Are Nissan Vanette Mini Trucks Good?

Nissan Vanette is one of the best Japanese mini trucks in the market. Despite not being as popular as most of the other kei trucks, they still pack a punch. They have been around for many years and having one of these mini trucks will surely be a good investment. But are these Nissan Vanette mini trucks good or just over-hyped? Well, let us go through some of the things that makes them good and lovable by many people out there. This should help you decide on whether you should get it or not.

What Makes Nissan Vanette Mini Trucks Good?

From when the Japanese mini trucks came about in the 1950s, a lot has taken place. There has been a lot in terms of their evolution. Nissan has been part of the history making some of the best vehicles including the Vanette.

Here are some of the factors that makes the Nissan Vanettes good mini trucks worth investing in.

Good Performance

A vehicle can only be best defined by the performance that it has. Nobody would want a vehicle that offers poor performance. But knowing which one to go with is sometimes tricky. But one thing that you can be certain is that the Nissan Vanettes will deliver. They have stood the test of time and proven to be the real deal.

Amazing Fuel Economy

Like most of the Japanese mini trucks, the Nissan Vanettes are designed with small engines. The small engine size means that less fuel is needed for the vehicle to run. But their efficiency has been optimized to deliver maximum output. You can do pretty much anything that you can think of with this vehicle. From being used off road to hauling lots of load, they will not disappoint. They can go a long way on little amount of fuel. It is therefore justified to say that these vehicles have excellent efficiency.

Low Maintenance

The Nissan Vanette is also a low maintenance vehicle. It does not demand much in terms of repairs and regular maintenance. Having a vehicle that is low maintenance is great because it means that it costs less to operate.

Best Value For The Money

Japanese mini trucks in general have a good reputation of being cheap. To that score, the Nissan Vanette mini truck too is an incredible vehicle that comes at an affordable cost. This makes it a good vehicle that is worth putting your money on.


The Nissan Vanette might not be the most popular of the kei trucks in the market, but they definitely pack a punch in performance and reliability. They are also affordable and will give you the best bang for the buck.

If you have made up your mind and want this mini truck, then we’ve got your back. Be sure to check out some of the Nissan Vanette mini trucks we are selling in our listing page. You will find some handpicked ones that are in crisp condition. We can also help you with the shipping of the vehicle.

Various Uses Of Japanese Mini Trucks

Japanese mini trucks have become the talk of the town these days. These vehicles which are of course originating from Japan are among the most sold vehicle units. Considering that they have been in development for many decades, it is enough evidence that they are very useful and dependable. So, should you get yourself one of these Japanese mini trucks? Whatever task you need to be done, there are lot so things that you can always count on Japanese mini trucks to deliver on.

To help you find out whether you need one of the Japanese mini tucks, then we’ve put together this comprehensive guide, detailing all you need to know about them and where they can be used. This will also help you understand whether you should get one for yourself.

Overview & Understanding Japanese Mini Trucks

What exactly is a Japanese mini truck? These trucks are always called Kei mini trucks locally and have been in existence since time in memorial. The primary purpose of Japanese mini trucks was to help do errands that cannot be run on some other types of vehicles. It functions the same way any other truck does and the incredible performance that they come with has made them lovable in every way.

First off, they are made by some of the leading car markers in the industry. These are the likes of Daihatsu, Subaru, Suzuki and Hyundai. Having such automakers on boas makes these vehicles exceptional and knowing the reliability of these brands makes them even better. So if you have always been worried about the quality of vehicle that you are getting, then the knowledge that these are solidly built vehicles that have undergone some of the best technology and engineering should ease your mind and instill more confidence in Japanese mini trucks.

One other thing worth noting is that the market of second hand Japanese mini trucks is growing at a very fast rate. People are looking to save on vehicles and still get something quality, which is all you get from Japanese mini trucks. They will give you good value for the money if you get the right one to buy. If you are looking for a high quality vehicle that is dependable without spending too much, then getting a second hand Japanese mini truck will get you going.

Why they Are Getting So Popular

kei mini trucks

The popularity of Japanese mini trucks has surged simply due to a number of things. First, their performance is excellent. This owes to the fact that a lot has gone into it in terms of engineering and mechanics. This has made them very reliable, even way more as compared to other types of vehicles you will find in the market. If you are after performance in a vehicle, then the Japanese mini trucks do not disappoint when it comes to this.

