Why You Shouldn’t Buy Any Japanese Mini Truck

High technology, advanced engineering and excellent performance are some of the things that best describes Japanese mini trucks. These are some of the things that have made them stand out and become the kings of the road. If you go to any city anywhere in the world, then it only takes you a moment to spot a vehicle that has been made on Japan. Among some of the best functional vehicle models from Japan are the mini trucks. They are a good alternative to pick up trucks and lorries. However, when it comes to choosing a second hand vehicle, it gets a little trickier and sometimes it doesn’t end well. This is simply because second hand vehicles have gone through the hands of different people who have treated and taken care of them differently.


So, while there are lots of good ones out there, there are also some that are crappy and not worth spending a dime on. In this guide, we will go through some of the reasons why you shouldn’t just buy any Japanese mini truck that you come across.

The Condition Of The Vehicle

When talking about the condition of a vehicle, it is simply the physical appearance and also the mechanical side of it. Second hand vehicles have been used differently and maintained differently by their different owners and this can have a big impact on the condition and performance of the vehicle. Although you could be tempted with cheaper mini tucks, you should be extra cautious and dig deeper to learn more about that particular vehicle before spending money on it. Some of the vehicles that come cheaply will cost you a lot in maintaining and repairing.

When choosing a good vehicle, you need to make sure that every part of it is in good condition. From the tires, the interior, the chassis, engine and gearbox, everything should be up to your expectation. And you should ask for as much details as you can which includes photos and video walk-through of the different parts of the vehicle. Any dealer who doesn’t provide you with all the information that you need probably has something to hide and isn’t worth getting the vehicle from them.

The Mileage Matters

Ever wondered why so many people are so concerned about the mileage and the manufacturing time of the vehicle? These are the two most important things that people look for and the simple reason is that the older the vehicle, the lower their expected performance. It is obvious that the older a vehicle, the more they have been in use which will affect their condition, mostly if the owner wasn’t taking good care of it. This is also the very same reason why the mileage has an impact on the pricing of the vehicle.

While you can get a high mileage vehicle at a cheaper price, you should also be cautious to look deep and know that there are more chances of having one that is of a lower quality than those with lower mileage which are still newer. This is therefore, something that every new second hand car buyer should be keen on.

Not All Mini Trucks Work On Any Terrain

Depending on the nature of the environment that you intend to be using the mini truck, the results might not be exactly as you expect, simply because not all of them will give you the results that you expect. If you are living or expecting to be using the vehicle on an off-road environment where some parts of the road aren’t easy to bypass, then you need a powerful mini truck that is 4 wheel drive. A 2 wheel drive will only be good when the roads are clear and the terrain of the area isn’t very rugged. So, before you go ahead and start negotiating a vehicle, you need to understand whether it will be right for your nature of use. Without doing this, you could end up with a vehicle that you wouldn’t be using.

Seek The Help Of an Expert

In order to stay safe and be sure that the vehicle that you are getting will give you exactly what you expect, you may need to seek the help of an expert. This is mostly if you are still new to the grind and have little experience about getting a second hand vehicle that suits your needs. when it comes to choosing the right vehicle, you should seek the help of a mechanical expert. This will help you get a vehicle that is both of good quality and high performance since they can easily analyze the mechanical and physical condition of the vehicle.

Then, you will also need the help of an import agent or expert who has been doing this for a while. This consultation might cost you, but in the long run, you will be certain of the vehicle that you are getting will serve you and give you the performance you expect from it.

Final Word:

Deciding on the right vehicle to go with is sometimes hard, and mostly considering that they are second hand makes it even harder. With the above guidance, you should be able to find the right Japanese mini truck that suits your needs. There are many good ones, but poor ones also grace the market. So, to be safe, keep these factors in mind.

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