Tips To Avoid Scams When Importing Second Hand Vehicles From Japan

Japan has become the go-to place for anyone looking for a second hand vehicle. Whether you are looking for a used sedan, mini truck or a mini van, you will find them on sale in Japan. Among some of the reasons why people love getting these second hand vehicles from Japan is because they are affordable and that the quality of the vehicles made by the Japanese automakers is above par and stands out from many others out there, thanks to the century long expertise.

The process of importing a vehicle has become much easier in the recent years, thanks to the fact that we have the internet which makes communication and acquiring the vehicle much easier. However, it has its downsides and one that you need to be more concerned about is the scams that are all over. Just like you will find in any other industry and niche, scammers are there in the auto industry as well and if one is not careful enough, they could find themselves losing a lot of money in the process. In this comprehensive write-up, we will share some of the tips on how to survive the scams and easily get the vehicle that you want the hassle-fee way. Here are those pointers;

Only Enter Realistic Deals

Perhaps one of the reasons many people get conned is because they enter deals that are too tempting. Anything fishy or suspicious is probably a scam and you need to avoid it, unless you get full proof that doing so will lead to a clearer deal that will benefit you. Scammers will always offer a vehicle at a throw-away price to lure buyers and unsuspecting customers who are fooled to believe that they are getting an amazing deal and don’t ant to miss out on it. It is therefore very crucial to know and be sure of the deals and contracts that you enter since you could be getting yourself in trouble without knowing.

Avoid Fishy Transactions

When it comes to transactions, it can sometimes get ugly and that is where people lose a lot of money. There are lots of payment methods these days which promises better service, but you should be sure to use only those that are trusted and offer good service and safety for both the buyers and sellers. Using some money transfer services such as Western Union is a bit risky and it is only safe to ensure that the ones that you are using offer the much needed safety. It is preferable to consider using a bank to complete your transactions of other verified services like Paypal which help you with an escrow-like service to only release the money to the seller after you receive the vehicle and satisfied that you have not been ripped off. The right choice of money transfer that you choose will ensure that you are in safe hands and that you do not lose your money into wrong hands of scammers who misrepresent themselves to another company. In most cases, they may not even in the location that they claim to be at.

Ask For Detailed Information On the Car

Another kind of scam that you ought to be careful and watchful about is the bait and switch which is more common that we think. Instances of browsing a vehicle and buying and being delivered something that you did not buy is something that you can easily get hooked to. This is especially for most people who are still beginners and have little experience importing vehicles abroad. For you to avoid such a scam, you need to get as much information about the vehicle to know how it works or if there is something that the seller is not telling you about it. That way, you will be getting exactly what you expect. The good thing with all that is that anyone can dig deep and learn as much ad they need about the vehicle they want to buy. With the use of the internet and softwares such as Skype, you can video-call the seller and ask them to give you a live footage of the vehicle, where you can check out the vehicle in more detail.

Get The Help Of An Expert

blankLastly, you may want to consult with an expert. This is especially if you have never bought a vehicle online or from another country. An expert, who can be a friend who has done this before will shine some light on the challenges that you may expect including the scams and blunders that you should be avoiding to stay safe with your purchase. This is because as technology improves, the scammers also change their tact and can be a surprise to someone who hasn’t done that before. Doing this will help you buy and import your vehicle the smooth and easy way.

Final Word:

There is no debate on where most vehicles are made. The crown not only goes to Japan, and this comes after many reasons that makes the vehicles stand out and win accolades for their quality and performance that is second to none. With all the scams that are going all over, it could be trickier at times to get a vehicle without being conned. To help you through this, the above tips will get you through smoothly.

If you are serious about getting a good second hand vehicle from Japan, then you may want to check out some of the ones that we have in our car listing page. These vehicles have been tested and undergone thorough mechanical assessment to ensure that we are giving our customers exactly what they seek. After helping thousands of buyers from across the globe get their dream vehicle, we are certain that you will also end up being another happy customer. We will even help you have the vehicle shipped smoothly.

Better Understanding Of The Kei Trucks (Mini Trucks)

If anyone asks you about the best trucks that you can use every day, what would you say? Of course most people will scream the pick up tucks and that is pretty much because it is the most popular vehicle in that class. However, or someone who has been in the auto industry for a while, there could be a huge twist and that is the Kei trucks. For anyone who doesn’t know anything about the Kei tucks, it is a Japanese vehicle model that resembles the pick up truck only that it looks more larger in body and is less of a big truck. To give you a better understanding of the Kei trucks, which is a word used in Japan to refer to a small truck, below are some of the crucial things that you need to know about it.

