Common Pickup Truck Problems and How To Troubleshoot Them

What are pickup truck problems to know? Pickup trucks serve various purposes in our daily life, and you will need them to move to work, transport farm in/outputs, and also for delivery purposes. Despite your truck’s role, it is prone to tear and wear. Sticking to a preventive maintenance schedule will give it a longer life and avoid some pickup truck problems.

As a pickup truck owner, having the best tools to help you solve various problems is essential. The basic knowledge about truck repairs will be an added advantage, saving you from visiting auto repair shops more often. Here are some common pickup truck problems and how to fix them.

Overheating Engine

An overheating engine can cause severe damage, such as blown gaskets, cracked cylinder heads, or something related to the fuel system. When left for long, it can lead to a complete engine failure. It is essential to work with a professional who can identify the overheating engine’s signs and address them as early as possible. 

When you realize that your engine is overheating, do the following.

  • If your AC is on, turn it off to reduce the stress on the engine and pull away the heat from the engine by turning the dial to maximum heat. 
  • Find a safe place, stop, and shut off your pickup.
  • Check the level of coolant and top it up.
  • Restart the engine and drive to the nearest auto repair shop.

Starter Failure

Starter issues are yet another of the pickup truck problems to know. You should regularly check your starter more often during the cold weather. The starter failure is usually common during winter. You can quickly note when your starter becomes faulty, and the ignition becomes problematic as it gets colder.

Overloads are the common cause of electrical problems in starters. The ground and winding circuits in the field and armature will let you realize this. When you realize your starter is faulty, consider taking your pickup to an auto shop specializing in the truck’s electrical parts to determine and fix the problem. 

U-Joint Failure

U-joint is common in rear and 4wd trucks when the transmission and the axle are at differing heights. It is the responsibility of the U-joint to transmit power to the driveshaft. It has to be properly lubricated to prevent it from wear and tear. You will notice clicking sounds when the U-joint is becoming faulty as well s vibrations when your pickup is at higher speeds.

It is difficult to troubleshoot U-joint since other components display similar symptoms when faulty. You can put your truck on the dynamo and observe the undercarriage as the wheels are rotating will let you determine the condition of the U-joint. If your U-joint is faulty, consider checking other parts, such as axles, the motor, and other parts that can cause the problem.

Brake Problems

The braking system failure is another common truck problem. Checking the brake fluid level is essential. Always bleed the entire system after checking the brake pads. 


The pickup truck has various components that are prone to failure. The signs and symptoms that these parts display when faulty are similar. It is, therefore, essential to take your truck to a professional to check and determine the defective part as well as other pickup truck problems. Adhering to the basic maintenance schedule will save you from unnecessary brake-downs.  

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