How To Find Maritime Attorney to Help Import a Mini Truck

Mini trucks have a Japanese origin, and these vehicles are made to meet the demands of the Japanese of the middle social class. With time, the demand for Kei trucks grew beyond the borders. These vehicles started finding new attention in various continents, and the US is not left behind. The United States has laws that regulate the importation of vehicles from other countries. Such laws are put for the foreign units not to interfere with the sales of locally assembled units. The federal laws allow the importation of mini trucks to the USA. When importing your mini truck, you will require a maritime attorney to help import a mini truck.

Getting A Maritime Attorney to Help Import a Mini Truck

A maritime attorney specializes in handling cases related to water transport. They perform maritime cases in court, draft necessary documents for maritime use, act as witnesses during the negotiation of maritime agreements, and handle maritime complaints. If you are planning to import a mini truck, you must sort the services of an experienced attorney. Here is how you can find one.

Identify the Legal Work you to be Done

The first step to getting a maritime attorney is to know the legal work you want them to do for you. In this context, the legal work is importing a mini truck. Consider choosing an attorney who is well conversant with the shipping law since maritime law is broad and various lawyers specialize in specific fields. 

Find a Maritime Attorney

Take your time looking for a perfect lawyer who will give you the necessary advice on importing a mini truck. You will find them in the online directory. In the database, you will find various lawyers and their profiles, including their physical location. On the profile, you will find their specific specializations.

Check the Maritime Law Firm Ranking

Check how maritime law firms rankings on US review platforms. Doing this will help you determine the most reliable law firm with no issues. The ranking will help you to determine the sizes of the law firms. It is expensive to hire attorneys from large firms compared to small firms. Knowing the law firm’s size will help you choose the one that suits your financial power.

Make a Review of the Credentials of Potential Lawyers

After choosing the right law firm, you can narrow it down to the individual attorneys in these firms. Look at their profiles which indicate their biographies. Doing this will assure you that these attorneys practice maritime laws. At this point, you should have already decided on the lawyer to choose. Before doing this, check the lawyer’s reputation-based clients’ feedback. If you are convinced, organize a physical meeting and explain to them the services you require.


Finding an attorney to help you import your mini truck is good to ensuring the safe importing of your mini truck. If any eventuality occurs, it is the attorney who will help you to pursue legal procedures. The attorney will also help you facilitate the signing and processing of various legal importation documents.

Japanese Mini Trucks – What’s Under The Hood?

Ever asked yourself what to expect when you are buying a second hand Japanese mini truck? Of course if you have been in the auto industry and been watchful of how different trucks are, then you already know enough about the Japanese mini trucks. If you don’t know much about them, then here is a rundown of what they are in the auto industry. Japanese mini trucks are small trucks which resemble the pick up trucks only that they are shaped differently and a little larger than most pick up trucks. Their bed size is a bit larger allowing them to carry more. In most cases, they have been considered to be good alternatives to pick up trucks as well as large trucks. Below is an in-depth guide on the Japanese mini trucks and an understanding of what you are really getting when you chose to buy one of these vehicles.

Overview Of Japanese Mini Trucks

The Japanese mini trucks are a production of many Japanese auto makers and they all resemble each other in many ways. some of the automakers responsible for the manufacturing of mini trucks includes Subaru, Mitsubishi, Daihatsu and Mazda. There are various model or types that one can find when it comes to choosing a mini truck and they mostly differ due to the intended use. Below are some of the available mini truck models and how you may find them useful in your day to day errands.

Dump Bed Mini Truck

This type of mini truck is perhaps one of the most common one. It resembles a pick up truck in every way apart from the shape and size which is a bit larger. It also come with a hydraulic lift system which enables it to raise the bed for easy dumping and offloading of the load that it carries. Such kind of mini truck could be perfect for use in situations where you would like to carry loads and offload them fast without wasting a lot of time. So, if you are in the landscaping business and expect to be carrying gravel to the site regularly, this is the kind of vehicle to get.

