Step By Step Guide On Buying Second Hand Vehicles Abroad

Are you looking for ways to get a second hand Kei truck for an affordable price yet get the best quality and performing one? The Kei trucks as they are popularly known locally in Japan, are medium sized vehicles that looks like the common pickup trucks only that they are a bit bigger and have different features and design specifications. They have a history that goes as far as 4 decades and have become better and better over the years to become better performing and more reliable.

The big question one should be asking themselves is whether these Kei mini trucks are reliable and worth investing on? We know that they are made by some of the leading automakers including Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Honda, Subaru and Mazda which sets them apart and makes them excellent performers.

Below, we will go through the steps to import a Kei truck from Japan easily without many hassles citing some of the things that one should expect in the process.

Advantages Getting It From Japan


Affordability is surely something that we all look for when buying something, and for a vehicle, it should also be within your budget. The good thing about all that is that with the Japanese kei mini trucks, you will come across lots of affordable ones that will impress you. One might however ask why are these vehicles so affordable? Are they cheaply built? apparently NO, and there is every reason to love them. Most of the used vehicles in Japan give their owners pressure to sell them due to higher tax on older vehicles. When these mini trucks get older with time, they attract more taxes which makes them more expensive to the owner therefore making them sell them off at a lower price. This opens a nice opportunity for anyone looking for a Kei mini truck to get it for a fraction of the cost.

Wide Range

What else could be better than getting a vehicle right from where it is manufactured? By doing this, you cutting down on the middle man and getting something that you get to choose from a wide variety of available options. Importing a mini truck from Japan gives one a wide range of mini trucks to choose from which gives one the chance to choose the exact vehicle they need from a wide range of available options while also getting to compare the pricing on each to see that they are getting good value for their money.

Great Quality & Build

A lot has gone into technology and perfecting the Japanese mini trucks and with the years and decades of experience, you are sure that whatever you are getting is of good quality. The body construction and engineering is solid enough and stands out perfectly.  Based on the condition of roads that you intend to use the vehicles, you can always choose to go with 4 wheel drive or a 2 wheel drive mini truck to get the best out of it.

Steps To buy K Truck (kei truck) From Japan

If you are looking to ship a vehicle from any other country into he United States and many other countries, then below are some of the steps to get you through easily without any hassles.

Identify The Kind Of Mini Truck You Need

do you know for certain the kind of vehicle that you need? If not, then you do not know what you will be getting and what to expect from it. Determining the vehicle to get should be based on the intentions and whatever you expect to be using it for. Once you have that, you can then go ahead and shop for the vehicle you believe will do the job. There are plenty of mini trucks in the market, each designed to handle specific tasks.

File For Vehicle “Entry”

Be it The United States or any other country, you need to file an entry to get a permit to get the vehicle inside the country. Just like a Visa or a passport that you use to gain entry into another country, an Entry is necessary to bring a vehicle inside the country that you want to be using it. There are a number of  restrictions and regulations that you need to clear with the state to verify whether the vehicle is allowed in the country and it is at this point that you need to make this confirmation before going ahead to make a deal.

Making The Transaction

Next, you’d be making the big decision of buying the vehicle and exchange hands with the seller, and this is where the money is involved. You also need to be extra cautious here since there are lots of scams and also avoiding making any mistake as it can be detrimental. There are many ways that one can use to make their transactions and it will mostly depend on the available payment options that the seller accepts. You should however avoid any fishy money transfer systems that can lead to fraud and you losing the money. Here at Substar, we accept several payment methods including Paypal, which makes it both safe and easy for everyone out there.

Shipping & Registering

After all this, you should be finalizing the process and getting ready to drive the vehicle. The shipping process can be done by some of the shipping agents while if you also get a good auto dealer, they can help you sort this out, leaving you with the next and probably the easiest step of receiving the vehicle at the port and having it registered. You still can also use an agent to have you cleared and have the vehicle registered.

Final word:

the steps of importing and getting your vehicle on the road is not as hard as many people like to make it sound. With the steps above, you can simply import your own mini truck with ease and have it on the road very fast.

Be sure to get in touch with us or head over to our listings page and check out some of the latest high performing mini trucks that are worth investing on.

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