Mini Trucks For Sale UK (United Kingdom)

Japanese mini trucks have become very popular these days and they are spreading across the globe fast. Not only are they loved for their incredible dependability but they also serve as the perfect alternative for pickup trucks as well as trucks. If you are in the UK and considering getting a mini truck, then there are a few options that you have to get your vehicle. The first one is to buy from your local dealer and the other one is to consider importing from Japan. Both are good options to get your mini truck but importing it has more advantages than buying from the local dealer.

Buying and importing a vehicle from Japan to the United Kingdom, shouldn’t be a hard nut to crack. In this write-up, we will go through a number of things why you should consider importing a mini truck from Japan to the UK. Here we go;


Whenever the local car dealer imports a vehicle, it is obvious that they are up to make profits. The sad thing about it is that many of them hike the cost of these vehicles making it super-expensive for one to acquire them.

It even becomes less costly when you consider a used mini truck. Used mini trucks are ideal for people who would like to save on buying a vehicle, but still need to enjoy the high performance of these small beasts. Since the Japanese government imposes higher taxes on older vehicles, people would do anything to get rid of them and acquire newer ones which are cheaper to run. If you are ready to dive in and pick a pre-owned vehicle, then you will get it at a bargain. We have plenty of these used mini trucks in our listings page, so be sure to have a look at some of them and we will help you import it to any port in the UK.

Beyond all this, you can as well consider to get your mini truck from the auctions. Japan auction houses are among the busiest in the world where there are over 20,000 daily auction deals going down. And the good thing is that you don’t have to be physically present to participate in the auctions.

Importing From Japan Is Easier Than You Think

Ever gone to your local dealer and they start giving you excuses why they are selling their Japanese mini trucks for a high price tag? In many instances, the excuse of import expenses pops up, but that isn’t the reality. In fact shipping a vehicle from Japan to the UK doesn’t need to be a big hassle as many of us think. There is little paperwork involved that you will need to file with the authorities and from there, the rest is super easy. Here at Substar, we help our customers across the globe by offering an added shipping service which is perfect for anyone that doesn’t have any experience with shipping. Once your vehicle reaches the destined port, you can easily take care of the clearances and registering it. You can as well opt to hire a clearing broker to take care of that.

This is something that many dealers won’t like you to know because you will not buy from them. Importing your own Japanese mini truck could take a few weeks to arrive, but it is worth the wait if you are someone who would like to save and also get a high quality vehicle.

Variety To Choose From

When you are looking around for a vehicle, the best way to do it is to always shop around and compare with others. But what happens when you don’t have much to compare with? You will definitely get something of a lower quality, or probably something that you didn’t expect. On the other side of the scale, you can opt to go with the import option which gives you the chance to choose from a variety of many used Japanese mini trucks.

With dozens of Japanese car dealer websites including this one, where there are thousands of mini trucks and other vehicles, you can easily get your preferred vehicle and choose from a variety. This not only helps you to filter out some of the faulty ones, but it also guarantees you that you are getting the best value since you can compare the prices. If getting your vehicle through auctions, you can also get it at a price tag that you decide on. If you would like to get a vehicle through the Japanese auctions, you can always get in touch with us and we will help you get that vehicle at the cost you needm, or even for less.

Final Word:

Japanese mini trucks are becoming everyone’s favorite and they are loved for a vast number of advantages. Apparently, not most people get the best of these mini trucks and others have had to pay hefty prices while they can get them for a fraction of that cost. Hopefully, the guide above has been great and will help you know how to get your mini truck.

Although the shipping process could take a few weeks before you get your mini truck imported from Japan to the UK, it could be a well worthy wait as compared to when you could have picked a mini truck from your dealer which limits you in many things. The advantages of getting a cheaper alternative smooth import and a variety to choose from is something that you just can’t ignore.

Please take some time to check out some of the used mini trucks for sale in our listings page. You will come across dozens of them including mini vans. We have mini trucks from the leading brand makers including the Suzuki “Carry, Daihatsu Hijet, Subaru Sambar, Mitsubishi Mini Cab mini truck among others. Reach out to us if you need more details on a particular vehicle that you are interested in. We will ship the vehicle for you and you can forget about every shipping hassle such as insurance and others.

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