Flat Bed Mini Truck

Flat bed mini trucks are designed with a flat bed surface, just as the name suggests. These vehicles are meant to be used where the cargo being carried doesn’t easily fit perfectly on an enclosed mini truck or a pick up truck. Such a cargo will be an abnormally sized glassware or a large plywood which doesn’t fit within the pick up truck bed. Since the flat bed lets it site comfortably, there will be little chances of damaging the material being carried while the whole process is also a seamless one that you will love. So, if you expect to be handling such kind of work on a regular basis, then you now know the kind of vehicle that you should be getting.

Caravan Mini Truck

Sometimes you may want to carry goods that need protection from the environmental conditions and weather. Or perhaps you have some delicate or discrete things that you need carried. At this point, you should be getting a caravan mini truck. Caravan mini tuck are designed to be used to carry goods inside as its bed is closed. Some people also opt to use it for camping as a good alternative to a recreational vehicle (RV). Whichever of these options you regularly find yourself in, you will love every bit of the Japanese caravan mini trucks.

Scissor Lift Mini Trucks

The scissor lift mini trucks are perhaps the most unique and rare mini truck models that you will find in the market today. They have a very unique design as well. With just the usual bed, there is an added customization which lets the vehicle raise the bed to a certain level. And scissor rails are used to raise and support the bed all the way up, hence the name. Such kind of mini truck can come in handy when you need to raise loads to a certain level before offloading. For instance if you are trying to offload certain equipment but place it on a raised level, this is a good vehicle that can help you easily achieve that.

Other Mini Truck Customizations

dump bed mini truckThere are plenty of other mini truck customization that you will find in the market, each coming with a distinct functionality that can come in handy in your day to day errands running.

In all honesty, mini trucks are excellent vehicles which offer more than you would get from just your usual pick up truck. With all the options and things that you can do with them, there is little doubt that you will love them. They have under one some of the world’s best engineering and you are guaranteed excellent performance, quality and good value for the investment. Although one can customize a pick up truck to meet their regular needs, it might not be as good as the Japanese mini tucks in many ways since they weren’t intended for that purpose when manufacturing. As such, the Japanese mini tucks are your best bet. And they are way affordable than what you will find in the market, which gives you another reason to go for them.

Final Word:

Japanese mini trucks are amazing vehicles that are gaining more love with time. They are excellent in performance, yet offer good value for the money, when you consider the fact that they come at a fraction of the cost of many other vehicles in the market. when shopping for a second hand mini truck though, you need to o your due diligence to ensure that it is in perfect shape and condition.

Be sure to check out some of the Japanese mini trucks that we have in our car listings page to ind yourself one that meets your needs. We will also help you with the shipping process and getting it delivered to you country or state.

The Benefits Of Buying Second Hand Vehicles

Ask anyone why they are buying a second hand car and they will tell you that it is cheap. However, it goes beyond just getting an affordable vehicle and there is more to it that one ought to know. Wherever you choose to buy a car, there are usually advantages of picking a second hand one that has been used by the first or even several owners.

In this guide, we will go through some for the things that makes buying a second hand vehicle more lovable than a brand new car.

Less Depreciation

Besides getting tit with a low price tag, the depreciation of that vehicle is something that you need to put into consideration when buying a car. If you would like to get a vehicle that boasts a lower depreciation rate, then you need to consider getting a second hand one. A vehicle is usually considered to have high depreciation when it is still new and the rate of depreciation decreases as the vehicle ages. This is something that one has to understand when getting a vehicle. You shouldn’t expect a lot in difference when you sell that vehicle as compared to a newer one. A practical example is when you buy a 5 year old vehicle. although it will depreciate, the depreciation rate will be slower than you would expect with a 1 year old car.