They Are Made By Different Auto Makers

The Kei trucks have become very popular over the years and a lot has gone into improving them. However, the most crucial thing that has contributed to this is the fact that there are different car makers who compete to make their mini truck model much better than the other. This kind of competition is usually important to get something solid of good quality and with the mini trucks, you can always count on them to deliver and be reliable. Among the top automakers that make the Kei mini trucks includes Suzuki, Subaru, Daihatsu and Mitsubishi. These automakers have earned themselves a good reputation in the industry for producing high quality vehicles.

Kei Trucks Are Customized To Suit Different Uses

The mini trucks are designed to look almost similar, but there are model variations which are meant to be used for different tasks. Among the most common models that you will come across includes the dump bed mini truck, which can be used to carry load and cargo that needs easy offloading by dumping. The other kind of models that you will come across includes he flat bed mini truck, caravan mini trucks, scissor lift mini trucks, each one of them suited for different tasks and purposes. This is unlike the pick up trucks and others in this class as they offer users more options to choose from.

They Are Built For All Kind Of Roads

The structure and body design of a vehicle determines how good it is in terms of performance and also how long it can last. You wouldn’t like to get a vehicle that will break down after a few times of usage, but one that will endure should be on your top list. If you feel that way, then you will love every bit of the Japanese Kei mini trucks. These vehicles have earned themselves a reputation in the industry and you can always count on them to deliver regardless of the terrain and the condition of the roads you will be using them on.

It is also worth mentioning that one can choose to invest on a 4 X 4 mini truck which has been customized and engineered specifically for rough roads and harsh terrains. However, if the roads are not that bad and you will only be using it on normal streets, then you can simply settle with a 2 wheel drive.

The Are Affordable

Want an affordable vehicle? Well, with the high competition and the simplicity that comes with Japanese engineering, the experts have managed to manufacture and produce vehicles that come at a low costs without compromising on the quality that one is getting.

Even for anyone getting a second hand mini truck, one will find real value in their investment. This is because these vehicles have been built to last and they bring exactly that to the table. So, you can always invest in them without hesitating. You will realize that it isn’t just hype. You should however, do your due diligence to ensure that the vehicle that you will receive is one that you see in the photos and the one described. This is because there are lots of scams that one could easily fall for.

They Are Easier To Import Than You Think

blankLastly, you may be wondering how you can get your hands on these mini trucks. The good news is that it is actually easy to buy and import them to your location. Regardless of whether you are in the US, UK, Australia, Canada or New Zealand, you can have the vehicle of your dreams easily shipped and in a matter of days you will be having it. Just be sure to work with the right auto dealers from Japan to avoid any delays and headaches.

It is also good to ensure that the vehicle that you are getting is street legal and allowed in your country or state of residence. This is because each and every state have their own laws and riles which could limit you from using the vehicle.

Final Word:

With the understanding and comprehensive coverage of the Japanese kei trucks, hopefully you now know enough to know whether it is the perfect kind of vehicle that will help you get through your daily errands. They have stood the test of time and you can also ways rely on them to deliver.

If you are not sure of who to trust or where to look for the best Japanese mini trucks to buy, then you should consider checking out some that we have in the car listing page. We have been selling vehicles for many years and we are certain that you will love the service that you will get from us. The vehicles are tested to ensure that they are in perfect shape and that we are not giving our customers something that they will not love. so, you can always get in touch with us and we will do everything possible to ensure that we give you the vehicle of your dreams and even help you have it shipped smoothly.

Affordable Dump Bed Truck Alternatives Worth Checking Out

If you are a fan of dump bed trucks, then you already know how useful and high performing they can be. However, since most of these pick up trucks and dump bed truck often come with a high price tag on them, making it hard for many people to get. One of the best options that one should consider is to go with the Japanese dump bed mini truck, which has excelled in many aspects besides being affordable. In this write-up, we will go through some of the areas where the dump bed mini truck (Kei truck) has made it stand out and become one of the most lovable vehicles that one can drive. Here they are;

Low Cost Of Maintenance

It is a fact that the Japanese dump bed mini trucks are much affordable when buying, whether you are buying brand new or second hand. However, you also need to consider the recurring costs of running the vehicle and the good news about that is that they are very cheap to run and does not require a lot of maintenance and regular repairs. This is a big stress saver as most of us have really experienced hard time with some vehicles that keep breaking down each and every time. Maintaining a vehicle is a must, but it shouldn’t be that hard and a big hassle to do. So, if you have always wanted a vehicle that you can count on in terms of reliability, without having to spend so much money, then the Japanese mini trucks is a good alternative to the dump bed trucks and other vehicles in that class.

