Steps To Buy A Suzuki Carry Mini Truck From Japan

Suzuki is among the best auto brands that have been in existence for many decades. It is among the flagship autos that lead the Japanese industry and is well known all over the globe or their dominance that results in high quality and performance. There is really a lot that comes in the praises of the Suzuki Carry, which is among the most popular Japanese mini truck that you will ever come across.

In this guide, we will go through some of the steps that you can easily follow to get yourself hands on the Suzuki mini truck which has always received lots of love from many truck enthusiasts across the globe. Not only is the Suzuki Carry more affordable to acquire, but it also has lots of functionalities that makes it stand out and become an ideal alternative to the pick up trucks and other vehicles of the same caliber.

Understand The Kind Of Suzuki Carry Type To Get

When it comes to Japanese mini trucks, the various car makers have different models and types that are meant to be used for different purposes. For instance when it comes to the Suzuki Carry, you will find several designs such as the dump bed mini tuck, flat bed mini truck, caravan mini trucks among others. So, this is where you decide which one you should be getting based on the kind of work that you will be using the vehicle for. Dump bed mini trucks are excellent when it comes to handling various tasks such as carrying different loads from one point to the other and need them to be unloaded by dumping. Dumping functionality helps to easily offload the load being carried. so if you need a vehicle that you can use to offload by dumping, then you should be going for the Suzuki Carry dump bed mini truck. The other mini trucks, flat bed mini truck is used for transporting less fragile cargo that are sometimes abnormally sized while the caravan mini truck can be used to haul cargo and stuff that need protection from outside weather and are more fragile hence needing to be covered.

Find The Right Japanese Seller

The next thing that you’d want to do after you establish the type and model of Suzuki Carry you are getting is to know who is in the business and where you will get the best deal. Understanding more about the dealer you are working with is very crucial, especially with the rise of online scams which you could find yourself into if not cautious enough. It is also an important step because some crocked sellers are always out there to sell a vehicle, regardless of the situation an condition of the vehicle. So, to avoid the sellers who are out for the quick buck, it is best to dig up more information on the car seller. You should also gather information on their physical address and know when they started the business and the information on their company. A good Japanese car dealer will also help their customer have it shipped and if the one you are dealing with doesn’t offer to help you with this, then you should find pone that does, because you could find yourself in the middle of a tight spot and could spend a lot of money in the process of getting the vehicle.

Always Ask for More Details On The Vehicle

Before the thought of negotiating or spending money on the vehicle, you need to first get a glimpse and try understanding the vehicle inside out. When you are dealing with second hand vehicles, it is always important to understand the fact that they have been used differently by their previous owners. Some have been subjected to hard work and may have been compromised on some parts hence could be of lower quality that advertised. Having a closer look at the vehicle should include looking at things such as the mileage, body condition, engine performance, tires and many other things. Sometimes it gets a bit tricky if you are still new and it could call for an extra hand, hence if you have a mechanical expert nearby, you could request their help in assessing the vehicle’s credibility and advise on whether you should be buying it. doing this will help you to avoid many shortcomings such as spending money on a vehicle that will not deliver to your expectations.

Negotiate The Price

Lastly, before you buy the vehicle, you should not forget to always push the price to the limits. We all know that second hand vehicles don’t come with fixed prices and as such, one should always ensure that they are getting a good deal out of it. In most instances, these vehicles are priced higher than the owner’s target price since they know that one will ask to negotiate. With lots of apps such as Skype, negotiations and discussions are much easier than ever and one can get all the info they need using them. You can save a lot of money in the process of negotiating and that is a proven fact.

Final Word:

Now that you have an idea of the things to keep in mind when importing a second hand Suzuki Carry and pretty much any other vehicle that you would like imported from Japan, you can go ahead and do it. Contrary to the belief that it is a hard process and a tedious one to import a vehicle from Japan, it is an easy one that anybody can do.

You can always check out our car listings page for the best Japanese mini trucks and other kind of vehicles. There are plenty of them there to choose from and if you have any specific vehicle, you can also get in touch with us and we will help you out. And that is not enough. We will also help you to get your vehicle shipped the easy way helping you avoid the stress and hard toils of dealing with unending paperwork.

