Benefits of Using Synthetic Oil in Your Truck

Want to learn more about synthetic oil? The engine requires proper lubrication to function effectively and prevent its parts from premature wear. Engine oil, thus, is an essential ingredient for your truck. Apart from lubrication, oil also cools down the engine. There are various types of oil for your truck’s engine, such as synthetic oil. Upon reading this guide, you will understand what synthetic oil is and its benefits. 

What is Synthetic Oil?

As the name suggests, synthetic engine oil is made from chemical compounds.  Synthetic oil is made by modifying the petroleum components, but the primary material is crude oil, which is highly distilled during the synthetic process. The additives and the synthetic process varies depending on the manufacturer, and this makes various companies produce different qualities of synthetic oil.

Benefits of Using Synthetic Oil in Your Truck

The complex process used in manufacturing synthetic lubricants enables them to achieve precise molecular qualities vital for specific applications. During this complex process, all the impurities in the crude oil are removed, and the pure oil is tailored to meet the specific demands of modern engines.  Here are the benefits of using synthetic engine oil in your truck.

Protects Turbo Charger

Modern trucks are fitted with turbochargers for more power. Turbo is usually delicate and inadequate lubrication can damage it. Synthetic oil can flow very fast to the engine’s critical parts and meet the necessary lubrication standards.  In comparison, conventional oil breaks down very fast, especially in turbo-charged engines. The synthetic oil thus ensures the turbocharger performs at its peak.

Engine Protection

Various parts of a truck engine move at high speed and are intact to one another. The contact between the engine parts subjects them to tear and wear. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that they are properly lubricated to reduce the friction that results from the contact. 

In extreme conditions, conventional oil breaks down and fails to be effective. Only synthetic oil can withstand extreme conditions and offer maximum engine protection. It is also able to do so for a longer duration. 

Cleans the Engine

Engine oil circulates and reaches every part of your engine. Conventional oil has impurities that form deposits on various parts of the engine, which reduces the engine’s performance with time. Synthetic lubricants have fewer impurities and resist sludge and deposit formation by giving your engine a long life. 

Better Viscosity

The synthetic lubricant has better viscosity at high and low temperatures than conventional oil. The fully synthetic oil flows very fast through the engine, even during winter, and can also resist heat, making your engine function effectively under any weather and temperature. 


Synthetic oil is made from the synthesis process, producing high-quality engine oil with lesser impurities. This oil offers superior performance as it resists extreme environmental conditions and does not form sludge in the engine. It gives your engine a longer lifespan as well as protecting the turbo. As much as this is the best oil for your truck, it is more expensive than conventional oil.

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