How to Remove Speed Limiter in a Mini Truck

Kei trucks are popular in the Japanese market. They are common because of their universal nature. The mini trucks are considered to be universal because these trucks are good for delivery among many other things. They can be used as dump bed mini trucks, as camping van and many more uses. The popularity of the minivan has spread to other parts of the world. The manufacturers have therefore produced several units for foreign markets. During the production of Kei trucks, safety is a priority, and they are fitted with a speed limiter to curb accidents related to speeding. In this guide, we will go through how to remove speed limiter in a mini truck the easy way.

Speed Limiter

Speed limits vary in different countries depending on the roads. For example, traffic safety authorities spell the maximum speed on expressways and other roads. Adhering to this is complex, most motorists might find themselves breaking this rule. To ensure safety, automotive companies manufacture vehicles installed with Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA). This system helps the driver to control the speed as they drive. Drivers of imported mini trucks may note that the speed limiter of their mini trucks activates at a lower speed or has made the vehicle slow. The need might arise to remove it to increase performance and improve its fuel economy.

Removing Speed Limiter in Your Mini truck

A speed limiter is a programmable component that can be fitted to the mini truck’s engine. Removing it is hard because it is programmable. Instead, you can switch it off. However, it is difficult to change the speed limiter because the manufacturer never intended you to do it.

Getting a tuner will help you remove your Kei truck’s speed limiter. The tuner can reprogram your engine by bypassing the factory programs to make your engine reach its maximum potential. When tuning, you can set the speed limit that is perfect for you or entirely does away with it. Depending on your size, you can buy a new tuning chip or aftermarket chips. This has become the most common method of removing the speed limiter.

You have to buy a tuner compatible with your mini truck’s model. How will you determine compatibility? The step to doing this is by knowing the model of your vehicle and then choosing that tuner that is compatible with it. A compatible tuner will automatically identify the properties of your mini truck. After identifying such properties, you can adjust the rev and the speed limiter. Apart from making adjustments to the speed, the tuner will allow you to correct the error codes on the dashboard of your Kei truck.

To perfectly tune your mini truck, stick to the instructions on the tuner. Before tuning your mini truck, you should know your country’s laws because some countries limit the use of tuners to tune vehicles.


The speed limiter is an engine program that tries to control the speed at which a vehicle should be moving. Removing the speed limiter improves the performance of the vehicle as well as the fuel economy. Many automakers never want you to tamper with the speed limiter. It is difficult to remove it.

How To Smoothly Buy Second Hand Japanese Cars

Want to import a Japanese mini trucks and do not know how to go about it? The Japanese mini trucks have become very common in almost every country out there, and its not because they do their marketing so well, but because their vehicle quality is amazing and stands out from many out there. As compared to the other vehicles such as the pick up trucks, with time, one will realize that they are getting something that is even more invaluable and much more reliable and dependable.

Importing these vehicles can either be easy or hard, depending on how the choices you make you will either benefit or experience a hectic importation process. To help you smoothly do this by avoiding the many tussles of importing a vehicle, here are some of the crucial pointers and tricks that you could implement.

Plan And Set Up A Budget

Perhaps the every first thing that you need to ensure is well under a good plan is the budgeting and setting up a realistic sum of money that you intend to spend in acquiring the vehicle. There are many people that fail when it comes to this and you wouldn’t like to be one of them. People end up either over spending money and blowing their financial plans while others could end up spending less and getting a vehicle that doesn’t meet the perfect standards hence getting poor quality service from the mini truck that they get. If you are serious about getting a vehicle that you have always wanted at the best price, then you should consider making a good and realistic budget that will not either go beyond your budget but ensure that you are getting good value for the investment.

Research On the Vehicle That You Are Getting

The next thing that you would want to make sure you have well taken care of is to find out as much as you an about the vehicle that you are getting. The Japanese mini tucks come in various models and are designed by different automakers which makes them different. Although these automakers always follow the same steps and the vehicles look similar, there might be some features and functionalities that you will love better in one model over another. You also need to make sure that it has the capabilities of handling the tasks you are going to be using it for. There are other models that come in 4 X 4 wheel drive which can be easily used under harsh terrain while 2 Wheel drives can be easily used for normal streets. Some mini trucks such as the dump bed mini trucks are meant to be used for carrying goods that need to be easily offloaded.