Secondly, they are very easy when it comes to maintaining them. They are not so demanding when it comes to this and you can go a long way without experiencing breakdowns or the need to repair them. We all love a vehicle that is easy to maintain and with the Japanese mini tucks, you will love this experience.

Fuel efficiency is yet another thing that most car owners are always keen on, and with Japanese mini trucks you will love the fact that they are very economical and only seep a little yet give you good mileage coverage in the process. Who wouldn’t want to have such a vehicle? Of course we all do, and you are guaranteed to love this factor about the Japanese mini trucks.

The next reason why you would want to have a mini truck is because they are very affordable. These vehicles aren’t as complex as one would think. They come at a very affordable price when compared to pick up trucks and other trucks in this class. And you shouldn’t let that fool you in any way. They are very reliable and many people find them to be one of the most valuable investment. To add to that, these vehicles are built to be very hardy and they can last a lifetime. So, even getting a second hand Japanese mini truck which are often way affordable is a good investment.

Finally, there are many things that you can use the Japanese mini trucks for, and this guide has been primarily created to detail some of the errands that you can use it on. Below is a more comprehensive guide detailing some of the tasks that you can use a mini truck for.


Many hunters across the world often needs a vehicle that they can travel with through the woods with a lot of ease. The Japanese mini tucks, most preferably the bed mini tucks are excellent choice when it comes to this. Besides having just a bed, the bed trucks are just like any other pick up trucks and have enough power to easily maneuver through almost any kind of terrain out there. They are also lightweight and easy to maneuver with.

Depending on the kind of roads that you expect in you hunting operation, you can get a 4 wheel mini truck or just settle for a 2 wheel if it is not that harsh. Otherwise, a Japanese mini tuck can be really helpful to hunters out there. This has to show that you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money customizing a vehicle just to use it for hunting.

Construction Work

Are you into the construction business and always find yourself needing to transport materials from one site to another? The spacious bed that you will find in Japanese dump bed mini trucks together with the dump bed functionality gives handy construction guys an invaluable hand and a way to easily transport their raw materials as well as equipment from one place to the other. So, if you have always found yourself stranded and sometimes wonder how to easily transport such tools, equipment and raw materials, then getting yourself an affordable Japanese mini truck should help you achieve what you wish. Being affordable, easy to maintain and consuming less fuel as compared to other types of vehicles on this class, you will see real value investing in a Japanese mini truck.

Although the Japanese mini trucks cannot be used efficiently for large construction tasks, they can be really helpful for small to medium sized construction work.


If you are a serious farmer who has invested a lot in producing good yields, then you have to make sure that you have a good vehicle that helps you deliver produce to carry farm materials or equipment to the farm and back with a lot of ease. Although people use pick up trucks mostly, sometimes it calls for a more affordable and simpler option, and that is when you should get a Japanese mini truck.

Among the most convenient Japanese mini truck that you can use for farming includes those designed with beds. Due to their sizeable beds and versatility, you can easily carry produce or farm materials and equipment with a lot of ease.


caravan mini trucks from Japan

Camping has become a favorite outdoor activity to many people out there. The problem is that getting a caravan is sometimes too expensive which makes it impossible for many of us to enjoy some quality time outdoors. Surprisingly Japanese mini trucks do offer good options to people who want to spend time outdoors. there are specialized Japanese mini trucks called Caravan mini trucks which are designed to look like any other caravan truck you would find in the market.

So if you are looking for a way to save tons of cash or don’t have too much to spend on a brand new caravan truck, then a mini sized Japanese caravan mini truck will surely come in handy. The low maintenance, low fuel consumption and reliability that comes with the Caravan mini trucks will also come as a plus.

Final Verdict

Although Japanese mini trucks haven’t taken over every street across the globe, they surely are making a noise and getting well known and loved by many people out there. If you are looking for a way to move things around, then the Japanese mini trucks are a priority that one should consider getting. From carrying farm produce to moving construction equipment from one place to the other, they have proven to be invaluable in every way.

Buying a Japanese mini truck isn’t also that hard and you can even do it online and have it shipped to your country or state without any hard work on your part. You may also want to check out some of the second hand Japanese mini trucks in our car listing page. There you will get tons of caravan mini trucks, dump bed mini trucks, and pretty much every kind of second hand Japanese vehicle that you may want to buy. We will help you have it shipped easily and fast to your country wherever you are.

