Truck Maintenance Checklist Before Road Trip

What are your truck maintenance tricks? Being stuck along the road due to truck problems can be stressful and frustrating, especially if your truck breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Maybe you went for a faraway road trip and then experienced a tire burst in the forest with a history of wild animals or even carjackers. Besides time wastage, truck problems while on a road trip can also put you in danger.

Before going on a road trip, it is necessary to prepare and maintain your truck. Here are some essential truck maintenance checklists before going on a road trip.

Oil Inspection

When planning to go for a trip using your truck, you must perform an oil change and a general inspection. This should be part of your regular truck maintenance. Fresh oil cleans the moving parts within the engine, reduces friction, and absorbs the heat generated from the engine.

Oil usually serves for a given duration before becoming exhausted. If you note that it is time to change your oil, consider doing it before heading for a road trip. When changing the oil, consider installing new oil filters.

Check Other Truck Fluids

Trucks have several fluids that make them work efficiently, such fluids as coolant, windshield washer fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. Inspecting these fluids’ condition before taking your truck for a road trip is essential.

When checking the condition of the fluids, give brake fluid top priority. The brake fluid operates in a sealed system to prevent moisture and contaminants. When checking the brake fluid, it is essential to check how other components of the braking system work. 

Coolant is another fluid you should consider checking. Check the coolant reservoir, and ensure the coolant is within the required levels. If the levels are okay, check for impurities within the fluid. 

Lastly, check the condition of the windshield washer fluid. It comes in handy when dirt accumulates on your windshield.

Check the Air Conditioning System

The AC system comes in handy despite the weather condition. This is yet another crucial truck maintenance issue. Before leaving for a road trip, check if your AC is working perfectly. Ensure the AC is blowing cool air effectively, and check if the refrigerant is leaking from the hoses.

Tire Inspection

Tires are the most critical part when it comes to safety. Before going for a road trip, check the condition of your tires and ensure they have adequate pressure and that the treads can give your truck adequate traction.

Ensure your tires have proper pressure. Tire pressure is critical as it determines the wearing pattern of the tire. Over or underinflated tires are dangerous when driving in bad weather. Lastly, ensure you have a functional spare wheel.

Road Trip Toolkit

When going on a road trip, ensure your toolkit has jumper cables, duct tape, a wheel lock key, a cell phone and a charger, gloves, and emergency blankets. You might require any of these tools anytime. 


Road trips are enjoyable, especially when using a truck, due to comfort and good ground clearance. When preparing for a road trip, keep the above tips at your fingertips for the success of your trip.

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