Choose The Right Japanese Auto Dealer

You should also work with a trustworthy dealer since there are lots of cons and scammers out there who can scam you off your hard earned cash. As such, it is always important to dig a lot of information before you start dealing and making any transactions with the dealer. You need to first establish if the company actually exists or if it just another offshore scammer trying to pretend that they are a car dealer. There are many scammers who use this approach and you can easily counter this by doing a thorough scan to find out more about the company. The auto industry is just like any other industry out there where there are lots of scams and for one to avoid them, they need to ensure that they meet customer’s expectations.

Ensure The Vehicle Is Of Good Quality And Performance

There is nothing else that one would rather be sure of when buying a vehicle, than the quality and performance that comes with it. The Japanese mini trucks have been designed under ingenuous engineering and one can always expect something excellent from them. From the body, to the chassis and the tires, the vehicle should be in perfect condition. This is especially if you are getting a second hand Japanese mini truck. Since people use and take care of their vehicles differently, getting a used one could come with some laws that could affect the performance that you are getting. You should therefore inspect the vehicle to ensure that it is in perfect condition. You can always call the company to negotiate and also ensure that you are using the right channels when sending money. This way you will be sure that the company you are dealing with is more trustworthy.

Importing With Substar Inc

blankHere at Substar, we have been in the industry for a long time and our customer service and rating speaks for itself. We have been helping thousands of customers over the years to get a vehicle that they need and with the experience we have in shipping to different countries across the globe, we are certain that we can help you get that mini truck that you have always wanted. We offer these vehicles at affordable prices, but even better, we always assure our customers that whatever they are getting is up to their expectations and is exactly what is advertised.

We also offer flexible buying options and a variety of mini trucks, mini vans and other vehicles that one can choose from.

Final Word:

With the understanding on how to import a Japanese vehicle the easier way, hopefully, you will now consider getting one. As long as you can avoid the scams and the simple issues by following the tips and tricks shared here, you are good to go and can always expect to get your vehicle shipped fast. Unlike what most people have always feared and though of importing vehicles, it is a much easier process that one can always do.

Check out some of the vehicles and mini trucks that we have in our car listing page. We are certain that you will love the quality of these vehicles as they are vetted for quality and you can always count on them.

Importing From Japan: What Your Local Dealer Won’t tell you

Regardless of where you live and come from across the globe, you must have already heard some good things about Japanese mini trucks and considered getting one yourself. Japan has for decades been a leader in the auto world and the Japanese vehicles are loved for their uniqueness and high performance. Whether you are getting brand new or used ones, you will find a quality mini truck which is usable depending on its design and how it is customized. Below,m in this guide, we will go through the process of finding the right Japanese mini trucks that one can buy and highlight the many things that your local dealer cannot tell you.

Steps To Find A Japanese Mini Truck

If you have been tirelessly searching all over for a Japanese mini truck and haven’t succeeded or found ones that are expensive, then here are places to look for to find the right vehicle;

Find It On Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the oldest classified sites and up to date, many people still trust it and use it to linkup to either buy or sell almost anything. The Craigslist users are in the millions daily and and even better, there is a whole section for buying and selling mini trucks and other Japanese vehicles. This simply means that you don’t have to rely on your local car dealer to buy a vehicle of your choice, but you can find it easily online through Craigslist. The other thing to keep in mind is that it works excellently for some countries and not all of them. Besides the US, which has plenty of users you will be lucky to find more than a few listings which makes it a limited marketplace to buy a mini truck or a second hand Japanese kei truck.

