Troubleshooting Faulty Injector of Diesel Truck

Diesel injectors are essential for the normal running of the diesel engine. The injectors’ role is to supply fuel into the combustion chamber. The injectors might go bad and fail to function effectively. If such happens, you need to identify and fix the issue as soon as possible. It is necessary to avoid overlooking any symptom that your diesel engine fuel injectors are becoming faulty. This guide shall elaborate on some signs of a faulty injector of diesel truck which you must know as an owner of a diesel-powered truck. 

It is the role of the injectors to ensure that the combustion chamber receives the right amount of fuel at the right time to keep burning. The injector has a body and nozzle, enabling it to work effectively. 

Sometimes the injectors might develop cracks or start to wear out. How will you know that your fuel injector is wearing out?

Symptoms of a Faulty Injector of Diesel Truck

Having a short lifespan is common for diesel fuel injectors. A diesel injector is expected to serve you for at least or not more than 150,000 kilometers. If you use them more than this, they will start to wear out and become ineffective. Here are some signs of a faulty diesel injector.

When Your Engine Sputters as You Accelerate

You will likely notice a faulty injector when you press the accelerator pedal. Your diesel pump will not be able to put up with the fuel pressure from the tank when you accelerate, which results in spattering. If this happens, consider taking your truck for a mechanical check-up.

The appearance of the Engine Check Light

Modern truck engines have sensors that sense issues with any engine part and send it to the dashboard. If your diesel fuel pumps are faulty, the engine check light will likely appear on your dashboard because it will likely cause other engine problems. If the engine check light appears, take your truck for a computer scan to read the error code. Doing this will help in further troubleshooting. 

The computer will interpret the error code, and if it reveals that the code results from engine misfiring, consider checking the condition of your glow plugs before checking the fuel injectors. 

Low Fuel Economy

When your diesel injector becomes faulty, your truck will consume more fuel. High fuel consumption affects the performance of your truck, and its efficiency will reduce. And if you delay repairing your truck, this can lead to severe damage.

Diesel Smell

When there is a problem with the fuel injectors, your truck will smell like diesel. In such a situation, your diesel injectors are badly damaged, and diesel leaks into your engine. A faulty injector will let diesel flow when it is not required, exposing too much fuel in the engine. In such a case, you will feel the smell of diesel in your cabin when driving. 


Leakages or dirty injectors are common problems with diesel injectors. Such problems lead to the signs mentioned above. To keep your truck in good shape, ensure your injector is always clean.

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