All the Mini Truck Types You Should consider Buying and Why

Are you always looking for a vehicle that can help you carry lts of goods from one place to the other and does your daily errands revolve around this? A pick up truck would be perfect, Right? But of course it is more expensive and sometimes it’s just a big pain. But wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a better option that was cheaper, economical to run and cheap to maintain? The good news is that there is one that you can consider: The Japanese mini trucks. Japan has been in the forefront of car making and their vehicles are awesome in every way. Whether you are a hunter and want something to go hunting with on the harsh terrain or you are a carpenter and need to get your tools to the site, the Japanese mini trucks (Kei) are amazing vehicles worth considering.

Based on body and molding, chassis and general design, these mini trucks will vary and you will always find one that suits the nature of your job. In this guide, we have outlined some of the most common mini trucks that you can find in the market.

Top Mini Truck Types To Buy

Here are specialty Kei mini trucks that you should consider getting.

Dump Bed Mini Truck

Dump bed mini trucks are perhaps the most common type of Japanese Kei mini trucks that you can find around. Just as their name suggests they are designed with a bed that uses hydraulics to dump load that is being carried. This is mostly helpful if you are looking to save time unloading some things such as gravel or sand which would have required a lot of manpower in the process. whether it is concrete for a construction tasks, building materials and anything else that is not fragile, this is the type of Japanese mini truck you should be getting.

The downside of these mini trucks is that one can’t use them to carry and dump delicate goods, but you can use it to carry any goods and fail to use the dump functionality.

Skylift mini Trucks

Ever found yourself in situations where you need to work on a higher level or ground. A situation such as fixing a light bulb on an tall pole? The Skylift mini trucks are specially designed mini trucks that are designed to help in such laborious instances to either lift loads or even elevate workers to handle tasks on a higher ground.

So, anyone who is planning on lifting things or getting elevated to heights using a lift, should consider these Skylift mini truck to be the ideal choice. It simplifies lifting loads onto story buildings, poles or for various constructions. Some of the most common mini trucks that have the Skylift hydraulic systems in place includes the Daihatsu Hijet, Suzuki Carry and Subaru Sambar.

Caravan Mini Truck

If you have been around the auto industry long enough, then you know what a caravan is and how it looks like. Caravan mini trucks are the Japanese mini trucks that have been sealed and shaped like a caravan. They have been made this way to enable carrying delicate goods that needs to be covered, either because they are fragile or do not need exposure. Or perhaps you just like to keep whatever you are carrying as discreet as possible. One can also improve their caravan mini trucks by adding a cooler to help carry produce that need to be kept fresh all the time. Honda Acty, Dihatsu Hijet, Subaru Sambar are just some of the example mini trucks that you can find the Japanese caravan mini trucks in.

Scissor Lift Dump Bed Mini Trucks

Scissor lift dump mini trucks are a combination of the dump  and scissor lift trucks which we will see later in this guide. They have been customized with a scissor lift system and still have the dump deb functionality making them a 2-in1 mini trucks. The purpose of getting this kind of mini truck is to offer the user with services of both worlds-the dump bed system and the lift system all in one. It is an ideal kind of mini truck for anyone that needs something that they can use for multiple tasks on different days and ocassions.

Scissor Lift Mini Trucks

Having looked at the scissor lift dump truck, you can pretty much get the idea of what this one entails and what it is all about. The scissor lift mini truck, makes lifting and raising yourself to a higher level easy as the load can be raised through its hydraulic powered system. The mini truck is named this way since it takes the shape of a scissor at the center since the system is meant to lift the truck from two sides ensuring that the load is raised in a balanced way. Although the tasks requiring this kind of lifting are a bit rare and hard to come by, they sometimes do and also depend on the nature of tasks that someone does.

Flat Bed Mini Trucks

Flatbed mini trucks are literally what they are, Flat on their bed surface. They are unlike unlike many other mini trucks which comes partially or wholly enclosed and they are versatile and flexible when it comes to carrying abnormally sized loads. Loads that will require a big space but aren’t so fragile and can be exposed.  Most building materials such as plywood or large glass frames which come in different shapes and anomalous sizes are some of the best examples that you can use these flat beds on.

They are also not very common, but come in handy in many such situations.

Jumbo Cab Mini Truck

import Japanese trucksAnother rare but relevant and very useful kind of mini truck is the Jumbo cab mini trucks which looks like resemble the normal mini trucks only that they are a bit smaller and tend to carry a little less than you would expect from normal mini trucks. The mini truck is most common under the Daihatsu Hijet model. They help in carrying less weighty loads with lots of ease. They are also loved for being economical, low maintenance and for being high efficient.

Anyone who is looking for a simple mini truck that helps you to do simple tasks such as hunting within your nearby ranch then this is one to consider.