Online Forums

If you have been on the internet for a longer time, then you must have known that there are special communities and forums where people meet. Just like you will come across a pet forum, there are also plenty of mini truck forums out there where people can link up to talk and discuss matters mini trucks. More often, you will find lots of mini trucks that owners are listing to sell for one reason or the other and this is where you can find one that best meets your preferences. Most of these mini truck and car forums have sections that will help you

You will also get to learn lots of things besides finding sales on mini trucks by owners. The only problem with using this method to find Japanese mini trucks on sale is that there are limited numbers of mini truck and sometimes you may find it hard to come across one. This is because they are mostly posted by their owner which is something rare since there is no ready market for that.

Ebay Works Perfect

Yes, the old Ebay has vehicles too, and you can find one that has everything that you are looking for. Many sellers have realized the power of Ebay and how it can easily link sellers and buyers from all over the globe and this has proven to be excellent in everything from doing the transaction to the point where the buyer receives their vehicle. On Ebay there are plenty of things and  can almost find anything on auctions through Ebay and one thing that people love with the site is the security that one gets with their money. One will also love the shipping advantage without worrying about finding a shipping company to get your vehicle to your destination.

Buy From Us At Substar Inc

We have been dealing with mini trucks sales and exporting them to many countries for many years, so why not consider doing this with us? Having started as a mini truck dealer, and although we have diversified to other vehicles our main focus remains as mini trucks and minivans. We link the buyers and sellers directly without having to go through the hard stresses of buying a vehicle abroad.  We do all the inspection and vet every vehicle in our listing to ensure that our buyers are getting the best.

Among some of the mini truck models you will find in our listing includes, flat bed mini trucks dump bed mini tucks, skylift mini trucks, caravan mini trucks and among other models.

Finding the Perfect Mini Truck To Buy

japanese mini trucksOne can get their perfect mini truck through different ways that we have discussed above but the most convenient one is to buy directly from Japan. Although getting it from your local dealer can be the easiest option, you may want to check out other options as well. There are some disadvantages which you could have easily gotten over by choosing another option.

Many people always think that importing a vehicle is a difficult process but you will be amazed at how cheap and smooth the whole process is.

Here at Substar, we sell you and help you ship the vehicle to the Us, Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand through a smooth process.

Final Word:

Anyone who has loads to haul from one point to the other and feels that a used Japanese mini truck could be an option to use, can get it easily using the steps above. You can cut the middleman and save lots of dough in the process. With the above steps, you can easily find a high quality mini truck from Japan which comes at a fraction of the cost which your local dealer would ask from you. You should however do your homework before buying since there are lots of scams online which demand caution. Depending on the company that you are working with, you can also get a decent shipping package with it.

If you serious about getting yourself a good quality mini truck then you need to check out some of the mini tucks in our listings page and feel free to query on any of the mini trucks.

Step By Step Guide On Buying Second Hand Vehicles Abroad

Are you looking for ways to get a second hand Kei truck for an affordable price yet get the best quality and performing one? The Kei trucks as they are popularly known locally in Japan, are medium sized vehicles that looks like the common pickup trucks only that they are a bit bigger and have different features and design specifications. They have a history that goes as far as 4 decades and have become better and better over the years to become better performing and more reliable.

The big question one should be asking themselves is whether these Kei mini trucks are reliable and worth investing on? We know that they are made by some of the leading automakers including Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Honda, Subaru and Mazda which sets them apart and makes them excellent performers.

Below, we will go through the steps to import a Kei truck from Japan easily without many hassles citing some of the things that one should expect in the process.

Advantages Getting It From Japan


Affordability is surely something that we all look for when buying something, and for a vehicle, it should also be within your budget. The good thing about all that is that with the Japanese kei mini trucks, you will come across lots of affordable ones that will impress you. One might however ask why are these vehicles so affordable? Are they cheaply built? apparently NO, and there is every reason to love them. Most of the used vehicles in Japan give their owners pressure to sell them due to higher tax on older vehicles. When these mini trucks get older with time, they attract more taxes which makes them more expensive to the owner therefore making them sell them off at a lower price. This opens a nice opportunity for anyone looking for a Kei mini truck to get it for a fraction of the cost.