There Is Higher Sales Tax On New Cars

While you always consider your pocket when you are getting a vehicle, you need to understand that there is a plus that comes with getting a second hand vehicle. This is because there is usually a high tax rate on newer vehicles as opposed to older and second hand vehicles. Higher tax on a vehicle means that you will have to dig deep into your pocket and this means that you will pay more than just the current value of the vehicle. So, f you would like to get a good deal and value for your money, then it is always best to go second hand. Another thing is that in the US, the registration rate of a vehicle is based on the value of the vehicle which mean that an older vehicle will attract lower registration fees.

Room for Negotiation

Unless you have too much money to spend on a car, you surely would love to get good value for your money and that means negotiating to get the vehicle on a good price you can afford. When buying a brand new car, in most cases, you will find that there is a fixed price on the showroom or dealership out there. Although there are instances where you can negotiate, that room is very limited an could only get a small cut from that price tag. However with the second hand vehicles, whether you are importing it from Japan or even getting it from your local dealership, there is always a big room to compromise and get the vehicle at a lower price than the original set price.

New Doesn’t Always Mean Its Better

The auto industry today has changed and is not like what was in the past century. Today, vehicles are built to go hundreds of thousands of miles, thanks to the ingenious technologies and the repair-ability of these vehicles which makes them go a long way. so, while you can get a brand new car that has all the parts intact for a hefty price, you can get a second hand vehicle that has an equally similar ability and performance yet still get it for a fraction of the cost.

Good For The Environment

Did you know that almost all the emissions of a vehicle happens during the manufacturing and shipment? If you didn’t, then you now know. Advocating and choosing to go with a second hand vehicle does well for the environment as it pushes and discourages more carbon dioxide pollution which has become an issue of climate change. Research also shows a that second hand vehicles less impact the environment as compared to newer hybrid vehicles which should be an eye opener to many people out there. So, if you want to make this world a better and livable place, then you better go for a second hand vehicle.

Tested And Perfected

blankSometimes there are errors and issues when you get a new vehicle an this is mostly if the vehicle is a new introduction to the market. Such issues end up with the cars been recalled. And this is yet another place where second hand vehicles win. They have been tested and used over and over which proves that they are excellent and of good quality. so, if you have always been concerned about the quality of the vehicle that you are getting, especially if it is been released to the market for the fist time, the best way to go over it is to simply get a second hand vehicle.

Final Word:

Buying a used car helps you save a ton of money, both when buying, registering it and at times running it. Even though there are some advantages that come with brand new vehicles, most of us can live without them and still get to enjoy many other benefits and advantages of getting a second hand vehicle. Hopefully the pointers highlighted above have shed enough light to show you how getting a second hand car is a good thing.

We have been in the second hand vehicle industry for many years, because we believe in them and the value that they bring. We vet vehicles and inspect them before putting up for sale in our car listing to ensure that we sell the best. We have lots of Japanese used cars which you can check out on the listing page, and if interested, get in touch with us and we will provide you with more details about it.

Finding Cheap Second Hand Suzuki Carry Mini Trucks On Sale

Searching around for a good second hand mini truck you can buy? If so, Suzuki Carry mini truck is among the best mini trucks and has been used in Japan for decades with good success. Also it is considered one of the most successful vehicles by the Suzuki company which has seen lots of sales throughout the years.

Among the things that makes them lovable includes the reliability and affordability as they have gone above and beyond to deliver satisfactory service to their owners over many years. Anyone who is serious about getting a good mini truck, should consider Suzuki Carry to be among the ideal choices. Below, we will go through the indepth review of the Suzuki Carry mini truck and how one can buy it for a fraction of the cost.

Overview Of Suzuki Carry Mini Truck

If you have been keen on the auto industry, then you already know that Suzuki Carry mini trucks are quality vehicles that can be relied on in many ways Here are reasons why you will love every bit of these vehicles.

Impressive Performance and Reliability

Although Suzuki Cary has undergone transformations throughout the years, it has always stayed true to its purpose and its performance is always noticeable impressive. Whichever model or year-make, you will find the Suzuki Carry being a dependable vehicle. You can find a 2 wheel drive which you can use on on-roads. And if you go through impassable roads and carry stuff around all-weather roads, a 4X4 Suzuki Cary will do for you.

