Subaru Sambar Valve Adjustment – Valve Clearance

Valves mechanically operate in the car engine to regulate air and fuel intake into the engine cylinders. They let in air and fuel into the cylinder. Upon complete combustion of the mixture of air and fuel, they open automatically to allow exhaust gases out of the cylinder. The engine cylinders can have two or four valves. What is valve adjustment? It is a form of maintenance for combustion engines that involves adjusting the valves into a better position. Valve adjustment helps maintain the engine’s performance and reduces the risks of camshaft or valves getting damaged. Let us go through Subaru Sambar valve adjustment.

Subaru Sambar Valve Adjustment

Valve clearance set up for Subaru Sambar mini truck would require one to have a torque wrench, bent lade feeler gauges, clean shop towels, engine oil, boxed end wrench of 10mm, and a clean bench. After assembling the requirements, consider the following valve clearance procedure.

Valve Clearance Steps

Use masking tape to cover both the intake and exhaust holes. Covering these ports ensures that no impurity or debris falls during this procedure. To safely remove the cam caps and VVT girdle, spread a clean towel and put the cylinder head on it facing down. After successfully removing the cam caps and VVT girdle, safely separate them.

Take some oil and apply it to the cam Journals and the outer parts of the test bucket. After applying the oil, gently slide the test bucket over the valve spring into its bore. You can install the camshaft at this point, but first, make sure the lobes are facing up. After installation of the camshaft, install the cam caps and the girdle. Take some oil and apply it to the bolt threads and the sides of the bolt heads. To protect your camshaft, never try to rotate it when its head is static on the bench.

Use filler blades to measure the sizes of the gap between the base of the camshaft and the bucket. When doing this, you should experience little resistance. Note the thickness of the filler blade and record it on the appropriate box on the Subaru valve clearance worksheet.

Gently remove the cam caps, girdle, camshaft, and bucket. Move to the next valve and repeat the produce numbers two and three for all the remaining valves.

After filling all the lash boxes, there is a constant for both intake and the exhaust. Add this constant and indicate the sum in the Ideal Bucket Thickness. Record the bucket thickness obtained after matching the ideal bucket thickness to the nearest bucket in the related fields. Successful completion of the worksheet will aid you in purchasing suitable buckets for your valves.

After checking all the valves, check the recordings to know the bucket size. After determining the suitable bucket size, visit your nearest dealer to buy them.


Some Subaru Sambar mini truck owners ignore valve clearance because they do not know how important it is to the combustion engine. Engine cylinders are very delicate. Therefore, ensure that no impurity gets into the cylinder when performing this procedure. Hopefully, this helps you when you want to do valve clearance of your mini truck.

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