Be sure to check out some of the best Japanese mini trucks in our listings page. We deal with almost every mini truck type and our list of brands includes Honda Acty, Dihatsu Hijet, Subaru Sambar, Suzuki Carry among others.

Step By Step Guide On Buying Second Hand Vehicles Abroad

Are you looking for ways to get a second hand Kei truck for an affordable price yet get the best quality and performing one? The Kei trucks as they are popularly known locally in Japan, are medium sized vehicles that looks like the common pickup trucks only that they are a bit bigger and have different features and design specifications. They have a history that goes as far as 4 decades and have become better and better over the years to become better performing and more reliable.

The big question one should be asking themselves is whether these Kei mini trucks are reliable and worth investing on? We know that they are made by some of the leading automakers including Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Honda, Subaru and Mazda which sets them apart and makes them excellent performers.

Below, we will go through the steps to import a Kei truck from Japan easily without many hassles citing some of the things that one should expect in the process.

Advantages Getting It From Japan


Affordability is surely something that we all look for when buying something, and for a vehicle, it should also be within your budget. The good thing about all that is that with the Japanese kei mini trucks, you will come across lots of affordable ones that will impress you. One might however ask why are these vehicles so affordable? Are they cheaply built? apparently NO, and there is every reason to love them. Most of the used vehicles in Japan give their owners pressure to sell them due to higher tax on older vehicles. When these mini trucks get older with time, they attract more taxes which makes them more expensive to the owner therefore making them sell them off at a lower price. This opens a nice opportunity for anyone looking for a Kei mini truck to get it for a fraction of the cost.

Wide Range

What else could be better than getting a vehicle right from where it is manufactured? By doing this, you cutting down on the middle man and getting something that you get to choose from a wide variety of available options. Importing a mini truck from Japan gives one a wide range of mini trucks to choose from which gives one the chance to choose the exact vehicle they need from a wide range of available options while also getting to compare the pricing on each to see that they are getting good value for their money.

Great Quality & Build

A lot has gone into technology and perfecting the Japanese mini trucks and with the years and decades of experience, you are sure that whatever you are getting is of good quality. The body construction and engineering is solid enough and stands out perfectly.  Based on the condition of roads that you intend to use the vehicles, you can always choose to go with 4 wheel drive or a 2 wheel drive mini truck to get the best out of it.

Steps To buy K Truck (kei truck) From Japan

If you are looking to ship a vehicle from any other country into he United States and many other countries, then below are some of the steps to get you through easily without any hassles.

Identify The Kind Of Mini Truck You Need

do you know for certain the kind of vehicle that you need? If not, then you do not know what you will be getting and what to expect from it. Determining the vehicle to get should be based on the intentions and whatever you expect to be using it for. Once you have that, you can then go ahead and shop for the vehicle you believe will do the job. There are plenty of mini trucks in the market, each designed to handle specific tasks.

File For Vehicle “Entry”

Be it The United States or any other country, you need to file an entry to get a permit to get the vehicle inside the country. Just like a Visa or a passport that you use to gain entry into another country, an Entry is necessary to bring a vehicle inside the country that you want to be using it. There are a number of  restrictions and regulations that you need to clear with the state to verify whether the vehicle is allowed in the country and it is at this point that you need to make this confirmation before going ahead to make a deal.

Making The Transaction

Next, you’d be making the big decision of buying the vehicle and exchange hands with the seller, and this is where the money is involved. You also need to be extra cautious here since there are lots of scams and also avoiding making any mistake as it can be detrimental. There are many ways that one can use to make their transactions and it will mostly depend on the available payment options that the seller accepts. You should however avoid any fishy money transfer systems that can lead to fraud and you losing the money. Here at Substar, we accept several payment methods including Paypal, which makes it both safe and easy for everyone out there.

Shipping & Registering

After all this, you should be finalizing the process and getting ready to drive the vehicle. The shipping process can be done by some of the shipping agents while if you also get a good auto dealer, they can help you sort this out, leaving you with the next and probably the easiest step of receiving the vehicle at the port and having it registered. You still can also use an agent to have you cleared and have the vehicle registered.

Final word:

the steps of importing and getting your vehicle on the road is not as hard as many people like to make it sound. With the steps above, you can simply import your own mini truck with ease and have it on the road very fast.

Be sure to get in touch with us or head over to our listings page and check out some of the latest high performing mini trucks that are worth investing on.

