MiniTruck Pumps – Comparing Mechanical vs Electric Fuel Pumps

The fuel pump in a minitruck supplies the engine with the fuel. Fuel tanks and engines are purposely engineered in a linear position, so the pressure is required for fuel to move to the engine because of the engine. The fuel pump is specially designed to perform this role.┬áThe engine of a minitruck requires a constant supply of fuel to function without stopping. The fuel pump’s role is to feed the engine with fuel. The fuel pumps can either be mechanical or electric. These two have different working principles. This article will focus on comparing mechanical vs electric fuel pumps.

Mechanical vs Electric Fuel Pumps

The major difference between the two fuel pumps is the mode of operation. The mechanical pumps depend on the moving parts to generate the energy to suck fuel from the tank to the engine. On the other hand, the electric pump relies on electricity and the ECU to generate power that delivers fuel to the fuel injectors.

The Generation of the Vehicle

Mechanical fuel pumps are common in old vehicles, which use a carburetor to supply fuel in the combustion chamber. On the other hand, modern vehicles use the electric fuel pump because they have powerful engines that rely on fuel supplied under high pressure. The electrical pump relies on a computer system to control the pressure of fuel supplied in the engine.


The mechanical fuel pump is found at the side of the engine. This pump supplies fuel by sucking it from the bottom of the fuel tank. The diaphragm creates the sucking energy, and valves prevent fuel backflow. The sucked fuel is then transmitted to the carburetor, which dispenses the fuel into the combustion chamber. This pump has an arm that drives it and ensures the fuel supplies at a constant rate when the vehicle is at high speed.

The electrical pump is found on the top of the fuel tank. It is mounted on a bracket in a case in the fuel tank. They can operate when submerged in the fuel tank. It depends on the electricity to stimulate the pump and propel the fuel to the fuel injectors. These electronics determine the rate at which fuel is supplied depending on how it is needed.

Mode of operation

The electric pump produces some sound when working. This sound depends on the size, design, and where and how the motor is installed, while the mechanical pump never produces any audible sound when operating.

The electric pump is the best for vehicles sitting in the parking lot for a long time. The electrical pump is quick and starts pumping fuel as soon as it receives the required power. It gets this power from the ignition switch. The mechanical pump does not easily pick up. Thus it is hard to start vehicles using it after being parked for a long time.


The differences discussed above will aid you in understanding the two types of pumps. You will thus be able to make an appropriate decision on the pump to choose for your minitruck.

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