Low Fuel Consumption To Output

In a society where the fuel prices are much needed but only going in one direction, there is need for a good vehicles that are very economical. Of course it will all depend on the brand and automaker and the size of the engine among other things, but there are some other things that will help cut down on fuel consumption and maximize the usability of the vehicle. The Japanese automakers withe their decades of experience lead the pack and have won accolades for that. That means that getting a Japanese dump bed mini truck is the way to go if you are looking for a good dump bed truck alternative that does not guzzle in a lot of fuel.

Environmentally Friendly

The ozone layer is getting depleted and there is just too much carbon in the atmosphere today, and with that said, you need to be extra cautious and careful on how you run things, especially with the use of motor vehicles. This concern has led to many global institutions recommending and advising that we aim towards making and using vehicles that meet the emission goals. With the Japanese car makers, compliance to this is something hat has been under the radar for a long time and you can always count on these vehicles to deliver. By getting a Japanese dump bed mini truck, you are not only in compliance to the stated emission standards, but you will be doing something good towards the environment by making it a better place.

Solid Construction And Structuring

Would you love a vehicle that is flimsy built and will only last a few years before breaking down? Of course you wouldn’t and what you are getting in a Japanese dump bed mini truck is extraordinarily excellent in every way. To have a good vehicle that delivers to your expectations and works as they should, you need a vehicle that has been built for that. The Japanese kei dump bed mini trucks are among the best designed vehicles and even if you find a second hand of these, you will still love the permanence that they come with. The structure, framing, chassis, body and the mechanical work done on these vehicles is just outstanding and you can count on it to deliver all the time. If you had your doubts then you shouldn’t have any again as these vehicles have been designed with some of the best materials under high skilled engineering that makes them solid and durable.

Can Be Use In Almost t All Terrains

flatbed mini truckWant a multipurpose vehicle that you can use to do almost everything out there? Well, as for the Japanese dump bed mini trucks, you will not only be getting this but also getting a vehicle that will endure in all terrains and all weathers. the design and structuring of the Japanese dump bell mini truck follows a century old craftsmanship that has won the hearts of many people over the years. If you are looking for a vehicle that you can use in all weather roads and can handle almost any terrain and road, then the Japanese dump bed mini truck is your best bet. This is mostly because it comes at a fraction of the cost on some of the vehicles in its class.

Final Word:

With the high cost of acquiring vehicles such as the dump trucks, you may find yourself wondering what you need to buy or if there is a good alternative that one can get instead of these trucks. Luckily, there is one that you can get instead and that is the Japanese dump bed mini truck which comes highly recommended. The vehicle has been well designed and one can find any of these vehicles made by Daihtsu, Suzuki, Mitsubishi or Subaru. Regardless of one that you opt to go with, you will love the performance, quality and everything else that it comes with.

You may also want to check out some of the vehicles that we have in our car listing page. This includes the Japanese dump bed mini trucks which are good alternatives to many vehicles out there. We offer them in good prices and you can count on them to deliver since we have tested and vetted them for good performance before listing them.

Pick Up Trucks Vs. Kei Mini Trucks

Ever found yourself needing to compare between two almost similar vehicles and left wondering which one you should buy? This is the exact same scenario for Pick up tucks and Kei mini trucks. If you find yourself needing to haul some cargo then you must have compared different solutions which includes either getting a pickup truck, a mini truck or something else that can help carry the load. Pickup trucks and Japanese mini trucks, also known as Kei trucks are known to be reliable and ideal vehicles for the normal day to day activities involving carrying small to medium sized loads.

Both pick ups and mini trucks have proven to be excellent in many ways. If you have to choose one to go with then in this guide, we will go though some of the difference highlighting the good and the bad of each so that you can a good decision on which one to put your money on. But before delving into the difference, here is an overview of both truck types.

