Kei Truck Maintenance and Service Checklist

Kei Truck is a perfect vehicle that has proved to be the best in terms of performance and reliability. This vehicle can serve you better if you love and care for them. Regular maintenance and servicing will not only make the Kei truck give you the best performance, but it will also have a long lifespan without major mechanical issues. The skilled and professional mechanics are the only professionals who can offer the best servicing of the Kei mini truck. These people will not only maintain and service the vehicle, but they will also check and give reports of the condition of your tires, the fuel levels, and the condition of the battery. This guide gives essential tips on kei truck maintenance and service checklists for more power and a longer life span.

Kei Truck Maintenance and Service Checklist

Here is the maintenance checklist to keep in mind.

Braking System

Brake failures cause many accidents and mini truck damage. To reduce such cases, ensure professionals regularly check your brakes. When changing oil, you should check the brake pads because both oil and brakes are affected by driving habits. Installing new brake pads should be accompanied by new pins, bushings, and brake springs.


Check on reduced engine performance, production of too much smoke, and reduced oil pressure. All these can signal that the engine is developing problems and should be fixed as soon as possible. Change the engine oil after covering a specific mileage to help maintain the engine’s power. Other components of the engine to be checked are rubber parts of the engine, such as the timing belt and the coolant. Also, never forget to check if the wheels are correctly aligned.

Body of your Mini Truck

Many mini trucks are out off the roads because of rust on their bodies. To reduce this, always check every body part to ensure they are free from rust. The best way of minimizing rust is by regularly washing your mini truck and letting it dry. Waxing also prevents rust.

Electrical system of the Kei Truck

Many new Kei trucks rely on the electrical system to coordinate and pass information from the engine and other parts of the vehicle. The electrical system is what brings various checks on the dashboard. Ensure your truck’s electrical system works perfectly with proper coordination.

Lubrication & Oiling

The moving parts of any vehicle experience tear and wear. Lubricate regularly the moving parts with high-quality lubricants. High-quality lubricants will reduce the friction in these parts as well as cool the heat generated as a result of friction.


Regular checks on various parts of your Kei truck give it more life, makes it look new every day, and make it fun to drive. The checks will help you as the owner to reduce severe mechanical issues that can be expensive to repair.

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