Hard Steering Wheel – Causes on Mini Trucks

The steering wheel plays the role of guiding your mini truck in the desired direction. You will use this wheel to dodge portholes on the road, make a turn, and change lanes while overtaking and parking your vehicle. The steering wheel sometimes can malfunction. If this happens, it resists moving by getting hard. This problem can be dangerous when it happens to your mini truck on the highway. Imagine a scenario of trying to switch lanes on the highway, but the steering moves slowly. It is disappointing to have a hard steering wheel. You will not be able to control the vehicle effectively and might expose you to a fatal accident. Let us focus on some of the causes of stiff steering on mini trucks.

Causes of Hard Steering Wheel on Mini trucks

Stiff steering has several causes. In this section, let us exhaust some of the causes of hard steering.

Bad Tire Pressure

Your mini truck has four wheels, and sometimes the rear wheels are double. All these wheels should be inflated as per the requirements of the manufacturer. If there is no pressure balance on the wheels, such as one being deflated, it will be hard to turn the steering wheel while driving.

Misalignment is another major cause of hard steering. Poor alignment will make your mini truck drag sideways while in motion or when making a turn. The misalignment of the wheels results from the treads not wearing uniformly.

Damaged Steering Rack

The steering rack is joined to the wheels by several shafts and U-joints. Daily driving damage the rack itself, the shafts, and the U-Joints. If your steering wheel becomes hard immediately after igniting your mini truck, conclude that the steering rack is faulty. As you drive, the steering wheel gradually becomes free, and this is because the rack becomes hot as you drive, and the lubricants will effectively reach it. If this is ignored, it might end up in significant problems.


The steering will be stiff if the system has less fluid due to leakages. Leakages happen when too much pressure is exposed to the fluids’ pipes, which breaks them. The pump generates the pressure. This pressure makes it easy for the fluids to move in the fluid tubes efficiently. When the fluids find such damage, they will leak and reduce. The power steering will therefore lack adequate pressure that will enhance its efficiency.

Faulty Pump

The pump plays the role of creating pressure for the movement of fluid in the power steering system. If the pump becomes faulty, the steering wheel will be hard to turn. But the steering will not be rigid, it will move, but you will be forced to apply a lot of pressure. Applying much pressure is deadly during an emergency, like taking a U-turn.


Stiff steering on your mini truck might signal mechanical problems, which you must not ignore. Sometimes you might experience it when your steering gets locked with the pin when you turn off your engine. 

Choosing A Mini Truck To Buy – What To Look Out For

How much do you know about Japanese mini trucks? Well, these vehicles have been around for many years and for many people, they are the go-to lightweight truck of choice. In the US, you will find a lot of these kei trucks been used for different purposes. One conspicuous thing that one would realize is that these vehicles are old. This is because there is a requirement to have all imported mini trucks to be at least 25 years or older. But why then would someone go for such an old vehicle? Well, there are many things that come to play, but one thing for sure is that they offer good value for the investment. In this guide, we will focus on choosing a mini truck to buy by going through the things you should be checking.

What To Look For When Choosing A Mini Truck To Buy

Here are some of the things that one should be keen on when they are looking to buy a used Japanese mini truck. This is regardless of whether you are buying a pre-owned locally or whether you are importing it.

Body Condition

Many people will focus much on the engine and other mechanical specifics of the vehicle and end up forgetting the body condition. You would want to start with the physical part of the mini truck. The body including the frames and the chassis should be in perfect shape. This way, you will be sure that the vehicle will serve you well for a long time. It is something that shouldn’t be ignored or forgotten when choosing a vehicle to buy.

Know The Mechanical Status Of The Vehicle

One thing that you shouldn’t ignore to check out is the mechanical condition of the vehicle. The vehicle should be in perfect shape and if possible in use. A vehicle that you can get in and drive right way without having to make any mechanical fixes is the best one can get as far as used vehicles are concerned. Some people would say that they can get the vehicle for a bargain and then make the fixes, but that is wrong. A vehicle could have many issues and end up costing too much.

Capabilities Vs Your Needs

Another thing that many people fail to consider is the capabilities of the vehicle as compared to their needs. The needs should come first. You need to look for a vehicle that is good enough to do what you intend to do with it. For instance you should be focusing on getting a 4X4 mini truck if you expect to be using it mostly on off roads.