They Are Environmentally Friendly

We all want to drive a car that does good to the environment, and with this, you couldn’t be on a better position. Suzuki Carry just like most Japanese cars are in the forefront of meeting the carbon emission goals, where Japan has imposed strict laws on the automakers and the techniques they use in the production. You can find hem anywhere aound the world. Regardless of whether you are in Canada, UK, US, Australia and anywhere else, these vehicles are guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Low Maintenance and Highly Economical

Everyone wants to get that vehicle that consumes less and is also cheap when it comes to maintenance. Nobody of course. Some vehicles can give you a headache demanding a lot of maintenance and such which will end up costing way more. The Suzuki Carry is one of those cost efficient vehicles that has gone through high tech engineering experience and craftsmanship that makes them deliver superior performance and quality.

You also need to keep in mind that it is important to always do regular tweaks to ensure that nothing is slowly getting faulty under the hood. Anyone looking for a vehicle that is cost effective and offers good value for the money, then you need to consider this one.

Breaking The High Cost Barrier

Below are some of the things that you should look out for when you are shopping for an affordable Suzuki Carry mini truck.

Watch Out For Fakes

Automakers and the whole industry at large is contaminated and intoxicated with lots of scammers who are all over. As you do your vehicle comparison and continue shopping around for the right vehicle to buy, you should ensure that you are dealing with the right and legit seller.

One should also get as much information as possible when you are buying for a mini truck abroad. A good dealer dealer will give you any detail you ask for in a vehicle. This includes mechanical history and even a video footage of ho the vehicle starts and runs. This is the perfect way to not only separate the scams but to also tell you if a vehicle is worth going for.

Consider Getting The Vehicle From Auction

Regardless of what you are buying, we all know that auctions are the best places to get them cheap. The good news is that you can also get a Suzuki Carry mini truck from the Japanese auction houses easily. Getting vehicles through auctions when you are abroad can sometimes get complicated and almost impossible in some situations, but that is why there are professional companies like Substar, we are ready to do anything to ensure our customers get the best deals. anyone looking to buy a vehicle through auctions, then get in touch with us and we will give you directions on how to go about it. It is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is looking for a good mini truck at a good price.

Bargain For Better Price

Not everything comes at a fixed price, and this is including second hand vehicles where there is always room to bargain. Bargaining and negotiating is one of the best ways to cut don the price of the vehicle that you are getting. To make this even much better, you will find most of the Japanese car dealers will open to negotiate and offer a lower price to their customers. With plenty of softwares and communications platforms if you feel that the emails will not work well. One can easily chat online and name your price and see if you can agree on with the Japanese seller.

Compare The Pricing

blankWen buying second hand vehicles, it can at times be tricky and if you are looking for a used Suzuki Carry, you need to go through the many options offered by different sellers to find the best for the price. Most of the sellers quote and sell their vehicles differently and for you to get the best deal, you should compare the vehicle through different dealers. You will be surprised how the same vehicle with close features can have a big different in pricing.

Final Word:

Among all the Japanese mini trucks, the Suzuki Carry mini truck is one of the best you will find in the market. It is manufactured by a leading automaker and the performance and quality you get is also very impressive.

Remember to check out some of the Suzuki mini trucks in our listing and get in touch with us for more details that you may need.

Steps To Import Cheaply From Japan

Do you want to import a vehicle from Japan? Japanese automakers are among the best in the world, thanks to the quality and high performance vehicles that they produce. there is a wide range of vehicles that you can import from Japan and depending on the nature of work that you intend to use it for. Whether you want to get a combi, a salon or a mini truck, you are guaranteed o find it in Japan. and not only are you going to find lots of options to choose from, but you will realize that getting these vehicles come at a very affordable price.

Find A Reputable Dealer

If there is one thing that you’d want to make sure comes first when importing a vehicle, it has to be the person or dealer that you are working with. They have to be reputable enough so that you can get something of good quality and value for your money. With the rise in scams and frauds where many people lose a lot of money in the process, it is important that one take the necessary precautions to avoid falling into these traps.

