Choosing the Best Mini Truck Fuel Pump

Many Kei truck owners find themselves at the crossroad regarding which fuel pump to choose for their minitrucks. Most know that the electric fuel pump is more efficient than the mechanical fuel pump. But this is not enough when choosing a fuel pump. There are some minor details that you have to consider, and failure can lead to serious engine problems. The electric fuel pumps vary depending on the type of engine. For example, the turbocharged engine will use a fuel pump different from the naturally aspirated engines. Choosing the best fuel pump depends on how conversant you are with your engine. This guide focuses on crucial things to consider when choosing the best mini truck fuel pump to get.

Choosing the Best Mini Truck Fuel Pump

Here are the considerations to keep in mind.


The electric fuel pump uses electricity to function, and the fuel injectors only need a required amount of voltage to function properly. When purchasing a fuel pump for your mini truck, make sure you buy that one that is compatible with the voltage output of your engine. For example, if your engine output is 14 volts and you buy a fuel pump that works with a 13.5 voltage output engine, there is a high probability of an increase in the fuel being pumped. The voltage difference can make the pump develop issues and also interfere with the fuel pump relay.

The Fuel Volume

When choosing the right fuel pump for your minitruck, it is important to know the fuel volume. You can obtain this value by multiplying your minitruck’s horsepower by BSFC. The amount of fuel required by your vehicle depends on the horsepower. If you are buying an electric fuel pump, ensure you know the horsepower of your minitruck. And if you do not, consult a mechanic with experience. If you make a wrong fuel volume calculation, you will fix a fuel pump incompatible with your engine, which can result in serious mechanical issues.

The Engine Fuel Efficiency(EFE)

EFE is the quantity of fuel required by your engine to generate one horsepower within one hour. Engine fuel efficiency can also be referred to as the Engine’s Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC). Using the BSFC classification, it is worth noting that most engines used by minitrucks fall in the naturally aspirated engine category. The naturally aspirated, turbocharged, and supercharged engines use different fuel pumps. It is necessary to know the type of your engine based on BSFC classification, and you will be able to choose the right fuel pump.

The Fuel Pressure

The various engines require fuel under different pressure depending on the nature of the engine. The high-performance engines used by the sports cars will require fuel under high pressure. The fuel pump does the role of giving the engine fuel as per the required pressure. These pumps vary in the amount of pressure they produce. Before buying one, you must know the exact pressure requirement of your mini truck.


When choosing the best fuel pump for your minitruck, understand the above factors. These factors are derived from your engine, and the correct fuel pump must be compatible with your engine. Choosing an incompatible engine is likely to damage your engine.

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