too much money.

Mini trucks are among the best options to pick up trucks and there are plenty of models that you can choose from depending on the nature of work that you would like to use it for. If you are carrying loads like sand, then something like a dump bed mini truck will work just perfect for you. On the other end, there are other kind of vehicles like flat bed mini trucks and scissor lift mini trucks, all of which work differently. You can check out the list of mini trucks from our sales page and see if there is one that suits your needs and we will help provide more details and organize to have it shipped to your country. We help hundreds of customers every year to get the best second hand Japanese vehicles and we can also help you get the best that you need.

Small Dump Bed Mini Truck Vs Dump Trailer

Are you going through a hard time trying to find the right vehicle to help you to haul cargo from one point to the other? If so, you must have thought of a pick up truck, a dump trailer or a Japanese made dump bed mini truck. One reason why people don’t like pick up truck for use in some tasks is because it doesn’t offer the dumping functionality. This leaves only the dump bed mini trucks and a dump trailer as the most preferred options.

In this guide, we will go through the difference between the smaller Japanese dump bed mi9ni trucks and dump trailers. This will help one decide on which one to buy and easily use for their regular tasks.

How To Decide On The Right Vehicle

Below are some of the things that you should keep in mind when deciding on the vehicle to go for. Whether you should pick a small dump bed mini truck or a dump trailer, all depends with these factors.

Used Or Band New

Perhaps the first thing that you will want to ask yourself before even thinking of anything else is the condition that you need the vehicle to be in. You can decide to go for a brand new option which will be flawless and of the best performance, but also pricier. On the other end of the scale, you can decide to get a second hand vehicle that may have a few flaws but comes at an affordable price. All this will depend on your budget and how much you can compromise. One thing that you have to keep in mind though, is that there are lots of second hand vehicles that still pack a punch even if they have been used before.

Intended Purpose

The big question that you need to be asking yourself is what you will be using the truck for. Are you going to be needing one for your hunting activities and other uses, or is it strictly for carrying specific loads. This will help you decide on whether you need to get a flexible vehicle for the work or one that you can strictly use for one specific purpose. The nature of your area terrain will also affect the performance and how the vehicle works, therefore you need to get a vehicle hat is capable of handling the workload in that environment.

Performance and Reliability

The vehicle you choose is as good as the condition that it is at. Regardless o whether you are choosing a new or second hand vehicle, you have to make sure that it has the ability to perform and give you what you are looking for in a dump truck. Some vehicles might have a very high mileage, but still have high reliability and performance. The horsepower and the body condition of the vehicle are among the things that one needs to be watchful of.

4X4 or 2 Wheel Drive

Something else that will determine the choice of vehicle you opt to go for is whether you are getting a 4X4 or a 2 wheel drive vehicle. Again, this will be dependent on the terrain and situation of the roads where the vehicle will be operating. If it is a steep, rough terrain or one that is muddy or snowy, then you need a vehicle that engaged all the 4 wheels (4X4). However, if it is a flat and non rugged terrain where the roads are good, then you could settle for a 2 wheel drive vehicle.

Which One Should You choose? A Dump Bed Mini Truck OR A Dump Trailer

blankSmall dump bed mini trucks have a good reputation, especially coming from top Japanese car makers. They are among the best options that people opt to get instead of dump trucks and pick up trucks. Deciding on which one to get depends with the above highlighted factors. They work in a similar way, but one needs to look at it from a cost efficient angle. Besides making sure that they are getting the job done, it shouldn’t come at a high cost.

Many people make the wrong choice when choosing a good vehicle or track to work with. The most important thing that one needs to keep in mind and adhere to is the nature of their work and consider what to expect with the vehicle that they choose to get. With the above pointers, all this should be an easy task. Japanese dump bed mini trucks seem to have the upper hand though. They are highly reliable and characterized by high performance and rock solid structures that makes them very durable. you should however be keen on the one that you are getting. This is because any second hand vehicle always have their flaws. Be sure to also work with a trustworthy importing agent that have been in the industry for a long time. You can consider using Substar to get the best reliable mini trucks and have it imported to your country easily.

Final Word

Whatever you are carrying from one place to the other, one needs to use a vehicle. Among the vehicles that have shown reliability when it comes to this are dump bed mini trucks sourced from Japan, local pick up trucks and dump bed trailers. Whichever you choose will depend on a number of factors, that makes a cost efficient sense. Doing this, you won’t regret on the vehicle that you will end up with since it will have all the qualities that yo expect from it.

