Signs That You Need Brake Pad Replacement In Your Truck

Many people who own cars maintain a regular engine service but oversee the braking system until it becomes faulty. It will be helpful if you never ignore the braking system. A series of activities happen any moment you step on the brake pedal. Such activities strain most parts of the braking system, such as the brake pads. In this guide, we will delve deep into things that should lead you to know when you need to do a brake pad replacement.  

What is a Brake Pad, And How Does It Work?

Behind every wheel, especially the front wheels, there is a metallic disc. The disc has a caliper that squeezes it from both sides when you press the brake pedal. Brake pads are the size of palms that the calipers use to squeeze the rotors to stop the vehicle.

The pressing on the brake disc creates friction which wears out the brake pads. Due to friction, the brake pads get worn out. If you notice they are worn out, you can replace them. 

Signs That You Need Brake Pad Replacement

If You Feel Vibration When You Step on the Brake Pedal

A binding resin binds the two brake pads. As they wear out, this rasing spreads and gets smeared on the rotor forming a layer on the disc’s surface. The resing may not be evenly distributed on the disc’s surface, which makes your brake pedal vibrate.

The Vehicle Pulls Sideways When Braking

The rate at which each brake pad wears out is different. Mostly one side will wear out fast compared to the other. If this happens, you will feel a sideways pulling when you step on the brake pedal. If you ignore the pulling, you will stress your steering. Sideways pulling is not only a sign of worn-out brake pads but can also occur if the pressure in your tire is uneven or the wheel bearing has a problem.

Your Vehicle Takes Time To Stop

Brake fade is a situation where you press the brake pedal, but your vehicle never stops instantly. Brake fade is typical when driving on a winding or down a hill. The persistence of this problem indicates that your brakes cannot generate adequate friction to stop the vehicle. 

Clicking Sound When Pressing the Brake Pedal

Various vehicles have different ways of holding the brake pads in places, such as clips, bolts, or pins. The flexible brake pads produce a clicking sound when you press the brake pedal. As the brake pads wear out, they become loose and rattle.

Squealing Noise

The brake pads have a wear indicator. The wear indicator is metallic and located on the brake pads. As the pads wear out, they come in contact with the rotor. The contact between the wear indicator and the rotor produces a squealing sound. The squealing noise is an unpleasant sound that warns you that the brake pads are worn-out.


The braking system is life-saving and an integral part of your vehicle. Many road crash result from a faulty braking system. It is necessary to listen to your brake pads and if you feel any signs that they are wearing out, consider replacing them as soon as possible.

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