Japanese Flat Bed Mini Truck vs. Contractor Dump Truck

When it comes to hauling loads of cargo from one point to another, there are many options that one has and among them is to decide on whether they would get a Japanese flat bed or a contractor dump truck. Both of these trucks come handy in a number of ways and at one time, you will find a dump bed to be more useful than the contractor dump truck. In this guide, we will compare the two trucks and what to expect from them and moreso help you decide on the one to pick if you find yourself in a dilemma trying to find the perfect one. But first, here is an overview of the two;

The Japanese Flat Mini Trucks – These mini trucks are made by popular automakers based in Japan. Also known as Kei mini trucks, they have stood the test of time and proven to have what it takes to act and be used as alternatives to pick up trucks and dump bed lorries.

Contractor Dump Trucks – The contractor dump trucks are specialized lorries that are designed with a dump bed that uses hydraulic to dump load. Besides this, they can also be used for other purposes and nit just strictly the load that needs to be dumped.

Below are some of the comparison differences that you will find in the flat bed mini trucks and the contractor dump trucks. This will help you decide on which one you should be choosing.


The Type Of Load Being Hauled

the type of load being carried matters a lot and will determine the kind of track that is suitable for use. There are times when you can be handling delicate and fragile cargo and such cargo does not need to be dumped making the dump functionality useless. If you expect to be carrying such kind of load on a daily basis and not any other, then there is no need to strictly get a dump bed truck or a contractor dump truck. This gives you room to decide to pick and buy the flat bed mini truck.

Flat bed mini trucks are ideal for use in most cargo that are not fragile. The design of flat bed does not have fold sides making them open. This makes it easy to use with for abnormally shaped and odd loads. However, it also limits one on carrying some loads such as sand and gravel.

Affordability & Cost Effectiveness

We all need to spend less on a vehicle, but still get something solid and of high performance in the end. although sometimes, compromise is needed, it is possible to find such a vehicle in the market. While comparing Japanese flat bed mini trucks to the contractor dump trucks, it is plain to see that the Japanese flat bed mini trucks are smaller in size, which makes them affordable as compared to the contractor dump trucks which are more expensive.

And while the Japanese flat bed mini truck is cheaper to acquire, it also turns out to be more cheaper running it. The fact that it has a smaller engine capacity also means that it consumes less fuel and its maintenance and repairs also cost less as compared to the contractor dump truck. So, if you are looking for the most cost effective and affordable from both of these options, then you will find the Flat bed mini truck wins.

Reliability & Performance

If there is something that everyone should be concerned about in a vehicle, it has to be its reliability and performance. Regardless of where you expect to be using the vehicle and for whatever tasks you will be using it for, it must give you outstanding performance and meet your expectations. Otherwise, it is not worth it. By looking at the two options, the flat bed mini tuck and the contractor dump, they have both shown incredible performances, reliability and dependability in their area of specialty.

Contractor dump trucks are however considered much stronger and have a larger space for carrying load. While on the other side, flat bed mini trucks are smaller but effective. If you are looking for a straightforward answer on the reliability between the two, then it would be both. If you need a small vehicle, then flat bed mini trucks are perfect while for larger vehicle to carry large cargo, the contractor dump trucks are the most ideal.

The Strength And Carrying Capacity

Japanese mini trucksFrom a horsepower point of view, the contractor dump truck dwarfs the flat bed mini truck. It much bigger and has a larger area and carrying capacity whereas the Japanese flat bed mini trucks are designed for carrying small to medium sized loads. Both are strong in their own right though and will work excellently with the correct amount of load that it was meant to carry.

The choice will however depend on the amount that you would like to carry. If you would like to carry a lot of heavy and large sized loads and expect to be doing it more often then you may consider the contractor dump truck to be a good option. But if you will be using it to carry small amount of loads then you should consider the flat bed mini truck because it is much affordable.

Final Word:

If you are looking for a straightforward winner to this comparison, then flat bed mini trucks definitely have the upper hand. You should consider the flat bed mini truck with if you are unsure of the amount of loads or aren’t expecting to be carrying a lot on a regular basis. This is to help you cut down on the cost of running the vehicle and maintaining it.

If you are considering importing a flat bed mini truck by yourself, then there is no better place to check out than in our own car listing. We have tons of mini trucks and mini vans that are worth checking. Plus, we will also help you with the shipping process.

