When Should You Make Tire Replacement For Your Truck?

Trucks fall in the commercial vehicle class, and such vehicles help their owners run errands. Delivery businesses solely depend on trucks to make deliveries to various places. For your truck to efficiently serve you, you must give it adequate servicing. Many truck owners do an exemplary job in vehicle maintenance but fail regarding tire servicing and maintenance. Tire replacement and keeping an eye on them is very important and something that should never be ignored.

The extent to which your truck will serve you depends on the condition of the tires. Remember, it is the tires where the entire weight of your truck rests. The state of the tires can enhance or limit the extent to which your truck will deliver. If the tires are not well aligned, your driving will be worse. If they are old and worn out, the chances of your truck causing an accident are high. We change tires due to different reasons.

When Should You Make Tire Replacement For Your Truck?

When the Treads Expire

As the rubber hits the road, the tire treads wear out, and their thickness lessens to a minimum tread mark. In the United States, the department of transport has outlined the minimum tread depth to be 2/32. The performance and safety shall go down if the tire tread depth decreases. When the treads expire, it becomes difficult to stop, and the truck will slide when the roads are wet. For safety, replace your tires when they reach the minimum tread thickness.

The Age of the Tire

The tire’s lifespan is 6 – 10 years, but how you use it determines its lifespan. Sometimes, your tire will expire before you attain the minimum tread thickness. The compounds and the resins that facilitate the proper functioning of the tire degrade with time, making the tire ineffective. If you do not drive your truck regularly, protect your tires from direct sunlight, reduce the rate at which the tire compounds wear out, and never let your tires sit in one position for long.

Changes in Season

When the season changes, it is necessary you change your tires. If snow starts to fall, ensure you fix winter tires for your truck. Such tires are made to give you proper truck handling on snow and ice. Changing tires with the seasonal change will increase your truck’s performance and offer you maximum safety.

Cabin Comfort

The cabin comfort and noise of the road can be significantly impacted by the nature of your truck’s tires. The types of tires you use will influence the environment of your cabin. Various sets of tires give a varied climate in the cabin. When driving and you hear too much road noise and are uncomfortable, consider changing your tires with the ones that absorb road noise to give you a silent ride.

Truck Performance

How your truck operates in terms of hauling heavy weight depends on the tires. The way your vehicle performs solely depends on the kind of tires your truck runs on. If your 4WD is not performing as expected, consider changing the tires.


Knowing when to change your tires is necessary and is a routine service requirement for your truck. This guide has highlighted some of the reasons why we change our tires.

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