Getting A Good Caravan Mini Truck For Camping

Do you plan on going camping anytime soon? Or do you want to live an easy camper life traveling across borders? If you have always wanted to travel and tour the world the easy way, then getting a camper is one of the best ways that one can do that. However, campers can turn out to be an expensive option that most of us would not consider. So which is the best option when you find yourself on this spot? You can simply consider getting a Japanese mini truck caravan, a vehicle that pretty much looks like any other camper, only a little different.

The Japanese caravan mini truck is made by different automakers which includes the Subaru Sambar, Suzuki, Daihatsu and Mitsubishi. They are similar and almost have identical features, so whichever you choose, you are good to go.

Why Choose A Japanese Caravan Mini Truck

Here are some of the reasons why you would fall in love with the Japanese caravan mini trucks.


Like you already know, getting a new camper comes with a hefty price tag which leaves most people considering second hand campers. But something that is even better when it comes to affordability is the Japanese caravan mini truck. Japanese automakers have built themselves a reputation over the years and as compared to many others, these ingeniously designed vehicles come at costs that re hard to beat. It is even better when you get a second hand mini truck as the price is even lower. And these vehicles aren’t just affordable because they are cheaply manufactured, but there are many reasons and factors such as increase in insurance rates that force owners to sell their second hand vehicle.


We all want a vehicle that we can depend on whenever we are using them. One that doesn’t deliver isn’t worth investing and paying attention to. So when buying a vehicle, you should always make sure that out are going to count on it to deliver. In the case of the caravan mini truck, you’d want to make sure that you can easily go out camping and get the best out of everything that it comes with. Japanese autos have evolved through time and the good thing about that is that there have been major improvements which has only made these vehicles better over time. Getting yourself a Japanese mini truck will be one of the best investments that you have ever made since it simply delivers and lives up to the expectations.

Economical And Low Cost Of Maintenance

Another thing that we all love is a vehicle that doesn’t guzzle a lot of fuel and with the Japanese mini trucks, which have been designed with a smaller but efficient engine capacity, you will enjoy and love the how easy these vehicles consume less fuel yet are able to go a long way. If you are also in the hunt for a vehicle that is easy and cheap to maintain, you will love the fact that getting one of these will impress you. They rarely need more than the basic maintenance and will give you more smiles.

They Can Be Used Anywhere

A big concern that most people have is whether the vehicle that they are getting will be able to go through the rugged roads and handle the harsh conditions of some roads. The good news is that the Japanese mini trucks are designed to be used on all roads and to give you even better performance in utterly rough roads, you can opt to get a 4X4 wheel drive caravan mini truck that can go anywhere and deliver to your expectations. Whether you are going through a muddy terrain or going on a slopy hillside camping, these caravan mini trucks will meet all the requirements that you need and deliver accordingly. You should therefore get these vehicles without any hardship and without going through many hassles.

They Are Easy to import Than You Think

blankDid you know that importing a vehicle is an easy process? While most people consider it to be a hard nut to crack making them even not want to think about it, the importation process is an easy one that anyone who is anywhere can do. Whether you are in Australia, New Zealand Canada or the United States, importing a vehicle from Japan shouldn’t be a hard process but an easy one that can be done at the comfort of you living room. You should however do some steps and take precautions to avoid the rising online scams which could see you lose a lot of money in the process. You can also decide to use the service of an expert who can do the everything from the transaction steps to all the paperwork so that you can have the vehicle delivered to your doorstep the easy way. So, if you have always had doubts and contemplated of importing a vehicle, you can easily do that. You may also opt to get in touch with us and we will help you do that.


Getting a new camper could turn out to be expensive which many people would not afford. As such, it is advisable that one consider getting a second hand Japanese mini truck caravan, which is pretty similar to what you would get with any other camper out there. Being an affordable yet reliable and loved or high performance, there is no reason to not get one of these caravan mini trucks.

We have plenty of them in our car listings page which you can check out and consider getting. You can always get in touch with us for more details on the caravan mini tucks as well as many other mini trucks and mini vans that we have in our sales yard. With many years in the industry, we are trustworthy and can guarantee you good quality service as well as helping you have the vehicle shipped o your country or state, wherever you are. We are certain that you will love the quality of vehicles and service that you get from us.

