Why Are Japanese Kei Trucks So Cheap?

If there is one thing that the Kei mini trucks (Japanese mini trucks) are known for, it has to be their affordability, especially if you are getting a second hand mini truck. But have you ever asked yourself why these vehicles are so cheap as compared to others that you will find in the market? Even though second hand pick up trucks are affordable and considerably good to buy, they do not come close to the Japanese mini trucks. But what justifies the affordability of these vehicles? In this comprehensive write-up, we will go through some of the reasons why the Japanese mini trucks come cheap, yet still come top when it comes to performance and reliability. Here we go!

They Are Produced Affordably

A lot has gone into perfecting the Japanese auto industry and with the fact that there are lots of these Japanese auto makers competing against themselves is something that is good to the consumer. Each one of these companies have perfected the way they are making the vehicle to ensure that it is built at a low cost, yet still of excellent quality so a to stay at par with their competitors. This is unlike other automakers across the globe who are still yet to mate and implement ways to lower their vehicle markup price. So, even getting yourself a second hand Japanese mini truck will obviously come at a lower price.

Second Hand Vehicles Attracts More Insurance Costs

Every country have their own laws and in Japan, when you have an older vehicle, the Insurance companies do charge more as it becomes a risk to them. Furthermore, this has been increased due to the fact that older vehicles emit more carbon to the atmosphere, something that is a concern in Japan. This gives you the chance if you are abroad to get these vehicles cheaply without any issues and at a bargain than you would get with other vehicles like the pick up tucks. This also better clears the doubt that Japanese mini trucks are cheap because they are flawed and couldn’t compare with other vehicles like the pick up trucks. In fact, you will see real value and reliability from these vehicles and will be more satisfied than with any other vehicle.

There Are Lots Of Them Out There

Japanese automakers are some of the largest out there and with 6 of these automakers producing the mini trucks, the market is already flooded with these vehicles and demand is going low. And as the laws of economics dictate, the prices of these vehicles will obviously be low. So, besides the high demand from the outside world, there are still plenty of them and with many reasons that surround these vehicles reason for sale, one could easily get a second hand Japanese mini truck at a fraction of the cost. Of course there aren’t so much out there as you will find in Japan, and that is why importing from Japan is the best way to do this. And don’t shy away thinking that importing would take a lot of time. With lots of agents to help you do this and companies like ours (Substar Inc) you can easily hop for the vehicle online, do your negotiations and close a deal and as sooner as weeks, you will be having the mini truck of your dreams.

How To Get and Even Better Deal On These Vehicles?

Below are some of the ways that you can use to better increase your chances of getting a more affordable vehicle. Be careful though and do your due diligence since not all sellers can be trusted as there are some that are just interested in selling the vehicle despite the quality it comes with.


Japan has one of the largest and probably the busiest auto auction houses that you will find across the globe. Among the best selling vehicles on these auction houses includes the Japanese mini trucks which you can always get at good prices. We all know how auctions work and know that the prices there is based on what people can bring to the table. And obviously, here you will get a vehicle at a lower price than its market value simply because it is a quick sale.


To get the best deal in something, it is always advisable to negotiate and get a good price. Since there are lots of second hand mini trucks in the market with prices that are not fixed like the brand new ones, you can negotiate to get it at a price that is within your budget.

Watch Out For Scams

4X4 honda acty mini truckThere are scams all over and this includes the auto industry as well. If you are not careful then you could find yourself in the hands of scammers. Be careful on the transactions you do and only make sure that you are sending money to credible accounts that have been verified and belong to the actual vendor in Japan.

Buy Directly

At times, it also pays to buy directly from Japan and avoiding all the fees that come with the middlemen and brokers. The process of buying directly is a pretty easy one that not many people know of. With today’s technology where softwares like Skype and chat apps are available, you can negotiate a vehicle with a Japanese seller pretty much easily.

Final Word:

With the guide above, you now have an understanding of why the Japanese vehicles are affordable and really worth investing on. They have stood the test of time and are excellent in every way.

If you would like to get one of these Japanese mini trucks from Japan, then you should check out some that we have in our car listings page. We vet vehicles that we list to ensure that they are excellent and that whatever our customers are getting is up to par. You will surely be getting something of good value and that will last for a long time giving you excellent and reliable service.

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