Choosing a good mini truck to buy is crucial to get the job done. Without a good one, then you will struggle a lot. Shared in this guide are crucial considerations when choosing the right mini truck.

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Kei Truck Tipped On It Side

Kei trucks are also known as Japanese mini trucks. These vehicles have earned themselves a good reputation in the entire auto industry. They strike a median balance between pickup trucks and a huge truck. They are compact and considerably smaller in size. Their engine size is also small as compared to the likes of pick up trucks. But this does not mean that the vehicle is any less of a performer. In fact some people have compared the kei truck to the pickup truck in many aspects. And the big advantage that the kei truck gets is cost effectiveness. However some instances of using this vehicle might not go as planned. You may come across someone saying that their kei truck tipped on it side. Well, this is an issue of imbalance among other probable factors. Let’s did deep into learning more on this.

Why Kei Truck Tipped On It Side

Why or what would make a kei truck tipped on it side? Well, there are many reasons why your vehicle could tip on its side or roll over. Below are some of the probable causes along with some suggested solutions on how to go about it.


Every vehicle has its carrying capacity, and there is an engineering reason for that set limit. However, many people do not pay attention to the set limit. And as such, they end up overloading the vehicle. Even in a situation where a vehicle seems to handle the weight well, it is important to not exceed the required weight of that vehicle. What happens when one overload is that the vehicle will not be able to control itself properly. Imagine having one side overloaded than the other. The chances of that vehicle tipping over in a corner would be high. To avoid all this, just avoid carrying beyond the carrying capacity.

High Center Of Gravity

The laws of physics dictate that the lower the center of gravity, the better the stability. But what happens when the vehicle is raised? The vehicle’s center of gravity will increase and the stability of the vehicle will reduce. At such a point, you are increasing the chances of the vehicle tipping over. So, to avoid this, you shouldn’t increase the vehicle height by using components like spacers. You should also consider lowering the vehicle as many people are doing with their mini trucks.

Over Speeding

Over speeding is yet another cause for vehicles rolling over. Considering how small the Japanese mini trucks are, logically, they are not supposed to be moving on very high speeds. It becomes increasingly dangerous when you are carrying a lot of load because the momentum could take over and you could lose control in corners and could cause the vehicle to tip over.


Vehicle stability is very important. Someone needs to make sure that they have a good balance and keep all other factors shared above in place. That is when the Japanese mini truck will be stable and will not likely tip over.

Japanese Mini Trucks Are Affordable Yet Efficient

Any auto enthusiast who likes the Japanese automobile engineering knows about the Japanese mini trucks. They are also known as the kei trucks. These vehicles were first designed for the Japanese market and aimed at helping move cargo around from one point to another. The fact that they are designed to have a compact and small size is with the intention of providing ease of maneuverability. These vehicles are stable and can go anywhere one would want to carry goods. It is more flexible than the standard pick up trucks. However, the main thing we are going through in this guide is the cost of acquiring Japanese mini trucks. Japanese mini trucks are affordable, but that is not all. They are also very efficient and dependable.

Japanese Mini Trucks Are Affordable Yet Efficient

Acquiring a Japanese mini truck is more affordable as compared to other vehicles out there. It even gets better when one decides to get a used Japanese mini truck. Second hand always come at a bargain. But this doesn’t always mean that the vehicle will be less powerful or unreliable.

Most of the kei trucks imported to the United States are very reliable and this is all evident from the owner’s reviews. They are not only second hand, but are over 25 years old. This is due to a 25 year rule that requires these vehicles to have attained.

How Efficient Are Japanese Mini Trucks?

Consume Less Fuel & Deliver

Do you want a vehicle that uses less fuel and does not disappoint in terms of deliverability? The Japanese mini truck consumes less fuel and still gives more output for every mile. In short, it is a very energy efficient vehicle that squeezes out power from the little fuel that it takes in. That said, you need to consider getting one of these vehicles to save you the high cost of fuel. We have a number of Japanese mini trucks on sale through our listing page and you will definitely find one that you will love.

Costs Less To Maintain

Maintenance has always been a difficult part of a vehicle, and getting one that you can count on when it comes to this is amazing. Japanese mini trucks are very easy to maintain and repair. Their spares are also readily available considering that they are made by some of the leading automakers who have established their roots across the globe.