Used Dump Body Mini Truck –Choosing The Right Dump Body

Don’t we all just love the flexibility and advantages that come along with dump bed mini trucks? If you have owned a mini truck or at least used one for some time, then you already know how good these vehicles are. Although small and perhaps a little lower when it comes to engine capacity, the mini trucks are graced for their superior performance and low cost of running.

However, due to wear and tear, you need to make replacements on some parts to continue getting the same quality service. Among the most crucial parts is the bed box (body) which requires one to be extra cautions when making the replacement. In this article, we will go through some of the best tips to check out for when you are looking for a used dump body mini truck.

What To Look for When Buying A Dump Body Mini Truck

Here are some of the crucial things to look for when you are looking to invest on a dump body mini tuck kit.

Floor Of The Bed

The floor is perhaps the most important part of your mini truck’s bed. It is the base where everything lays; be it concrete for construction, farm produce or anything else, the strength and the general condition of the bed floor is of great concern. This is because the main purpose of a dump bed mini truck is to carry around loads which simply mean that the better the floor of the bed, the more load it is able to handle without any issues. It is therefore important that you ensure that the floor of bed is in top shape.

General Toughness Of The Body

The other thing that you wouldn’t like to ignore is how the body has been built to last and become durable. This determines how long the body will serve you in the long run, as well as how it is able to handle different loads. Depending on what you plan on using the mini truck, how tough it is will tell you how it is able to handle that task. If you are planning on using it for heavy work such as using it to carry around heavy equipment for construction, then it should be tough enough to withstand the conditions that it will be subjected to.

How Old Is The Body?

Even though you are looking at a pre-owned vehicle, it shouldn’t be dead old. The older the body, the higher the chances that it could be faulty or of lower quality. This therefore means that the age and how the body has been used before is something that you cannot take lightly. It could mean the difference between good and faulty. Getting a newer, but used dump body mini truck should be something of higher consideration, since you are more likely to get a new used body in perfect condition.

Check The Hydraulic Lifting System

dump bed mini truckWhat is a dump bed mini truck without a hydraulic lift system? If you can’t have it lift, then it is not a dump bed mini truck at all. Hydraulic system is one of the most common issues that dump bed mini trucks have and as such, you need to make sure that whatever you are getting (if it comes with a hydraulic lift system), should be in good condition. Something that is very important when you are going for a dump bed mini truck is how the hydraulic lift system works. Unless you are planning to fit another lift system later on, you need to make sure that it lifts high enough and that it pulls itself down without any issues. This will guarantee you that you will get good service from the dump bed.

Body Compatibility

Not all bodies perfectly fir with just any type of vehicle. Although you may come across some models fitting well with another, it doesn’t always mean that it will always perform at its best. When you get a body that you presume to fit well and doesn’t, then you might experience poor stability which in turn leads to poor quality service. Make sure that the model and parts match before buying that used dump body mini truck.

Do Thorough Instruction On The Bed

Lastly, but most importantly, you need to do your homework by doing your due diligence to ensure that everything on the dump bed is in perfect shape. There are many parts of a dump bed and due to the nature of these trucks handling different tasks. Here are some that you need to take care of in your checklist;

  • Cab protector – This is the part that protects the cab from damage if risky loads fall on the cab. Although not necessary in mini trucks, it could be if you are going to be handling risky tasks that could drop on the cab.
  • Front Wall
  • Tailgate
  • Understructure
  • Drop pin for the tailgate opening and closing.
  • Drop side up capabilities
  • The bed tarping system
  • Lower tailgate latching hardware to ensure good lock when transporting

All these are some of the things that you need to ensure are in good condition before investing on a used dump body mini truck.

Final Word:

When you have a faulty dump body mini truck, there is always that option to get a new one. But if you are on a budget, then you should get one that is used. However, there are many things to keep in mind when you are choosing a used dump body kit. Hopefully the tips above have been useful in giving you some pointers on what to look for when buying a used dump body mini truck.

If you come into some problems finding the right one, you can always get in touch with us. We have been dealing with Japanese mini tucks for many years and you are always welcome to check some of the used mini trucks and mini vans in our listings page. We also help you by shipping the vehicle to your destination port.

4 Wheel Drive Mini Truck – Should You Buy One?

Japanese mini trucks are getting popular day by day and they are loved for a number of things which are hardly found in many other utility vehicles. Among the features and capabilities that makes the Japanese mini trucks stand out includes the 4 wheel drive capability which augments its drivetrain and take performance to the next level. With a 4X4 capability, a vehicle is able to maneuver and easily handle all terrain roads with more ease since all the four wheels are engaged.

