Kei Truck Winter Tires vs All Season Tires

The market offers a variety of tires that Kei trucks can run on. What brings the variations in the quality which is directly proportional to the price. High-quality Kei truck tires are more expensive as compared to low-quality tires. An example of the variety of tires available in the market is the all-season and winter tires. This guide will focus on the two. Their slight similarities have made people assume they are both suitable for winter. It is for you to know the difference as you plan to choose the best tire for your Kei truck.

Differences between the Winter Tires and the All Season Tires

The two tires have different textures. The winter tires are soft, allowing them to maneuver the Snow and ice quickly. The softness will enable them to absorb the impact generated from hitting black ice. On the other hand, the all-season tires are hard to enable them to sustain the high temperatures, survive damages from rugged terrains, and easily manoeuver through muddy terrains. When shopping for winter, touch as if you feel a soft texture; go ahead and look at further specifications.

Threads & Traction

The two tires have different tread designs. The all-season tires have large treads to protect them from sliding on the mad and for easy driving on wet surfaces; the large treads also give them a long lifespan. The large treads economize fuel and give the Kei mini truck soft and smooth rides on good roads. The winter tires have very many small slits on the major treads. This gives them the best traction through the Snow and ice as they offer the wheels the grip on the Snow and Ice. The different tread designs aid the sense of sight in identifying the tire the buyer wants for winter or general seasons.

Symbols On Tires & Their Meaning

The markings on the sides of these tires show their purpose. The winter tires have a symbol of three mountain peaks. This symbol represents the cold temperature and the Snow that forms at the mountain’s peak and passes a message to the buyer that they are the best tires to buy during winter. The all-season tires have the abbreviation “M +S’ where M means Mud and S means Snow. Although such tires can withstand any time of the season, they are not capable of delivering the best performance during the winter season. Knowing the specific symbols on the tires and what they mean is a recipe to success in choosing the best tire for your Kei mini truck.


The motive for buying tires will drive you to choose the best tire for your Kei mini truck. During winter, opt for the tires with three mountain peaks and snowflakes; these tires offer the best driving experience during the winter season. When shopping for general tires, consider buying the tires with ‘M+S’ marks; such tires will offer the best driving experience in all seasons except winter. M+ S tires are durable and will serve you long before wearing out.

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