Wondering how to import the best second hand Japanese mini trucks the hassle free way? We at Substar Inc, can help you do that with much ease. We have been helping hundreds of customers across the globe to find the best mini trucks that are reliable and suiting their budget and we can help you too. Check out our listing page to get the best mini vans and mini trucks that we have handpicked and put in our yard.

5 Tips To Help You Import An Affordable Mini Truck From Japan

If you are still new to the import-export world, then you must be having some questions on whether you should import from abroad or just buy from the local dealer. If you are eyeing a mini truck then chances are that your local dealer is importing mini trucks from Japan and selling them to you at a higher price. As much as it would be a buy-and-drive to buy from the dealer, there are many other advantages that you are missing had you opted to import it yourself. Importing directly gives you a wide variety of mini trucks to choose from and also take advantage of things such as open car auctions.

And if you thought that importing a mini truck was a lengthy process and a big hassle, then you’ll be amazed once you get into it. We have prepared this guide to help you buy your preferred mini truck at an affordable cost from Japan. Here are the tips to follow;

Stick To your Budget

One big mistake that many people make when shopping— not only with mini trucks or imported vehicles, is that they get carried away when they come across something else that they think is better. You will end up forgetting about the set budget and could soon blow your finances.

It is thus important to always stick to your budget and only shop for the mini truck within your set limits. With the fact that there are hundreds of mini trucks to choose from when importing, it is easy to find one that fits within your budget.

Inquire to Know as much info as possible

The next thing that you’d want to know before making a purchase on a mini truck is to dig deep and know what is under the hood on that vehicle. Many people make the wrong choice of not researching about the vehicle, only to end up with something that is faulty.

Do not fall for the appearance and rush to close the deal. If you would like to get the best value for your money, then you should make sure that the vehicle you are getting meets all your requirements and expectations. The only way to do this is by inquiring and gathering as much info on the vehicle as possible.

Understand The Import Process And What Is Involved

Although it isn’t anything to worry about much, for the purpose of tracking and incase of anything, it is good to understand the importation process if you are still new to it.

To give you just a simple idea of how the process goes is to first find your desired mini truck by shopping around used Japanese car dealer websites. Then you will file an “Entry” with the import authorities of your country to get approval and assurance that the vehicle meets your country or state standards. After that you will close the deal with the dealer and arrange for shipment. After shipping is done, you can pick your vehicle at the destined port, clear it and head over with the registration process.

Negotiate Your Vehicle Purchase

blankUnless you’ve got loads of cash to shell out, negotiating a vehicle is something that you should consider.  And before you start wondering how a negotiation can be done through the internet or whether you need to be present physically, you’ll be surprised at how many deals are smoothly done through the email. Email and other chat bots that are found on dealer’s websites are meant to help you enhance your communication in which you can ask anything you’d like to know.

With the help of these programs and scripts, you can do almost any kind of negotiation just as you would physically. If you feel that’s not enough video calls like Skype could even serve you better.

You can check out a good example of a chat system in place on our website where you can make inquiries with us and even negotiate.

Seal The Deal And Make Arrangements With The Dealer

When you have finally decided that you are going to get the vehicle from that particular dealer and you have agreed on the price, it is now time to make the purchase and organize for the shipment. Something that is very important and worth mentioning concerning the costs is that there are costs which the dealer included everything which is called Freight On Board (FOB). Here shipping and clearance is done for you but you will be charged by the dealer. Your next role will be to pick up your vehicle at the port and do clearance.

The other option is commonly known as the CIF and here you will handle every other expenditure and procedure. You may need to have some prior experience with this to handle it smoothly and get the shipment fast. There is also the option of having a local broker from your country help you in the shipping and clearance process. It is the recommended option for those who have no import and shipping experience.

The Bottom Line

If you flinch at the thought of acquiring a mini truck or a UTV from your local dealer due to the crazy price quotations, then your best option is to import it from Japanese dealers. Beyond being affordable, used Japanese mini trucks have a reputation of being highly cost effective, high performing and reliable.

Please take some time to go through our mini truck listing page and go through the tons of our inventory. You will find almost every kind of used Japanese mini truck at a good price. All the vehicles in our inventory are also professionally vetted to ensure that they are of the best quality and meet the required standards.

Having worked with thousands of online car buyers from around the world over the years, we are certain that we will also help you find that car you are looking for. If you do not find any vehicle in our listings page then get in touch with us and we can arrange for you to get the best deal out of auctions.

