What are the Signs of Low Transmission Fluid?

It is the role of the transmission system to deliver the power from the engine to the wheels of your truck. Standard trucks have either manual or automatic transmissions. All these types of transmission depend on the transmission fluid to operate smoothly. In this guide, we will look at signs of low transmission fluid which should help you act fast.

What is Transmission Fluid?

The transmission fluid plays the role of lubricating the transmission system. Apart from lubrication, the transmission fluid is responsible for the smooth operation of the torque converter, valve operation, and transmission cooling. 

The transmission fluid is an important component of your transmission system. For this matter, it is necessary to flush your transmission fluid and replace it more often. It is necessary to check on the transmission fluid after covering 60,000 miles. Leakages, among other reasons, can result in low transmission fluid. In such a case, you will feel some signs. This guide will focus on some signs of low transmission fluid.

Signs of Low Transmission Fluid

Here are some signs that you need to change the transmission fluid in your truck.


A perfect working transmission system will not produce any sound when working. It shifts gears and converts torque smoothly. The transmission system produces sound depending on the type of transmission. For example, the manual transmission grind when shifting gears, and the automatic transmission can produce a whining sound.  

When you hear any of the above sounds from your transmission system, check the level of the transmission fluid. It is not easy to do this alone because the transmission is enclosed. Consider visiting your mechanic. 

Burning Smell

There are various reasons you might feel a burning smell in your truck, including an overheating transmission fluid which shows that the level of your transmission fluid is low. One of the roles of transmission fluid is to cool down the transmission system. The system will overheat when there is a high rate of friction in its components which causes the build-up of gunk and ends up corroding the transmission system. 


The transmission fluid in the transmission system plays the role of lubrication. Apart from this, it also cleans and conditions the seals around the transmission system. Leakages are some of the common problems of the transmission system. The color of the transmission fluid varies. It might be red or dark green. If you see fluid with such color under your truck is evidence that your transmission fluid is leaking. Leakages reduce the levels of the transmission fluid. 

Slipping Gears

When your transmission is healthy, the shift between gears will be very smooth, and you will not feel any slippage. If the level of the transmission fluid is low, the gear will miss when you try to shift and when this happens, you will feel a grinding sensation.

In the beginning, gear slippage might be a small problem, but if ignored can escalate into major issues in the future. 

Poor acceleration

Low levels of fluid transmission will lead to poor acceleration, or your truck will be slow to pick up when you press the acceleration pedal. When this happens, consider inspecting your transmission system.


It is necessary to understand the signs of low transmission fluid as they will enable you to determine if the transmission fluid levels are low. 

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