Knowing more details and how reputable the dealer you are working with is therefore a crucial thing that nobody should ignore. You should also make sure that you send money through a good network and not just any money transfer.

Consider Using An Import Agency

If you are still new to the import business and don’t know how the process works, then it is always advisable that you either get the help of an expert or opt to use an import agency. But wouldn’t that be expensive? There are lots of import agencies out there, and yes, there are some that charge premium pricing, yet you can still find good ones with good rates. The importance of choosing to use an import agency is simply because they are experience and have been in the game for a while. This makes them the best options to work with since, you will be guaranteed of the delivery. They also tend to know the best way to get offers and cut down on shipping and clearance costs.

Negotiate Pricing

If you are like everyone else who is trying to get the best deals from their imported vehicles, then you should always consider negotiating the pricing of the vehicle that you are getting. Everything has its price, but for second hand vehicles which have been used by other owners before, you can get a better deal by negotiating the pricing. So, how does one go about negotiating a vehicle that is miles across the seas? With the technological advancement and applications that allows people to communicate with each other from anywhere, you can close the deal and have the vehicle shipped to you with just a few mouse-clicks. You can easily get in touch with the seller online through Skype or any other chatting platform and make negotiations just as if you are in your local yard. Most reputable sellers like we here at Substar will help you with the import process to see that you get the vehicle as soon as possible and safely.

Make Sure The Vehicle Is State Legal

One of the biggest issues that customers have is getting any vehicle only to realize that what they got is not street legal and cannot be used for what they intended to use it for. Issues of importing vehicles only to be impounded and returned at the port would be expensive to the customer, which calls for better understanding by the buyer to get vehicles that they can drive without any limitations.

Working with a dealer who is experience will also help you avoid those non street legal vehicles. We, for instance have been working with customers from the US, UK, New Zealand and European countries and understand the requirements for street legal vehicles in these receptive countries.

Other Factors To Keep In Mind

ImportingHere are some of the other things that you should always keep in mind when buying a vehicle from Japan or any other country overseas.

The Vehicle Condition

Second hand vehicles have been used differently under different hands and to be sure that you will be getting something of good quality, you need to check out the condition of the vehicle and make sure that everything is spot on.


the mileage on the vehicle is yet another good indicator of the vehicle and how it has been taken care of. The higher the mileage of the vehicle, the higher the chances that it has flaws and could easily break own and demand more in terms of performance.

Maintenance Record

How has the vehicle been taken care of? This is a good thing to know since one that has a poor maintenance record will surely continue being a nuisance and demanding a lot of repairs and maintenance hence becoming very costly in the process.

Final Verdict

Now that you know how to import vehicles from Japan easily, without any issues and for a good price, why not go ahead and  import yours today? We, here at Substar Inc, can help you get the right vehicle that you need.

We put our customers first and ensure that they are getting the best from what they have bought from us. We have vetted every vehicle that we list in our yard and you can count on it to deliver in terms of performance, quality and efficiency. We also have competitive rates on our vehicles than most sellers out there. If you are looking for a quality vehicle from Japan, then we are you best trusted seller and we are here to help you from start to finish.  We value our customer’s relationship and will do anything and everything to ensure that you are happy with you purchase. Get in touch with us and we will help solve any questions that you have.

How To Keep Your Second Hand Mini Truck In Perfect Shape

You just got your Japanese second hand mini truck and everything else is running smoothly and its getting the job done just as you expected it to be. But are you worried that it could break down sooner and don’t know where to start when such a things happens? Well, don’t worry because this guide, will go through some of the basic maintenance tips needed to ensure that your mini truck remains in perfect condition and continues to give you good service.

Before going through some of the maintenance tips and tricks, here are some of the reasons why Japanese mini trucks are quickly gaining a popularity and why they are worth every dime.