Overview Of Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks are among the most common vehicles on the road and almost anyone knows about them. They’ve been around for a while and used from the early ages and their performance and dependability is something that many people can swear by. Their evolution over the years has made them better in terms of performance, eco-friendliness and reliability. these pick up trucks are made by different car makers and this makes them vary in many ways since different engineering has been used.

Hauling cargo and goods from one place to the other using pick up trucks is very easy, thanks to how these vehicles have been designed. some of these pick up trucks have different capabilities such as 4 wheel drive functionalities that makes them easy to use regardless of the environmental or road conditions. 2 wheel drive options are also available for anyone that needs a vehicle they can use on normal good road conditions. all in all, these vehicles are very dependable and can be used in almost any environment.

Overview Of Kei Trucks

Kei trucks are unique vehicles that are popular in the Japanese auto industry and have been around for some time now. They are products and made by some of the leading carmakers like the Daihatsu, Mazda, Subaru, Suzuki and Honda, these vehicles have shown phenomenal performance and have been of great service. Just like the pickup trucks, they have undergone lots of changes which has them better over the years and the current models are at par with the auto demands while also addressing the ever rising needs.

They are built with some of the latest capabilities such as the 4 wheel drive which enables them to move smoothly and effectively through all-weather roads. The mini trucks have become popular and today it is not a surprise to spot one of these vehicles in any street in any country across the globe.

Detailed Comparisons Of Pickup Trucks And Kei Mini Trucks

To give you an even better understanding on both of these vehicles, here are some for the factors used in our comparison.

Versatility and Ease Of Use

Don’t we all love cars that do and perform as we expect from them? Pickup trucks are known to be flexible and one can expect them to do almost everything that we would love them to do. However, there are some scenarios in which they are a dreg and that such as for carrying some abnormally sized cargos. What the mini trucks does differently is based on how these mini trucks are designed. Mini trucks come in different models based on what you would like to carry. such instances like carrying abnormal cargo will come in easier with flat bed mini truck, hence Kei trucks are much better when it comes to this.

Size And Carrying Capacity

Pickups are designed with a good sized bed size, but the the Japanese Kei trucks have proven to be even much better in size. Kei trucks tend to have a bigger bed size as compared to most pickup trucks. In fact, you will hardly come across a pickup truck that has a bigger or the same size with a mini truck, unless it is custom designed. This fact makes Kei trucks reliable and dependable when you need to carry and haul bulkier goods.

High Performance

blankThere are lots of different designs of Pickup trucks which are different by their make and model but most of them have always shown exceptional services all along. Most of the pickup trucks made by top automakers can be counted on to deliver in almost every field as long as the cargo being carried is within its carrying capacity.

Japanese Kei tucks on the other side have proven to be invaluable and highly dependable vehicles that offer real value for the investment. The good performance engine capacity, excellent drive-trains of the Kei trucks have what it takes to take care of any cargo at whatever place it is. Whether you are going to use it to carry goods from your farm or gravel to the construction site, you can always count Kei trucks.


don’t well all love to buy an affordable vehicle yet still get the best quality and high performing one? There is no debate on the affordability when comparing these two vehicles since Kei trucks are priced lower than the pickup trucks. when looking for an affordable option, then the Japanese Kei truck is your best choice.

Final Word:

For most instances when buying stuff, we mostly compare two things that closely compares to each other and for this case, it comes down to the pickup truck and the Japanese Kei truck.

Pickup trucks are good vehicles worth spending you money on but when compared with the Kei mini trucks, the latter tends to have a better hand. This is especially for anyone who is looking for a car that is of high performance, quality, affordable and offers good value for every penny spent. You can take some time to go through some for the mini trucks that we have in our inventory and we will give you more details on any that you are interested in. From our car listing and yard, you will come across many Kei mini trucks that comes from different car brands like the Subaru Sambar, Suzuki Carry, Daihatsu Hijet and Honda Acty.

Considerations When Importing Second Hand Japanese Kei Trucks

Nowadays, vehicles have won a place in our lives and become part of our daily routine to drive in them. But sometimes getting newer vehicles isn’t a priority for most of us. Luckily there is the option of acquiring a used car which comes in cheaply making many people who are on a budget to hop in for the pre owned vehicle. For you to get a good second hand vehicle to import from Japan needs a lot of thorough research.

