Steps To Import Cheaply From Japan

Do you want to import a vehicle from Japan? Japanese automakers are among the best in the world, thanks to the quality and high performance vehicles that they produce. there is a wide range of vehicles that you can import from Japan and depending on the nature of work that you intend to use it for. Whether you want to get a combi, a salon or a mini truck, you are guaranteed o find it in Japan. and not only are you going to find lots of options to choose from, but you will realize that getting these vehicles come at a very affordable price.

Find A Reputable Dealer

If there is one thing that you’d want to make sure comes first when importing a vehicle, it has to be the person or dealer that you are working with. They have to be reputable enough so that you can get something of good quality and value for your money. With the rise in scams and frauds where many people lose a lot of money in the process, it is important that one take the necessary precautions to avoid falling into these traps.

Knowing more details and how reputable the dealer you are working with is therefore a crucial thing that nobody should ignore. You should also make sure that you send money through a good network and not just any money transfer.

Consider Using An Import Agency

If you are still new to the import business and don’t know how the process works, then it is always advisable that you either get the help of an expert or opt to use an import agency. But wouldn’t that be expensive? There are lots of import agencies out there, and yes, there are some that charge premium pricing, yet you can still find good ones with good rates. The importance of choosing to use an import agency is simply because they are experience and have been in the game for a while. This makes them the best options to work with since, you will be guaranteed of the delivery. They also tend to know the best way to get offers and cut down on shipping and clearance costs.

Negotiate Pricing

If you are like everyone else who is trying to get the best deals from their imported vehicles, then you should always consider negotiating the pricing of the vehicle that you are getting. Everything has its price, but for second hand vehicles which have been used by other owners before, you can get a better deal by negotiating the pricing. So, how does one go about negotiating a vehicle that is miles across the seas? With the technological advancement and applications that allows people to communicate with each other from anywhere, you can close the deal and have the vehicle shipped to you with just a few mouse-clicks. You can easily get in touch with the seller online through Skype or any other chatting platform and make negotiations just as if you are in your local yard. Most reputable sellers like we here at Substar will help you with the import process to see that you get the vehicle as soon as possible and safely.

Make Sure The Vehicle Is State Legal

One of the biggest issues that customers have is getting any vehicle only to realize that what they got is not street legal and cannot be used for what they intended to use it for. Issues of importing vehicles only to be impounded and returned at the port would be expensive to the customer, which calls for better understanding by the buyer to get vehicles that they can drive without any limitations.

Working with a dealer who is experience will also help you avoid those non street legal vehicles. We, for instance have been working with customers from the US, UK, New Zealand and European countries and understand the requirements for street legal vehicles in these receptive countries.

Other Factors To Keep In Mind

ImportingHere are some of the other things that you should always keep in mind when buying a vehicle from Japan or any other country overseas.

The Vehicle Condition

Second hand vehicles have been used differently under different hands and to be sure that you will be getting something of good quality, you need to check out the condition of the vehicle and make sure that everything is spot on.


the mileage on the vehicle is yet another good indicator of the vehicle and how it has been taken care of. The higher the mileage of the vehicle, the higher the chances that it has flaws and could easily break own and demand more in terms of performance.

Maintenance Record

How has the vehicle been taken care of? This is a good thing to know since one that has a poor maintenance record will surely continue being a nuisance and demanding a lot of repairs and maintenance hence becoming very costly in the process.

Final Verdict

Now that you know how to import vehicles from Japan easily, without any issues and for a good price, why not go ahead and  import yours today? We, here at Substar Inc, can help you get the right vehicle that you need.

We put our customers first and ensure that they are getting the best from what they have bought from us. We have vetted every vehicle that we list in our yard and you can count on it to deliver in terms of performance, quality and efficiency. We also have competitive rates on our vehicles than most sellers out there. If you are looking for a quality vehicle from Japan, then we are you best trusted seller and we are here to help you from start to finish.  We value our customer’s relationship and will do anything and everything to ensure that you are happy with you purchase. Get in touch with us and we will help solve any questions that you have.

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