Used Dump Body Mini Truck –Choosing The Right Dump Body

Don’t we all just love the flexibility and advantages that come along with dump bed mini trucks? If you have owned a mini truck or at least used one for some time, then you already know how good these vehicles are. Although small and perhaps a little lower when it comes to engine capacity, the mini trucks are graced for their superior performance and low cost of running.

However, due to wear and tear, you need to make replacements on some parts to continue getting the same quality service. Among the most crucial parts is the bed box (body) which requires one to be extra cautions when making the replacement. In this article, we will go through some of the best tips to check out for when you are looking for a used dump body mini truck.

What To Look for When Buying A Dump Body Mini Truck

Here are some of the crucial things to look for when you are looking to invest on a dump body mini tuck kit.

Floor Of The Bed

The floor is perhaps the most important part of your mini truck’s bed. It is the base where everything lays; be it concrete for construction, farm produce or anything else, the strength and the general condition of the bed floor is of great concern. This is because the main purpose of a dump bed mini truck is to carry around loads which simply mean that the better the floor of the bed, the more load it is able to handle without any issues. It is therefore important that you ensure that the floor of bed is in top shape.

General Toughness Of The Body

The other thing that you wouldn’t like to ignore is how the body has been built to last and become durable. This determines how long the body will serve you in the long run, as well as how it is able to handle different loads. Depending on what you plan on using the mini truck, how tough it is will tell you how it is able to handle that task. If you are planning on using it for heavy work such as using it to carry around heavy equipment for construction, then it should be tough enough to withstand the conditions that it will be subjected to.

How Old Is The Body?

Even though you are looking at a pre-owned vehicle, it shouldn’t be dead old. The older the body, the higher the chances that it could be faulty or of lower quality. This therefore means that the age and how the body has been used before is something that you cannot take lightly. It could mean the difference between good and faulty. Getting a newer, but used dump body mini truck should be something of higher consideration, since you are more likely to get a new used body in perfect condition.

Check The Hydraulic Lifting System

dump bed mini truckWhat is a dump bed mini truck without a hydraulic lift system? If you can’t have it lift, then it is not a dump bed mini truck at all. Hydraulic system is one of the most common issues that dump bed mini trucks have and as such, you need to make sure that whatever you are getting (if it comes with a hydraulic lift system), should be in good condition. Something that is very important when you are going for a dump bed mini truck is how the hydraulic lift system works. Unless you are planning to fit another lift system later on, you need to make sure that it lifts high enough and that it pulls itself down without any issues. This will guarantee you that you will get good service from the dump bed.

Body Compatibility

Not all bodies perfectly fir with just any type of vehicle. Although you may come across some models fitting well with another, it doesn’t always mean that it will always perform at its best. When you get a body that you presume to fit well and doesn’t, then you might experience poor stability which in turn leads to poor quality service. Make sure that the model and parts match before buying that used dump body mini truck.

Do Thorough Instruction On The Bed

Lastly, but most importantly, you need to do your homework by doing your due diligence to ensure that everything on the dump bed is in perfect shape. There are many parts of a dump bed and due to the nature of these trucks handling different tasks. Here are some that you need to take care of in your checklist;

  • Cab protector – This is the part that protects the cab from damage if risky loads fall on the cab. Although not necessary in mini trucks, it could be if you are going to be handling risky tasks that could drop on the cab.
  • Front Wall
  • Tailgate
  • Understructure
  • Drop pin for the tailgate opening and closing.
  • Drop side up capabilities
  • The bed tarping system
  • Lower tailgate latching hardware to ensure good lock when transporting

All these are some of the things that you need to ensure are in good condition before investing on a used dump body mini truck.

Final Word:

When you have a faulty dump body mini truck, there is always that option to get a new one. But if you are on a budget, then you should get one that is used. However, there are many things to keep in mind when you are choosing a used dump body kit. Hopefully the tips above have been useful in giving you some pointers on what to look for when buying a used dump body mini truck.

If you come into some problems finding the right one, you can always get in touch with us. We have been dealing with Japanese mini tucks for many years and you are always welcome to check some of the used mini trucks and mini vans in our listings page. We also help you by shipping the vehicle to your destination port.

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