Mini Truck Top Speed

By now, every auto enthusiast knows about the Japanese mini trucks, These small, compact vehicles will put up a show. They are loved across borders and will be found almost anywhere across the globe. Japanese mini trucks are very versatile and can be used in multiple industries. From construction to been used in farms, these vehicles are amazing to say the least. They will not be the fastest vehicles on the road, but they definitely pack a punch in performance and reliability. Talking of speed, what is the mini truck top speed? Well, that depends on several factors. Let us look at this in depth below.

What is The Recommended Mini Truck Top Speed?

It is good to note that there is the recommended top speed for these vehicles but still there is the legal limit. So, do not find yourself mixing the two, or you could find yourself in the wrong side of the law. The top speed on these mini tucks will vary from one model of a mini truck. It is also worth noting that there are several brands that are making these mini trucks. However, most of the Japanese mini trucks range between 60 to 75 miles per hour in top speed. It would be unusual to come across a Japanese mini trucks that are not within this speed range.

The legal side of things is however different. If you are using or planning on running the vehicle in the United States, then you have to make sure that you adhere to the set speed of such a lightweight vehicle. It is obviously going to be lower than the top speed of the vehicle. Most states will not allow anything above 50 mph, so at this point the top speed will not really have any significance.

Why IS The Speed Limit On These Vehicles So Low?

For safety sake, the mini truck are supposed to run on lower speed. This is the regulation in many states that allow the use of Japanese mini trucks. Practically speaking, it would be so bad to have a vehicle like the kei truck cruising on high speeds in the highway. Because, in all honesty, these vehicles do not have all the latest safety measures in place. For instance, you will not find anything like an airbag in them. That is unless someone decides to install them on their own which is rare. Considering the fact that these vehicles are significantly old as nothing newer than 25 years is allowed in US roads.


Japanese mini trucks have always shown incredible performance and dependability. These vehicles are among the best when it comes to lightweight class. Having looked at the guide above, they clearly aren’t the bets vehicles when it comes to speed. However, anything else is amazing with them. They can be used everywhere as long as the law allows.

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