Wide Range

What else could be better than getting a vehicle right from where it is manufactured? By doing this, you cutting down on the middle man and getting something that you get to choose from a wide variety of available options. Importing a mini truck from Japan gives one a wide range of mini trucks to choose from which gives one the chance to choose the exact vehicle they need from a wide range of available options while also getting to compare the pricing on each to see that they are getting good value for their money.

Great Quality & Build

A lot has gone into technology and perfecting the Japanese mini trucks and with the years and decades of experience, you are sure that whatever you are getting is of good quality. The body construction and engineering is solid enough and stands out perfectly.  Based on the condition of roads that you intend to use the vehicles, you can always choose to go with 4 wheel drive or a 2 wheel drive mini truck to get the best out of it.

Steps To buy K Truck (kei truck) From Japan

If you are looking to ship a vehicle from any other country into he United States and many other countries, then below are some of the steps to get you through easily without any hassles.

Identify The Kind Of Mini Truck You Need

do you know for certain the kind of vehicle that you need? If not, then you do not know what you will be getting and what to expect from it. Determining the vehicle to get should be based on the intentions and whatever you expect to be using it for. Once you have that, you can then go ahead and shop for the vehicle you believe will do the job. There are plenty of mini trucks in the market, each designed to handle specific tasks.

File For Vehicle “Entry”

Be it The United States or any other country, you need to file an entry to get a permit to get the vehicle inside the country. Just like a Visa or a passport that you use to gain entry into another country, an Entry is necessary to bring a vehicle inside the country that you want to be using it. There are a number of  restrictions and regulations that you need to clear with the state to verify whether the vehicle is allowed in the country and it is at this point that you need to make this confirmation before going ahead to make a deal.

Making The Transaction

Next, you’d be making the big decision of buying the vehicle and exchange hands with the seller, and this is where the money is involved. You also need to be extra cautious here since there are lots of scams and also avoiding making any mistake as it can be detrimental. There are many ways that one can use to make their transactions and it will mostly depend on the available payment options that the seller accepts. You should however avoid any fishy money transfer systems that can lead to fraud and you losing the money. Here at Substar, we accept several payment methods including Paypal, which makes it both safe and easy for everyone out there.

Shipping & Registering

After all this, you should be finalizing the process and getting ready to drive the vehicle. The shipping process can be done by some of the shipping agents while if you also get a good auto dealer, they can help you sort this out, leaving you with the next and probably the easiest step of receiving the vehicle at the port and having it registered. You still can also use an agent to have you cleared and have the vehicle registered.

Final word:

the steps of importing and getting your vehicle on the road is not as hard as many people like to make it sound. With the steps above, you can simply import your own mini truck with ease and have it on the road very fast.

Be sure to get in touch with us or head over to our listings page and check out some of the latest high performing mini trucks that are worth investing on.

When Is It Worth Buying A Flat Bed Mini Truck?

When it comes to Japanese mini trucks flatbeds are among the most common of them all. And just as its name suggests, these mini trucks are made with their beds taking a flat design and shape. There exists no side planks or side panels to make it closed like you would find in dump bed and other kind of mini trucks. They have been designed for seamless loading and offloading which are in most cases heavy and abnormally shaped and sized. In instances where there are goods that could take time loading such as on a dump bed mini truck, a caravan or other types of mini trucks a flatbed mini truck will come in very handy. To ensure that you are getting the best out of flat bed mini trucks,  you have to make sure that the loads being hauled or carried are not delicate and won’t be risky exposing the such as being in the rain.

Here on this post, we will go through some of the things that you need to know about a flatbed mini truck and whether it is worth investing in them

Are Japanese Flatbed Mini Trucks Worthy

Flatbed mini trucks have a unique, yet specific design that is meant to deliver on certain services. Here is why you need to consider importing a Japanese flatbed mini truck.

They Carry Any Type Of Loads

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where a load is abnormally sized hence difficult to load it on a normal truck or pickup truck. Apparently, this is something that happens to many people and if you experience such on a situation, then you should consider getting a flatbed mini truck. The design on a flatbed mini truck makes any load easy to load regardless of the shape or size of the load being carried.