To help you decide on whether you need a 4 wheel drive mini truck, we will go through some of the things about the Kei mini trucks as well as give you some basic maintenance tips to get the best out of the mini truck.

Why Choose A 4 Wheel Drive Mini Truck From Japan?

Here are some of the reasons why you’d want to get yourself a 4X4 mini truck to run your daily errands.

Incredible Performance

Japanese kei trucks have been in use for many years and they are made by some of the leading car makers in the world. The fact that these car makers have a good track record of making vehicles is an assurance that the mini trucks are also top notch in performance. These vehicles are built to last and their bodies are hardy enough to endure in any terrain and weather conditions. And you don’t have to take our word for that; the vehicles have been in use and every mini truck owner will testify that they deliver great performance.

Reliable On All Terrain Roads

With a 4X4 switch capability to engage all wheels, traction is increased (doubled) which means that the vehicle can easily maneuver through murky roads and those that many 2 wheel drive vehicles wont dare. This is a feature that usually comes in handy if you regularly take the off roads carrying some loads from one place to the other. If you have always had doubts on the vehicle that you need to buy, on whether it will handle your off road tasks, then you should try the 4X4 mini truck.


Just visit the car dealer around you today and see for yourself the crazy figures quoted for any utility vehicle. Although these vehicles are high in terms of carrying capacity, you will rarely need to haul stuffs that a mini tuck won’t carry. So why buy a pickup truck that costs you an arm and leg to buy while a Japanese mini truck comes at a fraction of that?

Furthermore, you will love the fact that in Japan, mini trucks are being dumped at throw away costs by their owners who are seeking to get newer vehicles that attract less tax which the Japanese government does on older vehicles. So why not get yourself a used Japanese mini truck today and save yourself tons of cash.

Low Maintenance Costs and Economical

Don’t we all just love vehicles that don’t demand much when it comes to visiting the repair shop? If you have experienced a vehicle that guzzles up on fuel and maintenance, then you already know the kind of nightmare you want to avoid. Lucky enough, the Japanese mini trucks (kei) have a good reputation for being economical and low maintenance.

Be it hunting, carrying construction materials and equipment to the site or just running light weight tasks that demand an efficient vehicle that is both economical and has low maintenance, this is the vehicle that you need.

Basic Maintenance To Get The Best From Your 4 Wheel Drive Mini Truck

blankChange oil regularly – Moving parts need lubrication which comes from oiling and greasing. With time these lubricants start to lose their efficacy and need to be replaced. This will ensure that you get better performance and avoid parts breaking apart.

Regular wiring and lights maintenance – the next thing that you’d want to ensue is spot on with your mini tuck is the headlights and the wiring system in general. There is nothing as horrible as pushing your vehicle downhill to get it to start, simply because your alternator doesn’t do its job.

Replace your tires when worn out – To get the best out of the 4X4 vehicle and ensure that the traction is up to par, your wheels should also offer the much needed grip. It is always advisable to change your tires when the treads have started to wear out by half deep or after six months (whichever comes first). Apart from getting better performance from newer tires, you will also be much safer.

These are the most common maintenance tips that you need to keep an eye on regularly. You also need to create some interests on how to do basis mechanical tasks and doing simple fixes. Luckily, you have a manual that comes with your mini truck and that will help you get started. Doing this will help you cut down costs as you will soon be able to do your own inspection on the vehicle and cut down the costly mechanical costs.

Final Word:

Sometimes you could find yourself in need of a vehicle that is able to withstand and work under harsh weather and all terrain roads. If you are intending to haul some light to medium sized loads, then you need a reliable vehicle that can handle the work easily. Pickups could be an ideal option, but considering its cost and how to maintain it, you’d better off with a Japanese 4 wheel drive mini truck, which you must have come across in your area. They could be small trucks, but amazingly do the job that most utility vehicles fail.

I you would like to get yourself a 4 wheel drive mini truck, then check out some that we have in our inventory. We have tons of mini trucks ranging from dump bed, caravans, flatbeds, skylift, scissor lift mini trucks as well as dozens of minivans. We will help you ship the vehicle that you choose to your desired port. Get in touch with us if you have questions or need to inquire on any particular vehicle that you can’t see in our listing.