How Often Should You Change The Transmission Fluid?

The transmission system has various components, such as the gears. For the transmission system to function effectively, its parts will be in constant motion and rub against each other. The continuous movement and rubbing against each other make the components of the transmission system wear out. How often should you change the transmission fluid? The transmission system needs to be kept in good working condition.

What is Transmission Fluid?

The transmission fluid plays the role of lubricating the transmission components of your truck. When the transmission system is functioning, the gears constantly rub against each other, making them wear out and generate heat. The transmission fluid’s role is to ensure that parts of the transmission system work smoothly and absorb the heat generated as the transmission system is working.

How Often Should You Change Your Transmission Fluid?

To make a solid decision on when to change the transmission fluid of your truck, follow this guideline. The essential reference point is your service manual. If your manual does not have information about transmission fluid replacement, you can use the following factors to determine when to change your transmission fluid.

The Type of Your Transmission

Manual and automatic transmissions are the common types of transmission. These two transmission fluids have different working principles and can never use the same transmission fluid. In an automatic transmission, the fluid degenerates faster because of the high heat generated from the hydraulic pressure. On the other hand, transmission fluid contamination is a common problem with manual transmission. The manual transmission has many moving parts, which lead to contamination of the transmission fluid.

From the above illustrations, automatic and manual transmission have varied reasons that degrade their transmission fluid. To protect your transmission system, you must change the transmission fluid at 100,000 miles for automatic transmission and 60,000miles for manual transmission.

Driving Habits

When you drive more in normal conditions, it is needless to keep changing your transmission fluid. You will need to change your transmission fluid more often when driving under the following conditions.

Regular towing of heavy goods using your truck.

When driving slowly over a long period.

You drive more often on bad terrains.

Depending on where and how you drive your truck, it is necessary to change your transmission fluid when you reach 15,000 mileage for the manual truck but 30,000 for an automatic truck.

Signs that You Need to Change Your Transmission System

You must know the three signs that your transmission fluid needs to be changed.

Visual Signs

Leakages and color changes are some visual signs that your transmission fluid needs to be changed. The warning light might appear on your dashboard.

Audible Signs

Low transmission fluid makes the transmission system produce weird sounds which are not appealing to the ears.

Tactile Signs

Changes in the way your truck drives are some of the tactile signs you should be keen on as they will signal a low transmission fluid.


The transmission fluid gives your transmission system life, and it is necessary to know when the transmission system of your truck needs new transmission fluid.

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