Cheap To Run

Everyone would love to get a vehicles that take us a long way without demanding a lot on terms of running costs and maintenance.  As such, getting a Japanese flatbed mini truck is something that you should be going for. The Japanese mini trucks are also built to last, endure and offer high quality service and performance. You can easily learn some of the basic repair and maintenance and cut down the mechanic.

Sometimes you could also get into some problems and need spares, you can always find them easily through your local dealer, thanks to the fact that these Japanese automakers are found all over.

They Come In Cheap

Go to any showroom anywhere across the globe today and try getting a pickup truck, you are hit by the high pricing that they come with. You can however find a good flatbed Japanese mini truck that will come at a fraction of that cost. However, when you come across these Japanese mini trucks then you already know how are affordable and also cheap to maintain. And just before you conclude that the quality of these mini trucks are questionable, then you are dead wrong. The quality is also among the best that you can get, thanks to the fact that they are made by some of the world’s biggest automakers.

To make it even much better, getting a second hand flat bed mini truck is street legal in the United States and in many other countries across the globe. The reason why most of these vehicles come at a lower price tag is the fact that Japanese owners are selling them to get rid of them and replace them with newer ones. This is because Japanese government and authorities have strict laws that hike tax on older vehicles.

Crucial Things To Keep In Mind

4X4 mini truckBelow are crucial pointers to keep in mind to get the best from a flat bed mini truck.

-Flat bed mini trucks are perfect as vehicles that can be used to haul goods and loads that are not affected by weather. This is because the flatbed exposes the load, they can easily get rained or damaged. This is why one should make sure that the load isn’t weather sensitive and also not fragile.

-They are also best used for goods that are stable and easy to mount or place for carrying. Some goods may not have good stability or could easily wobble making it to tip over. when it comes to such instances, a closed mini truck or pickup truck is a good option to consider. You should also make sure that the goods being carried are stable and firmly mounted on the flatbed.

-When you are carrying a lot of loads and stuff on an all-weather road, you should make ensure that the mini truck has good traction and grip to ensure better stability on the load. To achieve this, you should make sure that your mini truck’s tires are designed to offer good road traction and capabilities of handling whatever roads you are using the vehicle on.

In such an instance, you should also consider getting a flatbed vehicle with 4X4 wheel drive capabilities so as to easily handle any kind of roads.

-Ensure that the vehicle gets regular maintenance to get the best service from it. Like any other vehicle your mini truck should receive good attention. Doing this will ensure that you dot get breakdowns or any wear and tears. Checking the oil and maintaining other parts of the vehicle such as wiring and mechanical inspection.

Final Word:

Japanese mini trucks have been around for many years and there are lots of things to love about them. Flatbed mini truck are just among the best out there that you can get which have proven to be excellent in many ways. buying yourself one of these flat bed mini trucks makes hauling abnormal loads very easy.

So, how do you buy a flatbed mini truck? Here at Substar Inc, you will find plenty of flat bed mini trucks in our inventory which is updated regularly with tons of of them. Be sure to check them out on our listing page or get in touch with us for more details and if you need any specific vehicle you should also feel free to let us know.

Used Kei Mini Trucks – All You Need To Know Before Buying A Kei Mini Truck

Sometimes we all find ourselves in situations where we need to carry stuff but can’t really do it because the car available is too small to handle. If you find yourself in such a situation for more than a few times, then perhaps it’s time you considered getting something that does all that work painlessly. While considering options, you may have come across an idea to get a used Kei mini truck. These mini trucks have become popular in the past few years and they are loved for their performance, affordability and reliability.

Finding a good one that is used could however be a pain, especially if you have no prior experience. You need to find a Kei mini truck that you can count on to deliver on what you intend to use it for without the need to maintain it every single day. To get you on track, we’ve prepared a complete guide to help you understand Kei mini trucks and why you would want to get yourself one. We also organize imports, so be sure to check out some of the used Used Kei mini trucks in our listing page.

Overview Of Used Kei Mini Trucks?

