Causes of Brake Pads Wearing Out Unevenly

Break pads does the role of converting the kinetic energy of a vehicle into thermal energy. It achieves this through friction. The friction surfaces of the brake pads face the brake rotor. When the brakes are applied, the caliper squeezes the two brake pads against the rotor, which rotates as the wheel rotates. The squeezing is what brings to a halt your truck. Usually, trucks have both the front and the rear brake pads. These sets of brake pads in trucks wear out unevenly. In most cases, the front brake pads wear out first, then the rear pads. Most trucks have engines in the front. Therefore, the front part is heavy and needs more friction to stop the vehicle. However, the brake pads wearing out unevenly can result from several other causes. Let us look at them one by one. 

Using Different Brands of Brake Pads

Another cause of break pads wearing out unevenly is using different brake pads on every wheel. Different companies use different materials to produce their brake pads. Whenever you use different brands of brake pads, you will realize that they vary in quality, and some will wear out faster than others. 

When replacing your brake pads, consider using the same brand with the same thickness and manufacturing material. 

Variation in the Thickness of the Disc

Mechanically it is referred to as Disc Thickness Variation (DTV). It is a condition in which all the brake rotors in your truck have different thickness levels. The difference in the thickness of the rotor can result from rust, corrosion, sticking brake caliper, and slamming of the brake frequently. Accumulating dirt and debris between the brake pads and the rotor can also lead to variation in the rotor thickness. 

If you experience this, let your mechanic iron out the flat spots, and let them clean the rotors. 

Failure of the Brake Caliper

If your caliper and the pistons fail, your brake pads will likely wear out unevenly. The pitons’ role in the caliper is to build up pressure that stops the vehicle. If the rubber which pulls the piston’s caliper fails to pull back, the pads and the rotor will be in constant contact leading to uneven wearing of the brake pads. 

If you experience this, consider visiting your mechanic to check the brake caliper and the guide pins. 

Corrosion On the Slide Pin

The role of the slide pin is to let the caliper slides back and forth to allow the brake pads to be in contact with the rotor. The caliper will not slide smoothly when the slide pin is corroded. The brake calipers will not be able to move. The stuck calipers cause uneven wear to the brake pads.

Apply some grease using a wire to remove the corrosion. 


The above are some of the causes of uneven brake pad wear, which you should know. Whenever your brake pads wear out in an irregular manner, consider knowing why and fix it as soon as possible. If ignored can lead to brake failure.

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