Off-Road Workhorse

If you live off-grid or a place where you have to use the vehicle through rough terrain or poor roads, then you will love the kei trucks. These vehicles are designed with a 4-wheel transmission system that ensures that maneuverability through such roads is not a problem. With a vehicle engaging all wheels such roads become easy to pass through, even when carrying cargo in the bed.

Japanese mini trucks are affordable yet efficient vehicles. They stand out in the market and are loved by many people all over the globe. It would make a good investment to buy one of these kei trucks.

Challenges To Expect When Owning A Mini Truck

Owning a mini truck could be a dream for many people. If you are a big fan of trucks and have been watching the auto industry especially the Japanese, then mini truck shouldn’t sound new to you. These vehicles have stood the test of time and there is a surging popularity with them. Their existence dates back to the 1950s, although there has been significant changes to the body structure and other things. This is the same case for many other vehicles in the market though. Japanese mini trucks have however stayed true to their purpose of creating compact and small vehicles. This is all meant to squeeze out economic efficacy while still making a vehicle that is very dependable.

However, every vehicle needs regular maintenance and repairs. This is because with every mile covered, there is always the fact that something wears out. But that is not all. Below, we look at some of the challenges one can expect when owning a mini truck.

Challenges To Expect When Owning A Mini Truck

Below are challenges and what to expect when you own or at least plan on owning a mini truck.


One of the things that many people have reportedly become aware of is that there is a high chances of experiencing rust with the Japanese kei trucks. We have to consider the fact that most of these vehicles are imported to the US from Japan and they are at least 25 years old. This fact alone tells you that despite good performance expectation, it is an old vehicle. It is not going to be crispy clean unless it has recently undergone some paintwork. Rust can be a bad thing as it tends to corrode and start eating up the body of the vehicle. So, as you get the vehicle, keep it clean and have it painted once in a while.

Don’t Expect A Lot of Speed

Another thing that one might over-expect from the Japanese mini tuck is speed. This is not a fast car. IT is nothing close to that. When you are buying a Japanese mini truck, you need to understand that this is a small sized vehicle with a smaller engine capacity and a vehicle that will come in handy with basic usage(light to medium sized jobs). You can expect the vehicle to reach up to 80 miles per hour, but most will be at the range of 75 miles per hour top speed.

Limited Tire Supply

The tire sizes of the Japanese mini trucks is a bit strange and sometimes rare to find depending on where you are. Some people have considered changing the tire to a size that is more common and easy to find. Should this end up being the case you find it, then perhaps it helps.

Final Word

Japanese mini trucks stand out. They are dependable vehicles that delivers on its advertised purposes. Shared above are some of the challenges you can expect from these vehicles.

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The Kei Truck Evolution – History of Japanese Mini Trucks

Japanese mini trucks have been around for many years and there are many reasons for their continued success. They are great performers and dependable in many instances. These mini trucks are made by some of the leading automakers from Japan. They have been around for a few decades and have been helpful in many different situations. First, they are made to be small and were originally designed to carry light to medium sized loads over short distances. Maneuverability and efficiency is also something that was well thought through when these vehicles were being made. In this guide, we will cover the Kei truck evolution and try to describe how these Japanese mini trucks have been improving over the years.

How The Kei Truck Evolution Has Been

These kei trucks have their history dating way back to the 1950s. At this time, the idea of having a kei truck (small car) in Japan was trending. And with the rising needs to transport cargo from one point to the other, the idea of making a small vehicle to do that came about. These vehicles at the time were meant to offer solutions in Japan’s fast growing economy while still coming at an affordable cost. They also consumed less fuel making them cheap to run and maintain for the owners. This saw a major boost in the production of these vehicles as demands rose.

Surprisingly, unlike what the most common mini trucks today are, Datsun made most of the Japanese mini trucks at that time. They had a big share back then and were one of the major automakers. Toyota soon joined in and started producing similar mini trucks which boosted the vehicle’s reputation. Mazda and other started joining the league of mini trucks in the 1970s and by this time, the vehicle models had started taking a more modern shape.

Another notable thing worth mentioning with the Kei truck evolution is that they always got better with a new model. The super-efficient Japanese mini trucks that roam the streets today are as a result of high technology gathered over the years. Today, the automakers are able to tackle almost everything needed to come up with an efficient and dependable vehicle.

Compared to the old kei trucks, the current mini trucks that you will find have been improved to the highest level. The ones currently produced are more Eco-friendly as compared to the older models.


