Why Your Truck’s Parking Brake is Stuck

Vehicles experience various mechanical issues throughout their lifetime of service. Some of these issues result from how you handle them, while others will develop as the car ages. The braking system is a part that is prone to various mechanical problems, which can be fatal if not addressed in time. Brakes not being able to stop the wheels are the most common problems. Occasionally, you will experience stuck brakes, especially with the parking brake. So what do you do when parking brake is stuck?

What is a Parking Brake?

A parking brake is a braking mechanism that prevents vehicle movement when the hydraulic brakes are not applied. The parking brake does not use the mechanical brake principle to function. When applied, the parking brake cable gets engaged, and the vehicle cannot move until it is disengaged.

Reasons For a Stuck Parking Brake 

The parking brakes can stick due to various reasons. Let us examine some of those reasons.

Applying Excess Force

Your parking brake might get stuck if you apply a lot of force. The parking brake needs gentle handling to function. The parking cable can stretch if it feels overstretched, or the terminal linkage might fail. If this happens, your brake will stick and give you much headache to apply.

New and careless drivers are likely to find themselves in such as scenario, but never worry since fixing it is easy though you have to part with some dollars. 

Extreme Weather

When it is too cold, your parking brake might fail to function. In most northern countries, during winter, when the parking brake is applied overnight in the morning, you might find it freezing in the position you left it. Never hesitate when you want to use your vehicle and realize that the parking brake longer works. Please turn on your engine and let it run for a while. The parking brake cable will receive some hit and relax.


It is a common cause of parking brakes getting stuck. As you use your vehicle, the parking brake components will contact the agents of rust and get corroded slowly, making it hard to use. Rusty parking brakes are standard in trucks driven in countries that experience the winter season.

 During winter, many countries clear the roads using salt. As you drive, the wheels will pick up the salt and deposit it in various places around your vehicle. When salt gets into contact with the parking brake system, it slowly reacts and corrodes your parking brake. Rusty parking brake is standard on trucks seated for a long time at the parking bay.


The stuck parking brake is a common scenario, and the above are some of the common reasons for parking brake getting stuck. Sometimes it might be frustrating, especially during an emergency.

You can do many things to release stuck parking brakes. Try to rock your truck back and forth or access the parking brake cables and pull them manually. You can set and release the brakes severally, hoping they will knock free. If these do not work, contact your mechanic for further assistance.