Why You Should consider Getting A Used Flat Bed mini Truck From Japan

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to carry abnormally sized cargo? For many people who find themselves in such situations, the best way they have always handled it is by hiring some trucking service. But have you ever considered getting a solution that will help you take care of this without much hassle? You should consider getting your own flatbed mini truck, especially if you find yourself in a situation where you have to haul abnormally shaped cargo more often.

Should you consider a flatbed mini truck, then Japan should be among the best places to consider. In this post, we will go through some of the reasons why the Japanese flatbed mini trucks stand out as well as how to get your vehicle shipped stress-free.

Why Japanese Flatbed Mini Trucks?

Of course there are many other options that you can consider, including getting a UTV or a pickup truck, but here are some of the reasons why you should give a serious though to the flatbed Japanese mini trucks.

Affordability Beyond Compare

There are just a lot of vehicles that you can get around which does what the flatbed mini truck can do, but keenly looking at the price tags that each of them come with, you will realize that the Japanese flatbed mini trucks have a plus when it comes to the cost. They are well priced and if you are lucky to find one used one on sale, you will even save more. You can check out our listing page or get in touch with us and we will help you find the perfect flatbed mini truck that you are looking for.

With used vehicles being charged extra rates in Japan, owners are forced to sell their pre-owned vehicles to get newer ones. This opens an easy market where one can acquire an affordable high quality vehicle. Also with the Japanese auction houses busy selling thousands upon thousands of vehicles every day, you will hardly miss a flatbed mini truck. You can count on us to help you find a mini truck or any vehicle from the auctions.

Variety To Choose From

When it comes to choosing a vehicle, having multiple to choose from will always give the buyer a chance to pick a good one from the many flawed ones. Although anyone can get a vehicle from their local car dealerships, not always will you have a chance to compare. This is why opting to import from Japan will come in handy.

With dozens of used Japanese car dealers, you can easily compare and get the best quality flatbed mini truck that you have always wanted. Beyond getting an affordable vehicle through choosing from the many that are available, you also get to compare many other features.

High Performance And Efficiency

If you are like many other people who enjoy performance in a vehicle then you will love used Japanese mini trucks. These vehicles are made by some of the leading carmakers in the world who have been making cars for many years. With high technology and engineering you can be rest assured that the vehicle that you are getting offers top notch quality. And not only are these vehicles built for performance but they also mean to last. They are hard-bodied and will just go anywhere and carry almost anything. So, besides carrying abnormal loads, you can count on it to carry medium-heavy cargo as well.

With the availability of the 4 Wheel drive option that you can get from these vehicles, you can be able to maneuver through any kind of roads without any issues at all.

Economical And Easy To Maintain

Do you love vehicles that seep just a little amount of fuel but will take you a long way? The Japanese mini truck is all you need if that is all you yearn for. A lot has gone into the engineering of these vehicles and they have been getting better and better model after the other. The current mini trucks that you will find in today’s market is both economical, and ecofriendly which is also something else that ensures that your vehicle is compliant with the carbon emission standards.

Some of the best-selling flatbed mini trucks include Daihatsu hijet, Subaru Sambar, Suzuki Carry and Honda Acty. These are some of the best Japanese mini truck makes that you will come across.

Flexible In Handling Most Types Of Cargo

blankFlatbed mini trucks having a flat surface to hold cargo will accept many types of goods which aren’t delicate to handle. If you are looking for a vehicle that will help you move things like equipment which are oversized or abnormal in shape and can’t be fitted in dump bed, pickup trucks or any other vehicle, then the flat surface of the flatbed mini truck will come in handy.

Loading and off-loading cargo is also very easy as compared to most of the other vehicle models. This is something that you will love if you usually experience issues of lifting then adjusting cargo before they are hauled. Above this, you can also customize it so that it is easy to easily switch between different types of cargo.

Final Word:

Flatbed mini trucks are some of the best mini trucks that are demanded for across the globe. With the many advantages that these mini trucks come with, you don’t want to miss any of it. They are dependable and reliable when it comes to handling medium weight cargo that any pickup truck can handle.

If you are shopping around for a flatbed mini truck from Japan, then we are your best guys. Having being the industry for many years and being our specialty, we are certain that we will give you a vehicle that you will love. We vet each and every mini truck in our inventory to ensure that each and every feature is spot on. Check out some of the mini trucks and mini cans as well through our listings page. You can get in touch with us to get more details.