The Japanese kei truck has come a long way. The fact that these vehicles are loved across the globe is for its incredible performance, efficiency and overall quality. There are many automakers from Honda, Mazda, Daihatsu and Suzuki which makes them. They are all equally superb and dependable.

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How Reliable Are Japanese Mini Trucks?

If you have been keen on vehicle trends, then Japanese mini trucks is one that must have caught your attention. The vehicle has been made with the primary purpose of carrying loads from one point to the other. It can be used both on-road and off-road, thanks to the flexible design it comes with. It is good for hauling everything from carrying farm produce to construction materials. But how reliable are Japanese mini trucks? Can they really be counted on to deliver? This comprehensive guide will give you an in-depth coverage of the Japanese mini trucks to help you better understand these vehicles and whether you should consider getting one yourself.

Overview Of Japanese Mini Trucks

The Japanese mini trucks have been around for some decades now and while they are small, their engine size to performance is on a whole other level. These mini trucks are designed well with high tech engineering by some of the best and most experienced engineers. The primary purpose why the mini trucks were made was to carry light to medium loads from one point to the other efficiently and fast.

The vehicles are designed with utmost agility and optimal power which makes them loved by many people. They have 4X4 driving capabilities which makes them excellent performers when it comes down to handling the road. You can use it in both paved roads and off road.

How Is The Performance Of Japanese Mini Trucks

The performance of a vehicle is everything and this is one of the most important things when you are looking for a vehicle. Without good performance, you would rather have no vehicle. This is simply because it will not be able to meet your requirements and expectations. The performance of a vehicle is determined by the mechanical architecture and the quality of work put into making the entire vehicle.

When it comes to that, the engineering that the mini trucks undergo are excellent work. And with multiple companies competing to bring the best mini truck to the market, a lot more was achieved. The Japanese mini trucks are amazing performers.

Are Japanese Mini Trucks Fuel Efficient

Fuel efficiency is something that one has to keep in mind when someone is shopping for a vehicle. The fuel guzzlers with big engines and horsepower fill the market. But for most of us, such energy isn’t really necessary. Some people just need enough horsepower and power to run their daily errands. The bigger a vehicle engine, the more it demands in terms of fuel.

The Japanese mini trucks are designed with utmost engineering and craftsmanship to squeeze every little power out of a small engine. This makes it very energy efficient. This is something that stands out with this vehicle and makes it lovable by many out there.

How Much Do Japanese Mini Trucks Cost?

When you go shopping, of course you will have a particular budget in mind. Lately, though, the price tag on most vehicles has been skyrocketing and blowing over the roof. So, which way to go? If you find yourself at the crossroads where a pick up truck is over your budget, even for a second hand, then it is time you consider the Japanese mini truck. They come at a very affordable price which is a fraction of the cost of a pick up truck. And if that doesn’t blow your mind or convince you to get it, perhaps the efficiency will. In many occasions, one would find the Japanese mini truck to be sufficient even if it is less powerful than the pick up trucks.

Are Japanese Mini Trucks Durable?

A durable vehicle that can withstand the test of time is what everybody yearns for. We all love to invest in a vehicle that lasts long while also giving you good performance and service over the years. Most of the vehicles that are in the market aren’t of the best build and quality. And if you find a great one, the price tag is prohibitively high.

But choosing to go with the Japanese mini truck will surely give you value for your money. They are well built with durable materials that makes it a hard body vehicle. From the chassis to the body, there is everything to love in this vehicle.

How Reliable are Japanese mini trucks?

Having gone through some of the things that makes the Japanese mini trucks stand out, it is that time to answer the question: How reliable are Japanese mini trucks?

The way you define reliability depends on what you re using the mini truck for. However, these vehicles have proven to do pretty much any job thrown at it. These mini trucks are made by some of the leading automakers across the globe. And if that is not enough to convince you of the quality and reliability that you are getting, then the bazillion users who own these vehicles should. The mini trucks have become very popular not only in Japan but across the globe. You will find them in the US New Zealand, Australia, UK and pretty much any other place you can think of. And they do pretty much any job one can think of.

That said, it is worth noting that Japanese mini trucks are reliable and highly dependable.

Final Word

There is absolutely no doubt when it comes to choosing between the Japanese mini truck with other similar vehicles like pick up trucks. The kei truck wins hands down in very many aspects. From its affordable point to the performance you get, this is awesome. And if you are still wondering how reliable are Japanese mini trucks, then nothing else will convince you.

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