For long, Japan has been dependent on mini trucks to run many tasks such as hauling and carry almost anything. Since its inception which dates back to the 1970’s, the industry has undergone major transformations leading to high performing and reliable mini trucks that live up to many people’s expectations.

Keeping in mind the fact that these mini trucks are top notch and built under professional engineering by some of the leading automakers, they won’t let you down.

Why they are on sale? In Japan, there is a high cost of keeping a vehicle on the road and many people are just getting rid of them at throw-away prices. If you are aggressive enough, you could get away with a mini truck that is as good as new for a dirty cheap price. So are you in? Below are some of the reasons why Kei mini trucks have been making headlines among folks who need to haul goods from one place to the other.

Why Choose A Kei Mini Truck?

Here are some of the reasons why you will find the Kei mini truck to stand out and deliver.

High Reliability and Top Notch Performance – From the first instance that one thinks of a vehicle, they’d expect it to do all that they wish for. Not the same can be said for any vehicle but luckily, a Kei mini truck is one of those you can count on to deliver. They are built to last and to handle almost any kind of hauling, listing and carrying under all-terrains. Anyone who has owned a Kei mini truck will tell you that these vehicles are the real deal.

Affordable – If you’ve recently gone to any car dealer or the local yard, you’ll be surprised by the cost of a new mini truck or even a pickup truck. But why would you spend all that when you can get a way affordable Kei mini truck that serves the same purpose, or sometimes even better?

Looking at big dump trucks, that carry mega loads, the price tag is way off the scale and its maintenance could drive you insane. This leaves the mini trucks the only valid and reasonable option on the table.

blankLow Maintenance And Cost Efficient – Something else that nobody can ignore, mostly with the escalating gas prices is how a vehicle is cost efficient. We all want to drive a vehicle that demands less fuel, have better gas mileage and require less maintenance.

A used Kei mini truck could be an ideal option as these vehicles are known to use less fuel and also require low maintenance and this is something that you should be going for.

Move almost Any kind Of Load – Yet another thing that you everyone with a Kei mini truck will confess is that these mini trucks carry any load regardless of the shape as long as it is within the required carrying capacity. But how much weight can they carry? Most Kei mini trucks have a decent carrying capacity and an engine horsepower of 40-45. This makes carrying almost every medium weight loads super-easy.

From moving simple loads such as those in the factory lots to transporting produce in muddy roads, the Kei mini truck have proven to very reliable over time.

Spare Parts Are Always Available – The last thing that you’d want to get yourself into is to find yourself in a situation where your mini truck has broken down and there are no spare parts for the vehicle. This however, isn’t the case for the mini trucks that we deal with. Having being manufactured by big brands like Mazda, Suzuki and Subaru, the spare parts of these mini trucks are readily available.

Although there are some rare parts which is a case with many other vehicles out there, we can always organize for you to get the right spares. This is what we have been doing for our customers all over the world and we are glad, we have been able to deliver them to their expectations.


Regardless of whether you want to haul furniture, farm produce or construction equipment, a Kei mini truck will do all that with lots of ease. So if you need something that gets the job done, even in the harshest of conditions, this is something to go for. Be sure to get in touch with us about anything regarding purchasing a used Kei mini truck from Japan.

Here are some of the mini truck makes that you will find in our mini truck listing;    Suzuki Carry,  Daihatsu Hijet, Mitsubishi Minicab, Honda Acty, Subaru Sambar and Mazda Scrum. We also have a couple of mini vans that you can check. Our list gets updated on a regular basis based on new inventories arriving. Be sure to check in often or get in touch with us and we can assist you in finding the right mini truck that you are looking for.

Used Japanese KEI Trucks – Better Understanding Of The KEI Mini Trucks

If you have been thinking of getting a mini truck then you must at some point come across KEI mini truck as a considerable option. But how much do you know about KEI trucks? Are they the phenomenon mini trucks that many people are raving about? The best way to do this is by exploring the mini truck inside out.

Below is a detailed guide on some of the basic things that you need to know about a KEI truck even before you even decide to buy it.


