Kei Truck Tipped On It Side

Kei trucks are also known as Japanese mini trucks. These vehicles have earned themselves a good reputation in the entire auto industry. They strike a median balance between pickup trucks and a huge truck. They are compact and considerably smaller in size. Their engine size is also small as compared to the likes of pick up trucks. But this does not mean that the vehicle is any less of a performer. In fact some people have compared the kei truck to the pickup truck in many aspects. And the big advantage that the kei truck gets is cost effectiveness. However some instances of using this vehicle might not go as planned. You may come across someone saying that their kei truck tipped on it side. Well, this is an issue of imbalance among other probable factors. Let’s did deep into learning more on this.

Why Kei Truck Tipped On It Side

Why or what would make a kei truck tipped on it side? Well, there are many reasons why your vehicle could tip on its side or roll over. Below are some of the probable causes along with some suggested solutions on how to go about it.


Every vehicle has its carrying capacity, and there is an engineering reason for that set limit. However, many people do not pay attention to the set limit. And as such, they end up overloading the vehicle. Even in a situation where a vehicle seems to handle the weight well, it is important to not exceed the required weight of that vehicle. What happens when one overload is that the vehicle will not be able to control itself properly. Imagine having one side overloaded than the other. The chances of that vehicle tipping over in a corner would be high. To avoid all this, just avoid carrying beyond the carrying capacity.

High Center Of Gravity

The laws of physics dictate that the lower the center of gravity, the better the stability. But what happens when the vehicle is raised? The vehicle’s center of gravity will increase and the stability of the vehicle will reduce. At such a point, you are increasing the chances of the vehicle tipping over. So, to avoid this, you shouldn’t increase the vehicle height by using components like spacers. You should also consider lowering the vehicle as many people are doing with their mini trucks.

Over Speeding

Over speeding is yet another cause for vehicles rolling over. Considering how small the Japanese mini trucks are, logically, they are not supposed to be moving on very high speeds. It becomes increasingly dangerous when you are carrying a lot of load because the momentum could take over and you could lose control in corners and could cause the vehicle to tip over.


Vehicle stability is very important. Someone needs to make sure that they have a good balance and keep all other factors shared above in place. That is when the Japanese mini truck will be stable and will not likely tip over.

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