Below are some of the factors one should be keen on;

Consult With An Advisor

At times, big decisions such as figuring out some mechanical inspections is a task that requires help from an experienced mechanic or car expert. Buying a vehicle isn’t something that is as easy as getting a book. There are many things that you have to check and make sure are in place. With the help of an expert who can easily spot faults, you are more certain in getting a quality vehicle that won’t be a problem. Doing this is a crucial approach especially for anyone who does not have a lot of experience with vehicles.

Do your Own Due Diligence

Apart from just the help of an expert, there are other basics that one needs to do on their own to ascertain the quality and performance of what they are getting. You can always ask the seller or the Japanese car dealer to give you information on anything that you would like to learn about the vehicle that you want to buy. In order to avoid any issues, having an expert by your side is a good idea.

Below are some of the things that you need to inspect with thoroughness;

Physical appearance and Chassis – Dents, scratches, rusting paint job on the vehicle among other things are also some of the physical appearance and things that you should check out. You can also find a vehicle that has got issues in the past such as chassis breaking. Welding marks and such things are what you should be looking out for when it comes to the chassis.

Vehicle tires – Unless you are planning on buying the new tires on your own, you should make sure that the ties on the vehicle will make it worthwhile the investment. Check if the threads are used up and if they offer good grip.

Check for Any Possible Engine And Gear-Box leaks

Another common issue with some second hand vehicles is engine and gear box leaks. such can be a good indicator that the gaskets and seals are not in good shape and needs to be changed. It could as well mean that the vehicle has an issue with the engine system and thus should be avoided.

Consider The Auctions

If you are looking to buy a cheap car then you should consider all the possible options that you have. One known way of finding affordable vehicles from Japan is through the auctions. Japan has some of the largest vehicle auctions which sell thousands of vehicles on a daily basis. And you don’t have to be there physically to participate in the auctions. With the help of a broker or a Japanese car dealer, you can get your dream car easily without paying anything above your budget.

Here at Substar, we help lots of customers from across the globe and you can get in touch with us if you would like to get a vehicle from the auctions. We have been helping customers across the globe to find their vehicles and we are certain we can help you too. And that is not all. We understand what our customers go through when they buy a vehicle here in Japan and we understand that shipping could sometimes be hectic. As such, we deliver the vehicles to our customer’s desired port.

Stick To Your Budget

Among the most common mistakes is failure to observe your budget when buying a vehicle that one needs. A serious buyer getting a vehicle should do their own math and ensure that they are within their set budget. Just getting a vehicle, whether it is a mini truck or not blindly without knowing how much you are willing to spend isn’t a good idea since you could end up blowing your expected expenditure.

To do this, you need to shop around first and see the costs of the vehicle that you need. Besides this, you already know why you need the vehicle and what you intend to use it fir. As such, you need to check out available options locally. Ask a friend if possible on whether they have experience with the vehicle that you are looking for. This will be able to give you a clear price range among other things.

Get Some History On The Vehicle

Second hand cars have been maintained differently by their previous owners and you wouldn’t be happy getting one that has been poorly maintained. Physical appearance of a car will not tell it all, so you need to check out the past mechanical records. The seller of the vehicle should also furnish you every detailed information on the vehicle. Has the car been involved in an accident, crushed in the past and such things should help you find out whether it is a vehicle is what you expect to be.

Also consider getting the vehicle from top Japanese car dealers because these vehicles are thoroughly vetted and tested to ensure that they are pf good quality and promising performance. Here at Substar, we do this to ensure that our customers are getting a good vehicle that is worth their investment. We go through every vehicle and ensue that whatever our customers get is something clean and worth every penny spent.

Final Word:

Getting a high quality vehicle especially a good second hand one isn’t an easy thing, but with the tips highlighted above, you can easily fiend your dream car. Japan has been one of the best places to turn to for cars, whether used or new. Affordability and high performance vehicles are what makes them the preferred choice.

You should also check out some of the mini trucks, mini vans and other vehicles that we have in our car listings page and see if you can find yourself one. The vehicles in our inventory include mini trucks, minivans among other vehicles. We will provide you with more details on a particular vehicle before you buy. So, do not hesitate getting in touch with us.

