Right Hand Drive Kit – Switching Mini Truck to Right Hand Drive

Driving sides for vehicles vary depending on the country. Some countries use right-hand side drive, while others use left-hand side drive. I have never come across vehicles with central drive. You got a left-hand side drive mini truck and worried about what to do? Please do not panic. Changing your mini truck from left to right-hand drive is possible. All you need is to acquire a right-hand drive kit to shift the entire driving cabin to the right-hand side. This kit has a dashboard and other necessary spare parts that work correctly on the right driver’s side.

Consideration before Switching Mini Truck to Right Hand Drive

Consider the following factors essential before changing your mini truck to right-hand drive.

Possibility of the Conversion

Many automobile companies either manufacture left or right-hand drive vehicles. This is because they target a more comprehensive range of markets which differs depending on the driving side. Most mini trucks are for the Japanese market, but as the demand increased, Japanese automobiles started manufacturing both left and right-hand side drives for the foreign market. It is, therefore, impossible to claim that all mini trucks are left-hand driven. As an owner, you may find yourself changing the driving position of your mini truck, and this procedure is costly. Before doing it, check whether your mini truck will be compatible with the right-hand kit you want to fix.

General Conversation Cost

Converting your mini truck from left to right hand may be expensive because you will be required to ship all the necessary spare parts. You will use money to buy them from the dealer, pay for shipping, the clearance fee, and the final shipping fee to the doorstep. The procedure is complicated. Therefore, you will require the services of a professional mechanic who will charge you depending on the cost of the right-hand drive kit and other spare parts bought. If you find the cost of conversation cheap and you can afford then you can go ahead and do it.

Check for the Availability of the Parts to be Replaced

When changing your mini truck from the right-hand side to the left-hand side, you will be required to change the dashboard, pedals, handlebars, side panels, hoses, and cables. You do not need to purchase the gear shift because they will only require a mirror engagement to function correctly. Before changing your mini truck to right-hand drive, you have to consider many things. You must ensure that all the necessary parts are available. You can visit some popular workshops or check online stores for their availability.


It is difficult to determine the cost of changing the driver’s side for a mini truck. The cost of conversion depends on the age of the mini truck. It is easy to perform the drivers’ side on old mini trucks because their dashboard is not very advanced. The procedure is a bit cumbersome to perform for the new mini trucks due to the complexity of the dashboard. Changing the position of the hand brake, various sensors, and the control unit is hectic.

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