What Happens When Truck Transmission Fluid is Low?

A healthy truck has many unsung heroes, one being the transmission fluid. Most motor oil discussions tend to ignore this hero. To keep your truck in a proper working condition, you must maintain the proper levels of this oil. In this comprehensive guide, we will be looking at the things that can happen when truck transmission fluid is low.

What is Transmission Fluid?

Many truck owners are familiar with engine oil because it is one of the parts of your truck that needs a regular checkup. On the other hand, the transmission fluid is less known even though it is an important fluid in your truck. The transmission fluid plays the role of ensuring that all the parts of the gearbox operate smoothly without grinding. It is this fluid that ensures that your truck is shifting with ease. The market offers various types of transmission fluid. For you to be on the safer side, it is necessary to consult your mechanic before buying one for your truck.

Leakages in the transmission system can result in low transmission fluid. If the transmission level goes down, this will happen to your truck.

The Gears Will Slip

Your truck cannot generate adequate transmission pressure when low transmission fluid, making the gears slip. When your gears slip, you will not have smooth acceleration, and you will realize that your truck is reaching high rpm but is moving slowly. When you feel such, you have gear slippage.

Difficulty in Shifting Gears

Difficulty in shifting gears will be the first challenge you will experience when your transmission fluid level goes down. Hard transmission can occur in both manual and automatic transmission trucks. In addition to this, you will also experience lurches when you try to shift gears. If your truck develops shifting problems, take it for a mechanical checkup as soon as possible.

Your Transmission will Overheat

The transmission system has various moving parts. The transmission fluid’s role is to lubricate and ensure that these parts run smoothly. If the levels of the transmission fluid are low, the transmission system will not be able to receive adequate lubrication, and the moving parts will rub against each other, which will generate heat.

There are different ways to know that your transmission fluid is overheating. Commonly, you will feel a burning and excess noise from your transmission system. In such situations, your transmission system will be overheating.

The Performance of Your Truck Will Reduce

The role of the transmission system is to transmit power from the engine to the wheels. Most system parts will not work effectively with low transmission fluid levels. You will feel this when your truck starts to be lazy and picks up slowly when accelerating. You will also feel the engine is at high rpm, but your truck is sluggish. All this will happen to your truck if transmission fluid levels are low. 


Taking care of your transmission system is one of the proper automotive maintenance you should consider doing. Low transmission fluids can lead to complicated truck issues. If your transmission fluid is low, the above will likely happen to your truck. Refilling your transmission fluid can prevent most of these from happening to your truck.

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