Steps To Import Cheaply From Japan

Do you want to import a vehicle from Japan? Japanese automakers are among the best in the world, thanks to the quality and high performance vehicles that they produce. there is a wide range of vehicles that you can import from Japan and depending on the nature of work that you intend to use it for. Whether you want to get a combi, a salon or a mini truck, you are guaranteed o find it in Japan. and not only are you going to find lots of options to choose from, but you will realize that getting these vehicles come at a very affordable price.

Find A Reputable Dealer

If there is one thing that you’d want to make sure comes first when importing a vehicle, it has to be the person or dealer that you are working with. They have to be reputable enough so that you can get something of good quality and value for your money. With the rise in scams and frauds where many people lose a lot of money in the process, it is important that one take the necessary precautions to avoid falling into these traps.

Knowing more details and how reputable the dealer you are working with is therefore a crucial thing that nobody should ignore. You should also make sure that you send money through a good network and not just any money transfer.

Consider Using An Import Agency

If you are still new to the import business and don’t know how the process works, then it is always advisable that you either get the help of an expert or opt to use an import agency. But wouldn’t that be expensive? There are lots of import agencies out there, and yes, there are some that charge premium pricing, yet you can still find good ones with good rates. The importance of choosing to use an import agency is simply because they are experience and have been in the game for a while. This makes them the best options to work with since, you will be guaranteed of the delivery. They also tend to know the best way to get offers and cut down on shipping and clearance costs.

Negotiate Pricing

If you are like everyone else who is trying to get the best deals from their imported vehicles, then you should always consider negotiating the pricing of the vehicle that you are getting. Everything has its price, but for second hand vehicles which have been used by other owners before, you can get a better deal by negotiating the pricing. So, how does one go about negotiating a vehicle that is miles across the seas? With the technological advancement and applications that allows people to communicate with each other from anywhere, you can close the deal and have the vehicle shipped to you with just a few mouse-clicks. You can easily get in touch with the seller online through Skype or any other chatting platform and make negotiations just as if you are in your local yard. Most reputable sellers like we here at Substar will help you with the import process to see that you get the vehicle as soon as possible and safely.

Make Sure The Vehicle Is State Legal

One of the biggest issues that customers have is getting any vehicle only to realize that what they got is not street legal and cannot be used for what they intended to use it for. Issues of importing vehicles only to be impounded and returned at the port would be expensive to the customer, which calls for better understanding by the buyer to get vehicles that they can drive without any limitations.

Working with a dealer who is experience will also help you avoid those non street legal vehicles. We, for instance have been working with customers from the US, UK, New Zealand and European countries and understand the requirements for street legal vehicles in these receptive countries.

Other Factors To Keep In Mind

ImportingHere are some of the other things that you should always keep in mind when buying a vehicle from Japan or any other country overseas.

The Vehicle Condition

Second hand vehicles have been used differently under different hands and to be sure that you will be getting something of good quality, you need to check out the condition of the vehicle and make sure that everything is spot on.


the mileage on the vehicle is yet another good indicator of the vehicle and how it has been taken care of. The higher the mileage of the vehicle, the higher the chances that it has flaws and could easily break own and demand more in terms of performance.

Maintenance Record

How has the vehicle been taken care of? This is a good thing to know since one that has a poor maintenance record will surely continue being a nuisance and demanding a lot of repairs and maintenance hence becoming very costly in the process.

Final Verdict

Now that you know how to import vehicles from Japan easily, without any issues and for a good price, why not go ahead and  import yours today? We, here at Substar Inc, can help you get the right vehicle that you need.

We put our customers first and ensure that they are getting the best from what they have bought from us. We have vetted every vehicle that we list in our yard and you can count on it to deliver in terms of performance, quality and efficiency. We also have competitive rates on our vehicles than most sellers out there. If you are looking for a quality vehicle from Japan, then we are you best trusted seller and we are here to help you from start to finish.  We value our customer’s relationship and will do anything and everything to ensure that you are happy with you purchase. Get in touch with us and we will help solve any questions that you have.

Kei Mini Truck Buying Guide – How To find The Best Kei Mini trucks For Sale

Kei mini trucks have become very common there days with people opting to use them instead of the much expensive pickups and other utility vehicles. They have stood every test to become champs of off-road and hauling performance. If you haven’t used a mini truck in running your daily errands then there are many things that you have been missing out on.