Exceptional Reliability & Performance

Who wants to visit the mechanic shop every now and then? Nobody, of course and this is why reliability and performance is something that is crucial when you are buying a new or second hand vehicle. When it comes down to that, the Japanese mini trucks have proven to have what it takes to be a reliable and high performance vehicle. Regardless of the kind of work that you are using it for, in whichever the kind of terrain, as long as the load is within the carrying capacity limits, these vehicles will give you all you need in a mini truck.

Not much is needed when it comes to maintenance and repairs as well, thanks to the high quality engineering that has been used in making these vehicles. It can however be different depending on how old and how well the vehicle was maintained by its previous owner. Otherwise, the Japanese mini trucks are sensational when it comes to performance.

Solid Body Build

The body of a vehicle will have an impact on many things including its durability and need for maintenance. Depending on the environment and nature of the place that you are using the mini truck, the build and body of the vehicle is very crucial. for instance if you will be on a rough terrain and also carrying things like gravel, the body will need to be very solid to stand the kind of work and the road conditions.

The Japanese mini trucks are made with very heavy duty materials and have proven to be excellent and dependable regardless of the terrain and conditions of the road. to even make them better, one has the option of choosing a 4 X 4 vehicle to use in rough terrains or muddy roads that are usually impassable with other vehicles.

Affordable Cost And Maintenance

Don’t we all love to spend less on a vehicle? Most of the costs that car owners incur are due to repairs and on spare parts and if you can find a way to get around this, you can cut on those costs. When buying a second hand vehicle, the main reason is to get it at a fair price that is much better than getting a new vehicle. buying Japanese mini trucks are the perfect choice when you are looking for an affordable alternative to the less economical pick up trucks and dump bed lorries.

Besides being very affordable, their maintenance is also affordable and the fact that they have a good record of not needing the maintenance and repairs regularly, they are worth going for.

Make Repairs By Yourself

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you are trying to cut down on the cost of maintenance is that sometimes you have to jump in and do what you can in terms of maintaining and repairing the vehicle. If you are an experienced mechanic and know more about a vehicle, then you can easily get started and start repairing and maintaining your vehicle to ensure that it remains at its best shape.

If you are still new to the mechanical world, then you need to start leaning things and that includes mastering some of the basics and work your way up to mastering every bit of it. and it is not as hard as many people would think. One of the best ways to start is to start by gathering the vehicle’s manuals and start understanding each and every part. Doing this will help you to save a lot on what you could have spent on the mechanic’s labor.

Do Regular Checkups And Do Oil Replacement Often

blankThe fact that these vehicles require little maintenance and doesn’t need a lot of attention from the mechanic doesn’t give you a free pass to ignore it and avoid doing maintenance. You need to take control and give the mini truck the love that it needs so that it will continue giving you good service and good performance without breaking anything and requiring repairs which could end up being costly. Oiling and greasing moving parts and gears is also something that you have to be very watchful and keen on. This will ensure smooth running without having to make repairs. The better maintenance and regular check up you give to the vehicle, the longer it will go.

Final Word:

Knowing how to take care of your vehicle is something that every car owner should know. This will not only help you save a lot of costs by doing the repairs by yourself, but it will also help one to take care of their vehicle on a personal level hence they can easily know when there is a problem and when something needs changing. This will also result in having a durable vehicle that will go a long way.

With the guide above, you can easily take care of your vehicle and you can get good results in the end. If you would like to get a good mini truck to import, then you should check out our listing page to check out some of the latest vehicles in our stock. We also help our customers have the car shipped easily.

6 Things That Many People Make When Buying Used Cars

Have you recently gone out to shop for a used vehicle? Used vehicles are among the most selling cars these days and that is simply because they are affordable and still offer the same quality. There are however a series of things that many new car buyers make and what they get in turn is a vehicle that doesn’t meet their requirements.

These are the things that one needs to avoid when shopping for a used car and that is the focus that we will cover under this post. Here are 6 of them that you need to watch out for;

Poor Financing And Budgeting

When you go to buy a vehicle, there are a number of things to consider, but the first and foremost that is most important of all is to first make a realistic budget on what you are willing to spend. Making a budget and knowing what you ware willing to spend prior to choosing your vehicle will help you to avoid overspending beyond your expectations. It isn’t unheard of to come across someone who has spent so much on a vehicle beyond their target.

