Truck Collision Repair Myths That Are Common

Apart from damaging your truck, a collision can leave you with trauma that will take time to heal and a hefty repair cost. This guide takes you through some collision repair myths. But stress is the killer package after a collision, and it is mainly fuelled by rumors from various individuals and even close family members. Here are some of the truck collision repair myths that are common.

After Collision, Only Repair Your Truck At The Insurance Approved Repair Shop

When involved in a collision and you want to repair your truck, it is not necessary to use the repair shop recommended by your insurance company. You can seek the services of any of your preferred repair shops. But it is essential to consider the recommendations from your insurance company. Doing this will facilitate the process of settling down the issue.

Consider the fact that not all repair shops accept insurance compensation as such compensations take time to materialize. The compensation process will be seamlessly easy when you work with an insurance-recommended shop.

Your Insurance Company Covers All The Repair Cost

Depending on the nature of the cover for your truck, after a collision, many will comfort you never to worry because your insurance policy will cover all the repair costs, and you will not have to dig into your pockets. Such is a myth since the insurance company will cover the repair cost if it exceeds the deductible amount. Under such circumstances, the amount you choose to be deducted for your cover will play a greater role.

If you choose a higher deductible amount, you are more likely to receive lower insurance rates. The deductible amount proves to be a problem regarding collision repairs. You might cover all the repair costs. 

You Will Get the Best Repair Services Through A Dealer

Using a dealer or going directly to an independent repair shop does not affect the nature of the service you will receive. It is a false belief that most dealers have or know the best repair shops they can contact to repair your truck in case of a collision. 

Several repair shops have similar facilities, equipment, and skilled personnel to repair your truck after a collision. They all have equal access to OEM parts. Therefore, there is no need to choose to repair your truck through a dealer. Many people recommend dealers because several auto manufacturers offer them certifications. You will find that dealer with the certification of offering truck collision repairs. 

You Have To Consider Multiple Estimates

Most insurance companies will compel you to seek truck collision repair estimates from at least three repair shops. However, the law does not oblige you to do so. Instead, consider taking an online search and recommendations instead of stressing yourself to visit the repair shops physically. You can decide to choose the repair shop that offers the services that suit all your needs.


Various myths accompany truck collision repair. Every individual will tell you what they know when repairing your truck. It is essential to research and get advice from experts. Doing this will guide you to doing the right thing after a collision. The above myths will save you from messing up when repairing your truck after a collision. 

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