How Much Air Can a Japanese Mini Truck Tire Hold

Japanese mini trucks have a good reputation across the globe. The vehicles are considerably smaller and more compact than others. So, why are people raving so much about thee? What is there to love? Well, the Japanese mini trucks have an advantage being the small vehicles that they are. They have better maneuverability and are very agile on that end. However, they are also very easy to maintain and not as costly as other vehicles like pickup trucks. In this guide, however, we will discuss tire pressure. How much air can a Japanese mini truck tire hold? Let us dig deep into understanding air pressure in a vehicle and finding out how much pressure is required.

Why is Tire Pressure That Important?

Having good tire pressure is very important. But you cannot just go and start putting any tire pressure or using your eyes as the pressure gauge. It can be a life threatening situation to not have the right tire pressure. Imagine driving in a car that has a higher tire pressure on one side than the other. The imbalance and stability that is there can be bad. It might not be felt in the vehicle, but imagining such an imbalance when speeding over in a corner can be really bad. In such an instance, the vehicle can easily roll over.

That said, you need to make sure that the vehicle is well balanced and all tire pressures have a good balance. Usually the front tires have a slightly smaller tire pressure than the rear tires. This is usually to balance the weight of the vehicle. However, it is important to always refer to the manual of the vehicle.

How Much Air Can a Japanese Mini Truck Tire Hold

For Japanese mini trucks, some may not have them in their manual as to what amount of pressure the mini tuck should have. So, how much air pressure is needed there? It is also important to take in the fact that some people may be using non-stock tires. And what means is that the tires will be different. However, assuming that the mini truck is running on standard tires, it is recommended to have 27 psi of air pressure in the front tires and 30 psi of air pressure on the rear tires.

But what is the maximum pressure of these tires really? Well, there are two things that one would have to look at when they are looking to know the maximum pressure a tire can hold.

First, it has to do with the size of the size of the tire. Some are 12 inch and others 13 or 14 inch. And this fact alone makes them sustain different amount of pressure. A 12 inch for instance can sustain up to 35 psi in many cases. However, it can go higher as the tire size increases.


Tire pressure is very important. You need to make sure that you drive a vehicle which is balanced and inflated with the right pressure.

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