Importing Used Japanese Mini (kei) Trucks Directly From Japan

If you are thinking of acquiring a mini truck to run your daily errands or for whatever reasons you have, then Japanese used mini trucks could be a good option. You can always find Japanese used vehicles in your local used car dealer, but have you ever weighed in and thought of importing the vehicle directly from Japan? Many people haven’t been taking advantage of directly importing their vehicles, leaving all the work for the dealers who quote crazy figures compared to the dirty cheap cost of the vehicle.

In this post, we hope to shed much light on the import process and help importers understand what is required for them when they would like to import from Japan.

Why Buy Mini (Kei) Truck From Japan?

Most people would ask, why not just buy the Kei mini truck from the local car dealer and get rolling? As that could be a good idea, you may also want to explore other available options such as importing from Japan. Below are some of the things that you could benefit from if you opt to buy your mini truck from Japan.

Affordability – we all love to be frugal when it comes to spending and choosing to import your own truck could be one way of saving on your next vehicle.

First off, you are cutting down the dealer who is looking to make profits by importing and shipping it to your local car dealer. But why not import it yourself? After all, it’s just paperwork and understanding some importing basics which you can master easily.

Easy to follow process – Forget the many myths and the runts that you will hear from folks all over saying that importing yourself is a big hassle. People are doing it every single day and they love the experience, so why don’t you also take the leap?

Good mechanical condition – One thing that you need to know is that all Japanese vehicles undergo periodical inspection. KEI mini trucks for example undergo annual inspection, making them a good option for anyone looking for a used mini truck to buy.

Steps Of Importing Used Mini Trucks From Japan

When you have made up your mind and decided to import your mini truck, here are the steps that you need to follow:

Get in touch with the vehicle exporter – If for instance, you check out our listings page and see a mini truck that you would love to import, you can examine the details and reach out to find out more.

Buying a vehicle isn’t a pick-and-go kind of deal, but one that you need to make precise inquiries to determine if it is the perfect one that you are shopping for. In such a case, getting in touch inquiring for more details is the best way forward.

You also need to understand the price quotation to make an informed decision. Prices are usually quoted as CIF or FOB. CIF which is the most common means refers to the pricing where the exporter takes care of every other cost incurred. On the other end, FOB includes only the transportation costs, exclusive of other duty and custom charges. CIF is the most convenient method of importing especially if you are inexperienced with the import business.

Placing Your Order – The next step is to make your order which in many cases is done through bank wire transfer. Again, you need to be cautious when sending money as there are scams all over and without keenness the transaction could get messy. When your order is placed, the exporter usually sends you a mail with all the order details including insurance certificate and duty costs receipts if you opted for the CIF option. Some of these details will also be required when collecting your vehicle and it is advisable that one submit them earlier before the vehicle is delivered. This will ease the processing and get your vehicle released on time.

blankReceiving Your Vehicle – After the shipping is done by the exporter, it is the role of Consignee (you) to pick it up from the port. The port will act as a clearance point, unless you have a private terminal. To avoid your vehicle being moved to customs, where it will attract accruing charges, you should pick it up within 15 days of delivery. You will be presented with forms to fill manually at the port and you will pay for the clearance fee as well. Your forms will then be stamped and your vehicle cleared. Be sure to have your driver’s license when you go to pick up your mini truck.

From there, the other procedure of registering the vehicle and getting it plated is an easy walk in the park which you can do easily.
Some Important Forms That You Will Fill In The Import Process
Here are some of the important forms that you will need to download and fill while in the process of importing your vehicle.

Most of the details are about the vehicle model and the shipping details. Should you get stuck filling them, the staff of the respective departments could help.

Entry form – this is the first form that you will have to fill which notifies the government that you are importing something from another country. The significant questions asked on this form are about what you are importing, where it is headed to and when it is being imported.

EPA form – The shipping needs to be EPA (Environmental Protection agency) and DOT (department Of Transport) compliant and this is what this form is all about.

CBP form – This is the Customs and border Protection which is necessary when shipping anything across countries.


Importing used mini trucks from Japan isn’t as crazy as many dealers want you to believe. Hopefully, the steps above have shed enough light to help you understand more about how to import a mini truck from Japan. You can check out our list of vehicles which comes in different models.

You may also consult with the CBP officers should you have doubt about anything regarding shipping your vehicle.

