Dashboard Warning Signs In Your Truck

Dashboard warning signs differ from one vehicle to the other. But they all serve the purpose of signifying or telling the driver that something is wrong. Truck drivers usually do two things whenever the dashboard warning signs appear. 

  • They panic until they take their trucks for a check.
  • They ignore the warning signs bearing at the back of their mind that their truck will be fine. 

Such reactions are not necessary, but it is essential to understand the meaning of the appearance of these lights. In this guide, we will go through various dashboard warning signs and what they mean.

Engine Oil Level

Engine oil level is one of the dashboard warning signs that most truck owners ignore. The appearance of such light indicates that your oil is leaking or you need an oil change. When this sign appears, consider checking the condition of your oil.

Battery Light

It is represented by the battery’s positive and negative nodes and shows that the voltage of your truck is low. It also indicates that your charging system needs to be fixed. When you ignore this sign, your truck is likely not to start.

Hot Warning Light

There is red mercury on the dashboard of your truck. When it appears, it indicates that your engine is becoming hot and you need to park and open your hood. Never keep driving when the engine is overheating because it can completely destroy the engine.

Windshield Washer Fluid

Windshield washer fluid turning low is yet another of the dashboard warning signs to keep in mind. It shows that the levels of your windshield fluid are low, and you should consider refilling it. The windshield fluid comes in handy during winter. It is essential to pay attention to the check light.

Brake System Warning Light

The baking system plays a vital role in the safety of your truck. It is essential to pay attention to the appearance of the brake check light. The light shows up when the hand brake is engaged, but if it shows up other times, it indicates a severe issue with your brakes. 

Before driving your truck, ensure your it has adequate brake fluid. When the light shows up when the brake fluid is at the correct levels, consider taking your truck for a check-up.

Anti-Lock Brake System

ABS check light is something you should never ingore. It indicates a problem with the braking system. Consider taking your truck for a mechanical up as soon as this light appears.

Check Engine Light

The light shows a misfiring problem that can interfere with your catalytic converter. When it appears, stop driving your truck and seek towing services.

Traction Control

The light appears when there is a problem with the anti-lock braking system or when you drive your truck in dangerous conditions that activate the traction control.

Battery Charge Warning

The appearance of the battery charge when driving is an indication that.

  • The terminal of your battery is faulty.
  • The alternator is faulty.
  • The alternator drive belt is loose or broken.

A damaged alternator drive belt is a serious issue, consider parking your truck at a safer place and check it.


A truck has various sensors, and the primary role of these sensors is to monitor how different parts are working. The sensors will signal the engine control module to activate the dashboard check light if any part of your truck is faulty. Ignoring various dashboard signs can lead to severe issues that are costly to repair. 

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