Tips for Preventing Rust on Your Pickup Truck

How do you go about preventing rust from your vehicle? Trucks are made to withstand all elements and challenges related to hostile jobs. It takes you from one point to another and hauling heavy loads. The advanced technology in truck production makes them prone to rusting, but some of the best practices keep your truck from rusting.

Several parts of a truck are made of iron and are prone to rust. It is, therefore, essential to know and practice tips that will prevent your pickup truck from rusting. This guide elaborates on causes and tips you can use in preventing rust.

Causes of Truck Rust

Rust on the truck’s surface forms due to the reaction of iron and water. Exposure to water accelerates the rusting process. Rust can eat all the metal and extend to other parts of your truck, interfering with its structural support.

The undercarriage is prone to rust because of road conditions exposed to the tires. The rubbles from the tires create an opening in your paint that can rust if exposed to road salt and moisture. 

Salt used in clearing roads is an element that accelerates rusting. It is, therefore, essential to regularly wash your truck during winter to do away with the salt and help in preventing rust. 

Tips for Preventing Rust

There are various tips to prevent rust, and here are the common ones.

Clean Your Truck

Cleaning removes dirt and debris that can facilitate rusting and harbor moisture. When cleaning your truck, concentrate on areas that accumulate more dirt as they are prone to rust. Cleaning removes the contaminants and exposes scratches that are prone to rust. When cleaning, work on the undercarriage, body, and wheels.

Store Your Truck In the Garage

The garage or shed’s temperature is regulated and prevents your truck from rain, sun, snow, and other factors that accelerate rusting. The protective paint becomes weak when you expose your truck. 

During winter, storing your truck in the garage is essential for preventing rust-causing agents.

Avoid Flooded Areas

Flood water contains dirt, salt, and sludge that splashes under your truck.¬†Regular driving in pool water exposes your truck to rust. If possible, avoid driving through flooded water, but if you can’t, consider cleaning your truck once you leave the pool.

Clear the Drain Plugs

Drain plugs usually collect water and debris in your truck’s vital parts, such as the hood, bottom of the doors, and trunk. Such areas are likely to rust due to the accumulation of debris and water. It is, therefore, essential to clear the drain plugs to prevent the accumulation of moisture.

Repair Your Truck in Time

Do a regular inspection and maintenance of the body of your truck. This will let you identify defects and repair them in time. If you ignore dents, there are higher chances of rust developing on them. Paint your truck when necessary to prevent the inner metal from being exposed to rust.


Rust is harmful and ugly when it appears on your truck. It shows how less you care about your truck. Equipping yourself with these tips will help in preventing rust from your truck. Always inspect your truck and take necessary action when you note a smaller portion of rust.