KEI or “Keitora” as it is known in Japan is a lightweight truck that helps in hauling different loads from one place to the other. These Kei trucks come in both 4 WD and 2 WD and have engine capacity of 550cc or 600cc. The light mini trucks are meant to ease maneuverability while at the same time ensuring there is a cost efficient margin.

There are a variety of Kei Trucks in the market today all depending on the manufacturer. some of the most common Kei truck makers in the industry includes; Honda Acty, Mazda Scrum, Daihatsu Hi-Jet , Subaru Sambar, Mitsubishi Minicab and Suzuki Carry. These trucks are almost similar only that the designs vary with the manufacturer and the year they were made.

How Reliable Are KEI Trucks?

Kei trucks have stood the test of tome and ranks as one of the most reliable vehicles that can be used for multiple tasks.

Engineered for all terrains – Kei trucks have been engineered with all terrain roads and conditions in mind. It doesn’t matter if you are hauling produce from a farm that is downhill or whether you carry construction materials in a bad road. The hard body design coupled up with touch axles which power up these Kei trucks makes them strong enough to tackle every kind of load.

Accessibility – Sometimes a mini truck just does what the huge trucks cannot do. For instance a farmer who has a farm down a valley and they have to carry their produce to a point that is higher. This requires a truck that is light and capable of hauling the produce fast.

Mini trucks also make it easy to maneuver through small paths and bad roads without getting stuck or making a big deal out of it. If you find your errands revolving around activities such as this, you need a Kei truck.

Affordability – If you are a small entrepreneur or a middle sized trader who isn’t up for a budget to get a huge truck, then it would be ideal to go for a Kei mini truck. With the fact that it consumes less fuel and needs less maintenance, it’s something worth considering.

Durability – Are you wondering of the durability of these mini trucks? Fret not, they are hard-bodied and designed to last even when subjected to hard condition and bad weather roads.

Even though these are used mini trucks, expect it to last you decades to come and maintain the same performance. The performance will also however depend on your commitment to maintain it. So, don’t look at it as an old mini truck, but a classic machine that will serve you for long.

Why Buy A Used Japanese KEI Truck?

blankKei mini trucks have been used not only in Japan but also across the globe. The United States market has an increasing demand for Kei trucks and minivans from Japan. This is because they are affordable and well maintained to meet the safety and environmental needs.

The carrying capacity and the horsepower that these mini trucks have is ideal for running daily errands in the United States. Compared to open cab utility vehicles which is yet another option that many people consider, the mini trucks have a larger bed size and a bigger carrying capacity. When it comes to mileage, Kei mini trucks are also awesome.

With the current global low emission laws in place, these Kei trucks have undergone changes over the years which have made them better performing and reliable.

How About Kei Mini Truck Spare Parts?

Most people don’t give much thought about how they are going to maintain their mini trucks once they are in operation. This should be among the first concerns that need to be put across even before you acquire the vehicle.

The good thing with Kei spare parts is that they are readily available and can be imported at any time. Here are some important things to keep in mind when looking for your mini truck spare parts.

Get an understanding about some mechanical basics – Sometimes letting the mechanic do all the work could become very costly. Some things are just so simple and not complicated enough to hire a mechanic to make changes. If you let them take care of spare parts, there could also be some extra charges.

Know your spare supplier –The other thing is you need to have a trustworthy supplier for your mini truck spare parts. You can always get in touch with us as we carry around mini truck and mini can spare parts. We make the whole process hassle free and easy.


With all the reliability, affordability and performance of the KEI truck, it sure is an ideal mini truck for running your daily errands with ease.

If you need to import a mini truck to the United States or any other place, then a good place to start is right here at Substar. We have a huge inventory that is quickly becoming a hot sales spot that many importers are flocking to.

Among some of the things that make many people love the mini trucks and mini vans in our inventory is that we do thorough inspection on the vehicle’s mechanical condition. This is an assurance that you are getting a vehicle that is of the best quality.

Support on queries is also a snap away. Head over to our listings page and check out some of the mini trucks that you would like and then get in touch with us.