Kei mini trucks originated from Japan and the term “kei” means mini or small. They were conceived to offer a more reliable and dependable services for people who were not into the huge trucks which are both expensive and more demanding when it comes to maintenance and fuel consumption. They are produced by some of the biggest automakers like Mazda, Subaru, Honda and Daihatsu. This better explains why these kei mini tucks have penetrated into the global markets and become a favorite to many people.

When Is It A Good Time To Buy A Mini Truck?

Mini trucks have multiple uses and can also be customized to perform almost every task you can think of. Whether you need to use the mini truck for hunting or to haul farm produce and resources, these mini trucks does the work painlessly. Here are some of the reasons why you will find mini trucks to be ideal.

They are eco-friendly – If you are worried about the emission standards and boring the ozone layer, then you will be glad to learn that vehicles that are imported from Japan are designed to meet the global eco-friendly standards. Japan has always been in the forefront of meeting the millennia eco-friendly goals and the Automobile industry has been restricted to how they manufacture cars. You can therefore invest in these vehicles without such a worry.

They are Very Economical – If you feel the heat from the ever rising gas prices then you will love something that is very economical. Luckily, Kei mini trucks are one of the most economically friendly vehicles that you will come across. With Japanese mini trucks recording excellent fuel efficiency that goes up to 40 miles on a single gallon, you will agree that it is one of the most economical vehicles out there.

They Are High Performing – Most of the used mini trucks are powered by a 4 or 5 gear manual transmission which also comes with 4 wheel drive. This makes these vehicles highly dependable and performing regardless of where you intend to use it and what you intend to carry around. As long as the load is within the carrying capacity of these vehicles, you can haul anything ranging from construction materials to farmland manure.

With a hardcore body and strong chassis, you can be rest assured that you will get quality services from these mini trucks.

A Wide Variety To Choose From – Another thing that you ill love with these mini trucks is that there are lots of them to choose from, which gives you a wide price margin to choose from. It is advisable you import rather than buy from the local dealer to save more and get a chance to choose from man cheaper options.

Easy To Maintain – Something else that every car owner appreciates is a vehicle that does not demand so much when it comes to maintaining it. A vehicle that needs mechanic work every time ends up being costly as bills pile up every time. Kei mini trucks have been manufactured under high quality standards by some of the world’s most popular automakers. This clearly tells you that a lot of engineering has been invested on these trucks and you will love every bit of it. They hardly demand mechanical work and when a mechanic is needed, they are easy to repair and maintain.

Here Are Guidelines On How To Find The Perfect Kei Mini Tuck To Import

  • blankBefore you even think about purchasing or importing a vehicle, you first need to know what kind of vehicle you need. Do you need a dump bed mini truck, a caravan mini truck, a skylift mini truck or a flatbed mini truck. Depending on what you need to do, this will help you determine the exact mini truck modeling to go with.
  • Once you know the vehicle that you need, you should then start doing your research. This is usually one of the most crucial part because it determines what you get. You need to do thorough inspection on the vehicle and make sure that it adheres to your requirements. It should also be in a good mechanical condition with no serious issues in its track records.
  • You will then need to file an Entry permit from the relevant resources that allows you to import a vehicle from another country to your country or state. This process usually involves some paper work and perhaps a little amount as charges.
  • Once this is done, you can go ahead and close the deal with the Japanese car seller and start arranging for the vehicle shipment. If you are new to the whole import and shipping game, it is recommended that you let a local agency in your country handle the shipment and clearance.
  • After the shipment, everything else becomes a breeze since the only thing that will be left on your end is to clear your vehicle from the port and then have it registered. After that, you can get started with your normal errands in your high performing Kei mini truck.

Final Word:

No more getting stuck in the mud or burning cash on skyrocketing fuel prices, thanks to Japanese Kei mini truck that promises everything that you ever dreamed of in a vehicle. You can therefore go ahead and import one for your own needs.

When you need a mini truck to import, you can check out some quality mini trucks that we have listed in our inventory. We have vetted these vehicles for mechanical and any other thing that is necessary to have a quality mini truck. Get in touch with us in case you have questions about any mini truck.

4 Best Mini Trucks You Can Import From Japan

If rugged trails, muddy and rocky roads are in your daily routines and just can’t seem to avoid them, you need a good vehicle that is dependable especially if you haul different loads. Mini trucks are among the few vehicle that have stood such tests and given owners good value for their money. However, not all mini trucks can be relied on to serve you in any kind of terrain. Some are just a dreg and one would be way better off without them.

