Starting A Truck After A Long Time

Have you ever tried starting a truck after a long time and realized that it doesn’t start well? Trucks are fascinating vehicles that everyone aspires to have. Some truck owners have more than one truck or a truck, and other cars may be SUVs, sedans, or sports cars. Owning up to one vehicle can make you not regularly use your truck. You may have traveled and left your truck parked for a long time. Consider the following steps to start your truck safely when you need to use it. 

Starting A Truck After A Long Time

Here are some considerations when you are starting a truck that has been sitting idle for a long time.

Check the Level of the Engine Oil

Before you ignite your truck after sitting for a long time, look underneath for spills and leaks. After doing this, check the level of the engine oil using a dipstick and top it up when necessary. You can start the engine if your truck has the correct engine oil.

Check the Brake, Clutch, and the Transmission Fluid

The brake, clutch, and transmission fluids are essential for the smooth running of your truck. If your truck has been in the garage long before starting the engine, consider checking the level of these fluids. There is a chance of these fluids reducing if there is a leakage within the system. Ensure you have the right level of brake fluid. Call a professional to check the level of the transmission and clutch fluid. 

Check the Coolant Level

Before you start a track after a long time, consider checking the level of the coolant and ensuring it matches the minimum mark in the reservoir. Low coolant can lead to engine overheating when you start your truck.

Check the Condition of the Belts, Hoses, and the Wires

Your truck has belts connected to various pulleys and hoses that transport the engine’s coolant, air, fuel, and other fluids. The electrical system also has various wires. When your truck has been at the parking for longer, it is essential to check the condition of the belts, hoses, and wires before starting the engine. You can replace any of them if you note damage or cracks.

Never Crank Your Engine If It Does Not Start

Sometimes your engine might fail to start when you ignite it. If this happens after your truck has been parked for a long time, the battery voltage might be low. A battery with low voltage will not provide adequate power for the starter motor to rotate the crank that later fires up the engine. If this happens, the dashboard lights, horns, and wipers will function normally. 

Multiple cranks can completely drain your battery. Consider jump-starting your truck when it does not start on the first ignition attempt.

Check the Condition of the Tires

Your truck has stayed for a long without moving, so it is essential to check if the tires have the right pressure. A visual examination will determine whether your tires are over or under-inflated. If the tires are deflated, never drive, but inflate the tires first. You can keep driving your truck if it has run-flat tires. 


The above tips will help you to start a truck and get your truck running to normal after a long time. If you cannot perform them on your own, seek the services of a professional mechanic. When driving after a long time, consider starting at low speeds before speeding. Observe the traffic rules and avoid unnecessary usage of the horn. 

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