Best Brake Pads For Trucks

Brake pads are the parts of the braking system where all the braking processes end. What does this mean? When you step on the brake pedals. The brake fluids generate pressure, making the brake pads press against the brake disc rotor. The pressure generated depends on how you step on the brake pedal. It is this pressure that stops your truck. You need to have the best brake pads for your truck to get good performance.

The more you step on the brake pedal, the more the brake pads become stressed and eventually wear out. There are many brake pads at the market if you need to replace yours. The variations in these brake pads depend on the market prices, quality, and performance. The brake pads also vary depending on the specifications of your truck, and thus they are not universal. From such variations, let us focus on the best five brake pads to buy for your truck. 

The Best Brake Pads for Trucks

Akebono Brake Pads

These Japanese brake pads are suitable for trucks, cars, and two-wheel automobiles. Such pads are also ideal for high-performance vehicles like BMW, Audi, and Mercedes. Akebono offers the best braking power and low dust emission, and their affordable price market. For example, the Akebono ProAct Front Lincoln and Ford Ceramic Brake Pads, Ultra-Premium is available at affordable prices. 


The stop-Tech is a popular brake pad in the market and offers the best performance, and it will never disappoint whenever you want to slow down instantly. These brake pads will give you the best performance when driving through wind, up-country and poor roads. Due to their nature, you will find stop-tech brake pads in most police cars. 

Heavy trucks and SUVs also find these brake pads effective for stopping. Such vehicles are heavy, and thus they need brake pads that can accommodate and instantly stop the weight of a truck. For example, the StopTech 309.10780 Metallic Brake Pads are popular in the market.


Bosch is a German brand of brake pads. Germany is renowned for making high-end engines. Bosch is famous for cars like the Audi, Nissan, Toyota, and Lexus cars. These are not the only car brands that bosch operates; they can fit in most trucks and SUVs. Bosch offers instant stopping and operates quietly, giving you a quiet ride. Bosche is a high-quality brake pad that produces minimal brake dust as it functions. 

Bosch brake pads are strong and durable, and they are thus able to stop heavy trucks at any speed. The bosch BC905 QuiteCast Ceramic Brake Pads is an example of a bosche brake pad available in the market. 

AC Delco

AC Delco is a high-quality brake pad that is affordable to every truck owner. Such brake pads are famous for their low dust emission, zero noise production, and best performance. If you buy it, you will get good value for your money. Those who own GM trucks and SUVs prefer using the AC Delco, but they are suitable for other vehicles too. At the market, consider AC Delco 14D785CH Advantage Ceramic Brake Pads. 


When shopping for brake pads, consider any of the above options for quality, performance, and affordability. 

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