How to Buy Mini Trucks From Japan

An increasing number of people across the United States are realizing the boundless reasons to buy mini trucks from Japan. You can always get your mini truck from the dealer shop around you but that is only if you are going there with a sack of cash to spend. Many people are realizing that they could save a lot by importing the trucks by themselves, which in reality isn’t as lengthy process as many would think. It could however get hectic if one fails to follow the right procedure.

In this write-up, we will cover some of the things that you need to keep in mind when you are looking to buy mini trucks from Japan.

What You Need To Know Before Importing Your Mini Truck From Japan

You may have read or heard about stories of vehicles being seized and not ending up in the hands of the owners because of one reason or the other. You also don’t want a surprise charges that breaks that ends up blowing your initial budget. There are processes and expectations that a vehicle or an importer is expected to meet. Below is all you need to know before you even think about shopping for a mini truck from Japan:

The Process Of Importing To The U.S

For anything to be imported to the United States, one will have to file for a special requirement called an “Entry”. The entry is meant to notify the state that you are importing cargo from another county to the united states.

Under the Entry, one will also have to specify what the import item is, when it will be shipped in, where it is from and the particular place where it is headed to. After filling the Entry, it is then submitted to the CBP for analysis and approval is usually an easy process.

Usually, there are two kinds of Entries that one should fill depending on the cost of the vehicle being imported. If the cost of the vehicle excluding insurance is $2499.99 or less, then one will fill a normal entry. Otherwise, for any vehicle that is above this figure, there another special kind of Entry which demands more details.

Understanding The United States Import Laws

The U.S congress has passed laws that restrict the import of vehicles from other countries unless they meet the environmental safety standards. The standards are set under EPA (Environmental Protection Agency and DOT (Department Of Transport). This is the most common reason for vehicles been seized when they enter the United States. Thee is however an exception to this restriction where a vehicle that is 25 years old from the date of manufacture (classic vehicle) can be imported without any issues.

The imported vehicle also goes through customs where it is inspected for other things such as vehicle’s authenticity of the parts.

Understand the Terminologies

buy mini truck from JapanAnother thing that you don’t want to be caught up with and one that could end up blowing your budget if you are not keen with are the terminologies that are used in the vehicle import arena. Here are the terminologies that you should be conversant with:

Importer – This is the party that is responsible for shipping the vehicle, paying for customs and filling the Entry.

Consignee – This is you, the owner of the vehicle being imported.

Duties – This is the custom charges such as tax and is applicable to every vehicle that enters the United States.

Port of Entry– This is the port at which the imported vehicle is received into the United States.

Date of import – This refers to the time when the shipment arrives at the United States port.

Date of Entry – This is simply the date when you filed to get an entry for the vehicle being imported.

Date of export – This is when the vehicle left the country where it is imported from.

HTS Code – This stands for Harmonized Tariff Code and it is classification in which particular imports are put into since each import cluster attracts a certain duty charge. In order to know what duty charges your imported truck will attract, you should check the HTS code from hts.usitc.gov where you will also find the rates.
Importer Security Filings – ISF is a protocol that requires the importers of cargo that is filed under formal entries to submit all cargo and freight information to the CBP before the cargo arrives.

Custom bonds – These are formal entry bonds which are meant to act as insurance for the customs and that they will be paid for. This could be ISF (Importer Security Filing) bonds, DOT and Entry bonds.

Harbor Maintenance Fee – HMF as it is commonly known is a fee that is charged for the maintenance of the port. This is however dependent on the Port and not applicable to all ports. The fee is normally 0.125% of the import value.

Custom Ruling – Sometimes classifying a vehicle depending on its condition, or the condition of its parts doesn’t fit well in its rightful class. If one intends to use the vehicle for off-road purposes they still can since custom ruling will classify the vehicle under a dump class.

Merchandise Processing Fee – This is the processing fee that is charged on all imports whether under formal or informal entries. Formal entries attract higher charges where one is required to pay 0.3464% of the total cost of the imports. It is however capped at $485. Informal entries on the other end attracts a flat rate $2 for automated entries, $6 for manual entries and $9 when the entry is handled under the CBP.


If you want to buy mini trucks from Japan, it could turn out to be a hectic process if you don’t know most of the import procedures. Hopefully this guide has shed some light on how to go about buying your mini truck from Japan.

You can always have a look at our listings and you could surely find an affordable mini truck that suits your needs. Should you have any questions or need help knowing how your mini truck will be imported, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.