4 Best Mini Trucks You Can Import From Japan

If rugged trails, muddy and rocky roads are in your daily routines and just can’t seem to avoid them, you need a good vehicle that is dependable especially if you haul different loads. Mini trucks are among the few vehicle that have stood such tests and given owners good value for their money. However, not all mini trucks can be relied on to serve you in any kind of terrain. Some are just a dreg and one would be way better off without them.

If you need to start a business that requires hauling heavy goods from one point to the other, then you’ll need a reliable vehicle that is both cost effective and dependable. We’ll be going through 4 of the best mini trucks that you can import directly from Japan and why you can always rely on them. Here they are;

Suzuki Carry Kei Mini Truck

Unless you are new to the auto world, Suzuki is a legendary brand that has been making cars for a long time. The Suzuki Carry is just one of its models under the Kei mini truck class which has become popular worldwide. The mini truck is loved for its tough body, performance and overall dependability.

Some of the notable characteristics that makes the the Suzuki Carry stand out includes its 660cc load capacity, its comfortable 2 passenger cabin, and its flexibility to turn and carry bulky loads comfortable in off-roads.

Powered by a 5 speed manual transmission system, you can enjoy 126 Nm torque and optimum power. It can easily maneuver through the harshest of roads and, thanks to its 4 wheel drive system in place.

Daihatsu Hijet

Ask any expert to name the top 3 best mini trucks that they know of and the Daihatsu Hijet won’t miss in their list. Daihatsu is a subsidiary of Toyota, and if that fact doesn’t inspire your reaction to already fall in love with this mini truck, then hold on. Daihatsu Hijet runs on a 4 speed transmission coupled up with a 4 wheel drive system. This makes the Kei mini truck an all-road vehicle that is dependable and flexible.

The mini truck has evolved through the ages and has closely competed to become among the top champs in the Kei mini truck class.

With a tough body make and up to 660cc to top that, this vehicle is an ultimate off-road machine that can be used to do multiple tasks. If you need a mini truck that is reliable in hauling loads through off-roads, this could be it.

Honda Acty

blankThere is no doubt that Honda has been a major brand that has been a perennial producer of some of the world’s most loved vehicles. Their Kei mini truck which is dubbed “Honda Acty” is also a mini truck that has shined over its revolution. like its other competitors above, it has battled its way and come through with similar specifications, horsepower and top notch performance that has made it a lovable mini truck across the world.

It also has 4X4 capability and is highly cost effective and low maintenance needs. It is a vehicle that has been made tough to endure under harsh conditions and the most extreme off-roads. Above all this, Honda Acty is also considered one of the most economical mini trucks that one can get in the market today.

Honda Acty is a mini truck that you can count on for fuel efficiency while also maintaining smooth shift in producing high power.

Subaru Sambar

Fourth on this list, and one which we couldn’t afford to not mention is the Subaru Sambar, a Kei mini truck that has all you can ever want in a 4X4 mini truck. It is characterized by high power, low maintenance cost and high cost efficiency which we all expect in a vehicle.

It is known to be a low maintenance mini truck, highly efficient and its 4X4 engineering makes it go almost everywhere and haul anything that you want it to do. It has been designed to withstand the elements and tackle any kind of terrain. So, be it a snowy area or the boiling temperatures of Mojave, the Subaru Sambar is a vehicle that you can count on.

Subaru Sambar is among the mini truck models that has helped shape the Japanese mini truck industry which spans over 60 years of high skilled engineering. It is a vehicle that does not disappoint and one that can be relied on to run medium sized errands as long as it is within 660 cc.

Depending on the year model, the mini trucks may vary a bit, but they have maintained the same performance consistency over the years. In fact, many people prefer to get used mini trucks because of their affordability.

There are other kei mini trucks such as the Mazda scum and Mitsubishi mini cab which are also good and dependable. To find out more and see inquire on some mini trucks, please visit our listing page. In our inventory, you will also find some customized mini trucks such as those fitted with lift systems or dump bed boxes. This gives one an added advantage on better handling of loads.

Buying Mini Trucks From Substar Inc

With years of experience in our belt and thousands of direct customers across the globe, we are no doubt one of the biggest used car exporter in Japan. If you are looking for any mini truck or minivan, you will always find it with us. The above mini trucks are some that we have majored in and they are available in our listing page.

If you would also like to get a vehicle from the Japanese used car auctions, we are here to help. Whatever vehicle that you would like to import from Japan, we are your go to company. Whether you live in the Us, Canada, Australia or any other place across the globe, we will help you find that vehicle that you seek and also give you guidance on how to ship your vehicle if you are new to it. Get in touch with us today and we will sort you out.