How Truck Tires Affect Fuel Efficiency – Choosing Fuel Efficient Tires

Several factors influence the rate at which your truck consumes fuel. The wheels and tires might seem to be the least that can have such an impact, but they play a more significant role in how your truck consumes fuel. Large tires are heavy, reducing fuel economy, while small tires are light, increasing fuel economy. Bigger tires require more effort and resistance to rotation, but the larger tire will increase fuel efficiency when you drive more freeway at high speed. Let us now delve deep on understanding how truck tires affect fuel efficiency.

How Truck Tires Affect Fuel Efficiency – Choosing Fuel Efficient Tires

Low tire pressure creates road resistance making your truck burn more fuel to keep the truck going. The air pressure can also affect the rate at which your truck consumes fuel. You can fix this by regularly checking the tire pressure.

Tires treads have an impact on the fuel economy. The treads assist in braking in bad weather. If you use rugged tires meant for off-roading but rarely drive off-road, your truck will likely consume more fuel. You can purchase street tires to reduce fuel consumption for your truck.

If your tire has good air pressure, good size, and good treads, but still your truck consumes more fuel, consider checking the wheels. Most truck wheels are made of heavy steel, which impacts fuel consumption. In such a case, replace them with lighter alloy wheels. Alloy wheels will reduce the weight of the truck and minimize its resistance. Fixing alloy wheels may affect the type of tires you choose for your truck. Some alloy wheels require big tires, which might interfere with fuel efficiency.

Choosing Fuel Efficienct Tires

Fuel-efficient tires are costly but very economical over time. The fuel prices are scaling higher and higher, so you need to minimize the rate at which your truck consumes fuel. Choosing fuel-efficient tires will help you to do this. 

When buying tires, you will keep in mind the resistance levels, performance, and fuel consumption. Tires with the above features are less marketed but are the best fuel economy. Tires with eco-friendly marks, low rolling resistance, and all-season tire provide the best fuel economy.

To reduce fuel consumption by 5%, improve the rolling resistance of your tires. There are tires with less rolling resistance in the market. If you want to find such tires, consider going through the online consumer report charts. 

There are many fuel economy tires you can choose from at the market. Take your time to look at the features of each and compare. For example, check the Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG) of various tires you have in mind. Check the one with the highest ratings of traction and tread wear. Tires with increased tread wear and traction ratings perform better and are fuel efficient.


The tires your truck runs on can make it consume more or less fuel. The fuel prices are rising, and it is necessary to choose the kind of tires that will enable you to save some money. The tire, tread, and air pressure can make your truck consume more or less fuel. When buying a new tire set, buying those will reduce your fuel expenses is necessary.

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