Suzuki Carry Fuel Pump Conversion

The legendary Suzuki Carry has a carburetor and fuel-injected engine. The two types of engines receive fuel from the fuel tank with the aid of a fuel pump. There are two types of fuel pumps— the Mechanical and the electric fuel pump. As the name suggests, the mechanical pump relies upon the vacuum mechanism to deliver fuel to the carburetor. The ECU controls the electric fuel pump as it delivers the fuel to the injectors. The computer-controlled electric fuel pump is more stable and reliable. There are a whole lot of advantages of an electric fuel pump. In this guide, we will go through Suzuki carry fuel pump conversion from a mechanical to an electric one.

Importance of Electric Fuel Pump

The electric fuel pumps supply fuel at a relatively higher pressure to the fuel injectors, which makes the combustion chamber have a constant fuel flow.

You can fix the electric fuel in the fuel tank. Submerging it into fuel tank will not damage it. Instead, it protects it from catching fire.

The electric pump will keep the fuel supply in the engine constant because the ECU controls it. Constant fuel supply prevents the formation of vapor in the combustion chambers.

Suzuki Carry Fuel Pump Conversion

The electric fuel pump will be stable in both carburetor and fuel-injected engines. The mechanical fuel pumps are less reliable and prone to break easily. This section focuses on converting mechanical fuel pumps into electric fuel pump.

Locate the battery in your Suzuki carry and remove the negative cable. After doing this, disconnect the gas cap from the gas tank. Doing this will reduce the pressure in the gas tubes. You can step on the fuel pedal to further release the pressure.

Some clamps connect the tubes between the fuel pump and the tank at the end. Removing the clamps will free the mechanical fuel pump. While doing this, have a clean container to tap the fuel in the tubes. Disconnect the fuel tubes between the mechanical fuel pump, carburetor, or fuel injector. At this point, your mechanical fuel pump will be free, and you can remove it.

Unseal the new electric pump, then install it. When installing the electric fuel pump, choose a place that will protect it from external damages as well as fire from the hot parts of the engine. The electric pump has equipment for attaching it firmly to your vehicle’s frame. When attaching it, ensure the pointing arrow is facing the engine components.

The electric pump has a black and red wire. This black wire should be attached to the frame of your Suzuki carry to ground it. Attach the red wire to the #12 wire using masking tape. The two attached wires should be attached to the ignition fuse. The red and the #12 wire will put on the electric pump when you ignite the engine.

Altogether remove the old fuel tubes from the tank and attach the new ones. Attach the new fuel tubes to the carburetor or the fuel injectors. Cut these wires in half, then fix the universal inline fuel filters.


Installing the electric fuel pump will improve the performance of your Suzuki Carry. This procedure is complex, and it is advisable you do it with the help of a specialized mechanic.

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