Before buying a vehicle, you should assign some amount also keeping in mind that there are expenses such as servicing the vehicle for the first time, oiling and other things that you can do to make your vehicle in perfect shape. Although this isn’t usually necessary, it is important if you are acquiring a vehicle from sources you are not sure of.

Consider Financing If Available

When buying a vehicle, you should always be sure to take advantage of any perks and advantages that come your way. If you are on a budget but still feel that you cannot do without the vehicle, then the best way to go about such a situation is to opt for a financing option. This will ease the pressure on your wallet and make it easy to acquire you dream vehicle. You will not find financing all over, but it is something that is worth considering especially if the vehicle is costly.

Importing A Vehicle Is Easy And You should Consider

Saving and getting a vehicle at a cheap cost is all what most of us are up to. It isn’t something that is very common though. Most car dealers these days have hiked prices so high that most people opt to stat without. However, if you consider an import option, you are more likely to come across a vehicle that is way cheaper. While many people have always been convinced that importing comes with a lot of hassles and expenses, that is not true. Among the benefits that come with importing from Japan for example is the fact that you will have plenty of varieties to choose from while also getting the chance to buy at affordable costs. The presence of Japanese car auctions which are among the most active car auctions in the world also makes acquiring a vehicle super easy.

Failing To Run A Thorough Inspection

blankHow many times do you double check the vehicle that you are about to buy? Most people do not care or simply assume that what the dealer tells them is exactly as they claim. While it could be true, if you are dealing with a shady company, the opposite could be true. When buying a vehicle, you need to do your due diligence and ensure that the vehicle meets the advertised quality and is also good enough to do what you need from it. Otherwise, you are burning your money for nothing. You need to check under the hood as well and not to just look at the outside appearance of the vehicle. Ask for more details including the mechanical records on the vehicle that you are dealing with.

Failing To Negotiate For A Better Deal

Unless you have plenty of cash to spill, you need to make sure that you are getting a good deal for your money. This comes though negotiating and bargaining to get your vehicle at a reduced cost. Don’t make this mistake which many people do and make sure that you negotiate your vehicle. Today, with technology you can negotiate even if the vehicle is in another country and you can as well get to learn more about the vehicle without necessarily being present at the place. A good example is the chat system in our website. After a customer checks and finds a vehicle from the vehicle listing page, they can easily get in touch with us where someone will respond to their queries through the live support system.  This makes it easy to negotiate and close the deal with the customer knowing what they are getting.

Failing To Compare

What do you do when you are shopping for a particular product in the mall but aren’t sure of the particular products? Of course you will compare it with another one. The same case applies when you are looking for a vehicle and the best way to get the right one is to compare it with the many others available. By doing this, you will be able to filter out those that are faulty and remain with one that fits the bill.

Many people who do not compare end up complaining that they have a vehicle that they didn’t expect forgetting that they could have changed that by making comparisons.

Final word:

Whether you are buying your vehicle locally or importing, these are some of the best things that you should consider. They are however common mistakes that most people make when they are purchasing their vehicle.

If you would like to import a vehicle from Japan, then check out our listing page for some that we have professionally vetted and listed. We deal with any vehicles, but mostly focused on Japanese (Kei) mini trucks and minivans. If you would also like to take advantage of the vehicles on the auctions, then you can get in touch with us and we will help you out. As if that is not enough, we will help you ship the vehicle.

Japanese Used Car Auction – Should You Consider Buying Vehicles From Auctions?

In Japan, there are reportedly over 80 million cars in use. Considering the fact that there are 61 million people in Japan, it plainly means that every person owns 1 or 2 cars. With the government encouraging its citizens to buy new cars that are more eco-friendly and better performing, most people are left with no option other than to dispose the vehicles through auctions. The Japanese used car auction is growing every single day opening up opportunities for the rest of the world to dive in and get these used cars. You will find almost every kind of car that you have ever thought of, be it a saloon car or a mini truck to use in your ranch, you’ll find them all under these Japanese used car auctions.