If you need to start a business that requires hauling heavy goods from one point to the other, then you’ll need a reliable vehicle that is both cost effective and dependable. We’ll be going through 4 of the best mini trucks that you can import directly from Japan and why you can always rely on them. Here they are;

Suzuki Carry Kei Mini Truck

Unless you are new to the auto world, Suzuki is a legendary brand that has been making cars for a long time. The Suzuki Carry is just one of its models under the Kei mini truck class which has become popular worldwide. The mini truck is loved for its tough body, performance and overall dependability.

Some of the notable characteristics that makes the the Suzuki Carry stand out includes its 660cc load capacity, its comfortable 2 passenger cabin, and its flexibility to turn and carry bulky loads comfortable in off-roads.

Powered by a 5 speed manual transmission system, you can enjoy 126 Nm torque and optimum power. It can easily maneuver through the harshest of roads and, thanks to its 4 wheel drive system in place.

Daihatsu Hijet

Ask any expert to name the top 3 best mini trucks that they know of and the Daihatsu Hijet won’t miss in their list. Daihatsu is a subsidiary of Toyota, and if that fact doesn’t inspire your reaction to already fall in love with this mini truck, then hold on. Daihatsu Hijet runs on a 4 speed transmission coupled up with a 4 wheel drive system. This makes the Kei mini truck an all-road vehicle that is dependable and flexible.

The mini truck has evolved through the ages and has closely competed to become among the top champs in the Kei mini truck class.

With a tough body make and up to 660cc to top that, this vehicle is an ultimate off-road machine that can be used to do multiple tasks. If you need a mini truck that is reliable in hauling loads through off-roads, this could be it.

Honda Acty

blankThere is no doubt that Honda has been a major brand that has been a perennial producer of some of the world’s most loved vehicles. Their Kei mini truck which is dubbed “Honda Acty” is also a mini truck that has shined over its revolution. like its other competitors above, it has battled its way and come through with similar specifications, horsepower and top notch performance that has made it a lovable mini truck across the world.

It also has 4X4 capability and is highly cost effective and low maintenance needs. It is a vehicle that has been made tough to endure under harsh conditions and the most extreme off-roads. Above all this, Honda Acty is also considered one of the most economical mini trucks that one can get in the market today.

Honda Acty is a mini truck that you can count on for fuel efficiency while also maintaining smooth shift in producing high power.

Subaru Sambar

Fourth on this list, and one which we couldn’t afford to not mention is the Subaru Sambar, a Kei mini truck that has all you can ever want in a 4X4 mini truck. It is characterized by high power, low maintenance cost and high cost efficiency which we all expect in a vehicle.

It is known to be a low maintenance mini truck, highly efficient and its 4X4 engineering makes it go almost everywhere and haul anything that you want it to do. It has been designed to withstand the elements and tackle any kind of terrain. So, be it a snowy area or the boiling temperatures of Mojave, the Subaru Sambar is a vehicle that you can count on.

Subaru Sambar is among the mini truck models that has helped shape the Japanese mini truck industry which spans over 60 years of high skilled engineering. It is a vehicle that does not disappoint and one that can be relied on to run medium sized errands as long as it is within 660 cc.

Depending on the year model, the mini trucks may vary a bit, but they have maintained the same performance consistency over the years. In fact, many people prefer to get used mini trucks because of their affordability.

There are other kei mini trucks such as the Mazda scum and Mitsubishi mini cab which are also good and dependable. To find out more and see inquire on some mini trucks, please visit our listing page. In our inventory, you will also find some customized mini trucks such as those fitted with lift systems or dump bed boxes. This gives one an added advantage on better handling of loads.

Buying Mini Trucks From Substar Inc

With years of experience in our belt and thousands of direct customers across the globe, we are no doubt one of the biggest used car exporter in Japan. If you are looking for any mini truck or minivan, you will always find it with us. The above mini trucks are some that we have majored in and they are available in our listing page.

If you would also like to get a vehicle from the Japanese used car auctions, we are here to help. Whatever vehicle that you would like to import from Japan, we are your go to company. Whether you live in the Us, Canada, Australia or any other place across the globe, we will help you find that vehicle that you seek and also give you guidance on how to ship your vehicle if you are new to it. Get in touch with us today and we will sort you out.