Saving Truck Fuel Consumption With Purchase Routing

Saving on fuel consumption costs using purchase routing is one way of cutting truck expenses. For commercial trucks, fuel accounts for 25% of the general expenses. Fuel purchase routing is one of the strategies for cutting expenses on fuel. 

What is Fuel Purchase Routing?

Fuel purchase routing is one of the tricks for reducing the operation cost of your truck. Before going for a trip, you can plan your route based on optional fuel prices, areas, and states. 

Calculating the Best Fuel Purchase Route

When calculating the optimal fuel purchase route, you must consider several variables. Such variables are the size of your fleet, the type, and model of your truck, how often the truck is in usage, fuel tank capacity, and fuel taxes.

Due to several variables considered when calculating the best fuel purchase route, it can be tricky to do it manually. So what is the solution? Consider using an application to do all the calculations for you. Various companies have come up with means to solve fuel purchase routing. Here are some companies to depend on.

Trucker Tools App, Routing & Fuel Optimizer Section

The trucker tool App can access your current location and ask you to key in your destination. It will let you know where to find cheap fuel within 100 miles. The app will offer directions, locations with the most affordable fuels, and available truck stops along the way. The trucker tools App is free to use and does not require subscriptions.

PC Miller Fuel Routing

PC miller fuel routing and mileage software is an over-the-road fuel purchase optimization offered through the partnership of Integrated decision support corporation (IDSC) and ALK technologies. 

IDSC offers fuel optimization specifically for truckload carriers. The partnership has enabled those using PC miller to incorporate cost-friendly road fuel purchases. All the drivers need is to drive without exiting the app. 


ProMiles assists companies and drivers plan their trips by making them safe and efficient. All you need is a $50-100 monthly subscription. Subscription prices vary depending on the type of your business. 

These are only some of the existing apps, consider doing an internet search, and you will find several companies that offer purchase routing. Your truck’s specifications, budget, and requirements will determine the type of company to choose. 

You can add more features to the service you subscribe to, like load boards. All you need is to do a deep search and choose the company that offers reputable and cost-effective services. 


Using a purchase routing will enable you to save a small amount, but by the end of the day, it will be significant. The amount you will save will be significant, considering the number of trips you will make in a year.  

Using purchase routing, most companies save between $200 and $ 250 per month, up to $ 2,400 to $ 3,000 per year. With such a significant amount, purchase routing is not an option for your company or even if you own a single truck. 

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