It is estimated that there are over 20,000 cars at an auction every day. But how does the whole process go on? In this guide, we will go through some of the most important things to keep in mind before you get started with buying cars from auctions.

What Are The Advantages Of Japanese Used Car Auction?

Here are some of the merits that one gets when they choose to go with an auction option when they are getting a used vehicle from Japan.

It Is An Efficient Method And Also Cost Effective

Bring one the largest auction marketplace on earth, picking a vehicle that you have always needed is easy and can’t be compared to any other auction elsewhere. It is also important to keep in mind that these cars are fully functioning and most of them are faultless – owners are just looking to dispose what they are not using.

Also with Japan’s roads and transport rules, where there are mileage restrictions and no-accident history, getting a pre-owned car from one of these auctions could be an ideal option worth giving a thought. As if that wasn’t enough, it is crucial to keep in mind that this is an auction with thousands of vehicles selling fast. The cost of acquiring these vehicles is way low and although sometimes it depends on the model and the market demand, you still can’t compare it with the retail costs out there. So if you are looking to acquire a vehicle for a reasonable value, then you should keep in mind these Japanese auctions.

Auction Mileage Verification System

blankMileage is a very crucial factor when one is acquiring a pre-owned vehicle. It helps one to know what to expect from a vehicle regarding performance among other things. To ensure high correctness of the mileage reading and analysis, the auction houses under the Japanese law, have implemented a strict and well-designed system in place to audit and ensure that the information is obtained is reliable.

There are also tons of data analyses that are done on the vehicle including any previous auction history on the vehicle as well as maintenance history of a vehicle. This helps the experts grade the vehicle and give the owners a clearer picture of the vehicle that they are purchasing.

Auction Grading And Inspection

Knowing the exact condition about the vehicle that you are getting is something that is very important. You don’t want to get a vehicle only to start discovering some issues while you are already using it. All of the vehicles at the Japanese used car auction centers go through thorough inspection to ensure that they meet the set rules and regulations. This is unlike what you will find in auctions in many countries like European Union countries and even the United States.

Following strict condition requirements, the full time professionals at the auction houses asses the vehicle and grade them giving clear and detailed remarks that the person acquiring needs to know. This eliminates any doubts of getting a faulty vehicle which could happen in many other instances.

How Does One Get Started with Buying Cars From Auctions?

There are dozens of auction houses that offer these services, and you don’t necessarily need to be present there to close deals through auctions. Since you will not be available and you probably have little experience on how the auctions are executed, you need to have a representative or an agent in Japan to do all this for you.

Here at Substar, we have been working for customers across different countries helping them get the best cars that they need from Japanese auction centers. With us, you can be sure to get the best deal possible on any vehicle that you are interested in.

We have agents all over big Japanese auction houses which makes our work of delivering the best for our customer’s needs a lot easier. When we know the kind of vehicle that you are looking for and the budget that you expect to spend, we keep an eye on every auction house for that vehicle and bid according to your budget. You could also easily get a vehicle that is lower than your desired budget.

Getting started is easy and all you need to do is say the word, and we will get you that dream vehicle that you have always wanted.

Final Word:

Getting a vehicle from auctions has become a new trend that people are focusing on to get their dream car without blowing their budget. Hopefully this guide has given you a clear understanding of how the Japanese used car auction system works.

If you are serious about getting a highly efficient and reliable vehicle for a good value for your money, then why don’t you let us take care of the action hassles and get you that vehicle within your budget? We are experts in the field and have been doing this for over a decade. Whether you need a mini truck, minivan, a saloon car or any other Japanese vehicle model you can think of, we are sure that we can get it for you. If you also need to know the estimates of a particular vehicle that you need, be sure to get in touch with us and we will get back to you with what you should expect.

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